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Your Least Memorable Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Toastie, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. I believe this was a topic in the old 'Charms so I'm bringing it back |D

    So, which Pokemon do you never remember? For me, it changes, as when I remember a Pokemon that I don't usually remember, they suddenly become infamous for not being memorable.

    Even though I love most of their designs, a few gen III Pokemon suffer the 'unmemorable' syndrome, like Huntail. Tyrogue is another one I used to forget a lot.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Lumineon wins this award for me hands-down. It's another generic fish in a type group (Water) that is already huge as it is, and when you also suck ass in battle it all amounts to one extremely forgettable Pokemon.

    Delibird gets a mention here as well, although the Present move combined with the comical appearance give it some points at least.
  3. Honestly, I usually forget about 1 of my team members, but the one Pokemon I usually forget about is, Seel and Dewgong. Honestly, those two should be one of the many I remember, but I just can't picture one on anyof my teams.
  4. that pokemon with arms and legs and uh... you know the one with a face. actually I think it looked more like a ball some kind of ball. probably had wings.
  5. My least memorable is Exploud. He is pretty cool, but I ALWAYS forget about him! Another one is Mankey.
  6. Basically the entirety of Generation 3.

    Seriously, that generation was just so forgettable.

    Except Castform. And Wynaut. Those are the only G3 'mons I care about.
  7. Well, there's always a member on my own team that I never remember, but that's not the subject of this post.

    I suppose there is one Pokemon in every generation besides IV...

    Gen I: Venonat. When I went back and played my old games again, I forgot there was a Pokemon even named Venonat. I just thought that Venomoth was it's own basic evolution. Then I remembered Venonat.

    Gen II: I guess Gen II was the most memorable gen, but STANTLER...Wow, it doesn't even SOUND like a Pokemon. I can never remember that Stantler exists.

    Gen III: Grumpig. 'Nuff said.
  8. Yeah-!!
    Him-!! *waves hand frantically*
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    For me, it's Sunkern. No contest.

    I actually couldn't even remember its name right away and I've been actively playing HG recently! That thing just doesn't stand out to me, at all. Even Sunflora has various reasons to be remembered, if only for its horrid dub voice in the PMD Anime. XD

    Otherwise... Water-types. So many of them are forgettable simply because we have too many. The majority of them aren't even that bad, there's just so many other Water-types that do the same thing, do it better, or have better designs. =/
  10. For me, it has to be Qwilfish and with Dunsparse running a close second. Those two are just so...blah for me--design wise, stat wise, species characteristic wise. You don't really encounter them during normal gameplay save for the couple of trainers who may have them. I routinely forget about these two.
  11. Mine is Shelgon. I spent about three minutes the other day sitting with my friends trying to remember its name... It is honestly just a weird ball that nobody takes any recognition of.

    There's also Fineon and Lumineon who I only think I've ever encountered in-game once or twice. Luvdisk was kkind of unrecognised a while ago, but ever since the whole Mumanbo incident, everyone's suddenly more aware of it.
  12. My Least Memorable Pokemon are....
    • Dunsparce
    • Qwilfish
    • Shuckle
    • Smoochum
  13. for me are lapras and ditto i have a lapras in my team but ialways foroget it

  14. Meh...Metapod.
    Oh, and to go with that, Kakuna. It's hard to remember pokemon that only know non-offensive moves when caught in the wild X<
  15. Quagsire. I don't exactly use them for HP EV training; if I do HP EV' training at all.

    Tauros. Or whatever it's spelled. I just thought the Pokemon designers lost originality there.

    Dunsparce. I always forgot it exists.

    Hoothoot. When I was a kid, I mistook it for Ho-oh.
  16. Its definately a tie between tyrogue and manaphy... I completely forget about them... Constantly...
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  17. I always forget about Lumineon. Like, always. Sometimes I even forget that it's a PokeMon. |D Or sometimes when I hear "Lumineon" my mind goes all "amg what's Lumineon D:"
  18. I always seem to forget about Plusle and Minun. Oh, and Farfetch'd too.
  19. Lumineon. Simply it has a boring design and I have NEVER EVER played with it.

    Also, Girafarig, Qwilfish, Dodou, Mantyke, Elekid and Corsola. Sometimes Delibird, even if the Present move is freaking awsome.
  20. This is a tie for me between Dunsparce, Farfetch'd, and the metric fuck-ton of generic fish that are crowding up the Pokedex at this time, like Goldeen or Finneon.
    #21 Blarg, Nov 25, 2010
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  21. Goldeen and Chingling are two. Hoppip tends to be forgotten as well, even though it's an awesome Pokemon. Finneon, Relicanth, Clamperl, Grumpig... The list goes on and on. Also the evolutions of these Pokemon count as well.
  22. Hmh. I mostly forgett about Gen 2. Qwilfish for one >:( there always seems to be one from evey gen. But I cant remenber them ;D :p
    #23 NiteFox, Nov 26, 2010
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  23. I always find myself forgetting Dunsparce, because it's just so odd looking. The colors just seem so... un-pokémonish.
  24. I forgot Dunsparce for many years actually! When I ran into one in HG/SS I was like "OMG! A bloody alien has invaded the friggin pokemon world halp meeeee!" and then I jumped on the bed screaming "I found a gen V pokemon I could trade it for so many Arceuses!" and then my girlfriend told me it was from gen II and I spent two days crying!
  25. Far'fetched, Wigglytuff and Surskit. Charmander too.
  26. Qwilfish, surskit, masqurien, clamperl, spoink....
    Surprisingly not dunsparce but its b/c its so unnatural i remember it and i luv it b/c of tht
  27. Hoppip. Hands down.
    Amazingly enough, I always forget about Pikachu.
  28. Yup exactly.

    I guess I would say all the pokemon that haven't came out yet/just came out. I seem to remember all the pokemon.
  29. Ironically, I completely forgot about Snubbull xD I saw it in Crystal last night and I was like "Oh yeah, Snubbull..."
  30. I think it looked something like this
  31. Horsea. In fact, all of Horsea's evolutions.
  32. The entire Gen 2 except Skarmory.
  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Whats that plant Pokemon that looks like a Peashooter for Plants vs Zombies ,I think it was Bellspout ,i'm not too sure though.
  34. Dunsparce. Seriously, I was playing SoulSilver and I battled a Hiker who had one. When I saw it I was "the hell is that? D:" and looked it up on Pokemon.com's pokedex thing and realized it wasn't a new Pokemon. It looks weird too. :/
  35. Usually all of the Kanto Pokemon .... Except for Pikachu and Bulbasaur xD

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