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Your Games of the Season

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Whether it be the games you've recently purchased, games you're planning to buy in the coming weeks, or those you'd like to get for Christmas, what games have stood out to you this final quarter of 2010?

    Myself, I'm quite impressed with how great this season has been for my Wii games. Since mid October I've bought Kirby's Epic Yarn, PokePark, Sonic Colors, and will soon be picking up Donkey Kong Returns. I haven't had a lot of time to play any of 'em yet but PokePark, so it'll be nice having the two weeks off from work over Christmas~

    Got myself the Sonic hat for preordering Colors. It amused my mother. XP

    The only other game I've recently bought (aka. downloaded) was Sonic 4 on my PS3. I'm also anticipating World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's upcoming release in December, which I'll probably pick up release day.

    There's not much that I want on my gaming Christmas list this year. I've been avoiding DS and PS3 releases this quarter because I have games on 'em from last Christmas that I've still yet to properly play. Haven't really been following 360's releases either due to my borked Pro, but hoping to change that shortly. I'll probably put some of my Christmas money towards getting myself the new 250gig Xbox 360 and finally get Super Street Fighter IV.

    Edit: Hrm. Might add Super Scribblenauts to my list actually. I blame you lot for getting me interested. >=o
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  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    Definitely getting Cataclysm myself as soon as I can, so I can join my brother in our "hate crusade" against Alliance players. Ironic that the Alliance : Horde ratio on our server has since dwindled to 10 : 90 in favour of Horde after his behaviour.

    The only games I've gotten this season are Metroid: Other M and Pokemon White. Other M started out pretty awesome with a few minor issues here and there, but soon became a crushing disappointment due to the mishandling of Ridley's return and Samus's reaction to him, the "out of nowhere" ending of the game that robbed you of a proper final boss battle against the main villain, and the overall quality of the game just paled in comparison to Prime 3, in terms of graphics, sound AND gameplay. Prime 3 was awesome even though Corrupted Hypermode was horribly overpowered and made the game too easy overall, and I'd hoped Other M would be just as good if not better - not even close. Second worst Metroid game in the series for me behind Hunters (which flat-out sucked)

    Pokemon White was pretty cool. Graphics were very nice for Pokemon standards, the music was the usual, Pokemon stuff (which always works, let's be honest) and the gameplay rocked too - overall, it was Pokemon with the necessary changes but still sticking to the tried-and-tested formula that's granted it such great success in the past. It delivered for me without a doubt, and I can only hope for further success from Game Freak and Nintendo here.
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep hands down! After four long years of waiting, the day finally came when I could go to GameStop and claim my prize. The graphics were on par with the PS2 titles, the combat system was very fluid and unique, and the story was amazing.

    On the topic of combat, by customizing which skills you had equipped, you could also change the battle styles of the three main characters by using certain combinations of skills. Stronger skills can be gotten by melding commands which is an advanced version of Item Synthesis from the other games. By using certain crystals when melding, you can also create new abilities such as Leaf Bracer, Second Chance, and Treasure Magnet. The Mirage Arena serves the function of the Coliseum Cups of KH1 and 2 with very challenging matches. The Mirage Arena even offers the option of 2-player allowing to to battle with or against your friends.

    The difficulty of this game is much higher than with other KH titles, but that only makes it more fun and challenging. Blocking and counter striking are much more of a necessity than in previous games. Equipping Renewal Block actually heals you when you block which is always a plus if you can't get a Curaga off. The optional bosses are the biggest challenge yet making the likes of Kurt Zisa, the Hades Paradox Cup, and even Sephiroth look easy by comparison.

    There are three story modes where you play as each of the three main character, Terra, Aqua, and Ven, and the story unfolds differently for each one. An event that is only mentioned in passing in one character's story can play a major role in another's. In my opinion, it is the deepest story of the series thus far. After completing all three story modes on the same difficulty, you unlock the Final Episode where almost all the mysteries from KH1 onward are answered by the end. The Secret Ending that you unlock under various conditions is the perfect set up for KH3. It was very satisfying seeing everything fall into place and I can't wait to see what more KH: ReCoded and KH3D can bring to the table to further set up for KH3 that BbS did not cover.

    So in sort, Kingdom Hearts is my Game of the YEAR.
  4. They had hats? :o Why wasn't I told!? >8I

    But yes, Sonic Colors will be one of my favorites :) I mean, I just love those graphics, and on the Wii too! Plus I've got my eyes on Force Unleashed 2, Fable 3, and other things.
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  5. I want a hat too!
    I got sonic colors for DS and im kinda regretting my immediate money saving decision because, same old same old, the DS version is fast, furious and downright impossible to see but the wii version is ALOT better and I think the DS one has less wisps.

    I ♥ dragon quest IX too since there are so many good items and monsters (bunny ears!) and Jedward was on the advert so...

    My third favourate is pokemon ranger 3, I know I said it was boring but I honestly didn't give it much of a chance because I only played it for an hour and the further you go though the game it gets alot better and it is alot more challenging too. I didn't like the other ranger games but in this one you start off as a ranger, not a witty school kid!
  6. the games I want to get are sonic colours (wish I could get a sonic hat :( ), the goldeneye remake, metriod other M and pokemon White (gonna be a while though :|) I cant wait for my birthday so I can get some money to buy some, might buy epic mikey aswell looks to be good fun.
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I'm going to count the season as "next year when I have the money to actually buy some games". I definitely need to pick up Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (once I've completed AC2, that is), and I'm quite interested in RB3 - though I may skip it for now.

    I also need to complete Fable II so I can pick up Fable III. And Golden Sun II so I can pick up Dark Dawn.

    ... I'm beginning to note a pattern here...

    I'll also be giving a good look into Kirby and Donkey Kong - though I won't be buying them.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    I know the feeling. Apparently Mass Effect 2 was awesome and I'm interested in picking it up, but I still haven't played the first game... Just wouldn't feel right skipping over something like that. :p

    Concerning Golden Sun however... If I end up investing in the DS Golden Sun (which I may), I probably won't worry about beating the older games first. Just not interested enough to do so. (I completely forgot it was coming out soon...)
  9. I really just want a PS3 the most, seeing as my old one's hard drive died a few weeks ago. Going this long without any God Of War is pretty damn hard. :p

    The only games I'd like to get this season are Super Scribblenauts, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Black Ops is pretty much top on my list, as it is pretty much an MW2 expansion pack, but a good one nonetheless. AssCreed II was a great game, and I'm certainly looking forward to this installment. :D
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  10. I'm looking forward to playing Fable 3. If it's as good as it's cracked up to be, we're all in for a real treat!

    I'm forced to wait for Pokemon Black. But I've only got myself to blame. Can't be arsed with all the Japanese. My friend Callum could understand it. He learned Japanese for a bet. Won him £20, it did!
  11. I haven't been playing too much this season, I beat Metroid Prime, which I enjoyed up til the very end. It was a bit short and Meta Ridley and Metroid Prime were a bit too easy, but still a highly enjoyable game.

    Been playing some old Pokemon games as well, but I always do, so they don't count ^^;

    For Christmas I hope I get a Nintendo DS. I want one so I can get two games that are released after Christmas; Pokemon White and Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. White I want for obvious reasons. As for Re: Coded... ZOMFG. I love the KH series. I was checking the plot of Coded out, and I was thinking about how much I liked it and wished that it existed outside of Japan. And BABOOM! Wish granted! Aaah I'm so excited can't wait! :D
  12. Assassin's Creed- Brotherhood all the way. It has nice graphx, addicting story line, being able to call up to 10 Assassin Recruits at once and a epic win ending. Just a great game all around. ACII was pretty good, but it had a weak storyline, so if you played it and disliked it, get Brotherhood.
  13. Goldeneye 007 stands out for me. It was a highly anticipated Wii game for me and it didn't disappoint. I sadly missed out on the Nintendo 64 version, but I loved this one. I even forked over an additional $20 for the golden Wii Classic Pro controller because I knew I'd get one anyway, eventually. It was worth it because that controller is the best way to play shooters on the Wii (for the games that support it).

    I think most of the games announced at E3 stood out for me. It felt like a real nostalgia-fest because old characters were returning. I would love to get Donkey Kong Country Returns because I really enjoyed the original that I played a remake of on GBA (it was mainly updated graphics, very few things changed). I can't wait for the 3DS and the redux of Ocarina of Time. It can't come soon enough.... Actually, it can wait because I'm broke and would feel worse about myself. >>;;

    I can't wait to get Metroid Other: M. I've played it a bit and love it. Of course, I'm more of those die-hard fan types of the Nintendo series(es?), so I probably would like it better than some people.

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