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Your Partners in Shadows of Almia (Potential Spoilers)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've had a copy of Ranger 2 since Christmas yet only started it this morning. So far, loving it ;D

    Anyways, I'm curious about two things in this thread:

    1. Out of Starly, Pachirisu, and Munchlax, which partner did you pick initially and why?
    2. After gaining the ability to have more partners, which one did you find yourself using the most and why?

    I'm only 2 and a half hours into the game, so I've only just recently befriended Munchlax. My reasoning for picking it above the other two is simply because I like the Pokemon more. Pachirisu's assist may have technically been better in some cases, but Munchlax is a baby Snorlax... so yeah. Love the Munchlax X3
  2. 1. I picked Starly because, I love the flying assist. Making a tornado that spits out baby tornadoes is.. helpful.

    2. I use Cranidos the most now. I use him the most because, when a pokemon surrounds itself with something, and there's a 99% chance your stylus will get hit, the rock poke assist flings gravel. The gravel penetrates (sp?) whatever is surrounding the pokemon, and adds to the friend meter, so that the pokemon dosen't loose all of the friendship points. (Especially helpful against Drapion...)
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I've had it since release day but I haven't played it as much as I would've liked. I dislike all three choices, but I went with Pachi because of its ability. Soon enough it'll be ditched for Mime Jr. and never seen again ^___________^
  4. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I've pretty much finished the game, except for a few quests here and there. I really enjoyed the game, especially when I was able to have more friend Pokemon along with me. I had a couple which were permanent XD

    Out of the original three, I chose Starly. I didn't want Munchlax, mainly because I'd heard that the Normal assist wasn't very helpful, especially for a 'first-time player'. I can't stand Pachirisu, so that left Starly, who I must say I started to like, after starting out never really liking him or his line.

    When I first got the game I thought Gible would be my partner Pokemon, but I didn't get the quest for him until very near the end of the actual storyline. Until him I had Cranidos, who I came to love. I missed him after changing him for Gible, so really the little Cranidos was my favourite. His rock assist did decent damage and he always had different coloured musical notes floating behind him, like he was really happy ^^

    My other constant partners were Flygon and Sceptile, once I'd found them. Manectric would have been another, but he's not in the game.
  5. I bought Ranger 2 (mainly for a legal way to get Darkrai), but then I really got into the game. So much so that I (having mild case of OCD), got an 'S' on every 'Browser entry. Most of them I managed to get an 'S' capture the first time I encountered them (only a few escaped before the end-game, Kangaskhan, Draipon, Mamoswine and Toxicroak). Even stupid Cerebii was a first time 'S' capture (had to be, since it was only IN one quest, and if I didn't get it then, I'd loose it. It took me around 6 re-starts in order to get the 'S' capture (bloody...fast...little......freak...).

    At any rate, the starter partner I chose to start was Pachirisu (and still is the 'best' one I had), mainly because I liked the whole 'touch the screen and if the static touches a Pokemon they freeze' thing that Pachirisu had with it's Pokeassist.

    But I have also had Hippowdon, Sneasel, Gible, Piplup, Turtwig, Chimchar and Mime Jr at various points in the game. I pretty much left the others alone. All by themselves in the Partner Ranch. Didn't touch Kricketot with a ten foot pole.

    My constant Friend Pokemon were Espeon and Dragonair once I found them. I even managed to keep Espeon during the 'Get 6 Staraptor for the stupid one that can't fly anymore' Quest (after some really fancy shuffling and LOTS of running around, and making use of the ferries to the outlying areas). Togekiss also is now a staple in my 'party' . Well, now I just have three more 'special' Quests (the Riolu, Dialgia and Palkia ones) to do, then I have finished.

    And probably will start a new game.

    To get ALL first time encounters to be 'S' ones.

    Stupid OCD...
  6. As far as the first choice went, I chose Pachirisu. This was mainly due to the comfort from the first game with an electric assist. I don't really like him, but I didn't really like any of the starting choices.
    Later in the game I opted to keep Sneasel on me at all times. I don't really like his assist, but I do enjoy watching him run after me. I also find myself keeping an Umbreon and Espeon with me at all times. Maybe I'm just thinking back to Colosseum, but I really like that pair. I even have figurines of them on my desk at school.
  7. 1. pachirisu, because I thought it would be most useful at the time. Which it was.

    2.Sheildon, no matter what enemy, on really tough ones, i used sheildon's Poke Assist, which was a Life Saver.
  8. The parter I originally started out with was Starly. I liked him because a, the Normal Assist is useless, b, the dang Pokemon keeps moving around when I try to shock it with the Electric Assist, and c, because I get to do damage without circling the Pokemon with the Flying Assist, which was really helpful with Regigigas.

    The Partner I mostly use now is Starly, for the additional reasons of having poor aim and timing when dropping and flinging with various assists. I have switched out to Pachirisu twice, but failed miserably using the assist. Besides, the Pachi sprite looks horrible.

    But I must note one Friend Pokemon I had almost 'til now. Grotle. I caught him on the first day of playing the game, and had him until I had to get rid of him for the Eeveeloutions Quest. I hated that day. However, within that same day, I caught a Torterra so I'm just fooling myself by saying Grotle evolved and has still been with me.


    I miss you Grotle!

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