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Your Ideal Pokemon Game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Mockingchu, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. With the reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield, I got to thinking- "Okay, this looks like a solid meh. What would make me really excited for a Pokemon game?"

    And this thread was born. Here, you can post your best ideas for a new Pokemon game, whether it be main line or side. Perhaps a spin-off of Pokemon Snap, or Battle Revolution. Whatever you want.

    I'll start (y'know, cuz I'm making the thread).

    For a main series Pokemon game, I would love a region based around South America. A thick, lush jungle belt across the middle of the region. A big city (ahem Rio de Janeiro) to the north of the jungle, and other, smaller cities and towns scattered throughout the rest of the region. At the southern part of the region would be salt flats and mountains, while the north would be somewhat plain.

    The north would, of course, where your journey begins. It's an average sized city, based off of Quito, Ecuador. You'd have your three starters to choose from:
    • Grass-Type Coati Pokemon. Start and small and springy. It would evolve to be more lean, with vegetation growing around its paws. Its tail would grow long enough for combat. Its final form would be Grass/Fighting
    • Fire-Type Sloth Pokemon. No, it wouldn't grow into a wild King Kong. It grow to be even fatter. It wouldn't be very agile, more of an immobile turret, slinging fire everywhere. Final form would be pure Fire. Maybe a little Dark.
    • Water-Type Iguana Pokemon. It can start out somewhat small, and evolve into a massive beast with a large throat to hold water. Think the Great Jagras from Monster Hunter World. Final form would be Water/Poison.
    From your hometown, you would set off on your journey, get badges, yada yada. Other Pokemon around the region could be based off of rainforest animals. And lots of primates.

    One idea I had was for a treefrog Pokemon that's first form is bland, beige frog. Then, it acts almost like an Eevee, having multiple forms, in different colors and types, depending on what you use to evolve it. This is because treefrogs come in so. Many. Colors. Idk, I thought it was neat.

    Now we get to the real meat and potatoes of this. The reason I created this thread.

    Game mechanics.

    This game would have an almost-but-not-quite top down view. Think of it like Sun and Moon. The kind of slanted perspective. Everything controls the same- except you can press both triggers at once to JUMP. This is because in the latter half of the game, there will be some platforming. Very basic stuff. Climbing trees and scaling cliffs. It can be like from Uncharted. There's hand-holding, but it still feels cool.

    Now, we look at Pokemon Battles. Wild encounters and normal trainer battles can work the same as they always have, but battles with Gym Leaders, Elite 4 Members, the Champion, or other players will work like you're playing Pokken Tournament. A more intense, hands-on battling. Because the turn based combat seems to be going out of style, at least in my opinion.

    For the third feature, we need to go back to the beginning. Before you start playing, you have the option to play Multiplayer, or Solo. If you choose Multiplayer, you can then choose Private or Public. If you choose Private, you are given a code to give to two friends with a copy of the game. You then all link up, and play together. You can travel the region together, or just race to the Elite 4 (in Rio). It's up to you! Public does the same, but against strangers.

    And that's it. It's a bit much to ask, even from the Switch's software. Perhaps this South America region would have zero returning Pokemon, so developers wouldn't have to input all those Pokemon into a Pokken-style battler. In the end, it's not up to me. These are just hopes.
  2. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    Oh. My. God.
    This thread is my god.

    I was thinking of a game that was based off of the great area of Africa! Dry, sunny climates and dry days where pokemon graze in fields with very few tree's. most areas are dry, desert climates with only 9 large cities (In South Africa, its 20 large cities, but I had to tone it down a bit.). The Island of this region is 'divided' into 4 different regions: A desert climate with no plants, a large area with fields galore, A very modern area, and a rocky area in the middle where the most popular landmark, Mount. Table (Named after the popular landform Table Mountain). A few towns are in each region, each with 3 towns. In the area of Mount. Table, no cities exist became no one can survive. There are no sorces of water, except for a calm brook that was un-touched by man's fingers. At the top of the mountain, the Elite four's tower stands. The flat part of the top of the mountain allows for easy building around the hard slopes of the mountain.
    The four Elite Masters stand on the Six Floors.
    Floor one consist of a resting place, a Pokemon center, and a shop.
    Floor two is a arena that has pokey rocks that shoot out of the rocky floor. Amandle, master of rock, will see you on this floor.
    His team consist of
    (57) Golem (Sand Veil)
    (59) Shuckle (Sturdy, Weakness Policy)
    (60) Mudsdale (Stamina, Ground Plate)
    (59) Crustle (Shell Armour)
    (61) Aggron (Rock Head)
    Floor Three is a Grass type haven. A grassy field arena has flowers sticking up from the ground. Mountains and Tree's are painted onto the wall. Uxolo, the grass queen, will see you here.
    Her team consist of
    (61) Vileplume (Chlorophyll, Meadow Plate)
    (59) Torterra (Overgrow)
    (60) Shiftry (Early Bird, Meadow Plate)
    (60) Sawsbuck (Autumn, Sap Sipper)
    Floor 4 is for Flying types. The breese is always blowing, and the whole room is a outside view. The walls are completely windows, soo you can see off the edge of the mountain. Zama awaits here.
    Her team is
    (57) Noivern (Infiltrator, Draco Plate)
    (60) Charizard, Gyarados, or Tropius (Depending on starter, always superior type, Blaze, Intimidate, Solar Power)
    (57) Xatu (Synchronize)
    (59) Swellow (Guts)
    (61) Altaria (Natural Cure)
    Floor 5 is a pink room with 'fairy dust' floating about. The floor is made from marble, which is colored pink. Akukho resides here.
    (59) Shiinotic (Effect Spore)
    (60) Mimikyu (Disguise)
    (61) Wigglytuff (Cute Charm, Shell Bell)
    (63) Togekiss (Serene Grace)
    (59) Mr. Mime (Soundproof)
    The final room is like a Colosseum. Yenzelwe, the champion, waits for challengers here.
    (63) Alakazam (Synchronize)
    (65) Machamp (Guts)
    (66) Blissey (Serene Grace, Pixie Plate)
    (67) Garchomp (Sand Veil)
    (67) Swoobat (Unaware)
    (65) Scolipede (Swarm, Insect Plate)

    But anyway, fight some gyms. Yaba Daba Doo.

    Starter Pokemon:
    Cactian, The Spine Pokemon: Cactian would start as a tiny cactus bud with a simple locus flower on top. Then It would turn into a tiny bud with fat-ish arms. Then it would evolve into a creature with One Claw-like arm and 4 legs. The 4 legged Cactus would wear a Mexican hat, which would hang on the opposing side of the claw: its right. The claw hand is on its left. They have simply one eye with a black pupil. It would end up as a Grass/Dark combo. Cactian is the name of its final form.

    Ostrorch, The Scorch pokemon: Ostrorch starts off as looking like a Ostrich youngling. A simple flame sit's atop their head. Then, the pokemon would grow in size, with a flame Mohawk in the middle stage. As it grows, the flame gets bigger. It ends up with a long flame that extends down to the end of their neck. Ostrorch is the name of the final form.

    Claampelery, The Clammy Pokemon: Claampelery would start off as a simple shell with few jewelery on the shell, decorating it. As they evolve, They grow limbs. Eventually, they have a full body. Their arms are made out of a glittering substance that feels like tought armor. Their body and legs are made of the same shining material. Their body is of a circular shape, with 8 tiny legs that help guide them through the water, like a octopuses legs. Their arms are long, but has no hands attached. The end of their arms to not glitter, and are sticky. Ther clamshell sparkles, as they wear a gold crown made of coins and stolen jewelery from the seabed. They can shoot pearls out. As suspected, Claampelery is the name of its final form.

    I was thinking a few other pokemon things, like some sort of Gazelle pokemon.

    The controls are basic and easy to figure out. Pokemon can help you scale cliffs and climb tree's to get items that are hidden! Press A around a tree to have your Pokemon scale it, to see if there is anything lies above. Flying is more complex, and requires the player to control the Pokemon while it flies above the region. It will refure to land in a place you haven't been to. To land, press A. To fly quicker, press both back buttons R and L. You can also dig underground as transportation, and is as simple as it seems. Digging only takes you to places that you been to. By places, I mean towns. Pokemon can follow you around, and you can even control them. In the overworld, press Y to switch to your Pokemon. Small Pokemon can crawl through holes, and large Pokemon can smash through walls and such. You can use Pokemon moves in the overworld. These moves can be used to start fights with NPCs in town's and also light places up and such. Some moves can be just for show.You can actually swim yourself, but diving requires gear and a Pokemon who can dive. In that case, an example is Claampelery. In all diving areas, beutiful Coral reefs exist and Items can be hidden. Your also able to keep log of which pokemon are in which route. Sadly, bikes don't exist in this region. Riding your Pokemon takes place for this, and doesn't require a ride pager. Some Pokemon have special abilities when you ride them, like pushing pushing objects and jumping. Random encounters would be there, but NOT so many Zubats. I l have to inhail zubats every time I enter a god dang cave.
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