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Your Pokémon's Shining Moments.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Burgundy, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    I want to know the stories of when your Pokémon amazed you in battle, when you thought you would never win, and your Pokémon pulled through for you and won.

    My story is in a run of Heartgold I did about a year ago, after I had successfully hunted a shiny Chikorita. One of my party members was a Magcargo that I didn't even intend to be on my party. All of my party members were past Bugsy, and I needed something other than my starter to fight him. I decided to hatch the Slugma egg from Primo, then box him when I reached the Daycare. I was going to hatch a Vulpix, but I realized I had no way of getting one, so I just used the Slugma. Skip AAAAAAALLLLLLL the way to Lance, and I had been beaten down to just my Magcargo, and he still had his 3 Dragonites and his Charizard. With acombination of Yawn, Recover, and Rock Slide, I managed to defeat his three Dragonites and the Charizard.:-O I was shocked that my Magcargo could defeat nearly the entire team of one of the more difficult Champions in the series, and that's why Magcargo is one of my favorite Pokémon.:)

    So tell me stories of your Pokémon's finest moments. I'm sure you all have stories to tell. ;)
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  2. My story was in Leafgreen, I was going through the Elite 4 about 10 levels before I should have been. By the time I got to Lance I was down to my level 53 Articuno with only 3 Blizzards and nothing else left (I had no PP restoring items and no revives, just a LOT of Hyper potions). Not only did my Articuno beat Lance, It went for an encore and beat my Rival's team, including a level mid-60s/early 70s (it was a while ago) Charizard, with just Struggle and liberal usage of the aforementioned Hyper Potions.
  3. This was on a fanmade game, but my Delcatty in it wrecked so much stuff I had trouble with. An example being up against a Magneton and pretty much everyone on my team fainted and I had no revives, but Delcatty destroyed the magneton even though it was at full hp. Also on the bug gym it took on the main pokemon all on its own, and that pokemon was pretty annoying. Needless to say Delcatty has become one of my favorite pokemon.
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  4. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    Here's another moment that I forgot to mention, and this one's pretty recent. Around June/July I was playing through Emerald for the first time without my starter. I was fighting Wattson, and I had gotten him down to his Manectric. Unfortunately, it defeated my last team member, and all I had left was a Zigzagoon, meant only to slave away at cutting down shrubs and smashing tiny rocks. I threw him out and told her to use cut, and surprisingly, the Manectric used Quick Attack rather than Shock Wave, and he missed. Cut hit and knocked out the Manectric, and from then on, I loved Dunham the Linoone and she's another one of my favorites. :)
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  5. Well, it would be in Crystal, while I was battling Jasmine.. all she had left was her Steelix. It knocked out all of my Pokemon, exept Pikachu (gotten from an egg). Because she had three electric moves and a Dizzy punch, I used it. And I won! The Steelix kept missing with it's Iron tail, so i was like "few"! Even more amazing was that the Steelix was at level 35, and my Pikachu was only 23 or 24!!
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  6. I can think of 2 shining moments from my Black 2 game:
    1. When facing the Humilau gym for my 8th badge, I was down to my last pokémon (Oshawott @ eviolite) after Marlon's Jellicent defeated my Tyranitar. After Jellicent struck Oshawott with an Energy Ball, I thought it'd be knocked out easily and I'd have lost my chance at winning the Wave Badge; however, to my amazement, Oshawott was able to hang on by a VERY thin thread and defeated Jellicent with a Torrent-powered Razor Shell
    2. When I was battling one of the higher levels of the Black Tower, I was shocked and excited when my Corsola defeated an Entei
  7. during the elite 4 in B/W i was used a criminally under trained Absol to beat half of the Elite 4
  8. Leaf Green: Having begun with Charmander I had presented myself with a challenge getting through the first gym match with Brock. At this point nothing that is strong against rock is offered apart from the starters. So I went in with Charmander, Pikachu and Ratatta. Horrible team to take on a Rock gym leader. Naturally Charmander and Pikachu were easily KOed and it came down to my Ratatta called Hurricane and Onix. It took time but with a combination of tail whip and quick attack Hurricane KOed Onix. I was so proud! Can you just imagine that in the anime, a tiny Ratatta KOing a huge Onix with Quick Attack! XD
    Hurricane remained on my team and now as Radicate is training to take on the Elite 4 with me.
    I have come to dislike my trainer name but this is a rare occasion where I value the file too much to start a new one just for that and I have a shiny Machop I found in Victory Road.

    Red: In one of my many red files I was taking on Sabrina's Alakazam and my Pokemon were all KOed leaving a heavily undertrained Pikachu. I sent it out and selected one of it's attacks at random knowing and accepting that I was about to be defeated. That random attack was Seismic Toss, Alakazam was KOed and Sabrina was defeated.
    Me -> [​IMG]

    Silver: After going through hell to find my way around the freaking maze that is the whirl islands, I finally find Lugia only to realize when I am ready to attempt capture that the only ball I had on me was a single great ball. I decided to hell with finding my way back I'll just keep restarting until the great ball works. Or not, it catches on that first try. That was awesomely surprising.
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  9. This technically wasn't my Pokemon, but I was playing the game at the time, so I suppose it counts. Anyways, I was playing my brother's Sapphire version, and I was at the Elite Four. After plowing through to Glacia, I made it all the way to her Walrein. It felled all of my brother's Pokemon like nothing. The only one left was Poochy, a Poochyena used as a Rock Smash slave. Expecting it to be over right then and there, I just chose Rock Smash since Fighting is super effective against Ice. However, that Walrein kept missing every. Single. Time. By an extreme stroke of luck, a level eight Poochyena took down a level fifty-three Walrein just with Rock Smash and ended gaining quite a few levels. Of course, the E4 run was doomed to end at Drake, but it was such an exhilarating feeling to have in that moment.
  10. Black, I was fighting Brycen, it was his Cryogonal vs. my newly-evolved Carracosta, and I took it down in one hit with Smack Down
  11. Black 2, I was facing Iris, and I still think that this is one of my best victories to this day. I saved up and bought all sorts of healing items to basically make sure that I was going in with a completely healthy team, and we had basically one Pokemon each: My starter, Samurott, and her Haxorus, and it looked like she was going to win HP wise. Her Haxorus used Outrage, and it hit, and I knew that I was going to lose, but Samurott hung onto its 1 hit point, and that made me tear up so much you don't even know. We then beat her with a critical hit Mega Horn, on 1 HP. It made me so happy.
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  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Possibly one of my favourite memories is from my battle with Jasmine during my most recent HeartGold run. I was training a team of 11 Pokemon that ended up being severely underleveled due to HG/SS's shoddy EXP gains (*fistshakes at Johto*). By the time I reached Jasmine my Poliwag was still too low-leveled to evolve but I didn't want to level grind, so I gave her a shot. :D

    Taking out her Magnemite was fairly easy with my Growlithe, but then Steelix came out and ... eep. Poliwag's Surf could barely dent it. I debated switching Poliwag out for my Croconaw, who was higher leveled at the time, but I decided "No! This is Poliwag's fight!" So I used Yawn the next turn and crossed my fingers that Poliwag could survive long enough for Steelix to fall asleep. Like a blessing from the heavens, Steelix's next attack missed - possibly twice in a row! Can't fully recall. Once the beast had fallen asleep Poliwag went to town spamming Surf after Surf until Steelix woke up with a smidgen of HP. </3

    At this point Poliwag was in serious need of healing and I fully expected Jasmine to heal Steelix as well. A decision had to be made: waste a turn healing and extend the battle or take the risk and try for that final hit? We'd given it a good fight so I finally decided, what the hey, let's try our luck! And she didn't heal Steelix. Surf hit home and Poliwag KOed the mighty beast! Then, like the cherry on top, he leveled up and evolved. It was my best victory evolution ever. :'D
  13. Corion

    Corion Formerly Stewie

    My first game ever, was Silver version. Facing down Red, I was down to his last three, Espeon, Snorlax, and Charizard. All I had left was my first pokemon ever, Typhlosion. I took all three oh them down within seven moves. I was amazed and proud and I laughed to myself on how cliche it all was.

    Today, I have X and Y, and I still have the very same Typhlosion with me. I also still have the Espeon, and the Politoad from Silver version too. They were the first three pokemon I had to reach level 100, Espeon being the first. I have used all three in Sinnoh, Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, and Kalos. I'm very proud of them all.
  14. I was completing my recent run through of Crystal. I was at the champion, Lance, and all I had left was my over-leveled Feraligatr, with half HP. Feraligatr Ice-Punched his way through all of his team (except charizard, I used surf) all the way down to his last poke, Aerodactyl. Feraligatr used Ice-Punch again, however Aerodactyl survived with red HP. Aerodatctyl used Rock Slide, and it hit. I thought I was done for, but I was wrong; Feraligatr still had 8 HP left, and KO'd the purple pterodactyl pokemon. I never doubted my Feraligatr again.
  15. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Well, my Torterra has a pretty good one.
    So, I was fighting for the Fen Badge in PKMNPT. He brought out his Floatzel, and I had pretty much forgotten that he packs Ice Punch. He used Ice Punch. It scored a crit, and I thought that my Gabite, the only other Pokémon left, would have to take another Freeze to the face. The one thing that I had forgotten, was that Focus Sash was equipped. Torterra survived, and I scored a lucky crit Razor Leaf, and sent that thing running for home. I never doubted Torterra again.
  16. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Ruby. I was battling Steven and his Metagross. I only had my Swampert. He used Earthquake. But failed. Metagross used Earthquake. Critical hit. Swampert had only half of its HP. Then used Earthquake again...Critical. I defeated Steven thanks to Blue,the Swampert. I almost hugged my tablet (I was playing on a emulator) > 3 <
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  17. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Send him up to ORAS, that would just be cool.
  18. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    I don't have a 3DS T^T
  19. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Neither do I >=O
  20. On my first run of white I was facing the elite four and after beating them I was pretty screwed over with only my Samurott; Riptide left(I sucked at battling back then) I walk up to the champion, alder thinking(crap crap crap crap crap) but then my samurott sweeped his entire team with
    just surf and hydro pump and I was all like "WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED!?"
  21. Oh yes, this happened a while ago. This is why I like Palpitoad:
    I was playing Pokemon Black for the first time. I was at the fourth gym, but my pokemon were underleveled. Anyway, I faced Elesa. I killed the two emolgas. Half of my team was dead. Zebstrika came out. I did only minimal damage before it knocked out my Dewott. All I had left was Palpitoad, Bob (Named it that just for kicks). It was hard, Bob vs. Zebstrika, but finally, Bob succeeded, and I won. I will never forget you, Bob the Palpitoad!
  22. There's a lot of stories for me, but one stands out in particular...

    A little back story - Charmander was my first Pokemon, in the form of a card. Ever since then he's always found his way in to my party somehow, whether by trade, egg, etc.

    So, keeping this in mind some of you might remember Dr. Footstep from Platinum. Well, I took my Charmeleon at the time to him and had him look at Charmeleon's footprints. From them, he got this -

    "Falcon is... A remarkable human and Trainer. That I can always perform the best any Pokémon possibly can...I attribute that entirely to my partner Falcon. When we travel I can see wild Pokémon eyeing us enviously..."

    I know it's a pre-programmed response, but it really meant a lot to me. Charmander (and his evolutions) and I have been through a lot together, and he will always be my favorite :)

    (By the way, awesome thread!)
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  23. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Alright, my Pokemon have had tons of shining moments. This is but a few.
    I was stuck, in the middle of nowhere in the granite cave(this was in my first play through of Pokemon emerald). I only had a wingull, and a zigzagzoon. They were both on low hp and I never bought potions.I ran from every wild encounter, and fought off the ones that I couldn't.I suddenly found Steven and sighed of relief.
    Another huge shining moment is when I faced wattson,(in another play through ) and I only had a mighteyana left. Marshtomp took most of its hp, but I thought I was going to lose. I used tackle against magneton (a critical hit!) and I won.
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  24. probably my pastoria gym experience in platinum earlier today. i got to crasher wake but i didnt have anyone else to battle (so i could train. nor did i have any potions). i had my team of luxio, grotle, gardevoir, spiritomb, crobat and gyrados. wakes gyrados easily beat my luxio so i decided to choose my gyrados. wakes gyrados kept using waterfall while i kept using dragon rage. it then beat me and chose another one of my pokemon (i forgot which but i am giving the memorable moments). he then sent out his floatzel and i used my grotle. my grotle kept using razorleaf but wakes floatzel kept ice punching me. my grotle fainted so i chose my spiritomb to go out. i used hypnosis then kept using dream eater until his last bit which is where i used faint attack. his last pokemon was quagsire and i chose my gardevoir (i had 3 pokemon left at this point). my gardevoir used magical leaf and ALMOST ko'd wakes quagsire. wake used a hyper potion and i told myself ''im fucked''. again i used magical leaf 2 times and ko'd the quagsire.

    other times my pokemon were amazing (by what i remember)

    togetic vs. whitney and morty
    spiritomb vs. maylene
    monferno vs. mars
    starmie vs. juan
  25. Oh, I have another one that happened just yesterday. On my Flying Type Run on SS, I got to Lance. Guess what? I beat Lance's three Dragonites. With Misfit, my Delibird. With a Choice Scarf Ice Beam combo. And I'm not joking.
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  26. NocturnalNetwork

    NocturnalNetwork Formerly LatiasMusic

    Another one happened in a hack rom, Ruby Destinies. I was against a trainer's Wartortle and it knocked out almost my entire team, and only my under leveled Buizel was left. Then I noticed it had only 1 HP left. I thought, "Let's try." Buizel used Quick Attack and knocked Wartortle out. And it magically leveled up 4 levels.
  27. I know this isn't amazing or battle-related, but I remember the first time I got one of my pokemon to full affection in Pokemon X-- It was my Haxorus named Hiccup. And I remember sending him into battle and it played the animation of him looking back at me as I sent him out. And in that same battle he took a serious blow and hung on by a string of health, and it said something along the lines of "Hiccup endured the hit to impress his trainer!" For some reason it hit me right in my feel-good spot instantly. It made me feel like the proud mother of dragons > u >
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  28. It's not a specific moment, but rather my overall experience from Emerald. On my most recent playthrough, I had a Zigzagoone-turned-Linoone named Jessie, which I caught merely for field moves and pickup. More than any other 'mon I had at that run, Jessie survived through all the hard battles and swept everything that was on her way with her very ridiculous moveset. I intended to replace her with a Magneton for the Elite4 but evetually decided against it, and it was the best decision I've ever made in any Pokemon game.

    Sadly, my save file got corrupted shortly after I beat the main game, so now Jessie and all of her glory are gone.
  29. I remember a few shining moments and one of them was recently. In Pokemon White version I was facing up against Clay. I got to his Excadrill, but it was able to knock out my Scraggy and Servine after using Hone Claws. All I had left was Yamask and Musharna. Musharna's only damaging move was Psybeam so I decided to send out Yamask. Excadrill somehow didn't 1 hit KO Yamask (this was before I used Will O Wisp) and I was able to get the burn on it. Following up by curse, and it was done.

    In Soul Silver, I was facing against Clair and I had no idea how to take her out. My Golem and Persian fainted from Gyrados and I think Foretress fainted to her Dragonair. I wasn't going to use Poliwhirl so it was up to Megainum. It was able to take out Gyrados and two of her Dragonairs. I had no idea why I doubt Meganium's defenses there, but I was still amazed.

    Lastly, this was on a random battle in Pokemon Showdown. I remember having a Dunsparce and a Delphox left and my opponent had a Stoutland and a Rampardos left. My Delphox fainted and I was thinking "No way Dunsparce will survive". To my surprise, it was able to paralyze Stoutland from Body Slam, able to get off a couple of Coils and take every hit, and knock out both of them with Rock Slide. This made me love Dunsparce. The fact that a Pokemon most people hate just saved me in a battle. I also remember using one in X and took out one of the Elite4's Gyrados that I was afraid of fighting.

    EDIT 7/8/15: OMG okay, this just happened today. I was battling Steven the champion in Alpha Sapphire and I was down to his two last Pokemon. His Armaldo pretty much KOed like half my Pokemon and so I decided to send out Delcatty. Thanks to assist and the Cute Charm ability, she was able to knock out Armaldo. Then Metagross came out and my only moves useful against it was Shadow Ball and maybe assist. Luckily and surprisingly the times I used assist back from Armaldo, I gotten Cotton Guard and TWO Stockpiles making Delcatty's defenses sky high. That helped a lot. Metagross kept using Giga Impact for some reason, I got off a few Shadow Balls, and he was done. I know my Delcatty saved me in battles before even when it was a Skitty, but nothing like this. I'm never underestimating a cat again.
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  30. During my first run of X I was down to just my Fennekin with Viola (I was seriously underleveled) and her Vivilllion was like 10 HP, and so was Fennekin, and then Vivillion gets restored or something, but the Fennekin saves the day!
  31. *sits in loner corner* I don't have any shining moments, or i can't remember ;-;
  32. Got a new one. I recently did a Nuzlocke of X. Got to Korrina, and, as it usually does, that accursed Hawlucha started to plow through my team. I was resigned to my fate, expecting to lose the 'locke then and there. I sent out my Roselia, Dewey, not really believing he could do anything.

    He survived a Flying Press and got off a Stun Spore.

    I was able to keep him alive by stalling out the Flying Presses, then obliterated that flying luchadore while it couldn't move. Felt really good. I lost a few good 'mons, including my starter, but Dewey pulled it off and gained my utmost respect. I'll never underestimate a Roselia again.
  33. Once during a run of the Kanto gym leader tournament in Black 2, things started to go sour at Lt. Surge. His last (I think it was Jolteon that time) finished off my second to last with a critical hit, and all I had left between me and defeat was my Walrein. I figured it was as good as over, slow water type vs. quick electric like that. Didn't think it could weather well, and that Rest healing would just delay the inevitable at best.

    But then my trusty Walrein took a STAB Thunder to the face and didn't even get knocked down to half HP (just barely above half mind you, but still). I knew my Walrein had pretty good defenses but I was still surprised by that. Its "I'm gonna lose anyway just attack" Ice Beam did okay damage in response, Walrein survived the next Thunder "by the skin of its teeth" as Stadium Announcer would say, and from then on Rest and Sleep Talk made it an easy win. Its use of Rain Dance to get that accurate Thunder backfired big time when Sleep Talk hit on Surf.

    Thanks Walrein, you impressed the hell out of me and as a result went from "pretty cool water type" to my favourite water type.
  34. Mine wasn't as awesome as some of the others I've read on the way down to the... for lack of a better term, post box. However, this is the only one I can remember will full detail, so hey, might as well tell it. Me and my brother were in a link battle, FireRed vs LeafGreen respectively. My team consisted of Kabutops, Dragonite, a Moltres I had nicknamed "Phoenix", Tyranitar, Venusaur, and a Togepi at Lv.10 that I had forgotten I had in my party. My brother had Omastar, Blastoise, Rapidash, a Shiny Fearow he had nicknamed "Goldy", Chansey, and a Machamp. Throughout the battle, we eventually ended up at our last pokemon, and it was my Togepi vs his Machamp. We both knew he won, but for the hell of it, we decided to end it, so I chose Metronome and he chose Focus Punch. To our great surprise, Metronome called up the move Sheer Cold and it hit, obliterating my brother's Machamp. It was so hilarious, every time we even looked at our GameBoys, we started cracking up for the next two weeks.
  35. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Sparky, the Jolteon, in my Y run. He was slightly underleveled, and was a bit... damaged from the non-Electric moves running through the Lumiose Gym. I have three words for that [nyoom]ing gym battle...
    That little fricker took down 5 of my others, with only Sparky left, but Heliolisk was low HP and the leader was out of potions. Quick Attack is so frickin' YES.

    And then there's Cynda, my starter from HG.
    You know that fight in the Dragon's Den with Silver against Lance and Clair?
    Freaking Feraligatr glass cannon wiTH FREAKING ICE PUNCH/FANG.
    So my starter, who was lower leveled than the Dragonite and that damn Kingdra was still alive, managed to avoid a Hydro Pump and Rock Climb with that Kingdra straight to hell, then tanked a crit Hyper Beam from Dragonite, which let me pull off a Rollout, that being the game winning move.
  36. O.K, this one was actually on an online battle. I was battling someone and all he had left was a Full Health Alakazam and I had a paralyzed Gengar and Embertail, my Charmander, because sometimes I like to throw out Embertail against someone because I like to imagine what they're thinking when someone throws out a dang Charmander of all things. What can I say, he's my dick around Pokemon.

    Either way, things are looking bad for me. Jasper (my Gengar) isn't going to be faster then the Alakazam with the paralisis effect, so I decided "f-it, I'll go with Embertail". I throw him out and the guy goes for a one hit knock out on Embertail, but you see, I always like to troll people by having him hold Focus Sash so he hangs on with one HP. Anyway's, he survives the Psychic with 1 HP due to the Sash and I have him do Flare Blitz and, against the odds, he knocks out the Alakazam in one hit, winning the match.

    I can only imagine the look on the guy's face when his last Pokemon goes down to a freak-en Charmander. He probably thought I was some sort of super pro battler who used the pre-volve Pokemon for a challenge to show off his skill. I'm not a pro-battler of course, not even close, but it was a moment of epic trolling for Embertail that I will remember for the rest of my life.

    Other then that, there was the time Whips, my Dragonite, completely sweeped a persons team due to getting several stacks of Dragon Dance in, that was pretty cool.
  37. The main one for now happened a few days ago - just having a random battle online - sort of an even match until my opponent had 2 Pokemon left and I was only down to 1 (more like 1 and 1/4th - one of his at full health, the other on the red health) - Flareon my last remaining battler, my opponent used (Ii think the move was) Rock Slide - Flareon dodged the attack - one Heat Wave knocked out both opponents, it landed a critical hit (moved before opponent's second Pokemon attacked) - wanted to save that Double Battle, I forgot I already have 100 battles saved.
  38. When I was playing omega ruby and faced off against the elite four, I just sweept them with my blaziken and shiftry but when I reached steven his cradily destroyed half of my team, and when I reached his metegross I thought I was done but my blaziken came through surviving the zen headbutt and defeating it with a blaze kick.

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