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Your favourite Wii game!

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Azerake, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. This is the place where you say what is your favourite Wii game, and why! This is mine:

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

    This game is endless! You have the Adventure Mode, (Subspace Emissary) where you complete levels with certain characters, you have Classic mode, where you defeat a horde of enemys characters, you can battle with your friends or with CPUs, the characters are great, (Well, some...) and you can unlock the songs and stages! Buy it now! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  2. It's impossible to decide between SMG2 and SSBB. So I'll say both of them.

    SMG2: Greatly improves on the original Super Mario Galaxy with a new story, levels, power-ups, and the music is fantastic. It has great graphics and a lot of new enemies. Generally a fantastic platforming adventure!

    SSBB: An amazing fighting game where you can clash tons of Nintendo characters (And two from Sega and Capcom)! Tons of different modes, stages, characters, and all that makes it easy to get addicted. Not to mention there are quite a lot of unlockables, plus the Subspace Emissary is really fun to play through with all sorts of different people. Not to mention that you can play with your friends in multiplayer.
  3. Trauma Team. Or anything in the Trauma Center Series, for that matter. ( I know Trauma Center UTK and UTK2 are for the DS. Dx)

    They are all amazing games. Though the graphics are sub par, the plot is amazing. In every one of them. Bioterrorism, an epidemic spread by butterflies, and whatever STIGMA is. With the recent addition of five different professions in Trauma Team, it makes the game a lot better. I especially like forensics. I love puzzles like that to death~ ♥
  4. Yoshimitsu

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    Hey Azerake, chill out with the smilies, okay?
  5. Super Smash Bros Brawl! hands down >.>
    :D its just fun! and beating ppl online is fun too!! ^^
    i love custom stages :o and all the characters to choose from o.o
    its just so fun! :D and well o.o >.> i dont play much of anyother games on the wii.

    IT'S A TIE!

    SSBB: I absolutely love that game. I have, like, 100+ files on the Subspace Emissary, I have every character, and believe it or not, I work best with KIRBY. And I love the trophy shooter...thingy. I actually went bankrupt of coins once. XD When I battle, it's usually on team battle mode with a bunch of CPU's. Usually Kirby (Me) Pikachu, Meta Knight, and Jigglypuff. That game is just so much fun.

    Wii Resort: I only played in once at a GameStop, and I already love it. I was doing this bicycling event and it wore me out a bit, but it's totally awesome. I SOO need it!
  7. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    Can't pick only one, so I'll make a list.

    SMG2: This game was really interesting and fun. Nice puzzles, cool power ups and awesome music build up for some quality gaming. Also the levels were a lot of fun but not too hard. I think there was only one world that I needed Rosalina to complete, Hightail Falls if I remember correctly. Ironically that world had my favorite music in the entire game ^^; Still I thought this game was seriously overrated. Here in Finland gaming magazines were giving it 100/100 points, making it THE video game of all time. I didn't think this game deserved full points, but still over 90 as it actually was a very good game.

    SSBB: Not very much explanation needed, see earlier posts.

    LoZ: TP: None of the LoZ games before Skyward Sword have disappointed before (I was so looking forward to it and then it turns up to be some overgrown toon link. I was so disappointed.) and TP was no exception. An interesting story (including GANONDORF! :D) but the humor isn't missing. Tons of interesting side quests and moonwalking salesmen are just so win.

    MP Trilogy: The phazon trilogy. These games are all very exciting and the first person view is interesting, to say the least. Trilogy is perfect for both ordinary gamers wanting to pick up an interesting sci-fi game and more devoted metroid fans. Prime and Echoes are so full of feeling, and both have extremely creepy intros; Prime has the wrecked Frigate Orpheon and the Parasite Queen (even though she was rather pathetic, she did have an awesome theme), and Echoes has the Splinter Hive with all the dead GF troopers. I freaked out when they were zombiefied and tried to kill you. Corruption, on the other hand, is more mainstream. Even though it's chronologically wrong, I recommend new players to start with MPC and then try MP and MPE. Also MPE had the multiplayer mode which is tons of fun.

    I've also started purchasing old GC games, I just got Colosseum from my brother's friend. The graphics aren't great and I miss gen IV but those are just minor things.
  8. Doctor Oak

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    There are games on the Wii?
  9. I have a variety I like, but I think my favorite would have to be the "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." It will be better in graphics than Skyward Sword. I know that. Miyamoto, bring back the Twilight Princess graphics. -.-'
    I think SS will be all right, but the graphics could've been better. Gameplay will be awesome, don't get me wrong, but TP deserves a lot of credit.
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  10. Anonymous

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    SMG2: It's 3d realms are awesome and I love the little stary things
    Pokemon Rumble: Im not sure if this counts as an actual game but I just LOVE the fact that A) you can fight multiple pokemon B) You can recrute pokemon C) You can switch pokemon really fast!

    Thats all

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