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Your Favorite starter in your first game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by SuperDJ888, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. Now I know in their game everyone would "LINK" to their starter and made them their favorite. So I made this topic! Enjoy and reply all you want! ;D
  2. My favorite starter in Blue version... this is hard.
    If I was serious with my journey then it'd be Bulbasaur but my favorite will have to go to Charmander. I would pick Squirtle, but Charmander and I have some connection going on, every mystery dungeon game I have played said I was a Charmander. ♥
  3. Favorite starter in Blue version?

    For me, it was Charmander. I remember playing when I was 8, enthralled by my adorable lizard that evolved into some crazy fire breathing flying majigger :>
  4. Well, my favorite Starter in Silver is Cyndaquil. I don't know what the erf the little guy is supposed to be based on besides some sort of mouse, but he's pretty simple, yet he's awesome :D He proves that less is more.
  5. My favorite soulsilver starter is Totodile
  6. I borrowed my friend's friend's Pokemon Emerald, and loved Mudkip. I used him all the time and didn't catch anything else. Now he also has a special space in my PokeHeart, with Slowpoke. :3
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  7. My fav Starter from Godl version...hmmmm i would have to say that is Cyndaquil its just so cute and on top of it they are fire type which if my favorite.
  8. My favourite starter from LeafGreen...

    erk...err...umm.. :-[ I dunno.. I think it would have to be Squirtle~
    That adorable little water turtle is underrated and needs love ♥

    He has a great moveset and powerful final evolution, much like the rest of them<3
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  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    My first game was Pokemon Red, and I definitely did grow strongly attached to my first starter - Bulbasaur. Ever since Pokemon Red, Bulbasaur/Ivysaur have been part of my top favourites. Heck, the first Pokemon fanfic I ever wrote AAAAAAGES ago had me traveling with a Bulbasaur. ^^
  10. my very first game was the pokemon firered version.in my first attempt,i have chosen squirtle as my starter,and idk why.but as i progressed through the entire game,and learn all of the movesets and used the three of the kanto starters,i realized my favorite was bulbasaur. I guess I turned to like Bulbasaur because of it's peaceful and quiet- type looking pokemon to me,and probably being the nature of grass types as peaceful pokemon,like Ash's Bulbasaur and Turtwig. Ever since, I remained a bulbasaur fanatic of my own,even having a sticker of bulbasaur on my game boy advance just to remind me of its beauty and toughness in a peaceful hear of my favorite Bulbasaur.. ♥
  11. my first game...well, I got Red and Yellow at the same time, but I had played Red before. My starter was Charmander, and it will forever reign as my first memory of Kanto...nay, of Pokemon~
  12. My starter in blue version was charmander... nicknamed... "Flameboy" soo original and cool.
  13. My first game I owned was Diamond. I chose a Piplup and named him Poach after the Japanese name Pochama.
  14. My first handheld game was Sapphire. Torchic was the clear winner for me - I thought it was adorable and it had an awesome evolution - Blaziken.
  15. Ked


    In Leafgreen...tough decision.

    My original starter was Bulbasaur, which I named Oswald ♥ But after deleting that save file, and crying my eyes out from losing Oswald, I started again and chose Squirtle.

    I had a nice time with my sweet little Bobo until I reached the same problem that made me start over before: Lorelei. She made me go poor before, and she did it again D:

    Then I got little Casee on my Nuzlocke run ♥ I love her too, but she still wasn't my favorite.

    I lke all of them pretty much the same. Sure, they all have their strong and weak points, but it's just so hard chosing favorites~! But, after winning by a tiny bit, Squirtle took the lead and won~! I loved Bobo's design and his cuteness ♥ Evolving into a giant turtle with guns for shoulders helps too~
  16. My favorite starter in my first game...

    Technically the first Pokemon game I played was Yellow, but that doesn't count for multiple reasons. Silver was the first main series game that I finished, and my favorite starter from there was definitely Totodile. For some reason I think Cyndaquil used to be my favorite because my cousin had one...which is ironic because I don't really like Cyndaquil now. I picked Totodile and I ended up falling in love with it ♥
  17. I think I had Red before I had Crystal. In Red I chose Charmander and didn't let Brock bring me down! And In Crystal It was Cyndaquil that started me off. My sister had her own game running so I could never keep my little Cynda D= But once (when she actually let me keep this file (I think)) I managed to get to Typhlosion! My first though was that he looked like a walking pillowcase >>

    Believe it or not, I never actually HAD Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, despite my name.
  18. Well, since my first one was Gold... Gosh, this is hard. I usually picked Cyndaquil 'cause I love that little mouse thingy, but I have also started to have a liking against Chikorita (well, mainly Bayleef but you undretsand my point). Hmm, I think I'm gonna say Cyndaquil after all. When my first Cyndaquil became a Typhlosion I looooved (♥) him so bad. He and I created a bond, and I even leveled him up to level 100 (impressive if you know me, since I get bored sooooo fast). All my other Pokés, except perhaps Ho-Oh and Furret, was very underleveled but I'm not to blame since I was only like 6 or something.
  19. I know I'm the one who made this but I wanta tell you mine..I'm gonna say 1st and 2nd games I played.So I chose the one for platinum is chimchar he is the most awesome little guy!And evolves into Infernape!!!2nd one is Soul silver and it was Cyndaquil the little cute mouse and evolves into Typhlosion Together we were unstoppable we are already one our last gym leader!!!So that is my pokemon starter faves(BTW whatch for another thing I'm gonna make called "What type of trainer are you??":3 ;D
  20. Mine is Bulbasaur in FireRed :)
    Great pokemon , cute , smart , strong .
    Bulbasaur is the best pokemon ever !
    Well to me it is , vie won so many battles with Bulbasaur and its evolutions .
    Epic pokemon .
  21. Ahh Emerald.. those were the days..
    My favorite starter in that game (and probably of all time) is definitely Mudkip. I named it Fishnchips, and it was always with me. I loved it so much that I still continue to use it in Platinum as a vital part of my Wi-Fi battles team. Oh dear Mudkip, I love you so...
  22. My 1st started pokemon was charmander but it wasn't my favorite...pikachu is my favorite one
  23. My 1st Game Was Diamond, My Fav Starter In It Is Pipulp.
  24. my first game was silver and i lik chikorita
  25. To be perfectly honest, I started Red with a Bulbasaur, but when I saw what a hideous beast it evolved into, my seven year old mind thought 'SCREW THIS!', so I carelessly deleted hours of work and started again with a Charmander because it kept kicking my @$$ when Gary used it. Also, I thought it looked AWESOME. =D
  26. Totodile! My first ever starter, it still is one of my many favorite Pokemon.
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  27. My first starter was bulbasaur in fire red but it wasn't my favorite then I got emerald and fell in love with treeco so I migrated it to platnum where my turtwig was but I lost platnum to a lawn mower :'( so I my over all favorite is snivy I mean its cool smart speedy and strong but I will never forget treeco :(
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  28. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    my first game was blue version. and my first pokemon, ever, was bulbasaur. it was also my first pokemon card.
    to this day, i have a special connection with grass/poison pokemon.
  29. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    My first and favorite starter is, and will always be, the Squirtle I had in Pokemon blue. Been sticking with water types ever since then.
  30. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Surprisingly, for the huge fan of the grass-type that I am, my first ever starter in my first ever game, Red, was Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard. There was just something rather awesome about the thought of commanding a majestic, winged fire-breathing dragon... thingy to the younger me.

    These days I'm neutral on Charizard. I like the way it looks in my head (which is much less pot-belly-derpy-looking) but it's hardly one of my favorite starters. My favorite Gen 1 starter these days is Bulbasaur/Ivysaur (I'm a bit eh on Venusaur's appearance, but it still kicks arse anyway) - even though these days I wouldn't touch the original Gen 1 games with a ten foot pole. XD
  31. My first game was Pokemon Yellow... so my starter was obviously the one and only Pikachu.
  32. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    Like Moose, I started with Yellow, so the only option was the little yellow lighting mouse |D
  33. Wow... Back In 2005, My Friend Let Me Have His Emerald, Which Was My First Pokemon Game, And I Picked Torchic Because I Like Fire. And Instantly I Was Hooked! I Would Recommend That Pokemon As A Good Starter For Its Stats, Appearence, And Evoloution.
  34. Blaziken for the win!
    Silver was my first game.I was extremely young ,like 4 or 5 years old ,when I started Pokemon ,back when you could still buy a Gameboy Color outside of Ebay. I played through a few times and I have to say my favorite starter was Chickorita. I found it a more "pleasent" experience (CURSE YOU FALKNER ,CURSE YOU BUGSY ,AND CURSE YOU PRYCE AND YOUR GRASS KILLING POWERS)
  35. Fav starter from Sapphire
    Torchic All the way!
  36. My fave starter is Cyndaquil. I love him! When I started Silver, Gold, and Soulsilver (no Heartgold :p) I always started with him. Typhlosion is now part of my awesome team of lv. 100's.
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  37. My favorite is treecko, although I also like mudkip, but still treecko was my first and best pokemon :3
  38. In pearl it was turtwig and i called it "sage" because of the herb! ;D
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  39. Blue version was my very first game, i chose Squirtle...and though my favourite is Blastoise, my favourite 'starter' would have to be Bulbasaur.

    In other games i chose Totodile, Treecko and Turtwig...all T's haha
  40. Aside from Pikachu being my first, when I got Pokemon Sapphire I really enjoyed Torchic and it's evolutions.

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