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Your favourite fairy tale

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doctor Oak, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    This semester at Uni I have a couple of narrative/gaming assignments to do, and one of them involves re-telling some part of a fairy tale story (either plainly, or subertedly) to an adult audience (as in, not kids, rather than LOLBOOBS).

    If you guys could help me in my research by letting me know your favourite fairy tale and why (and if it's a bit obscure, a general synopsis might be a good idea too) it'd be very much appreciated.

    I don't need the comments for the report, but what you guys - as generally falling into the project's target audience - feel about the stories will definitely help me come up with some ideas about how to approach such stories.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Well, my favorite Fairy Tale would have to be Little Red Riding Hood.

    Even as a kid, I was always fascinated as to how the Hunter rescused Red. You see, if the Wolf ATE her, and then the Hunter cut HIM open to rescue her...wouldn't she be all chewed up? And how did he rescue the Grandmother in the same fashion? Wouldn't the stomach acids melted her away already? That wolf must've had a very big stomach as well, to fit two people in there...and if he was that big, how'd the hunter kill him? Goodness, such a silly tale.

    There is also a very dark, cynical version of this story, as illustrated and animated here on Newgrounds. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/299838.
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    The one tale that comes to mind is The Valiant Little Tailor (aka Seven at One Stroke).

    Trickster-like characters are cool, and the tailor is certainly one. It's one of those occasions where a sharp mind conquers raw brute strength AND political power. ^^
  4. For consideration, I'd say the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland... Now on to an actual fairy tale. I love anything Grimm, one of my favorites is The Glass Coffin, it's an interesting story, and it isn't too long.
  5. The first thing that popped to my mind was Rumplestilkskin (holy crap, how do you spell that?) - mostly for the fact that I don't really remember very many fairy tales. The Rumblybumbly tale, if I remember correctly, had a sort of 'name power' bit to it, which actually reminds me about the importance of keeping your details hidden in case of identity theft.

    Because the thieves spin gold.
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    My favourite would have to be the Rainbow Fish. Not sure how well known it is though, so I'd best give storytelling a go ~

    There was a poor man and his wife that lived in a little rundown hut in the forest. One day, the man went out fishing when he caught a fish. The fish was beautiful, with scales that glittered and were all the colours of the rainbow and more. To his great surprise, the fish then spoke and pleaded for the man to let it go.
    "I'm a magic fish!" the fish says, "Please, if you set me free I can grant you a wish, any wish you like."
    The man considers this. The fish did indeed seem magic, with it's wonderful scales and ability to talk.
    "Okay," says the man, "I wish I had a beautiful house, that doesn't leak in the rain, or fall apart in the storm. I want it to be big and special."

    With that, he threw the fish back into the lake and went home.
    Upon his return, he found his hut was no longer there. Instead there was a beautiful stone building, with ivy creeping up the sides. His wife ran outside to him, screaming with glee.
    "It's so beautiful," she cried, "how did this happen?"
    The man explained all about the Rainbow-coloured fish and the agreement he'd made.
    "You're an idiot!" The woman screamed, "Why did you let it go? We could have been rich! Go and catch it again and bring it back here!"
    So the man went back to the lake, and began fishing again. It wasn't long before the Rainbow Fish was hanging off his line again.
    "Fish!," said the man, "I am taking you home."
    "No please," said the fish, "If you let me go, I will grant you another wish. But you must also promise never to seek me out again, or I won't grant it."
    The man considered and agreed. "I wish to be the richest man in the land, with money to spare and jewels to make even the king envious." And with that he tossed the fish back into the lake.

    Upon returning home he found his home full of gold and gems. His wife, buried deep in a pile of coins, shouted with joy.
    "You did it! You returned with the fish and now we are rich!"
    The man explained that he had let the fish go again, so that it would grant the wish. At this the wife became angry, and told him he was stupid. If the fish could grant wishes, it could grant them, whether they threw it back or not. It was being stubborn. "I want that fish," she screamed, "You stupid man, get me that fish!"
    The man asked her why? What more did they want. They had a beautiful home and they were rich. The wife screamed and threw a golden glass at him. He fled the house and went to the lake.

    After a little while he found the rainbow fish on his line once more.
    "Oh fish," he said, "My wife is horrid. She wants more and more. She wants me to take you back and make more wishes."
    "I won't grant them," said the fish, "You said you would not seek me out again. And you have"
    "I won't throw you back," said the man, "Unless you grant me another wish. I wish that my wife was young and beautiful and kind."
    He threw the fish back.

    Upon hitting the water, the fish became dull and grey, like all the other fish. It turned and looked up at the man.
    "Now you will not know me. I am a fish, like all the other fish. If only the gifts of strangers can make you glad, and greed your only goal, then you will never find happiness." And with that the fish disappeared back into the lake.
    Upon returning home, the man found his old hut waiting for him. No stone home. Inside there was no gold or trinkets. Only his wife, who was now the ugliest woman he'd ever seen.

    Lessons behind it? Greed is bad. The magic fish became normal at the end, so that it would blend in with the other fish - sometimes advertising certain talents isn't a good idea. Or maybe that women are evil :D
  7. I've always like the original tales, not the ones sanitized when parents realized they were telling little kids about bloody amputations and witchery. Following this, my favorite tale is the original Cinderella, in which eyes were gouged out by birds, parts of feet chopped off, and a magic tree that somehow produced dresses.
  8. I've always liked the story of Alice and Wonderland. Not the animated Disney one, even though that is kind of fun to watch. I mean the orginal book. I guess I just like how random it is. It always fasinated me how cats could appear out of thin air, you could play crouqeut (sp?) with flamingoes, and cards painted roses red.
  9. One of my favorites is the Nightingale. I'll try to condense it for you guys...

    There was an emperor of China who had the most beautiful palace. But when ever people came, they would hear the Nightingale that lived there, and the song was more beautiful than all of the palace. The Emperor had never heard it, so he sent his Lords in Waiting to go find it.
    With the help of a scullery maid, they did find the Nightingale, and he agreed to go sing to the Emperor. When he did sing to him, the song was so sweet that he cried. The Emperor offered a golden slipper to him, but the Nightingale said that the tears of the Emperor were enough.
    So the Emperor let the Nightingale live at the palace, with people waiting for him, hand and foot. Not the best life for a wild bird. Eventually, word spread of the Nightingale's song (even more than it already had) and eventually, the Emperor of Japan gave an artificial Nightingale to the Emperor of China.
    Now, the real Nightingale was drab, brown in color. The clockwork Nightingale had gold, silver and all manner of gems on the outside. It also sang one of the real Nightingale's songs perfectly, some said that it was better than the real one's because of the predictability. So, only the artificial Nightingale got to sing, and the real Nightingale was banished from the realm.
    Eventually, the artificial Nightingale got played so much that it broke. The watchmaker was sent to fix it, and he did, but the artificial one was only to be played once a year. The land of China was sad for all that time, missing the beautiful sound of the Nightingale's songs.
    After five years, the Emperor grew desperately sick. One night, Death came for him, with all the sins and all the good deeds he had done looking at him. The Emperor called for music, so that he wouldn't have to hear what Death had to say to him, but alas, there was no one to play a drum, and no one to wind up the artificial Nightingale to sing. But at that moment, the real Nightingale came to sing the most beautiful song. The song even stopped Death, he wanted to listen to the song. The Nightingale only agreed to keep singing if Death would leave, Death agreed, and followed the Nightingale outside.
    Once Death was gone, the Nightingale returned to the Emperor. The Emperor wanted to reward the Nightingale with what ever he wanted, but the Nightingale refused, saying that the tears of the Emperor where still enough payment. The Nightingale told the Emperor that he would still sing to him, but only in the evenings, he would sing to all the other places that he had sung before too. So the Nightingale flew back into the woods, and everybody lived happily ever after.

  10. This actually took me a while to figure out. xD I had heard so many fairy tales as a kid, and one that comes to mind is the Doll Princess.

    To be brief, The Doll Princess is a bit of a role reversal on the part of the Princess and the frog. A Prince goes out to seek his bride, only to find a talking doll that claims to be a princess of a kingdom of toys. The King arranges for a series of tests to prove the doll's worth. Although everything she does is with proportion to her size, the king and prince conclude she is still a worthy candidate to be the prince's bride. And so despite what everyone else thought, the prince fell in love with the doll, and once he kissed her, she transforms into a real princess, complete with deus ex machina backstory about how she was cursed by some nameless witch.
  11. It's gotta be either Alice's adventures in Wonderland, or Through the looking Glass. Random, yet comments on society.

    Plus, the movie is coming out next month, and looks awesome.

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