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Your Starter - Take 3

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Apr 24, 2007.


Which starter did you choose?

  1. Turtwig

    67 vote(s)
  2. Chimchar

    64 vote(s)
  3. Piplup

    94 vote(s)
  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    The other poll is long dead, and most of us now actually have the games and have picked our starters, so here's my 3rd go at this topic ^^

    If you ended up trading for one or both of the others, which starter did you initially pick?

    Anyways, just as I figured I would, I ended up caving and going for Turtwig instead of Chimchar like originally planned. The thing is bloody cute, and I ALWAYS pick the Grass-starter my first play through. Guess I just couldn't beat tradition =o
  2. I ended up picking Chimchar, because, for some reason, I always go for the fire type... (Plus, its a flaming monkey, whats not to love?)
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    My game still is a few days away, but I'm picking Piplup anyways. It's the only starter I haven't trained yet 'cos I couldn't get one from the GTS in Pearl.
  4. My game should arrive today as soon as I get it I'm going to pick Chimchar.
  5. I am going to get my Pearl version in a few days. (hopefully wendsday or thursday.) And I love Turtwig! He is a turtle. A turtle!! But, It's 3rd stage, Torterra, is another dinosaur!
  6. i got diamond version,and sooo far i have a lvl 20 murkrow and a lvl 27 prinplup...

    p.s. pm me if you have wi-fi (im lookin for a Glameow)

    lol well i think Diamond rocks.it's a mixture of 3-d graphics and new options and around the world battling and trading.I am impressed by it....
  7. I chose Chimchar like I originally planned, but I also traded for a Turtwig. I decided against trading also for a Piplup since I have a newly hatched Manaphy on my game. ^^
  8. I ended up getting Piplup, because I think it's adorable >_< and I usually always get water starters anyways.
  9. Erm, I guess I shouldn't vote yet. ^_^;;

    See, on my Japanese Diamond, I picked Pocchama (Piplup). I pick a different starter each time around, and usually I match the type with the game color...so for Pearl, I picked Chimchar.

    I guess I should vote Piplup, since it was my STARTING starter for DP...nya...?

    But yeah, I picked Pocchama/Piplup as my STARTING starter because...um...I liked it a lot from the beginning, and it fit mah pattern of doom. -_-;;
  10. I picked Turtwig sticking with my tradition of grass. But I still wish I could just pick a Bulbasaur, I love Bulbasaur lol.
  11. Latios

    Latios Guest

    Mine was Pilup.(now Empoleon.)
  12. My starter Pokemon was turtwig 8) It's now on its last evolution!!!!!! ;D
  13. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    Well, I got both games. I got Chimchar in Diamond and was going to get Piplup but decided i HAD to get my Manaphy so I got Turtwig! I also wanted Buizel with Chimchar so that didn't work. I'll definately restart one or the other to get Piplup though! Piplup and Chimchar RULE!!!!
  14. Pearl was th easiest pick in startrs ever. I always picked the water one always. But let's just pretend I didn't always pick the water one.....HE'S A PENGUIN! He's both my favorite animal and my favorite type. Also he's the cutest. And he's the one that raises his hand and goes "Piiiiplup" on the Diamond and Pearl movie.
  15. Turtwig. I felt this was an odd decision, because ever since I saw the evolved forms of the starters I had been agonizing over whether I should get a Chimchar or a Piplup. Their fully evolved forms seemed so much cooler than Torterra, and I had gotten Treecko in my Sapphire game. But as time went on, they way I felt about both of them just seemed to dwindle in equal measures. Then, on the day I went to get my Diamond game, one thought kept popping into my head: "Why not Turtwig?" Since neither Piplup nor Chimchar seemed all that enchanting anymore, when it came time to pick a starter, I was thinking "Why not Turtwig?" I found myself trying to convince myself not to pick Turtwig, and I almost went with Chimchar... but I decided I didn't like him that much and went with Turtwig.

    I have a tradition of my own, but instead I pick one of a type I didn't get in the previous two games. In Blue I went with Squirtle, in Silver I went with Cyndaquil, and, as stated above, in Sapphire I chose Treecko. Since this was the fourth set of Pokemon games, choosing a new starter proved startlingly difficult. I guess it'll be easier with the next games, since I'll be down to Water and Fire types. Something tells me I'm going to pick the one that looks the most like a rodent.
  16. In the beginning with Blue and with help from the cartoon I was in love with Bulbasaur the grass type. I must say that I was impressed with my Venusaur in the end. Then I upgraded to Gold, and decided on Chikorita even though I was in love with Cyndaquil. Prior to buying Ruby I played an emulated version where I went with Treeko, but I was let down once again by the grass type. I'm not putting them down all together, in my opinion FIRE RULES ALL! Once I purchased my Ruby version I devoted my time and effort into my TORCHIC. Who soon became my hard fighting, butt quick kicking Blaziken. Having that said I have chosen to stick with FIRE and picked CHIMCHAR, who is now in training as MONFERNO to become 8) The Emperor of All Fire Pokemon INFERAPE 8)! Please excuse me I got a little excitded back there..........


    You might have noticed I never decided on a water type as a starter. I have nothing against them either, I'd just rather use them as followers not leaders.
  17. I've always gone for the water type and the 'blue' game (Blue, Silver, Saphire, Diamond), mainly because blue's my favourite colour.

    I picked Piplup, then a friend bred me a Chimchar and a Turtwig so I started out with all three =)
  18. Hey you think you can bred me a Piplup & Turtwig? Just tell me who you want in exchange.
  19. I picked piplup. I not that good with fire & grass type pokemon, And i always choose the water type anyway.
  20. I need to borrow a DITTO if any one is willing let me hold one. I just need to breed several pokemon. If anyone can help just send me an email or you instant message me.
  21. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm sure many people are willing to help, but keep questions like that to the proper WiFi-specific forum, eh? :p
  22. I picked Piplup..... About 5 hours into the game I realized I just made one of the biggest mistakes of my Pokemon career.
  23. I chose chimchar for somereason i like fire type in the pokemon games for gameboy i choose fire type
  24. kyoto3

    kyoto3 Guest

    Chimchar Its an flame monkey whats not to love?
  25. I chose Turtwig. I love me some grass-type pokemon (even though I chose Squirtle in LG...), with Bulbasaur in Red and Treecko in Sapphire. I guess I didn't want to break the chain! Plus, the dinosaur with the tree and mountains on his back just seemed way too cool.
  26. I ended up going with Chimchar because Sinnoh was too lacking in fire types. Off the wall: I really hate the name Piplup. If I had picked it I would have given it a nickname, something I never do with my starter.
  27. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    Yeah, if you don't start with a Chimchar or don't have someone to breed with then your almost screwed with the fire type. I think Fire, Water, and Grass are a must. I mean Ponyta sucks! i like Chimchar and Piplupz!
  28. I picked Piplup because everytime I start a new pokemon game for the first time, I always pick the water pokemon, then when I restart it the fire pokemon and so on...
  29. well, i started with piplup since i always start with the water type, + empoleon pwns (him and palkia basically defeated the elite four and champion) and i love the water type ;D
  30. Im getting diamond and pearl the day school gets out, and i got a plan...
    On diamond ill start with chimchar, and in pearl ill trade turtwig and piplup over to diamond, then pick piplup as my pearl starter.BTW Diamond is gonna be my main if ur askin. 8)
  31. i seriously only picked Piplup,because i didnt like the other two (no offense to any fan of these starters)

    i dunno...they just never seem to be as cool as the Kanto and Johto starters,i do like empoleon a bit though
  32. I piucked piplup due this reason

    Torterra and Infernape Are really cool and I would really love infernap just I just dont like them because they dont look very cool in the battle scene INFERNAPE looks angry and torterra you cant even see its face and anyways im a water fanatic!



    btw: Olek is the adult form of Oles ive turned 13 so Olek is my name we
  33. I chose Turtwig cuz no one else I knew was choosing him and come on, he's a TURTLE!!!(Withe a leaf on his head). Whats weird is that he has the highest attack of the three starters...I thought he would have the highest defence instead........ ???
  34. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    So thats officially creepy.... *runs away screaming* 5 seconds later *hits a pole*
  35. Pokestar: You have been warned for irrelevant, pointless posting. Don't do it again.
  36. i started out with Piplup becuz i looked at it's final evolution and it's Steel and Water so it's weaknesses are Ground, Fighting and Electric. While Toterra has the weaknesses of Fire, Flying, Bug and Ice.
    And Infernape has the weaknesses of Water, Flying, Dark, and Ground
  37. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

  38. another pointless irelevent post pokestar......
  39. Agreeing with Oles. This is your second warning, Pokestar.

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