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Your Ideal Team

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Rai, May 12, 2009.

  1. Rai


    So, what's your ideal team for Pokemon, either in game or if you were in the Pokemon world itself?
    (I'm not sure if there was a topic like this already, sorry if there is, but I saw nothing of the sort like this on the first page so...)

    For me, I'd have to say that this would be my ideal team at lowest stage:

    Eevee-Just really cute and one of my favorite Pokemon
    Wooper-Second favorite, Water+Ground FTW
    Chimcar/Torchic-Both are cute and evolve into Fire+Fighting types
    Tropius/Hoppip-Both goodlooking and Grass+Flying
    Lapras-Beautiful and a Ice+Water type, I could get around with him/her.
    Abra-When evolved fast moving and strong Psychic type.

    Of course when they evolve it'd be Umberon, Quagsire, Infernape/Blaziken, Tropius/Jumpluff, Lapras, and Alakazam.
    Making my types the following: Dark, Water, Ground, Fire, Fight, Grass, Flying, Ice, Water, and Psychic. C:
    (I like having a lot of types in one team, I can then overcome something a single type couldn't, though it has risks.)
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Pretty sure this topic hasn't been made in ages, so it's all good ^^

    I usually call my ideal team my "dream team", and I certainly do have one. It's a team that's basically been on my mind since 2nd gen and has slowly developed over the years to include extra members. There's a reason for every choice beyond simply "my favourites" (because lord knows I have tons of favourite Pokemon), and I did try to model it after a proper team with type coverage. Things got a bit sketchy once gen 4 was released, though...

    Bulbasaur: For some reason, I can't picture this team without viewing Bulbasaur as my starter. Maybe it's because it's the first Pokemon I ever had in-game (that's always stayed with me), but it was also my main character's starter in my first ever lengthy fanfic. When I think about which of the current 16 existing starters best suits myself, it's always Bulbasaur by a mile. It's just one real special Pokemon for me.

    Raichu: I think for anyone who knows me this one's a no brainer, but in my mind it goes deeper than that. Raichu is both my favourite Pokemon and one of the Pokemon I could truly see myself training. It's a rodent, it's fast, it's spunky, and it's adorable. Being a bipedal Pokemon of its height, it would be easy traveling around with one, and there'd be lots of different ways to battle. However, I wouldn't mind starting out with a Pichu and working up to Raichu. More bonding time that way ^^

    Charizard: While Bulbasaur is the first stage starter I always view myself with, Charizard is the final stage starter who's been a stable member of my dream team since the start. A bit of it is Anime influence, but the rest is just the creature's pure awesomeness. It's a fire dragon, it's rather large, and it can fly. I crave that in a Pokemon team. The fiery personality of a Charizard is also something I see fitting with a part of myself, and I'd certainly be up for the challenge of raising one.

    Snorlax: I first bred and raised a Snorlax in gen 2, and the thing has been a stable member of my team ever since. I love that Pokemon for everything it is. Huge in size, powerful, able to learn a wide variety of attacks, laid back, and cuddly. Sometimes you just gotta sit back and relax, and no Pokemon does it better than a Snorlax. I can easily picture myself resting against one, or when it's actually awake - riding on its shoulder. Food would be a problem, but that'd just make things more fun. We'd have epic pizza battles.

    Vaporeon: This is probably the strangest member of my team. There are lots of Water-type Pokemon, but I've always been drawn to the ones able to walk on land. In first gen, we had very few that fell into that category but still a fair amount... and my mind always turned to Vaporeon. Its power and grace; the ability to run on all fours freely and live on land just as easily as in the water; the fact that it's a canine-ish creature (I see it as a fox-thing moreso than a cat). All of those reasons and more are why Vaporeon has always been my Water-type of choice for that team. It was also the first Water-type I ever trained, and that's probably stuck with me a bit just as the Bulbasaur thing has.

    Steelix: From Onix to Steelix, I can see myself with this Pokemon solely for its typing and its size. I adore huge creatures, whether they be historic (dinosaurs w00t) or make-believe. I'm just drawn to the things. Onix was and still is one of the largest Pokemon around, and it's part Ground-type - a type I used to obsess over in gen 1 & 2. I could see one being the hardest Pokemon to tame initially, but they strike me as very proud, respectful and loyal creatures. I often imagine riding on the head of one and staring off into the distance... it'd be so awesome. As for Steelix, it'd only be natural that I'd one day evolve the Onix (if it wanted to XD).

    Heracross: My bug-type of choice! As awesome as Scyther is, Heracross is it for my ideal team… Probably because it shares two of my favourite types these days (Bug/Fighting. One of the best combos for me ever). There's also the fact that it's a beetle, and I freakin' love beetles in general. I could see my Heracross being a powerful physical attacker, while my next Fighting-type (and final team member) would focus more on Special based attacks…

    Lucario: Oh yes. Fangirl moment here, but for me it also fits very well. Lucario is part fighting-type (again, one of my top favourite types nowadays) and is also an aura user… For that reason, I could see one being the deepest Pokemon I'd ever train. To properly sync with a Lucario, you'd probably have to attempt to tap into the aura yourself - or at the very least learn to understand it. Growing alongside a Riolu or Lucario would be a very fulfilling experience I'd think, and one I'd love to share. It'd also be really fun to spar with one ^^

    Lolz novel post. But there you have it.

    There are a number of Pokemon that could easily be on my ideal team but aren't due to others beating ‘em out type-wise: Arcanine, Zangoose, Flygon, Pidgeot, Torterra. All of them are special to me for various reasons, and I could easily see myself training them. Maybe as a second team? If so, my Water-type would probably be a Buizel, Squirtle, or Lapras.
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  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    The team I'm still training in Platinum is my ideal team - the one I'd most definitely have if I lived in the Pokemon world. It's made up of my absolute favourites, but like Linkachu, I also have other reasonings behind them.

    If I were a Pokemon trainer, I'd certainly have come from Hoenn, just because half my team are Hoenn Pokemon.

    Manectric (Thunderdog)
    What can I say? I just love this little guy. He's been my favourite since I first played Ruby and before I even knew what he was called. I just love the idea of having a loyal guard-dog type companion with me. As Linkachu said with Raichu, traveling with Manectric would be easy, as it'd just be like walking with a pet dog - something I've done a lot of XD

    Sceptile (Creed)
    There are a lot of Starters that I like, such as Charizard and Swampert, but something just feels right about Sceptile. I'd previously always started with the Fire-type starter, so something must have caught my attention from the beginning. Both me and my boyfriend played through with Treecko, and while he hated it with a passion, I just kept getting more and more attached. I just love his design and his overall dino-ish appearance. He also completely fits my style of battling - hit hard and hit fast.

    Flygon (Sonoran)
    Love this guy's typing and ability. Love his design. Just love him really. He's just one of those pokemon that suited me completely when I played through Ruby and got adopted into my favourites. I've always loved the idea of hopping on a Pokemon's back and flying everywhere. My Murkrow wouldn't be big enough, even if the game says it still can learn fly, so Flygon fits that ideal perfectly. He provides the physical element to my team.

    Floatzel (Lutra)
    I adore otters, and even if the dex entry says Sea Weasel Pokemon, we all know she's an otter. And she kicks butt. I've never been a big fan of water-types. To mind I've only ever liked Mudkip's line and Vaporeon enough to have on my team. I like the fact that unlike many water-types, Floatzel is perfectly able on land as well as in water. She's a speedy bugger, unlike many waters, so again she fits my pattern perfectly. I think I'd really enjoy training her, just because I always picture mine as fun-loving and playful.

    Murkrow (Corvus)
    I adore the Crow family, and Murkrow just fits the bill. While in game I have a Honchkrow, for the obvious stat boost, if I was a trainer I'd never evolve him. I love the idea that I could walk around with Murky sat on my shoulder, it'd be so awesome. He could also scout around and stuff like that. I like the Dark/Flying typing too.

    Miltank (Tundra)
    Loved her since Johto and my first play through Silver. I really can't remember why I took a liking to her, but I did. I hadn't really trained one since the original, but felt drawn to her again for Platinum and realised just how much I do love her. She provides much needed defense to my team, as well as having great clerical abilities. I can totally see her as the 'mother' figure in my team.

    So that's my team. If I was a trainer, I'd grow up with an Electrike as my first Pokemon - given to to me by my dad or something like that. Then I'd choose Treecko as my 'official' starter when I begin my journey. Trapinch would be met along he way, with a couple of trips to other places resulting with Buizel, Murkrow and Miltank joining the team ^^

    I'd consider training Larvitar, Dunsparce, Tauros and Natu. I'd also have a Skitty and Munchlax, but not for battling purposes.
  4. Hmm... lets see.

    Loved it since I found one in Meteor Falls, it just clicks with me. Thats it really :p

    Loved it since I found one outside Meteor Falls :p Again, just clicks with me. I like the whole rivalry idea that goes down the genes... science lover showing through here.

    I love the idea of being able to rearrange your cellular structure into something else in sight... and being able to use someone's abilities against them! It fits well with my love for strategy and my ever so slight bit of evil that you may see with my intense use of sarcasm without warning or thought for the other person :p

    Corphish and Krabby
    Always adored these little crablets, never understood why. I suppose I like the idea of walking sideways and nipping people's ankles :p

    I think thats about it... I do have a soft spot for Sandslash, Sudowoodo and Shuppet as well, along with most Grass types and the traditional Steel types (not this naff Bronzong, Magnezone and Probopass business, talking Aggron, Scizor and Magneton style).
  5. I would go with the following:

    Blaziken: My favorutie Pokemon for sure, but also hard as nails with some savage moves (Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Overheat all kick ass).

    Swellow: A flying type is necessary in any team any I think Swellowis just the coolest of the bunch.

    Dragonite/Salamence: Dragons rock!!! Dragons are the toughest Pokemon there are and these two are the cream of the crop.

    Grovyle/Tropius: Grass Pokemon come in handy more often than not and these two are my favourites. Great attacks all around, would probably take Grovyle over Tropius because he knows Leaf Blade and can be taught Frenzy Plant.

    Pikachu/Raichu: An electric Pokemon is always great to have on a team and Pikachu/Raichu is a team player. Great Pokemon to raise and train and is really strong as well as cool. Add the possibility of getting Volt Tackle and there you go.

    Last spot is tricky. Dragonite/Salamence can learn and be effective with Water type attacks so an actual water Pokemon is not necessary. The last spot would be a tie between Scyther, Lucario, Suicune, Gyarados, Alakazam, Golduck.

    If Blaziken was for some reason not available, I'd replace with Charizard or Magmar.
  6. Would be kinda difficult to get Suicine, there is only one of them and you aren't the only one in the world if we're talking real life here :-\
  7. Hrmm... I think I would be with Magpie on this and more than likely come from Hoenn as it definitely contained the vast majority of my favorite Pokemon.

    Swampert: Yes, all silly internet memes aside, I absolutely adore Mudkips and their entire line and it is my favorite starter of all time. Considering they are very hardy and strong, this would be the core of my team. I have always been partial to water types, and the water starters to be specific, but only really the amphibious ones. The fact that they only have one true weakness means I would have to work on a decent defensive strategy vs Grass attacks, but nothing I think I couldn't handle. And the fact that they are large enough to truely ride through the water on makes it even better. ^_^

    Gardevoir: Another that I have absolutely loved from the beginning. Ralts and the entire line is so graceful and awesome. The only caveat being that it would have to be a girl as I can only really see them being female. XD That and the fact I would also want a Gallade at some point too so I would probably try and get a male to take a Dawn stone at some point to evolve it the way I wanted. Anyways, I was never really huge on psychic types till this one came along, and the 'Dex descriptor was just awesome. Totally loyal and goes about being in tune with your emotions. I imagine it being the one I bring out when I need to sort myself out or just be comforted. That and they can pack a serious wallop out on the field.

    Ampharos: This pokemon has endeared itself to me in a way I didn't think could happen. I didn't really care about any of the other electric types that were out there by the time Gen II came around. I was only relatively impartial to Mareep and Flaaffy (although I did laugh at the slightly poodle-esque cut of the wool on Flaaffy), but when it evolved into Ampharos I just couldn't help but want to squeeze it in a hug! The fact that it had a story piece in the actual games/anime only made me love it a bit more!

    Aggron: I never thought I would really care for a Rock type till I met my first Aron. The sturdy little dude that ate iron ore for breakfast and would grow up to eat railroad tracks if I let him. XD Just found it funny and I kept it and trained it and loved it. After writing one into my fic, I came to love it even more. Haven't looked back since.

    Salamence: I always had to have a dragon type on my team and I always seemed to lean towards the ferocious monstrous looking pokemon, so this one was pretty much a shoe in. That and it would be my flier. ^^ Also Hunter J from the anime totally made me want to look all badass flying around on one too. XD

    Exploud: This one I loved because of the entire idea of building a pokemon around sound. I thought the design was pretty neat and Exploud looked soo ferocious I just had to have one.

    As backups I would probably train a Gallade, Empoleon, Torterra, Abomasnow, Blaziken, Blastoise, Tyranitar, and Charizard just to fill out some types and have some more options from my long list of liked pokemon. Although I have been leaning towards a Misdreavus/Mismagius, something from the Porygon line, and even an Armaldo somewhere in there due to some peoples very good fics and the experiences I had writing my own. :3
  8. I've always known that my Pokemon in real life would probably not be my absolute favorites 'cause they'd be so different in real life than they would in the games and anime. Nevertheless I'd still have...

    Spinda He's my absolute favorite Pokemon, and I'd love one in real life as much as I love them in game. I'd like to live in Fallarbor when I was younger so I could be surrounded by them and get to choose from a bunch of different Spindas for one to travel outside my hometown with me. :D We'd go on all sorts of adventures and find more friends to play with.

    Smeargle Smeargles are just awesome all around. One of the main things that draws me into liking Spinda is that they're all different, and the same goes for Smeargles (even if it's not shown in game). I dunno what sorts of colors their paint comes in, shades and all, but hopefully I'd come upon one with a nice color and we could be friends. We'd do art together, he could paint the inside of my secret base and he could give me inspiration when I'm out of ideas.

    Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume I'd catch them as an Oddish and we'd eventually become really close. I'd teach my Oddish a bunch of cool moves, because I always picture Vileplume knowing lots of different moves in real life. I love all of Oddish's stages, so I wouldn't ever regret evolving them, or wish that they'd evolve already. Vileplumes are sweet :U

    Porygon-Z Not only do they look cool, but they could help me all out with anything technical. Since the Pokemon world has lots of cool electronic stuff, Porygon-Z and I could mess all around with things and maybe we could loot shit out of vending machines when nobody's around... I chose it also 'cause it has the second highest Special Attack of any Pokemon, so maybe he could levitate me with Psychic powers and fly me all around. Tri Attack = coolest move ever, and it can learn it.

    Togetic The happiness Pokemon. Any time I lost a battle, was mad about something, or just sad for any reason, I could release my Togetic and she'd cheer me up :3 Metronome would be awesome for when battles get boring, I love how you can never predict what it'll do. Plus, I just love Togetics. I dunno whether or not I'd evolve her. Depends on how much Togekiss resembles an owl in real life.

    Tropius I love that they're giant dinosaurs, but they also have the fruit attached to their neck which makes them look so innocent and sweet. I'd need a Pokemon to fly me around since walking all the time would get to be a pain in the ass. But Tropius wouldn't just be my plane, they'd also be my good friend and 'powerhouse' since they're so huge.

    I dunno how I'd feel about just ditching a Pokemon in my PC so I might not have more than 6. Maybe even less than 6 so they wouldn't be kept in PokeBalls all day. But yeah, these are ones I love to have in real life. :)
  9. Being a fan of Johto and it's pokemon I'd definately have to go with this team:

    Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr: The first starter I ever chose in the Gold version, it is without a doubt the most coolest starter I have seen next to the chimchar family. I also love totodile's silly personality and it's evolution family is pretty awesome especially it's final stage.

    Zubat/Golbat/Crobat: One of my top favorite animals is bats, they're so unique and I love the wings! In every game I've always caught a zubat and raised it all the way up to a Crobat, it looks cool with it's 4 wings and lightning speed..very cool indeed ;D

    Arcanine: Alright perhaps not all my pokemon are johto..(but you can find growlithe in gold!) but what can I say? I'm a dog lover, arcanine is always in my dream team with no exceptions becuase he's the original poke-pup!

    Walrein: ..okay so I lied perhaps they're not all johto at all but c'mon..a walrus pokemon! I can't say no to a walrus, it's my favorite arctic animal..and plus this thing is a complete tank..taking it down is quite difficult if you got it equipped with the right moves.

    Gligar/Gliscor: technically a johto pokemon, either one I'd want in my team..similar to the reason I have Crobat is because it's similar to a bat..and also a gargoyle and scorpion (more of my favorite creatures put into one!). It's also a little mischievous too, Gligar is hilarious with it's tongue hanging out and it's shifty eyes. Gliscor is just as cool with it's large bat like wings and evil fanged smile..I just simply can't resist having it aboard my team.

    Aipom/Ambipom: My friends always did say I've got the attitude of a monkey so I thought..why not..let's put a ape on my team..and aipom and it's evolution were the coolest monkey pokemon i've seen..it's also cool because of it's unique little tail plus I love how it can learn so many status inducing and annoying moves..everyone gets so ticked when they see that little purple monkey out and ready to battle!

    I also have more favorites such as smeargle, mantine, sandslash, slakoth, infernape and torterra but I would choose to use them in pokemon contests instead. If I was a trainer I sure would have my work cut out for me..but it'd be worth it because I'd have all my favorites..and that's my two cents.
  10. I can think of tons of pokemon that would be on my team, but since you can only have up to six I guess I'd have...

    Pidgeot: Mainly because since red/blue I've had one in every pokemon game I've owned, their sheer speed can make up for almost any short coming.

    Riolu: I've always pictured my self training one in real life, I'm 14 and I still imagine myself as being one, I trained one up to lvl: 100 on D/P, although Lucario is pretty Kick-Ass (excuse the language) I've always thought that although Lucario is cooler than a Riolu, Riolu would win hands down in a match.

    Glacion: I've always thought that training the cute pokemon would be the best idea, this one proves I was right. Glacion would be in my team for nothing else than it's feminine looks and just it's sheer awesomeness.

    Pacharisu: I tried to train one, I really did, but it just didn't work out, but still, in every pokemon party you always have to have at least one awesomley cute pokemon, although, I cant think of another reason besides that one...

    Gallade: I love Gallades, to me they have to be the best fighting type I have ever trained, and their appearance is just awe-inspiring, I like the fact that it knows psychic and fighting type moves, it gives Gallade an advantage over other fighting types!

    Dragonair: I'm sorry, I just had to put in dragonair, they are just the coolest pokemon ever! although they don't look physically tough, they are just, awesome. I've tried to train a Dragonair in every pokemon game I have, I've recently trained the one I have on D/P up to lvl:100
  11. My dream team would probably be..

    Growlithe/Arcanince (Growly): They are loyal, loving, caring, and fun! What more do I need to say?

    Ponyta/Rapidash (Dash): Have you ever seen one run in the anime? Did you see how much it trusted Ash in the end of "The Great Race" (or something like that)? It trusted him so much that it evolved.

    Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir (no nickname as of now): Have you seen them? They're graceful, elegant, and in my mind just like loyalty. And don't forget their Psychic powers.

    Ralts/Kirlia/Gallade (Charles): They are just like their Gardevoir counterparts, only skilled in phsyical instead and pictured as males instead of females. Together Gallade and Gardevoir make an unbeatable team. (I've never lost yet with them!)

    Gible/Gabite/Garchomp (no nickname as of now): Gallant, loyal, awesome, strong, tough, need I say more? I jsut love them!
  12. lets see the 3 sinnoh starters (i all ready have them)
    Articuno(you can get it in platinum but don't have it)
    Regigigas(meh just need to get arounf to geting the regis)

    i know it sucks i used my dig tm in sphfire so it is gona be hard getting regis
  13. If you mean you used it and then erased the move, I'm pretty sure you can get another one in the Lilycove Depatment store.
  14. This is essentially my Platinum team:

    Glaceon: My favourite Pokemon. I love Eevee and its evolutions, and Glaceon is by far my favourite.
    Roserade: I like Roselia better, but I like evolving my Pokemon all the way, so Roserade.
    Milotic: I keep telling myself I like Empoleon better, but, in reality, I like Empoleon's name better.
    Raichu: I hate Pichu and Pikachu, but I think Raichu's cute. I like Jolteon more, but I wouldn't want two Eeveelutions on my team.
    Houndoom: Finishes my usual grass-fire-water-electric Pokemon. I like Houndoom for its dual-type, though I probably like Ninetales a little better as a fire-type.
    Gardevoir: She's elegant and beautiful, I think.

    I admit I very much base my preferences on looks more than anything else. haha, and I love how 4/6 Pokemon aren't even really my favourites.
  15. My ideal pokemon team

    Thyplosion: My first ever pokemon also he looks so cool he is in all my teams .

    Swampert: My favriot water starter he has always been in a team of mine.

    Pickachu: Her speed and volt tackel rock.

    Spiritomb: Ghost pokemon rock.

    Pidgeot: My favriot bird pokemon.

    Aggron: My secound favriot hoenn pokemon.

    This is my current dream team in pokemon platnum still need Thyphlosion,Swampert,Aggron.
  16. *A lot of these are normal types*

    Arceus - As well as the most powerful pokemon, this is just one of my favourites as well. Gotta love the green eyes.
    Togekiss - As people who have seen my userbar will know, one of my fave pokemon. Awesome cry when fainting!
    Porygon-Z - The porygon evolutionary line is amazing. they are amazingly useful in battle too.
    Jirachi - People who saw my userbar will also know I like this pokemon as well. He is possibly my favourite pokemon and is Steel/Psychic. Dun-Dun-Dun!
    Blaziken - My first pokemon and my favourite starter overall.
    Vileplume - My fave Gen I pokemon. The best name ever!
  17. I've imagined myself in the Pokemon world quite a few times. Parenthetical citations usually will go (nickname) (gender). Two don't have genders, and one doesn't have a nickname. You figure those out. Here goes!

    -Blaziken ('Vadumee) (Male)
    ...What can I say, 'Vadumee's been with me in game since Hoenn. I'm a big fire type fan, and the fighting tag is a bonus. Honestly, if we're talking me being thrown into the Pokemon world, I would spar with my Blaziken. Like, I'd actually learn to fight, and that's how I'd train both myself and my Pokemon. In saying that, I think that 'Vadumee would be a relatively calm Blaziken. With training comes intense meditation, and I think it would be fun to sit in a field, across from a six foot tall fire chicken, and just focus in to the world around us.

    -Rotom (Ramiel)
    I love Rotoms. Oh, how I love Rotoms. My god, I would have such fun with a real Rotom. I'd let it possess any and all nearby appliances, and just freak the living hell out of people. Also, if I were traveling, I'd let it out of its Pokeball so that it could float around my head and make faces at passing travelers. It'd be the joker of the group, constantly poking at the other Pokemon, cheering them up if they lost a battle, etcetera.

    -Rampardos (Descartes) (Male)
    Because having a Pokemon that does nothing but bash his head into stuff named after one of the greater thinkers of history is ironically hilarious. He'd also act as a big brother to my other Rampardos.

    -Rampardos (Female)
    Yes, I would want two. No, I don't know why. Anyway, I actually do have a female Rampardos in Platinum, and I wasn't able to nickname her because I traded her over from Diamond. She's the baby of my team. A rather large and violent baby, but a baby nonetheless. I think, as she grew more powerful, I'd let her train against Descartes. I might also make her learn Flamethrower, because that's one hell of a surprise. I mean, c'mon. She's supposed to just smash her head into stuff, and then she shoots fire. Didn't see that coming, did you? (Unless you watched the D/P anime, in which case, you did).

    -Aerodactyl (Prometheus) (Male)
    Flying slave! Go! I'd hope for my Aerodactyl to be constantly in a bad mood. Not because he was ever abused, but just because he's pissed off. At everything. He'd never hurt anyone. He'd just look mean and angry. Except he might have a soft spot for Dry Poffins. He secretly wants to be pretty.

    -Porygon-Z (Anonymous)
    In any of my games, I've never evolved a Porygon, mainly because I've had nowhere to trade it to. Well, if I could, I'd get a Z. They're supposed to be quirky, and I love quirky things. I really hope that it randomly spazzes out at starts poking at random people. That'd make my day. Not to mention I'd probably go all hacker mode and get some awesome computer goggles.

    I think that's about it. Oh, how much fun it would be to travel the Sinnoh region with my band of misfits. :3
  18. i guess my team would be...

    frosslass(ghost,ice FTW!)
    shedinja/ninjask(ninja lol) and
    darkrai/deoxys(speed) (dark/pshycic)
    if no legedaries then
  19. Celadon

    Celadon Guest

    Glad that I saw this topic.

    Now, I really do not like overly strong pokemon. I would just like to keep cute, and likeable pokemon in my team. So, here is my ideal team:

    Eevee. Fills all the three categories, that is it is cute, sweet and likeable.

    Starmie. Just a pokemon that I like a lot.

    Pichu. Again, it fills all the three categories, that is, it is cute, sweet and likeable.

    Torchic. Cute, and also one of my favourite pokemon.

    Kecleon. One of my favourite pokemon.

    Jigglypuff It is both cute and sweet.

    So that would be my ideal team. ^^
  20. My ideal team would be a Monferno/Quilava, Croconaw, Grovyle/Bayleef, Darkrai cause he's AWSOME!, Pidgeotto, and lastly Luxio!
  21. sheesheesh

    sheesheesh Guest

    My ideal team:

    Feraligatr - This is the one that got me to Kanto from Johto. This is the one that got 16 gym badges. I'm choosing Totodile in Soul Silver.

    Houndoom - I really like to have a dark type on my side, and the fact that I'm a dog person is a bonus!

    Dragonite - I'd find battling my rival SO much easier if I had a Dragon on my side.

    Scizor/Forretress (spelling?) - Terrible against fire, but that's what Totodile's for. Good against Psychic, Ground, Dark, Grass and Rock. Thanks, Pokemon Gold!

    Xatu - This one just plain rules.


    I'd have several types on my team with these guys. Water, Dark, Fire, Dragon, Flying, Bug, Steel, Psychic, Ghost and Dark. That's a lot, don't ya think?
  22. Wretched, wretched choices... there are so very many pokemon I love to bits but until a team is "your favorite 50" I'll never be able to fit them all on there.

    Hrm... well, since game teams are focused more on "what is strongest/best at its job" I'll do a "what you would like to use if you were actually in the pokemon world."

    Pidgeot: my favorite "bird"-type ever since Red/Blue. Also quite possibly big enough to make Fly as realistic as it gets.

    Typhlosion: I'm quite fond of all three fire starters (Chimchar is an abomination I will never acknowledge) but the other two's off-types are represented elsewhere on the team, soooo. Not to say Typhlosion isn't spiffy, of course-- it has fire shooting out of it!

    Breloom: for reasons unknown to me, I find it hilariously adorable. Also one of the fairly few grass-types I honestly like.

    Ampharos: favorite electric type ever, since glass cannons have never been my style.

    Quagsire: my spiritual twin! Randomly bumping into things? Yeah, this lady right here. Wooper has long topped my "things which are incredibly adorable yet somewhat freaky" list, and while Quagsire is slightly less amazing, I still like it. Also combines the obligatory ground type and the obligatory water type into a single slot.

    Narrowly beating out everything else:
    Aggron: big ol' rock monster! Shrugs off poisons like a champ, then bulldozes everything in its way. What's not to love?
  23. Oh..my lord.. This is tough, since I change my dream team all of the time. But here goes..

    Raichu (Switch): This is the one Pokemon that never changes from my team. Raichu is my favorite Pokemon of all time, I never understood why Ash didn't force Pikachu to evolve. I would've ^_- Anyway, Raichu reminds me of my style, my music, and my attitude.

    Blastoise (Hitler): Another Pokemon that doesn't change from this spot in my team. I've always loved Blastoise the most out of any final starter evo. He is amazing
  24. My team:

    Ivysaur: He's kinda like my trademark Pokemon if you haven't guessed yet. ;D He's my first starter I ever bothered to learn to train.

    Lapras: The idea of using Lapras to surf the open seas just sounds awesome to me. Ever since I saw Ash ride one in the Orange Islands, I thought they were freakin' sweet!

    Arcanine: I loved Arcanine so much that when I caught a shiny Sandslash in leafgreen, my first shiny ever, I traded it immediatly for an Arcanine. They just seem so regal, plus, I could ride on him.

    Honchkrow: I really have no idea why I like him, he just seems like a cool bird. I sorta just fell in love. ::)

    Tropius: Tropius is big enough to ride on, and if I got stranded, I could eat the fruit on his neck. ;D

    Vaporeon: I could use Vaporeon in battles on land when I need a water pokemon, because I don't think Lapras would be very much help there. She's also cute, but deadly.....................................
  25. My ideal team:

    Because there so cute.

    Vending machines
  26. Well, I know i have teams from Blue Version and the new games, but I would prefer my Blue team the most.

    Blastoise:He's large, has 2 Cannons on his back, and can surely beat a lot of Pokemon(Even if its water)

    Pidgeot:First bird Pokemon I ever had evolved into final form. Its mane that came from its head to its back, beautiful. Ever since i saw a trainer ride one, I wanted to see what it was like.

    Graveller:He's rocky, large, and strong. Rock types are one of my favorite types. He can learn Fissure and Earthquake, and can break other rocks.(Sorry if these are dumb reasons. I can't really think of any good ones)

    Hypno:I find Hypno to be better than Alakazam, just saying in my opinion. Mine has a combination of Hypnosis and Dream Eater, which I use as its signature move.

    Victreebel:On Blue version, if you didn't have a grass type, I would prefer catching a Bellsprout. Tough pokemon with great grass type moves.

    Electrode:One of my favorite Electric Pokemon. Looks cool with its white and red. I always thought they they were really strong, maybe even better than Magnezone. (Maybe)

    Well, thats my team. My "real" team. All of them are from Blue version. If I had this team, I would be able to beat a lot of people with them. ;D

    P.S. Having Legendary pokemon on your team means you never tried. Raising and leveling up your Pokemon is what brings the fun into the game, not catching the Legendary birds or sea creatures.
  27. thats a nice team to prefer and they are cool.
  28. Thanks. ;D
  29. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah yeah, that's great and all and nice that you complimented BIGEE's team, but this message puts the P in SPAM - literally.

    The "P" stands for "Pointless" if you didn't already know.

    Warned for SPAM, read the rules.
  30. 1: Blaziken. Great stats, especially in speed, attack and defense. Goodlooking, too. Does great in coolness contests, and Mirror Move ROCKS. Gives him the ability to do even dragon and water or grass attacks. And his high attack boosts the mirrored move. Even Water PKMN are easily pwned by him.

    2. Gardevoir. Most human and one of the most beautifull PKMN.
    Works great in beauty contest. Not really good stats. But she can learn hypnosis and dream eater. Works great. Looks great with Blaziken in a double battle. They fill up eachother's weak spots in battle. Shiny Gardevoir's colours make her look like a Mudkip.

    3. Flygon. Fastest. Nonlegendary. PKMN. Ever. Beats the crap out of Fire PKMN and other types, too, thanks to dragonic moves. Stats are pretty good, defense could be higher though. Looks cute in elegant way. Looks more like a real dragon then most other dragon types. He's in my team mostly because he looks good.

    4. Absol. Looks like a dark type should look like- like it came from someone's nightmare. I like the Yin-Yanginess in his face.
    Stats are good, fast, strong and a lot of variety in his moveset.
    Gets pwned by physic PKMN way too fast. Defense could be higher. Psyco Cut comes in handy against fighting types, another serious danger for a dark pokemon.
    Loading Wolfiness: 75% complete. I always feel like saddling him up and take a ride trough Hoenn at Absol speed. Would make a great HM.

    5: Ninetales. Beauty and Elegance itself in a ghostly and mysterious package. You'd never guess it's a fire type from the outside. Ghost/Fire would have been better.
    Beautiful colours. Stats aren't bad, SP. AT and SP. DF are high enough, but some more normal AT and DF would have been nicer.
    I always thought of this PokeMon as a solemn and mysterious PKMN that is almost never seen. Could have been the PokeMon of a mysterious anime character or Evil Teamleader, like Persian is for Team Rocket's leader.

    6. Lapras. A big, but cute PKMN. Practical for surfing and other water HM's, good abilities and pretty good stats. I can always see my character chilling out on Lapras' back with my back against his neck, gliding trough the water, the sun shining. And if an evil Kingdra suddenly shows up, there's always Lapras' fantastic moveset left. Sheer Cold, Hydro Pump, Body Slam, Ice Beam.
    He looks like a pleistosaur with a spiked shell. You should be frightened. You're not. He's too cute to be impressive.
  31. Typhlosion: Loyal starter, fast, strong, and overall awesome, he has a huge move pool and blaze will help when i need it.

    Miltank: cute, tank-y, and strong, miltank could be great in battle and give my other pokemon a drink when we're far up in the mountains or deep in a cave.

    Blissey: very cute and strong, blissey has a variety of attacks and can heal my pokemon when im far away from a town.

    Umbreon: the coolest eevee-lution by far, plus dark, umbreon would be a loyal pokemon to travel with.

    Octillery: every team needs a good water type, and octillery is the one for me. its got a good move pool, and can use either physical or special attacks.

    Slowing: i fell like when you evolve slowpoke into slowking, your doing it a great favor. it becomes very intelligent, and well slowking is great in battle, plus you can hold up a coversation with him, not just hear "pika" over and over

    Shuckle: the best defenses in the world, shuckle is cute and a solid rock. he'll be used to wear down my opponents with toxic while resting up and staying alive with those brutally high defenses.
  32. Mine are:
    Feraligatr-They are my favorite pokemon of all time. I love how awesome they are.

    Gyarados-It takes real skill to train a Gyarados and they are so cool looking and powerful

    Espeon-because they are basically a pokemon based on friendship because they have to like you a lot to evolve from Eevee.

    Lapras-One of the coolest Water-types and she could give me a ride when needed.

    Dragonite-One of my favorite Pokemon of all time. I remember in Gold and Silver I would try to copy Lance's team and Dragonite was my favorite of his team. Even though it consisted of 3 of them.

    Blastoise-Another one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. So powerful and when a Squirtle so cute.

    If you couldn't tell, my favorite type is the Water-type.
  33. Alakazam- Its got Great Special Attack and Speed. Also In my personal opinion its just a cool looking pokemon.
    Pikachu- Well who doesn't love it?
    Typhlosion- Simply my favorite starter
    Gallade- Good Attack stat and looks pretty bad Ass in my opinion
    Ho-Oh- I use Ho-Oh more defensively using reflect, light screen, and toxic. It is also the first legendary I ever captured (I was 4 when I got Pokemon Yellow so I accidentally killed Mewtwo so that isn'y my 1st legendary)
    Gengar- Great Special Attack and Spec. Defense; works well with Alkazam and the two sorta look cool together
  34. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Quilava - Out of all the starter Pokemon and their evolutions Quilava stands out most to me. Quilava is a staple Pokemon in all of my games, including the Mystery Dungeons.

    Buizel - My all time favorite Pokemon. When I first started playing Diamond I wasn't sure if it would hook me the same way the others did. The Pokemon had looked so odd, they had gotten less and less realistic. Buizel was one of the Pokemon that kept me interested in the series. Like Quilava, it is a staple Pokemon in all of the games it is in, including Mystery Dungeons.

    Lucario/Riolu - Another one of the Pokemon that kept me hooked on the series. Lucario and its pre-form, Riolu, are a staple in my Teams in all the games it is in. Riolu is my Hero Pokemon in both Explorers of Darkness and Explorers of Sky.

    Croagunk - Yet another Pokemon that kept me hooked on the series. I don't know what draws me to it though.

    Charmeleon/Charmander - The first starter I ever choose, Charmeleon and, to a greater extent, Charmander have followed me since the very beginning of Pokemon. Charmander is also my Partner Pokemon in Darkness and Sky, and switches between the two roles of Hero and Partner in Red Rescue.

    Blaziken - The final evolution of the Hoenn starters, Blaziken fits my fighting style better then any other Pokemon in the series ever have. In Ruby and Emerald, Blaziken was the first Pokemon to enter a battle, and, normally, the last one standing.
  35. If they were real-life-

    This would be my (as we call it at my school,) Outer-Pokémon that travels with me. I mean, who wouldn't want to be high on a hill with a Riolu beside you, staring dramaticly at a town when Riolu telepathicly asks you to race him into town? *gasp,gasp,gasp*

    I can't get enough of this guy.

    My starter, will pwn anything in it's way. Just like Torterra in Platinum.

    Blubber. Blubber. Wouldn't it be fun to have this happen: Foe- Go, Pichu! You- Go! Wailord! Hey, were'd the Pichu go?!

    Brave Bird to the death!

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  36. Hrmm, there are a lot of Pokemon that I like, but some would be soo handy in real life.

    Ninetales: A Ninetales is about as loyal as companions get, plus they live longer than you, so they'll be at your side for your whole life. Not to mention they breathe fire and have some latent psychic and ghost abilities.

    Marowak: Why can't anyone show this little guy some love? He's always overlooked in favor of so many others. I liked him ever since my Cubone in Red version evolved. And with the Thick Club, they're the strongest things around. In real life, it would be sooo cool to have a Marowak walk around with me. He's pretty cute, and much stronger than his size makes out. Imagine getting picked up in one arm then thrown by something less than half your size.

    Slowking: I always liked Slowking as a Pokemon, but never as a battler until I tried it out recently, and I must say, it runs rings around Slowbro. Although in real life it would one of those Pokemon that would be rare and really hard to get, imagine the benefits. You could take him to school to battle and to help you with your math work.

    Raichu: Eep, so cute and pudgy and strong and awesome. I liked Raichu so much ever since I saw Lt Surge's give Ash's pikachu a good whacking. Good times they were. I was always glad to know that Raichu was one of those Pokemon that didn't deteriorate with the generation switches. And in real life? I think it would a Pokemon that could sit with me on the bus, dunno why, but that's always where I could imagine it being with me.

    Tyranitar: I was never sure why Tyranitar never got initimidate, not that I complain about Sand Stream though, and might I add, unique typing for the win! For years I assumed it was another rock/ground type, since that was how it started out. Then I discovered it was rock/dark and I was all like "omgwhydidntiknowthatimagonnagetonerightnow." and yeah. And no one would mess with you if you had a Tyranitar at your side. . .unless they had a Garchomp.

    Skarmory: I never could decide which was better, Swellow or Skarmory. I always like Skarmory that little bit more because of it's unique typing and awesome, sharp design. The fact that it can learn the somewhat rare and useful entry hazard moves, and have the highest physical defense I've seen on a flying type. Oh, and flying places on the back of an armor bird? Yes Please!

    Swellow: As much as I liked Pidgeot and Noctowl, Swellow is the best staple normal/flying type around, not only does it just look kickass but Guts plus Burn Orb equals victory. The only thing I never really liked was it's shallow movepool, but meh, can't have everything. The other thing I did like was that it wasn't huge like Pidgeot or Staraptor, it kinda set it apart.
  37. Gardevoir: My favorite
    Houndoom: They're not bad.
    Sableye: Zero weaknesses
    Poliwrath: Packs some powerful moves
    Ampharos: They have some good moves. And one weakness.
    Lopunny: One weakness and good moves.
  38. Nidoking and seviper only.

    If I had a choice, I would only use two pokemon, because, and god does this sound stupid, it lets you have a closer bond with each of them and give them more attention.

    Nidoking I choose because it has been with me for ages and becaus eit is an incredibly formidable opponent. It also has a massive TM move pool.

    Seviper has been my signature since it was revealed, and I have constantly used him ever since.

    Poison is my favorite type, mainly because of unique moves with a high chance of poisoning. My favorite strategy is poisoning and employing a defensive game to let the poison whittle down thier health.
  39. My dream team is:

    Eevee- very useful and has 6 evolutions. also cute. i would most likely evolve it into glaceon or jolteon.

    Machamp- always loved them and are cool pokemon.

    Mamoswine- my lovely wooly mammoth who i can sleep next to and keep me warm.

    Floatzel- awsome pokemon and would be my transportation in the sea.

    Sceptile- one of the best starters ever. plus he will be the pokemon i walk around with.

    Charizard- one of my favorites and we would travel the skies together.

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