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Your Favourite Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Linkachu, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Because... my god... the amount of times this topic is redone has driven me mad X)

    So, it's staying here, stickified, for now. And with that, you may answer once and for all one of the most asked questions since "Which starter did you pick?"

    What is/are your favourite Pokemon? If your favourites change, feel free to update with that.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    And a personal request - Also state WHY do you like them. Don't just go all 'my favorite pokemonz is tyranitar lolz.'. Give reasons.

    Or at least try to. Please. >>
  3. My personal fav is Suicune, Mainly because I just love the way it looks, especially its AC form in gen II, followed closely by Umbreon, because I love the Eevee line, and Umbreon, being a Dark type, is clearly the coolest Eeveeloution.
  4. I don't really have a favorite, I think the only one that I don't like is Luvdisc. It's pointless and serves no purpose.
  5. umbreon-rox

    umbreon-rox Guest

    fav pokemon: tyranitar because i like dark types and hes cool

    2nd fav: umbreon hes my fav eevee evolvotion
  6. Oh yeah Blaziken! It is the fully evolved form of my VERY first pokemon! *gasps in amazement* Yes, My very first pokemon was Torchic. I joined pokemon in emerald in the same year as Emerald (05 I tink). Only two years and I'm a Pokemaniac *laughs like Crusty the Clown*! Um, next is Turtwig. It is so cute! Plus it's a turtle, people, a turtle!

    EDIT: My third is Sableye/Giratina. I made an evo of Sableye, Shroudow. Cooool.
  7. Wow...This is a tough one. I can't pick one. I like Charizard and Blaziken as my starters and as fire types. Metagross because it's powerful, smarter than Alakazam and I would like to see it devour something with the mouth on its underbelly. Gardevoir because it is sleek and is staple on my Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen (when I beat the E4) teams.

    My favorite Eevee evo is Umbreon. I love the defenses and the way it looks. Sceptile is my all-time favorite grass type. It's different from the other 3 grass starters and it's a dragon. Jumpluff has a place in my heart. What's more annoying than an annoyer? A fast annoyer and that's what Jumpluff is.

    I like most dragons, Ghost, and Dark type Pokemon. I don't have D/P I haven't had the opportunity to use the 4th gen Pokemon but I have likes there too. I think I'll post them when I actually get Diamond and play it. And I'll probably start with either Chimchar or Turtwig.
  8. Well..its hard to chose, but here it go's

    1.Ralts-Gavadior- Because, i like how they all look and it was my first pokemon i had in ruby when i got it..*Aside from the starter*
  9. On second thought, my two favorite at the moment are Electivire and Magmortar. I happen to find their versatility quite awesome!
  10. Well, I have a lot of "favorite" Pokemon, and my list keeps fluctuating. I'm actually very easy to please when it comes to Pokemon...-_-;;

    But since the beginning, when I first looked through the lists of Pokemon, my favorite has been Persian (as if you couldn't already guess). I love Persian so-so-so-so-SO much...it was the first fully-evolved cat Pokemon, and it's like a mountain lion in terms of size and build. I also love the jewel on its forhead, its name, how it looks, its "I'm cooler than YOU" standard personality...squeeee! ^_^

    Erm...yeah. I have not yet seen a Pokemon who has the awesomeness to beat Persian. However, Pokemon that I've really liked from the moment I saw them (some I have to "learn to like" through RPing or game play or something) and still like as much now (like, they haven't been ruined by the internet)...lessee...I really like Delcatty, Castform, all three Johto starter lines, and Tropius. Those are the only Pokemon I was all "OMG I MUST HAVE THIS" when I first saw them, and still like them as much (or more) now.

    So nya. Persian all the way for me. ^_^ *waves Persian flag*
  11. Hmmmm... I don't really have one lol but I always loved the toge family ^_^ and my first favourite was staryu (which I still love)

    My new favourite has to be Beequeen.
  12. Typhlosion all the way. *Wave official Typhlosion flag*

    But the Eevee line is cool. My favorite Eeveelution and by far the best: Vaporeon.
  13. Keotchu

    Keotchu Guest

    my favorate pokemon is mew two[move]
  14. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    My favourites would have to be Gardevoir, because, well, it's cool, and its counterpart Gallade, because he's even cooler. ^^ However, my uber-all-time-fave is Charizard. Simply because, if pokemon were real, this is the one pokemon I would KILL to have. :p
  15. Nyle

    Nyle Guest

    My favorite..would be Munchlax..because he is a lot,like me:plumpy, energetic, and HUNGRY!!!!
  16. Thats a hard one..I would have to say the charmander(All stages) because i just loooove the way it looks and its really cool (to me anyway!) :)
  17. Eevee. My ultimate favorite. And I adore every Eevee evo...minus Glacia. >>;

    A. I love all things fluffy and adorable.
    B. It has so much potential with it's 7 different forms.
    C. It's adorable...wait, I already said that.
    D. Tis' fun to doodle in class.
    E. You can make an entire team out of evolutions. Which I will. Totally.​
  18. I always loved Absol, I even bought the very crappy absol action figure purely cause it was an absol...

    I also have runner up favourites being: Chimecho, Skutank, Zangoose and Sneasel
  19. Articuno. Ice is the Best element ever, and Articuno looks stunning.
  20. Articuno is cool. It is 'appears before doomed people lost in icy mountains' cool.

    It is rare that I use legendaries, but my favorites are Kyogre, Ho-oh, and Suicune. These three are the only ones I have or probably will ever used in battle. That fact and my favorite legendary list may change when I get Diamond.
  21. Mine Is definitely Eevee (for those who are blunt)
    and no not cuz its cute, It's becuse of all the diffrent Evolution's it offers,
    Fire,Water,Electricity,Psychic,Dark\Ghost and the 2 new ones, Grass and Ice. But Eevee itself has some power behind it. Thus giving your party of Pokemon all The diffrent type's you could need ;D
  22. Woo, I have a ton of favorites...

    But if I have to choose one, I have the softest spot for Kirlia and her evolution line(minus Gallade. He's not cute enough. But he is cool.)

    Some of my runners up are on my card, and some are not. Deal with it.
  23. That's true. :D I'm going to make a Pokemon comic with a Shiny Eevee in it.
  24. my fav pokemon is milotic.it is so beatiful and cute. ;D
  25. Well, Im at a cross between The three R/B FR/LG starters, but if i had to pick...charizard, a Dragon like creature with claws, and wings, and its tail is on fire (Makes me wonder why it wasnt a Fire/Dragon type, cuz flying aint doing much for it) And not only that, but its decent ingame too, Decent movepool (Maybe decent-low, but w/e) and.... Its a Dragon like creature with claws, and wings, and its tail is on fire! and im done now
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    The reason that Charizard isn't Half-Dragon, as well as the reason Gyarados isn't half dragon, is because DRAGON types, as a type, were supposed to be unique for the Dratini line, at least in the first Generation of PokéMon.

    Granted, the second generation's introduction of Kingdra, followed by Gen3's massive influx of dragon-types and Gen4's bloody HORDES of them kinda put an Aipom-Wrench through that, but they really couldn't retcon established dual-types. And I'm tired of explaining that to people.
    #26 StellarWind Elsydeon, Apr 3, 2007
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  27. My favorite Pokemon are:

  28. Well, just look at my username. Although I have many favs, Articuno is my most favorite favorite. You know, all are equal, just some are more equal than others.
  29. My favorite starter pokemon would have to be Blastoise. He is deadly and can learn great moves(Game wise) And also he can surf you anywhere. ^_^ Also one other reason that I pick Blastoise is that he helps you through most of the badges! lol.

    My 2nd favorite that is not a starter would be Pidgeotto. I will always love pigdeotto. It helps me with so much =] I wont let it evolve to Pigdeot for a while. They really help you out and how they can fly so much is awesome.
  30. i don't really have a favorite, i mostly like dark types, fire types, legendary, and psychic types ;D
  31. my fav. is charizard cus hes da best starter ever and his movepool is awesome i also love deoxys but mostly in attack mode and his move pshco-boost
  32. A few of my favorite pokemon are Espeon, Chikorita, Mudkip, Plusle, Pichu, and Bellossom.
  33. i like snorlax cause hes old school!!
    my other top 2 are blastoise and mew for the same reason as snorlax.
  34. My favorite pokemon is Aipom. (:o) I like monkeys a lot and my favorite color is purple, so naturally when I saw a purple monkey I couldn't help but think he's the coolest! ^^;
  35. One of my favorite pokemon of all time is Delibird, I mean who doesn't love Santa's little helper ;D, I also love to breed them so they learn new attacks as well!
  36. my fav pokemon would have to be typhlosion
    or leafeon ;D
  37. Pikachu is my fav. pokemon
  38. blazekin, I love fire types and its just my favorite one[/b]
  39. I always pick Fire starters.
    My favorite is Blaziken, as it is a fire type, my favorite type, and it's type combination makes it useful in the unorthodox battling style I use.
  40. My favorite pokemon is Celebi

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