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Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Stark, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I've been playing Fire Red again recently, the only reason being that my sister restarted her Leaf Green and I wanted to out-do her. XD

    But I just came back to Rock Tunnel for the first time in a while, and I remember why I hated it so much.

    It's at just the right spot to be annoying. You've left Mt Moon and Diglett's Cave a while back, and you've had enough with the damn dungeons. You've been in cities for a good while now, and are liking the style. Then you get slung into Mt Moon, round 2. >:(

    Darker. Higher level pokémon that can become a challenge if you run out of supplies, and can become frustrating as well what with them turning up at every 5 steps or something ridiculous. Its bigger than Mt Moon, with more trainers.

    Aaaaand the worst part. If you want to go through easily, you'll need either a map or Flash. Flash being well out of your way, for starters.

    .../rant, I suppose :p That's my most hated area, whats yours?

    I also managed to post this in the wrong forum too :( I'm nub. A quick Ctrl A, Ctrl C, remove topic, new topic in right board and Ctrl V saved the day :p
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  2. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd have to say that the Rock Tunnel was my most hated area too. Mt. Moon annoyed me to begin with, so a bigger, Flash-needed version was most unwelcome. The constant encounters with wild Pokemon gets annoying in there too, especially if you don't have a map and you're trying to figure out where the hell you're going.

    In all fairness, I find most caves annoying, be they in FireRed or any other Pokemon game. They just bug me. As a general rule I don't like Rock or Fighting Pokemon so much, and they're the types you're most likely to encounter in caves
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I absolutely detest the route to Snowpoint City from Mt. Coronet. The snow slowing you down, the constant hail damage and the fact that you can barely see a thing makes this route easily the most vile to have ever existed in my opinion. It's one of those locations that makes me wonder if the game designers played through their own game to see how it was, because I can't imagine anyone thinking that the treacherous nature of this route was in any way a good addition to the game.

    Silph Co. ranks second for me - the fact that I didn't like the music or the way the place looked definitely worsened my opinion of it. The way the Card Key was positioned between the two Rocket Grunts irritated me for one thing, since you have to leave the room and then go back in again in order to get the key since the Rockets block the route after you beat them. That combined with the fact that it was hard and tedious to navigate ultimately made Silph Co. by far my least favourite area in Kanto. At least it coughed up a lot of TMs and stuff for the trouble it caused.

    I actually don't mind the caves much - I liked Rock Tunnel's dark and eerie environment, although the wild encounter rate in there does get very irritating after a while. In fact, my favourite location in Gen II is a cave - Mt. Silver was relatively short, had great music and a very eerie and ominous feel to it, which all made for a great buildup to the person waiting for you at the end...
  4. I do! ^^ This is one of my favorite routes in the whole game because of the snow. The music is also pretty pwnful. It adds more realism to the game and I can appreciate it. I hope they make more snow routes in later games.

    Now as far as places I hate...I'll just pick one. The Seafoam Island caves. This stupid cave is a maze and I've never, ever gone in one entrance and come back out the other. I nearly always end up back at the one I started in.
  5. Front and center Ice Path. The number one most annoying set of puzzles in Gold and Silver. They drove me nuts, that and you had to do several puzzles to get through. And that one puzzle to get the HM you need. Such a pain. Never liked that part of the game. The sole reason I kept restarting my Gold games was because of that Ice Path.

    And of course, all the places where you need Flash are annoying, but far better than the Ice Path. Come to think of it, I liked the Seafoam Islands puzzle. So amusing. Really easy since I had a huge stock of Repel then. I spent so much time in there that I know the exact layout of the Seafoam Islands. And Rock Tunnel come to think of it.

    Ice Path was bloody annoying. End of story.
  6. Ayup. I agree with Jet. That damned Ice path was absolutely the worst area in any pokemon game.

    Come to think of it, I still haven't gotten past it yet. >:(
  7. In any game, the ocean is my least favorite part. I always get lost, find way too many Pokemon I'm not interested in catching, and have to avoid swimmer battles the entire time. Surfing music gets really annoying when I'm lost for an hour and a half just trying to get somewhere... Yeah, I just hate surfing.

    Caves are a close second. I get lost a lot in those, too, and not having Flash when I need it irritates me.

    Snowy thing comes in third, because I don't remember it being annoying when I went through it the first time, but when I went back I got so mad at my half mile per hour movement I wanted to kill everything.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Amusing that I actually loved the two places you hate, KoL XD
    I enjoy the route to Snowpoint City mostly for the atmosphere and how I imagine it in my mind. As for Sliph Co., I just love the hordes of TR grunts you can battle. I always made a point to battle every single trainer in the building every time I played R/Y/B and FR/LG XD

    Anyways, I think my vote goes to Victory Road. Any of them. While they truly are a nice challenge, and for D/P's in particular I generally struggle initially just to stay alive because I‘m under-leveled... I dislike how they force you to switch out at least two of your team members in order to have all of the needed HM moves available. It's either that or you spam over your good moves with HM moves, and sometimes it's not really an option because you'd be losing TM attacks/egg moves. I guess the fact that they're all cavern-style stages doesn't help either (like you guys have mentioned above, they're my most disliked type of area), and the music isn't always that great. It's decent, yeah, but rarely my more favored tunes.

    Victory Road never ceases to give me that "Uggh!" feeling every time I've finally collected my 8th gym badge. :p
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  9. Really? I actually liked it, it was quite easy to get through for me. Although I'd rather not go through it again and get jumped by a crazy ninja kid.

    But my vote(s) goes to Route 220 in Pearl and Victory Road. I just hated surfing through the biggest stretch of water I've ever seen, getting challenged by trainers I don't want to fight, and being abushed by goddamned TENTACRUEL. Then Victory Road kicked my ass. I always smashed the rocks wrong and then wild pokemon encounter rate....yeah, I almost woke everyone up at 12:30 AM with my yelling.
  10. The Volcano place where you capture Heatran and the route/s before it with the falling soot. (I think)

    Lords, I was so ticked off when you teamed up with Buck, because you couldn't take any shortcuts. X_X
  11. The parts in Pokemon games I find most annoying are most definitely the massive caves. Mt. Coronet for example is probably the most annoying cave I've been in. and the route to the top was a dreadful pain. I also hate the Victory Roads, but it is realistic. I mean, a final test for trainers to overcome is a good thing to add to the game. I also don't like large masses of water because you find yourself running into 1000 Tentacools and going nowhere.
  12. I absolutely hate the D/P Victory Road. I'm currently, and reluctantly, going in for the third time. This is because I a) got lost and b) didn't have high enough levels. I can understand having a final challenge for trainers but when you encounter Pokémon of higher levels than you and run out of PP, it gets just a little annoying.
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  13. I actually hate the first route in every game and the first Towns. I absolutely hate being so slow, and after finding the running shoes, I couldn't live without them. In general, I also hate how the mother just lets you go off into mortal peril and so you pretty much don't see her in forever at the age of like, 10 or whatever. I don't know those ages nowadays.

    I also disliked the underwater diving areas in Hoenn. They all just were really confusing for my, and half the time I got lost in them looking for free items and the like.
  14. I would say all caves you need flash for and getting to the Elite Four in FireRed I have the older version.
  15. I agree. The Seafoam Islands took me forever! It was so bad, that I used my masterball on Articuno just so I wouldn't have to go back in there
  16. Just wait for the Elite four in D/P
    i got through victory road and failed at the elite four many times i absolutely hate them in the Diamond and pearl series but any thing else, it has to be the caves and routes around Heatran
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  17. I think the route to Snowpoint is absolutely evil, too. I dislike how you lose HP just because of Hail, how long it takes to get to Snowpoint because of the snow slowing you down, and that part of the route is so wide you have to take a while to cross it to check if you've missed any items.

    It took me about four gaming sessions to get out of it, each one about half an hour long. So essentially, it took me four days. I really dislike that route now.
  18. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Victory Road always does my head in purely because by the time I've gotten that far in the game, I just want to get through it and done - not spend a day or two grinding through some complicated maze, where you really have no choice but to go back for MORE levelling up once you've finally gotten through because then you need to level up the Pokemon you swapped out for your HM Slave/s.


    Though, I'll make an exception to R/B/Y's Victory Road because:

    A) To get there you had the awesome 'real' Victory Road with all the guards checking your badges.

    B) It had Moltres in it.

    All other Victory Roads have been boring and/or annoying.
  19. I hate spear pillar because the path never seemed to end when I was playing, there was always some new direction to travel in, and then the pokemon pop up everywhere. The, when you think you can get a break outside, there is grass, and more pokemon appear. The most annoying this is that all the Team Galactic grunts use a lot of the same pokemon. It may be somewhat easy to beat them, but it is redundant.
  20. Most hated... Huh... well... I have to say Victory Road cave in GSC because of the music and it was so gosh darn easy. Other than that, the Routes before it were epic sauce. Ice Cave was a pain in the butt until I did it so many times hatching eggs or just not having a Pokemon in my group with fly that I practically memorized it. Yeah...
    I hate Rock Tunnel a lot a lot, mostly because I was playing the original Red version and died after going through it to an unavoidable trainer right in front of Lavender Town. >:( And Silph Co. was annoying, although the massive amount of TR grunts almost made up for it.
    R/S/E... it would have to be that darn cave that you have to find Steven in. You need Flash and it has a buttload of Pokemon I dislike. And Rayquaza's tower when you go to catch him. I always sucked at the bike drop thing.
    And in D/P... I'll go with Spear Pillar, mostly because after I beat it on Pearl I never went there again. ​
  21. I'd have to say Rock Tunnel in the old games. With the less detailed graphics, everything was confusing as heck. Not to mention that on my first try, I didn't have Flash.
  22. Victory Road. In all games. Except for the ones in D/P/Pt, all of the caves in Sinnoh are incrediably easy. Which was kinda disapointing.

    I albsolutly hated going through the snowy route up to Snowpoint. Grr!! I'ts one of my favorite routes (because It's pretty.), and also my most hated. I mean, nobody wants to go that slow! I'm starting to think that game freak put that in for thier own personal enjoyment of others annoyance...
  23. I hate any areas that you have to use the move flash in because not only do i never have a Pokemon that know flash on me XD, its just a pain to navigate a cave that need flash with out it and most of the time its in the middle of nowhere so you have to run all the way back to a town grab a Pokemon with flash then use it, CoughWayward CaveCough.
  24. my most hated area is the lost cave cause its so confusing >:(
  25. I'd say one of two places, either Silph Co. or the Mahogany Town/Goldenrod Rocket bases.
  26. I liked the marshes in DP, but I hate them in Platinum. Sure, there are paths in them now but overall they just got worse. If you wander off that dark path, you're nearly guaranteed to get stuck.
  27. I hate the area's in Sinnoh shrouded in fog because of the trainer battles, they just seem to go on forever as it's constant hit and miss..on the other hand I guess it can work to one's advantage..but then again when you're only trying to get to the next area so you can progress through the game it can be a bit annoying.
  28. I hate the marshes too, it's really annoying when you get stuck. What I really hate though, is the Lost cave, I always get...lost :p Though generally I hate all caves since they are usually annoying to pass through, especially caves you need Flash for.
  29. I hate getting to ho-oh and lugia in gold and silver, i hate victory road's puzzle and hate battling the elite four in pearl , diamond , and especially the
    elite four in platinum they cheat so much! >:( But i do like the games.
  30. The place that bothers me the most is mt. moon. There is too many distractions, for me I mean.
  31. Hm. Name any cave that requires flash, and bingo. You've got my least favorite place. And, back when I was playing R/B, I hated any large stretch of ocean. Move two tiles? Tentacool! Move two more tiles? Tentacool! Move one more tile? Trainer battle! Move one more after that? We're back to Tentacool! And I don't even speak of Seafoam Islands without wanting to go cry in a corner from previous frustration.

    And I actually like the snowy routes on the way to Snowpoint. Well, I don't like the hail damage, nor do I enjoy walking so slowly, but the music is what gets me going back there. Seriously, I've walked into that route just to hear the music. I guess I'm just weird like that.
  32. Battle tower in Crystal

    I got got my ass handed to me countless times
  33. I never completed victory road in Ruby. The game died anyway, it was second hand.
  34. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    Anyone remember Victory Road in Pokemon R/B/Y? Yeah. A time before good graphics, and the Strength puzzles were infuriating. Every five tiles, a Golbat/Onix/Graveller/Machoke appears. All at level 46. My Blastoise could have clobbered them while I was in Saffron City battling Sabrina!
  35. Mt. Coronet, just Mt. Coronet. The amount of tedium this place contains just blows my mind into tiny individual chunks. Especially the outer snowy parts. It just feels so confusing every time I go through it, mainly because I get the entrances that take you to Spear Pillar or Snowpoint mixed up.
  36. sky pillar easily and mirage tower or w/e its called from emerald. those mach bike puzzles are annoying as heck
  37. i hate all of the evil team bases, pretty much every cave, but what i hate the most is the D/P sandstorm, the hail route before Snowpoint City, that ashy route before Stark Mountain, and every surfing route with swimmers.
  38. Gen I Rock Tunnel sucked. Not so bad in Gen III. and I agree Ice Path sucked. it was the hardest dungeon I've ever played.
  39. If it annoys you so much, try learning each entrance off. It confused me too at first, but I know which entrance leads where now.

    I hate the Great Marsh in Platinum, because you keep getting stuck in the mud.
  40. Just realized how much I hated Sinnoh's Victory Road. It's seriously annoying; I kept going in circles and one time I accidently ran into a boulder (I'd used strength previously) and I blocked my own path. So I had to trek all the way back to floor entrance and start over. It really makes me appreciate G/S/C because it was so easy and wasn't just a stupid obstacle. The Victory Roads of Kanto and Hoenn can burn too because you needed an HM slave to get through them.

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