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Your most epic battles

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by 0_0.Sinnysaurus.rex, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I want to know your most memorable battles that youve had and how many times you lost/won all together from RBY til now. Me? I never lost to a person EVER when i first battle them. I remember i battled a kid from elementary school, everyone liked him and admired him. Him and his stupid mew. We were just sitting around playing pkmn and then some kid said, "hey you two should battle" so i accepted i had my two friends on my side and he had his group of friends watchin him. He sends out blastoise i send out charizard, i switch to my zapdos and i KOd his blastoise and his zapdos. His mew whooped my zapdos and charizard. I brought out mewtwo he took care of mew. He had gyarados mewtwo OHKOd him with thunder. He sends out charizard i switch to golem then he switches to venasaur i use rockslide miss and went for fireblast being cocky but he KOd my golem then i send out mewtwo. psychic. Done. Then use thunder on charizard and bam the girls that digged him started to dig me =]
  2. Sir Red

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    ...wow...um, anyways~

    One of my epic battles had to be my League battle against Andi. I don't recall the exact specifics of the battle (I think I still have it saved somewhere, though), but I know it was about as close as a battle could possibly get. It ended up as a 2-0 victory for me, but my two remaining Pokemon had a total combined health of like 21.

    Andi had Stealth Rock (or possibly Spikes, doesn't really matter though) in play and there was a Sandstorm ripping things up a bit. I had just lost a Pokemon and needed to send in one of my remaining two, but the entry hazard forced me to send in one rather than the other seeing as SR would have killed one of them (which sucked seeing as my Metagross could have used Bullet Punch and gotten the win, and Sandstorm wouldn't have bothered it. :T).

    The final turn was Andi with his nearly dead Starmie (who may have been poisoned) against my Vaporeon. Starmie was a ton faster and would murder me if I tried to battle it, so I used Protect and the status/field effects killed Starmie. Was a crazy ending to a back and forth battle.
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  4. I've had several battling moments that were pretty epic. They were in my winning battles (Which now is a total of three...) But two things top the chart.
    I was in a heated battle with a close friend of mine, and he had KO'd my Lucario, and I was being backed into a corner. That's when he sent out his last Pokemon; Regigigas. My other Pokemon couldn't handle it, and my friend was so smug because I didn't have another Fighting type. And then I remembered I had an Infernape. I sent it out, Spencer had a heart attack, and I won. (I think the battle is somewhere in the videos thread...)

    Another time, I was a at another friend's house, and everyone had a Pokemon game. I began battling one of his other friends, and It started well for me; Except the fact that he was spamming Legends left and right. So it raged on... And soon, we were neck in neck, one Pokemon each. I had my Froslass, Frostina, and she was half-dead, so I decided I'd go out with a bang. Threw a Shadow Ball, and somehow, it turned out to be a critical-hit. And I won. (The battle's somewhere on my DS...) From then on, I loved Frostina to death.

    And so ends my talk of my few won battles.~
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  5. Well, I had a pretty epic battle, mainly two part, but they were both epic. THey were Wi-fi battles with my friends, Sam and Ryan. Now, unlike you guys, these guys aren't exactly that ashamed to flaunt their ubers and Legendaries, so I decided to bring in my current tank team (Jolteon, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Torterra, Metagross, and Garchomp). Here was the Matchup: (Remember they are all lvl. 100)



    He was fairly hard. Luckily, Jolteon had the advantage with Drizzle in play. Sam was just toying with me, so he decided to leave his Whale wannabe. Jolteon almost destroyed him with Thunder, but Kyogre managed to somehow survive. He tied to get me with Sheer Cold, but it missed XD THen I got him with THunderbolt. Afterwards, Sam brings out Sceptile, who somehow manages to OKO my Jolteon with a KO move (I can't remember which move). I brought out Metagross, as he had a pretty well balanced moveset. Sam tried the move again, but he forgot it had less that 30% accuracy (I think). Metagross got him with Psychic, then he brought out his Garchomp. That bitch. He Ko'd Metagross with Earthquake. I decided to try out a new plan to defeat Garchomp, so I sent out Feraligatr. Garchomp used Draco Meteor, which severely lowered Faraligatr's health. However, I got him with Blizzard, which managed to hit! Garchomp went down. However, His Dragonite took me down with an electric attack. I sent out Torterra to try to Stone Edge him out of the sky, but he defeated me with Fly. Typhlosion was next, and he put up some fight. I was desperate, so I had Typhlosion use Blast Burn, which almost Knocked out Dragonite. However, that thing was still alive! He surfed me to death. THe only teammate left was Garchomp, whose Shadow CLaw took him out. Last up, Sam sent out Palkia. He spammed out Spacial Rend, so i only got 2 Outrages on him. The least Spacial Rend was a crit, so Garchomp died. Sam had won.

    Next up was Ryan, who was also a cheater >:I


    Now, this team was UBER HARD. Jolteon managed to get in a few hits on Machamp before he was Cross Chopped, then Typhlosion took him out with Flamethrower. He then sent out Blaziken. He bragged that he had that thing for 3 years... blah blah blah. Typhlosion took it out with a THunder Punch and Focus Blast. Here's were things got bad. Kyogre went out, and THunder Punch hardly did anything. Kyogre then drowned my Typhlosion in Water Spout. Poor poor Ty :'( Torterra went out, but Kyogre Ice beamed it to death. Then Metagross managed to take it out, after I taught it Grass Knot. Lugia then came out and Aeroblasted it to infinity and beyond with a crit. Feraligatr was up, but only managed to hit with Blizzard once. Afterwhich it died. Once again, Garchomp was my only hope. He came out and Outraged Lugia. After which he got confused. Still though, he managed to dodge a Dragon Rush, and killed him with Shadow Claw. Finally, it was Mewtwo. He used Ice Beam, which was a huge surprise. Garchomp survived it though, with his Focus Sash. He even managed to Outrage again, but he then killed me next turn with psychic.

    I think they enhanced their pokemon with Ar codes, but these were still pretty epic, considering the cercumstances.
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  6. No the reason they beat you was cause they used ubers. They arent called ubers for nothing. I mean you used an uber which is garchomp but he doesnt stand a chance against mewtwo and kyogre and some other ones they had. Everytime i know my opponent is going to use ubers i bring out mine. I need more epic battles.. Wish i had wifi =[
  7. My most epic battle was back from when I was about seven years old playing Pokemon Gold. I had gone through the game only focusing my training on my Pidgeot and I was taking on the elite four. When I got to Lance, my Pidgeot wasn't doing to well and I had run out of potions. Out comes his final Pokemon, an Aerodactyl. I had half health left and was recovering from using Hyper Beam on a Dragonite, so I feel that I'm pretty screwed.

    Aerodactyl uses Rock Slide and put Pidgeot down to 3 HP. I start jumping around because I know that I've won. My Pidgeot had incredible speed and was bound to make a move before Aerodactyl. You see, Aerodactyl was weak against Rock Slide, the move he had just used, while I was about 20 levels higher than him and knew Mirror Move. Now that I look back on it, I'm surprised my 7 year old self realised this plan.

    Anyway, I won and became the Pokemon champion for the first time in my life and I was very, very happy.
  8. my most epic battle was in soul silver, the final battle with lance was epic as any could be! heres what happend, it went back and forth between us and his final pokemon was highest level dragonite, me knowing that my pokemons speed was lower then his, so i used the Tm avalanche becas if the foe pokemon strikes first the move dose 2X the damage, but i had only one pokemon left that knew the move and one more hit from drganite and i was toast, so i picked the move and draganite attacked , and when i thought i was done my pokemon had surived with 1 hp! then i used avalanche and it was super efftive! and it was a critcal hit, and draganite was done and i won!
  9. KoL

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    A recent PBR battle against Bal comes to mind as my most epic battle - after almost getting destroyed by his Scizor, I managed to Trick-lock his Flygon into Draco Meteor in order for Lucario to set up Swords Dance for a comeback sweep. Definitely the closest battle I've ever had, since my Lucario was the last one standing with less than 50% HP remaining.

    I wish I'd played this match on DS now for the replay, but unfortunately this is a battle that will forever remain lost in the rifts of time.
  10. Really? My Dragonite and Rayquaza defeated Lance in about 2 minuets flat. It was just all BOOM! Outrage. BOOM! Hyper Beam. BOOM! Outrage. And his team fainted, *Snaps* just like that.
  11. Mine was the final battle against Cameron (my rival) in LeafGreen.


    He sent out Pidgeot and I, luckily, started with Raichu. I OHKO'ed Pidgeot with a nice, accurate, Thunder. Nice. Before he sent out Rhydon, I changed to Victreebel. He did a lot of damage with Take Down, and I used two Razor Leaves and Rhydon was down. He sent in Gyarados, I switched to Raichu. Thunder missed twice, which was what he needed to have to faint me with 2 Hydro Pumps. I sent out Pidgeot, but Gyarados defeated that too with Hydro Pump and 2 Bites. Victreebel finally managed to kill it with Solarbeam, though Victreebel was defeated by a Psychic from Alakazam (I forgot about the Poison Type :-[) Magmar was instantly killed by a Critical Psychic. Hitmonchan was of no use whatsoever. blastoise finally killed it with Hydro Cannon. Venasaur was out with 2 Ice Beams. Arcanine was sent out . ExtremeSpeed left me with 3HP. Luckily for me, Hydro Pump hit and it was a OHKO and a win for me. This was the first time I have become the Champion, ever.
  12. I was battling a friend of mine, on my Pearl file back in... I don't know.... it has to be 2007, and I had only two Pokemon left, Magmortar and Roserade, this guy had Gyarados and Meganium out, and I knew I was pretty much done for, until I remembered my Magmortar had Sunny Day.

    I used Sunny Day, and then got my Roserade to SolarBeam the Gyarados. Pwned.

    Then, I waited a turn, only barely survived, and used Overheat on Meganium, which increased its power due to Sunny Day.

    He got SOOO p'd at me.
  13. I waz on platinum against volkner with my uber cool steel team: Steelix lvl 48
    Bronzong lvl 50
    Empoleon lvl 49
    Bastiodon lvl 50
    Skarmory lvl 48
    Magnezone lvl 49
    And he sent out raichu.. piece of cake for my steelix one earthquake, job done. Luxray, bit harder. came up with the idea for my skarmory to use spikes. we were faster it worked, But one thunder fang, g'd bye skarmory. bastiodon took it down with it's skull bash! Jolteon, curse the little thing knocked out empoleon and bastiodon and steelix, i hate critical hits! >:( Bronzong knocked it out. electivire killed my bronzong :'( magnezone left we did it with magnet bomb, mirror shot, light screen and charge beam. ;D yay
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  14. My most epic battle was against Steven in Sapphire. Kyorgre won it for me with Waterfall on Aggron!


    Swampert lvl 56

    Kyogre lvl 49

    Lombre lvl 51

    Linoone lvl 53

    Pichu lvl 54
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  15. I was battling Cerulean Gym Leader Misty and I used my lvl 20 Lapras against her lvl 54 Starmie. It was a really close battle, I managed to weaken Starmie twice before Misty switched Starmie for Quagsire, but in the end my Lapras lost against Starmie (when Starmie was using struggle)...
  16. my epic battle would have to be aganst mysterial in pokemon battle revolution. he has a team full of legendarys but so did i
    he had
    and lugia

    i have a team of legends to like (plz don't copy my team you action replay users i worked hard for this team with out AR)
    Arcius (SoulSilver)
    Kyoger (DinoMite)
    Dyoxis (PsycoPath)
    Regigigas (PowerHouse)
    Darkrai (Dark Ace)
    and Palkia (RipJaw)
    but with my awsome team i won the match. and you PBR users you should know how hard Mysterial is if you ever faced him.
    i don't want to put how the battle went because you will know my stratigy and spoil the suprize if you ever battle me on pokemon battle revolution i'm not challenging anyone i'm just telling you i don't want to tell you anything.
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  17. My lvl 19 Larvitar beat a lvl 40 voltorb.

    I lowered Voltorb's defenses to the minimum and then used rockslide twice...
  18. My ost epic battle was with my brother. I had a breloom, ninjask and a bronzong, he had an umbreon, vaporeon and blissey. My breloom took out his blissey with one sky uppercut, but umbreon was hard to beat, too, but we finally knocked it out after a while. after ninjask and bronzong were done, it was only breloom versus vaporeon. i was certain i had it in the bag with only one more seed bomb needed to win. but i used counter knowing i was slower. Vaporeon used Surf. those 3 words were some i'd never knew i would fear, but it almost knocked out my breloom! with 14 HP left, counter failed...we were 2 HP away from winning, but were crushed.
  19. I don't remember how old I was, but it was my first run of Pokémon Gold.

    I met Morty and after a few losses, I understood that Croconaws Bite was really devestating against him. So the battle commenced and Croconaw managed to beat all Morty's pokémon except his last, Haunter. My pokémon died one after another until I only had a little worthless level 12 (or 14) Oddish left. Haunter had like 3 HP left but was waaaaaay faster tha Oddish. His Haunter started, and MISSED! So Oddish wiped his a** of with a nice Absorb.
  20. Me vs. My cousin James

    This right here , is one of the most epic battles I have ever fought in my whole Pokemon career .
    So keep your socks on you feet and you eyes opened , because this is worth it . XD

    It was on a warm summer day and I was at my Cousin's house for a week on summer vacation .
    My cousin simply challenged me to a Pokemon battle and I accepted .
    He had Diamond , I had Pearl .
    We decided to battle with only 2 Pokemon on each team to make it more challenging .
    I had my faithful Staraptor and my brilliant Froslass on my side ,
    While he had an Infernape and Blastoise .

    It started with me winning , then something happened .
    Blastoise used Solarbeam on my Froslass !
    Fortunately , Froslass was still on yellow hp .
    Unfortunately , items were disabled .
    Ofcourse , I wasn't there for long as Blastoise pulled another one on me .

    I then brought out Staraptor and powned that Blastoise down to the ground with Brave Bird .
    Infernape was tardy to the party , but when he came , that was when the REAL battle came up .
    Hi Jump Kick hit me pretty bad , and I tried to use Aerial Ace but it missed . Darn .
    Bad . This is bad , I started to think .
    Then I used another Brave Bird , but it took a majority of my remaining hp left .
    I was on red , and Infernape finally was too .
    It was now a battle of elimination .
    A battle of luck .
    Due to all the stat-raising medicines I gave to Staraptor ,
    Its speed started to kick in and Aerial Ace was a success !

    It all came out to me winning and James losing .
    It was one of the greatest battles of all time , I think .
    And if you don't think the same , then you need to get your mind straight .
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  21. So.... my Most Epic Battle? Well piece of cake.Mine was at Mt.Silver against Red(Ash) My title was.....

    Brandon V.S. Red!!!!!!

    Pikachu vs lugia lugia does a one hit KO Lapras lugia does a 2 hit KO lugia was my main thing he was lvl 100 and won and killed them all that is now why I am known as champion Brandon. ;D
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  22. Hey I had a ninjask too! cool!
  23. yeah...i remember now...my battle agains steven...i use groundon to kill half of his team(groudon was my strongest one in ruby)rest of his team sweep all of my team but groudon,so i sent out him,trying to kill them with FISSURE (WTF!) then i lost all of my pp and i can only use struggle(urg)
    last one he sent out is claydol! i use struggle again it lose 3/4 hp,then he restore his claydol,i can only hope on my last struggle,and it result of critical hit claydol and groundon die,I WIN ,steven lead me to the hall of fame (he he) save my game and let the credit roll!WOO!
  24. Most epic battles..that's a tough question.My top 3 would be:
    Battle 1:(Black)Vs Team Plasma N:It started out with Reshiram V Zekrom.I switched out to Druddigon,then proceded to PWN EVERYTHING ELSE WITH EXTREME PREDJUDICE...until he sent out Archeops.Then the stone edge spamming began....After three attempts and a lot of failed mental strategies,I won! But there was no time fo victory because this battle was swiftly followed by...
    Battle 2:(Black)Vs Ghetsis:Despite the battle theme getting a lot of hate for the DEEEEENNISS... parts,I like the battle theme.The battle was a tough one,with me having to resort to spamming brick break and crunch.after a long battle,Victory was mine!(And a day later,Zoroark,Swampert,Blaziken and all my Ubers,courtesy of the poke transfer lab!)
    Battle 3(SS)Vs Arcade Star Dahila:Dusknoir was first out,and I switched from crobat to regigigas.Dusknoir held up strong against Continuous stone edges with all of it's will-o-wisps miraculously missing me!Next up was medicham and after two focus blasts to the face regigigas went down.It was time for gliscor to make me proud,and he made good on that statement.Medicham bit the dust,and I was faced with ludicolo.It KO'D crobat with a surf, and I sent out my ace,crobat.Two cross poisons later I had got my silver print and a ton of BP too!
  25. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My epic battle was vs gym leader Skyla in Poke'mon white.
    I was on her last pokemon Swanna and i was using my Escavalier.
    I used Fury attack with her Swanna in the red health zone but not without her Swanna leaving my Escavalier with one HP so then it's starts using its attack ,I was sitting there hoping that it would hit 5 times and beat her. And it did.
  26. Yesterday, I had a battle against one of the kids at the daycare center I work at. It was pretty exciting. Here's a turn-by turn playout from the VS Recorder:

    My Pokemon: Haxorus, Samurott, Bisharp, Gardevoir, Gallade, and Infernape
    Opponent's Pokemon: Volcarona, Charizard, Feraligatr, Emboar, Giratina, and Kyurem

    TURN 1:
    Opponent sends out Volcarona
    I send out Haxorus (few weaknesses, decent moveset, good speed and attack power. My vanguard of choice)

    TURN 2:
    Volcarona used Heat Wave (inflicts fair damage and Haxorus gets burned)
    Haxorus used Outrage (cuts Volcarona's health down to almost half)
    Haxorus gets hurt by burn

    TURN 3:
    Volcarona used Hurricane (misses)
    Haxorus used Outrage (Volcarona's health gets cut down to a sliver)
    Haxorus gets hurt by burn

    TURN 4:
    Volcarona used Hurricane
    Haxorus faints
    I send out Infernape

    TURN 5:
    Infernape used Flamethrower
    Volcarona faints
    Opponent sends out Feraligatr

    TURN 6:
    Infernape used Close Combat (reduces Feraligatr's health down by half into the yellow zone. I considered switching Infernape out, but I had nothing that was strong against a potentially powerful water-type attack, so I decided to take my chances)
    Feraligatr used Aqua Tail
    Infernape faints
    I send out Gardevoir

    TURN 7:
    Opponent withdraws Feraligatr and sends out Charizard
    Gardevoir used Thunderbolt
    Charizard faints
    Opponent sends out Giratina

    TURN 8:
    Gardevoir used Shadow Ball (Critical hit. reduces Giratina's HP down to a sliver)
    Giratina used Dragon Claw (not what I would have done, but whatever. Inflicts fair damage)

    TURN 9:
    Gardevoir used Shadow Ball
    Giratina faints
    Opponent sends out Kyurem

    TURN 10:
    Kyurem used Glaciate (inflicts fair damage, almost getting Gardevoir into the red zone. Gardevoir's speed is reduced)
    Gardevoir used Psychic (reduces Kyurem's HP into yellow zone)

    TURN 11:
    Kyuren used Dragon Pulse
    Gardevoir faints
    I send out Gallade

    TURN 12:
    Kyurem used Glaciate (inflicts minor damage. Gallade's speed reduces)
    Gallade used Close Combat
    Kyurem faints
    Opponent sends out Feraligatr again

    TURN 13:
    Feraligatr used Ice Fang (reduces Gallade's HP into the lower yellow zone)
    Gallade flinches. Steadfast increases speed.

    TURN 14:
    Gallade used Psycho Cut (Feraligatr's HP reduces to red zone. Mistake on my part. Should have used Close Combat)
    Feraligatr used Superpower
    Gallade faints
    I send out Samurott

    TURN 15:
    Feraligatr used Ice Fang (barely does any damage)
    Samurott used X-Scissor
    Feraligatr faints
    Opponent sends out Emboar

    TURN 16:
    Emboar used Head Smash (critical hit)
    Samurott faints
    Emboar takes sizable recoil damage
    I send out Bisharp (yeah, I could be in trouble here...)

    TURN 17:
    Emboar used Flare Blitz
    Bisharp faints
    Emboar takes sizable recoil damage, reducing its HP into yellow zone

    I lose, 1 to 0.
    Still, it was a very close match, and it was a blast.
  27. my most epic battle is battling red at pokemon gold I was just 6 when i played that game so Im weak my pokemons are typhlosion lv. 79 sunflora lv.60 pichu lv. 70 politoed lv. 69 sudowoodo lv.67 aipom lv.70.I always lost.I lost 20 times I always cry but my cousin beat red in an instant! He just used attacks me well ialways use lowering he is just 7 and beated red?

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