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Your favourite music from the Pokémon series

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by ShinyZekrom009, May 31, 2012.

  1. Admin Edit: This thread was recently merged with another, newer thread by Toastie that essentially did the same job but better, pending someone who decided to revive an older thread without checking if a newer thread emerged on the subject. I'd imagine that it was still within the acceptable necromancy limits, but either way, threads merged now. However, since Toastie's description for what this thread should be is better, I moved it to the top of this thread.

    Pokémon has been around for nearly 20 years, and in that time it's had some great music. What's your favourite? You can use whichever format you like, be it top 5 or best from each region etc.


    And here's ShinyZekrom009's top ten list from the older, revived thread:

    1. N's Final Battle Theme
    2. Team Aqua Boss Max/Archie Battle Theme
    3. Team Galactic Boss Cyrus Battle Theme
    4. N's Battle Theme
    5. Pokemon Platinum Battle Frontier Brain Battle Theme
    6. Pokemon Black & White Champion Battle Theme
    7. Champion/Red's Battle Theme(Heartgold & Soulsilver)
    8. Pokemon Black & White Gym Leader Battle Theme
    9. Legendary Battle Against Groundon/Kyogre/Rayquaza Battle Theme
    10. Legendary Battle Theme Against Regirock/Regice/Registeel Battle Theme

    Now you try! They don't all have to be battle themes, that's just a coincidence.
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  2. This is always a difficult choice for me because Pokemon has so many great tracks! I'll issue a disclaimer now: I like many more songs beyond this~

    1. Cynthia's Battle Theme from Diamond and Pearl
    2. Ho-Oh's theme from HGSS
    3. Village Bridge them from BW
    4. Ecruteak City from HGSS
    5. Mt. Coronet (heading to Spear Pillar)in DPPt and by extension, the Sinjoh Ruins theme from HGSS.
    6. Team Galactic's theme particularly from Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    7. Pinwheel Forest theme (used in other areas of Unova of course)
    8. Team Plasma's theme from BW
    9.Deoxys's theme
    10. N's Castle--any part of it

    Actually the ordering here doesn't even matter. I can't even pick a favorite lol.
  3. Admittedly, I didn't really think much of the games' soundtracks until Gen 4. This list is in no particular order:

    Vs Unova Elite Four- Shame on you Alder; it's bad enough Cynthia's theme is better than yours, but it's just shameful that your underlings have an even better theme. D:
    Vs Sinnoh/Johto Frontier Brain and Vs Cheren/Bianca share a spot, because they're both tracks that make battles feel not only epic, but fun as well~
    Lavender Town- Creepypasta Urban Legend aside, Lavender town's theme is amazing for the simple fact that it can scare the pants off of you. It makes you feel a real emotion, and that is symbol enough that it is a well done track.
    Vs Primal Dialga- Props to PMD2; it might've sucked gameplay-wise, but it's soundtrack and storyline were top notch! The (not actually) final boss theme is a prime example of that.
    N's Castle- I love this track, but I dislike that you can't go back to the one area that has it just to listen to it </3 Once you beat N, you'll never hear this piece in the game again :<
    Vs Hoenn Elite Four- I loathed Gen 3's soundtrack. But there was one piece in that entire heap that I liked, and it's good enough to be one of my favorite pieces from the series. It's just that amazing to me.
    Vs N and Vs N final battle- both share a spot because the final battle version is essentially the regular version with the added bonus of an amazing organ!
    Vs Team Galactic Grunt- It seems that in the Pokemon World, a villainous team's theme is inversely proportional to how fashionable their Grunt uniforms are. Team Galactic's unforms were triiiiippppy, but their theme was excellent. And the Brawl arrange was also just as amazing.
    Vs Ho-oh- I'm sorry, but I firmly beleive this theme beats the pants off of Lugia's. The cutscene prior to it is also pretty darn cool.
    Finally, Vs Mespirit/Uxie/Azelf and Vs Giratina share a spot, but they are notably two compltely different tracks. I just love them both equally.
  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    This wasn't too terribly hard for me.

    1. Village Bridge (BW)
    2. Abandoned Ship (RSE)
    3. Vs. Primal Dialga (PMD2)
    4. Vs. Cynthia (BW)
    5. Vs. Hoenn Champion (RSE)
    6. Vs. Hoenn Elite Four (RSE)
    7. Vs. Trainer - Kanto (HGSS)
    8. Vs. Team Magma/Team Aqua (RSE)
    9. Ecruteak City (HGSS)
    10. Vs. Lance/Red (HGSS)
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  5. Pokémon has been around for nearly 20 years, and in that time it's had some great music. What's your favourite? You can use whichever format you like, be it top 5 or best from each region etc.

    I'm going to be choosing some top 5s (no particular order):


    5 - Route 119 (R/S/E)

    This was such a tough choice. R/S/E has some incredible route music, but I decided upon Route 119. It's a nice mixture of the epicness of late routes and the strangeness of that particular route, what with the weather institute and Feebas

    4 - Route 23 (B2/W2)

    I love to fly to this route just to listen to the music. It's a great final route piece, and fits the terrain the player must traverse. It also has some nice nods to other previous games, such as Rowan's lab.

    3 - Route 10 (B/W/B2/W2)

    A nice change from the usual final route theme, this music perfectly captures the mood of the character's impossible task ahead of them. It was really atmospheric when I entered this route for the first time at sunset. When I heard it in B2/W2 I had forgotten about it, and thought it was from the Layton games.

    2 - Route 216 (Day) (D/P/P)

    I didn't really like D/P/P's music at the time, but I've listened to some of it recently, and I really enjoyed it. This one gets going about 40 seconds in, and it's great fun to run around in the snow while listening to this (in the game, of course).

    1 - Route 26 (HG/SS)

    I actually like how you have to fly to Route 26 to get between Kanto and Johto, because it allows me to listen to its theme. A really nice final route theme. I was so happy when I found out it was in HarmoKnight. It's the only level I have a perfect score in.


    5 - Frontier Brain Battle (Platinum)

    So intense, perfect when you know the amount of time you've put into getting to the Frontier Brain, and the worry when they send out a legendary. The HG/SS version is slightly different, but I prefer the original. The Emerald one is a close second.

    4 - Champion Battle (FR/LG)

    I'd say this theme better than the B2/W2 version. It's very fast paced, which is perfect for the intensity of the battle with your rival. That said, the B/W and B2/W2 versions are still good.

    3 - Rival Battle (R/S/E)

    Possibly my all-time favourite theme, this is so good that it probably isn't very fitting for your rival, who is more of a friend than anything else. Still, I never tire of hearing this, and I hope they do it justice in the inevitable R/S/E remake.

    2 - Elite 4 Battle (R/S/E)

    Oops, a duplicate. Oh dear. I suppose I'll have to console myself my listening to this awesome music.

    1 - Team Plasma Battle (B/W)

    This was a difficult choice, but in the end I went for Team Plasma Battle over Ho-oh Battle (HG/SS). It's just too awesome a battle theme to ignore. I usually hate fighting grunts, but not in B/W, mainly because of this music.


    5 - Underwater (R/S/E)

    This theme is so relaxing, it's nice to just go underwater and stop worrying about berry trees and grinding. It's cool how bubble sound effects were incorporated into the music.

    4 - Pokémart (D/P/P)

    This is by far my favourite of the Pokémart themes. Upbeat and lively, perfect for dashing in to buy potions and dashing out again. We may never have another true Pokémart theme if Pokémon Centres remain merged with them.

    3 - Alder Encounter (B/W/B2/W2)

    I don't like most encounter themes, as they are often simplistic and get irritating after a while. However, Alder's theme is the exception to this rule: it perfectly sums him up, sounding mysterious and mystical. It's a shame his battle theme doesn't use the same soundfont.

    2 - Fortree City (R/S/E)

    R/S/E has caused me to give up on the duplicate game rule. I love the Fortree City/Secret Base theme. It really immerses you in the jungle-like environment. Slateport City was a close second.

    1 - N's Castle (B/W)

    It felt awesome running along N's castle with this theme in the background, feeling like the world's fate rested on my shoulders. I love White Forest's theme, but I had to include this one because of the atmosphere it creates.
  6. Personally I have a bunch~ FRLG was excellent with its Gym Leader and Champion remixes, and HGSS also did great with their gym leaders and DEFINITELY champions and Team Rocket~ Hoenn was okay in my book, but I do think they could have been... I don't really know. To be honest I only really liked the Battle Frontier Brain battle music and the Elite 4, while I will give kudos to the Gym Leaders too. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum... it wasn't quite as good in my opinion. The Legendary battle music and the champion battles were amazing though, and along with HGSS, the Battle Frontier Brain music was epic. BW/BW2 was just a master piece all together, since they expanded to more instruments and more styles than the previous generations combined, and my personal favorites from these games are the Gym Leaders, Champion Alder, Team Plasma (from BW2, not BW1. Wasn't too crazy about that one), the final battle with N, Ghetsis, Corles, BW2 Rival, Humilau City, it was all just amazing to me~ Also I have to tip my hat to my favorite champion since Red, Iris, for not only having a fun sounding theme, but also for promoting that the final bout was one of both epic proportions and fun!~

    So out of all of this, I guess I'll list MY (as in my personal favorite) top five.

    5. RSE: Team Magma/Aqua: Grunt Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzsfUdZEi2c

    Personally one of the shining pieces of RSE. For a Grunt battle, it certainly felt more unique and dark, more fitting of an evil team leader if you ask me. However, out of all the evil team grunt themes, I truly love this one and will listen to it repeatedly without wanted to shove cotton in my ears.

    4. HGSS Rival Silver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aiAMJixMKM

    Personally I found it to be a beautiful and epic sounding remix to the original track~ It always liked it because it gave me the feeling that I was fighting a rival actually worth fighting: Something edgy, rough, and I can hear somewhat of a "red" coloring to the music (When I hear music I hear colors. Weird right?), just like his hair~

    3. BW2: Corless Fight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FN2EfesYR0

    One of my personal favorites because it was so original in the series, given that it actually had SPEECH in it. It conveyed the calculating prowess of Corless while also conveying a feeling of struggle to fight against him, which is pretty rough at times, especially rematches.

    2. HGSS: Champion Lance/Red: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Trki7vHXrKY

    Truly a magnificent remix of the original track from GSC. I always loved this track because it truly gave me chills when facing a tough opponent, and in my opinion should have been given to Red alone, since his team MADE me feel sheer terror, frustration, and hopelessness every time I battled him and lost, even with level 90 or higher Pokemon.

    1. BW2: Champion Iris Battle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1kHPeGqSw8

    JUST LISTEN TO IT! A pretty fitting theme for Iris~ It's somewhat bubbly and fierce, and really does the job of getting you ready to face a challenge~ It conveys that not only are you facing a tough customer, but you're also fighting for the very reason you picked up the DS for in the first place: Fun~

    Oh I have sooo many more but that would take up too much space.
  7. ... I'll just be choosing my favourite songs from the Pokémon games I have played before...

    Opelucid City (Black / White / Black 2 / White 2)
    N's Castle Bridge (Black / White)
    Route 10 (Black / White / Black 2 / White 2)
    Hugh's theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Hugh's battle theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Nimbasa City (Black / White / Black 2 / White 2)
    Kanto Gym Leaders theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Kanto Champions theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Johto Gym Leaders theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Johto Champions theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Hoenn Gym Leaders theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Hoenn Champions theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Sinnoh Champions theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    The battle theme of Regirock, Regice and Registeel (Black 2 / White 2)
    The battle theme of a Sinnoh Legendary Pokémon (Black 2 / White 2)
    The song that plays while Opelucid City is frozen (Black 2 / White 2)
    Neo Team Plasma's Battle Theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Route 22's theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Colress' battle theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Route 23's theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    N's Castle (Black 2 / White 2)
    N's Battle Theme (Black 2 / White 2)
    Black Tower's theme (Black 2 / White 2[?])
    Iris' Battle Theme (Black 2 / White 2)
  8. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Ah Pokémon music, one of the most important aspects for me when I have to listen to a lot of it x amount of times over. A lot of my favourites are from Gold/Silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver because, like most things, I enjoyed their soundtracks a lot more than other generation.

    The fifth generation had a pretty decent selection of music to it as well, mind, and I'm especially fond of this track:

    Might go through my soundtracks and draw up a list of favourites and post that later~
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  9. I'm a particular fan of N's Room theme from BW2 and the Strange House theme from BW2 so creepy and mysterious I love it
  10. I have loved the Mistralton City music from the first time I set foot there. Also the route one theme from fire red and leaf green is cool.
  11. I like the lavender town because its so mysterious and creepy, and i also like lance's/reds theme in heartgold and soulsilver
  12. Oh wow...this is a tough one. Honestly, I think I should just go ahead and list my Top 5 lists for all of my Pokemon games(this includes a few of the spin-offs too, not just the main games). I'll be listening to the various soundtracks and updating as I go along. Here goes.

    Pokemon Leafgreen:
    This actually wasn't too difficult at all. There were exactly 5 tracks I liked from this game, so all I had to do was put them in order.
    #5: Lavender Town
    This theme is so eerie and creepy, and yet I love it for that very reason! (Although, I think I like the original version from Red/Blue more.)

    #4: Celadon City
    A good, upbeat city theme, one that I like to listen to as I explore this vast city.

    #3: Gym Leader Battle Theme
    When I first heard this theme, I loved it, but wasn't sure why, except that it sounded familiar. So, I went through other Pokemon game soundtracks, and discovered that this was a different version of my favorite theme from Pokemon Stadium, my first ever Pokemon game! That being said, it's still not as good as a couple other tracks in this game. In addition, I enjoy the Pokemon Stadium version more.

    #2: Route 11
    This theme is so perfect! Running down the path of this place, listening to this track, is one of the most enjoyable parts of this game, in my opinion.

    And finally, my number 1 track from this game...

    #1: Champion Battle Theme
    Thankfully, the final battle of the main game comes with an excellent theme, and makes beating the Champion all the more satisfying. Also, this is my second favorite Champion theme in the Pokemon series, topped only by Cynthia's.

    Pokemon Ranger:
    This one was tougher; there were several I really liked, but I finally chose my top five after thinking it over a bit.

    #5: Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza/Deoxys Battle
    The epicness of this track is a great background sound for catching these Legendaries. Sort of slow, but perfect for the situation.

    #4: Panula Cave
    Snother slow, quiet track that fits with the location. It's fun to go running about this icy cave when you have a good theme playing.

    #3: Go Rock Squad Hideout
    This track creates a sense of danger and tension which goes well with me trying not to step on one of the many alarm switches, cursing when I set one off.

    #2: Sekra Range
    This track is just amazing. The music conjures images in my mind of me, flying down the path with Pokemon at my heels, the chilly air fogging my breath.

    #1: Go Rock Quad Tiffany/Clyde/Garrett Battle
    A theme that rocks, making me look forward to every battle with the Go Rock Quads. Of course, Billy's theme is great, too, it just didn't cut it for my Top 5.
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  13. It's so hard to choose favourites, but I'll try. :D

    #1 Lavender Town's original theme music
    #2 Champion fight music vs Lance/Red
    #3 R/S/E 'Drought' theme music
    #4 Dragon's Den theme music
    #5 Burned Tower Theme music
    #6 Pokemon Mansion theme music
    #7 Abandoned Ship Theme music from R/S/E
    #8 Silph Co Building Theme Music
    #9 Piano music before Champion battle vs Cynthia
    #10 Ruins of Alph Theme Music from both S/G/C and SS/HG

    I see a pattern emerging in my choices. :D
  14. ...Just so you know, the list at the very top of this thread is no longer entirely true. After actually listening to the entire soundtrack for each game, I've revised my favorites to include much more than just battle themes(although, they still remain as the most common type of music in my favorites list).

    ...Anyway, here's Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness:

    This was very, very tough. There's so many tracks from this game that I love. In the end, I chose these five(just so you know, though, there is several more that I love):

    #5: Orre Colosseum
    This theme, playing for the first time as I entered this location post-game, blew me away! There was a different version of this in Colosseum, but this was way better, causing me to go there and just listen to the music for several minutes at a time.

    #4:The Final Battle
    Lovely, awesome, epic, and truly breathtaking! An excellent track to hear as you attempt to take down the final boss!

    #3: Pyrite Town
    Man, I love this town! It's great to listen to as you casually stroll down the street. I find myself snapping my fingers along with the music!

    #2: Credits
    This includes a slightly different version of "The Last Battle," but there's so much more to it! It's so beautiful, and makes the credits actually enjoyable for once, along with seeing the characters and Pokemon you probably encountered, and a couple that you'll encounter later on...

    #1: Wanderer Miror B. Battle Theme
    I can't see how anyone can not like this track. One of the best battle themes I have ever heard, This got me full on dancing, volume cranked up, as I battled this bizarre dude! It makes the battles with him so much more entertaining!

    There were other tracks I loved, such as Citadark Isle, Snagem Hideout, and Rider Willie Battle Theme, just to name a few that didn't make it on this list, and I love them all too!
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    • Irrelevant post. This thread is about what you DO like, not what you DON'T like. This post is little more than SPAM in this context.
    i dont have a favourite but i dont like old lavender town music its kinda creepy
  15. In my opinion, I think the Player vs. Trainer battle song from Gen IV is the best Player vs. Trainer battle song ever!
  16. Trainer Red battle theme done and done. Period. Just so epic! Just as it should, the FINAL battle makes you feel like your truly being tested, and that from there on you'll
    be "The very best" yeah, I just went there, goes to show you how much i love it!
  17. Here's my list:
    -Vs. Champion Rival (both R/B/Y and FR/LG)
    -Vs. Trainer (FR/LG)
    -Vs. Diantha (X/Y)
    -Vs. Iris (B2/W2)
    -Vs. Team Magma/Aqua
    -Vs. Magma/Aqua Leader
    -Vs. Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyruem

    All of those sound so awesome;
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  18. Well, now that we have BW2 and XY, I need to amend my list to add some favorite from these games.

    Anistar City theme - This just might be the best music I've ever heard in a Pokemon game. If you haven't listened to this theme with a decent set of headphones, I HIGHLY recommend doing so.
    Marine Tube theme
    Humilau City theme
    Shalour City theme
    Snowbelle City theme
    Laverre Nature Trail and Laverre City themes
    Vs Diantha
    Vs Iris

    By no means is this an exhaustive list of great Pokemon games music, but these tracks are the favorites.
  19. Here is some more Top 5's from me.

    Pokemon Emerald(includes all Ruby/Sapphire Music):
    This was legitimately torturous for me. I ended up having 10 that I wanted to include, but in the end, I managed to get a Top 5. Here it is:

    5.Verdanturf Town
    Even though I could never hope to taste the sweet air of this lovely town, I can at least feel better after listening to this calm, peaceful tune.

    4. Route 101
    The nostalgia. The feels. Overwhelming.

    3.Sootopolis City
    I have slowly grown to realize how much I love this secluded city, and the theme makes me want to run around the city, then dunk my feet in the water and relax at the end of a long day.

    2. Dive(Underwater Theme)
    This aspect of the game was one of the most unique and enjoyable. The treasure to be found, the places to be discovered, and even the Pokemon to be caught! And it was all accompanied by this absolutely wonderful and appropriate piece.

    1. Maxie/Archie Battle Theme
    I have to say, the Team Aqua/Magma themes were better then I remembered. But the real standout was this particular battle theme. Truly fitting for a criminal organization's leader, with a buildup that leaves me in awe. Plus, it's very catchy![\spoiler]
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  20. Pretty much all the champion VS themes are stellar but those are easy choices.

    Here are my favorites that arent champion themes:
    - VS Maxie/Archie, an almost Arabian theme that I really like, feels intimidating but still kinda dancy?
    - VS Regi trio, It has a spooky otherworldly sound too it that I like. Great boss battle music.
    - The Hall of fame music from Gen 1: The first time I heard that uplifting tune as a kid just comes back to me every time I hear this song.
    - VS giratina: A really nice eerie remix of the legendary battle theme from diamond and pearl.
    - Gen 1 VS trainer music, so iconic and renowned. Can't help but feel that tingle of nostalgia goodness every time.

    Playlist that might be of interest for pokemon music fans:

    It is a re-orchestrated album of all the Kanto themes. The channel has other songs from other games as well.
  21. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Since there are so many tracks in these games I love, I've divided them based on Background and Battle Music. I also reserve the right to change up the order and rotate tracks on and off the lists at a moments notice if the whim strikes me.

    Background Music
    1. N's Castle (My absolute favorite track of all the games)
    2. Victory Road Hoenn
    3. Dragon's Den
    4. Ruins of Alph
    5. Team Rocket Hideout
    6. Heavy Rain
    7. Indigo Plateau
    8. Team Plasma Frigate
    9. Laverre City
    10. Opelucid City

    Battle Music
    1. Champion Steven Stone
    2. Kanto Gym Leader
    3. Team Plasma Battle
    4. Team Rocket Battle
    5. Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza Battle
    6. Archie/Maxie Battle
    7. Rival Champion Battle
    8. Zekrom/Reshiram Battle
    9. Johto Gym Leader
    10. Hoenn Elite Four Battle
  22. I've always liked Miror B's theme from Colosseum, it always cheers me up because it's so upbeat and happy. I liked his XD theme too but it's seems more suited to a Sonic game in my opinion
  23. Even though I've already done Pokemon XD, I've figured I might as well do Colosseum as well. This will be my Top 5 tracks in this game that do not appear in XD: GoD, mind.

    Pokemon Colosseum:
    As there aren't a lot of tracks unique to this game, my options were rather limited, making it surprisingly easy to make this list.

    5. Final Battle(Against Evice) Theme
    Yes, I find this man to be rather comical in general, but his battle theme is respectable enough to gain my admiration. However, it fails to top the others on this list, obviously.

    4. Pyrite Building
    Whenever I hear this, the slow, quiet music creates an image of Wes slowly tiptoeing through the building in an effort to avoid alerting anyone of his presence through a place of shady dealings and a sinister air, containing lots of secrets and mystery within. Well done.

    3. Opening Demo(plays if left on the title screen for over a minute)
    A lovely beginning, which quickly changes into an upbeat, catchy theme that fits perfectly with the montage of battle scenes.Awesome.

    2. The Under
    One of the things in Colosseum that I loved that was severely lacking in Pokemon XD was the gritty, dirty, and shady feel to the game-one that created a unique atmosphere that felt like a welcome change from the norm. This theme is the embodiment of that, a perfect match to the underground city.

    1. Cipher Syndicate Theme
    This theme is so catchy, I could literally listen to it for an hour, grooving as I did whatever I happening to be doing on the computer. It also conveys a sense of danger that keeps me on my toes. It's a shame that it did not appear in XD.

    Will update later with Pokemon Stadium.

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  24. Most of my favorite themes are from recent ones.
    8. Sycamores Theme.
    7. Anistar City.
    6. Rival themes from B/W and B/W 2
    5. Fortree City.
    4. D/P/P Barry's rival theme.
    3. Diantha's Champion theme.
    2. Strange House B/W 2
    And now...*drumroll* number one!
    1. Colress Battle Theme B/W 2!
  25. So many good tracks in Pokemon! I'm just going to count side games (Just Mystery Dungeon) in here to, if you really include entire Pokemon Series.
    10: Kanto Gym Leader (All Versions)
    9: Ending Theme (EoS)
    8: Primal Dialga (EoS)
    7: Memories Returned (EoS)
    8: Team Galactic Cyrus (Pt)
    7: Champion Cynthia (All versions)
    6: Champion Lance and Red (All versions)
    5: Ending Theme (B/W)
    4: Goldenrod City (G/S/C)
    3:Johto Gym Leader (All versions)
    2: Through the Sea of Time (EoS)
    1: National Park (G/S/C)
    I liked the Explorers of Sky music because a lot of them were so emotional. *Sniff* ;_; I liked the National Park theme because... Can't get a word to describe it... So fun and relaxing.
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  26. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Top 10 BG music
    10: Venrdanturf town (R/S/E)
    9: Fortree city (R/S/E)
    8: Sootopolis city(R/S/E)
    7: Nimbasa city(BW/BW2)
    6: Driftveil city (BW/BW2)
    5: Petalburg city(R/S/E)
    4: Cheren's gym(BW2)
    3: Roxie's gym(BW2)
    2: Profesor Sycamore's theme(X/Y)
    1: Route 119(R/S/E)
    Top 10 battle music
    10: Team Plasma(BW/BW2)
    9: Hugh's theme(BW2)
    8: Cheren and Bianca's theme(BW)
    7: Cynthia's theme(DPPt/BW/BW2)
    6: Barry's theme(D/P/Pt)
    5: Diantha's theme(X/Y)
    4: E4 theme(RSE/BW/BW2)
    3: Colress' theme(BW2)
    2: Maxie and Archie's theme (R/S/E)
    1: Legendary battle(R/S/E)
  27. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    5. Accumula Town (with piano and drums)
    It's just always appealed to me...
    4. X/Y Champion Battle
    Don't really have an opinion, just like it :|
    3. Kanto Gym Battle HGSS
    I like this one because it just sounds nice.
    2. Cynthia Encounter
    I've always liked the piano :)
    1. Champion Battle DPPT
    This... sounds... amazing.
  28. I'm less in touch with the musical themes of the more recent games since I often play them with the sound turned down or in settings where it's impossible to hear. Some of my favorites historically:

    1. RSE Ending Credits Theme
    - There's a touching wistfulness about this one, especially after all of RSE's bombastic, brassy route themes.
    2. Kanto Route 1
    - The journey begins; instant nostalgia for me.
    3. Ecruteak City
    - I love the sleepiness/peacefulness of this theme.
    4. Colosseum Relic Shrine
    - As above, a peaceful theme; combined with the setting, it conveyed a sense of healing and the vicious wrongs done to shadow pokemon put right.
    5. Silph Co.
    - Silph Co. was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do when I was 12 in Pokemon Red (haha) and the music only underscored the confusion and desperation of the dungeon. I've been disappointed by various orchestral versions of this one, they don't go full Danny Elfman/insane Tim Burton movie enough.
  29. probably either the kalos elite 4 theme, all team galactic themes, ho-oh's theme, palkia and dialgas theme or the major boss theme from shadows of almia
  30. I really love Pokemon League Theme (X&Y) and Snowbelle city theme. So beautiful and perfect! X)
  31. Updating my favorite list with the Kalos E4 theme and Diantha's theme. I love them so much that I use them for wifi battles.
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  32. ]I love the music from RSE and cant wait to her music from ORAS!!! Until then...
  33. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    My top 10 music from the Pokemon series... And I've gotta say I love trumpets.
    10 Pokemon center theme (all versions)
    9 Prof. Sycamores theme
    8 Route 104 (Hoenn)
    7 elite 4 (Hoenn)
    6 suterarebune abandoned ship (Hoenn)
    5 ghetsis battle theme (black/white)
    4 gym leader battle (Hoenn)
    3 lavender town
    2 Cynthia's theme
    1 Route 201 (sinnoh)
  34. Top 5 themes:
    5. Distortion World.
    4. Yvetal/ Xerneas' Theme.
    3. Lysandre's Theme.
    2. Diantha's Theme.
    1. Gary's Theme (Black/White 2 Remix.)
  35. My Top 5 pokemon game theme is:
    1.Zekrom/Reshiram theme
    2.Yvetal/Xerneas theme
    3.Unova route 10
    4.Sinnoh gym leader theme
    5.Cynthia theme(Black and White 2)
    6.Looker theme(X and Y remix)
    7.Hoenn champion theme
    8. Pokemon Black and White credit theme
    9.PWT Final round theme
    10.Kanto gym leader(HGSS remix)
  36. Almost a year ago I posted my "Complete Compilation Medley of RSE"(just a couple posts up)
    Since then, I just finished My ORAS Opening
  37. my favorite is champion blue from pokemon origins
  38. My favorites would be:
    gen 1.-wild battle, trainer battle, gym battle, route 11, and the ending themes.
    gen 2.-wild battle, trainer battle, champion battle, and mt. silver themes.
    gen 3.-wild battle, elite 4 battle, battle frontier brain themes.
    gen 4.-wild battle, gym leader battle, team galactic themes, and vs Dialga/Palkia theme.
    gen 5.-N's castle, all of the route themes, the wild battle, the trainer battle, the gym battle themes, the last Pokemon theme, N's battle themes, and the B1W1 ending theme.
    Gen 6.-Snowbelle City theme.

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