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Your Favorite Game/Region!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Pokestar, Jun 1, 2007.


What is your favorite Region?

  1. Kanto (Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen)

    11 vote(s)
  2. Johto (Gold, Silver, Crystal

    24 vote(s)
  3. Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

    7 vote(s)
  4. Sinnoh (Diamond & Pearl)

    18 vote(s)
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  1. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    [move][glow=purple,2,300] What is it? whats your favorite game/Region?[/glow]

    [glow=red,2,300]Ka[/glow][glow=green,2,300]nt[/glow][glow=yellow,2,300]o[/glow] [glow=gold,2,300]Joh[/glow][glow=silver,2,300]to[/glow] [glow=red,2,300]Ho[/glow][glow=blue,2,300]enn[/glow] [glow=blue,2,300]Sin[/glow][glow=pink,2,300]noh[/glow][/move]
  2. This one was really tough but I went with Sinnoh. I really got started in Johto and refined my art in Hoenn so those to also have a place in my heart. I like the details that are present in the last three regions and I know it's because Kanto came first and the other regions were built up from it. But I never really got into Kanto as a region.

    I like how a mountain range divides Sinnoh in half. And having Shellos look different depending on if you caught it in the east or west.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I voted for Johto. Still my favorite Pokeyman game to date, and I'm anxiously awaiting a remake. As to why Johto was my favorite? I dunno really. I guess a combination of things.

    The new Pokemon, the night and day feature, the new region, that fact that you could go back to Kanto,(even if it WAS screwed up.) The breeding that was brought in, two new types. Yeah, lots of goodness there. :)
  4. Nothing beats the classics.
  5. I voted for Sinnoh because it looks spiffy, but I do like Johto as well. A remake would be great.
  6. I voted for the 1st gen.Even after playing diamond,even though i've beaten both games,i'm more attached to my firered team and trainer than my diamond team and trainer.

    Its just classics pure and simple.This is the stuff i saw when i was a kid,and even now i adore Mew to death.As a plus its got the only pokemon who uses weapons (Marowak!) and some of the coolest looking starters.Then of course theres just so many legends of that day.Everyone looking for mew,The Legendary Glitch Missingno,The legendary Mewtwo (who even now is one of the best i believe).

    Then of course many pokemon who are still loved today,and used today,came from the 1st generation.Charizard whos taking many changes over the years in movesets,Snorlax,Chansy who evolves into the powerful blissy.Then of course Pikachu which just about anyone knows of.

    Besides that i personally think the 1st pokemon season built after this generation was the most well done.And all of the ideas in it are fresh and well made (2nd gen set a lot of good things in,but they wernt perfected till the 3rd or 4th gen.And i just can't get attached to 3rd generation at all)

    And then of course you got the classic characters.Giovanni who was much cooler than team galactic,Gary who brought about a nice fight the first few times around,then the gym leaders who were nearly all cool.
  7. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    Sem, I saw on a few of my favorite sites (Don't like them as much as good old Pokecharms!) that they were making a remake with very cool boxart, heres a pic. Don't know if it's true though. Cross your fingers. Johto rules!

  8. I had to say Kanto^^ Because its the most beautiful, in my own opinion, it has my favorite places, and its also the very first pokemon adventure/experience and im a fan of all the gym leaders of that region as well, call it attachment but it'll always be number one in my book :p
  9. I pick Johto. Sinnoh is close but.....Johto just had more play value. Awkward type gyms...headbutt at trees...day night...the first shiny accessable to all... Not to mention....the clone glitch was still working...hahahahaha. "OMG! How'd you get 6 Typhlosions?!?!" ;)
  10. I said Kanto. It was always my favorite
  11. I chose jhoto because that was my game at heart I played when I was like 5 and I couldn't stop playing it for a long time and I am also nervously waiting for a remake if they ever make one and hopefully it will be for dual-system ds, and advance/sp, but hey if they only made one I think it should be for ds ;D

    -Rioulo Prince, and please bow down!!
  12. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

    There might be, as I posted below.


    [quote author:pokestar link=topic=1987.msg19676#msg19676 date=1180736287]
    Sem, I saw on a few of my favorite sites (Don't like them as much as good old Pokecharms!) that they were making a remake with very cool boxart, heres a pic. Don't know if it's true though. Cross your fingers. Johto rules!

  13. I chose sinnoh because I don't remember the johto region that much (my older brother had Gold and i always watched him play it ) I really got into pokemon when they released Sapphire and Ruby. And I also played leafgreen. Sooo out of Kanto,Hoenn, and Sinnoh I chose sinnoh.
  14. i TOTALLY did that xD
    (used the glitch)

    i voted johto, because that's where i got my start, really. it's just been better than all the rest i've played, in my opinion, including the sinnoh games. and the moving sprites were SO much better than the ones in emerald and d/p. on that note, i might ask sami to do a crystal style moving sprite for luxray or something. maybe absol?....*goes to find sami*
    *hopes that it isn't too much for one spriter*
  15. after having just replayed Gold I'd have to say Johto
    the land is my favorite probably because of Blackthorn City

    I agree
    all the emerald ones do is bounce up and down
  16. Johto's where my adventure began and I loved every part of it, Hoenn's a second fave, but mostly because most of my favortie pokemon are there....

    This looks fake to me. But that's my opinion...
  17. Well, I took a look at the pic and I zoomed and observed it and it looked really real to my opinion...
  18. Well johto had good episodes but so does sinnoh.You see Sinnohs bringing back some Johto so Sinnoh.
  19. it's fake
    I looked at it in Photoshop (that's right i got it working again) and I can see where they posted the Pokemon logos and letters.
    It's a very good fake too
    it's almost real
  20. Pokestar

    Pokestar Guest

  21. Warned for all-caps posting. And you're gone, Pokestar, for that was in fact your third warning. Cheers!
  22. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    That was more than his third warning. I've banned that idiot quite a few times and apparantly he found a way to evade it.

    I deleted his account. Maybe this will drill it into his head.

    ... Idiot.
  23. Hey! He's my friend! But, yeah he is a bit of an idiot. i think he was excited, but if he had read the rules...

    Anyway, I chose Johto
  24. Unfortunately, I stand alone when I say Hoenn. That was when I got cut off, and am unable to continue playing pokemon unless a DS falls from the sky ~looks up hopefully~
    Another reason is, Kanto and Johto just didn't have any dragons. and I love dragons. Hoenn finally realized there needed to be more dragon-types than just Dragonite. Well, they did go a bit overboard with Dragon types but...It is still teh one I play the most.(Occasionally I do play the pervious ones. Just not as much.)
  25. Johto had Kingdra. But he didn't have to much Dragon.

    I liked Johto's gameplay and gym leaders. If they do remake, hope they make it with a less messed up Kanto in it. I like the introduction of Magby and Elekid. It really set the stage for Magmortar and Electivire.
  26. I love Hoenn ^_^ its so pretty and I love the pokemon on Emerald
  27. I love Hoenn. It was the first region I stepped into and... oh, I don't need a speech. But I do love that region, plus until D/P it was zee coolest! Are we going to give up on Hoenn so easily?!

    [size=6pt]Probably... :-\[/size]
  28. [move]Sinnoh: 1st Place[/move]
    [move]Johto: 2nd Place[/move]
    [move]Kanto: 3rd Place[/move]
    [move]Hoenn: 4th Place[/move]
  29. Johto because some of the coolest pokemon are from Johto...especially Umbreon and Quilava. It had a great choice of types for gym leaders, two brand new types and after you beat the Elite Four, there was another set of gym badges to get after too. I can see a remake coming with you going to a brand new region (not Kanto)
  30. Kanto, because... uh... Sabrina's in it. Sabrina's hot, and she can turn you into a doll with her mind.
  31. Kanto for sure.Yeah,im an old school pokemoner.(if leaf green counts any way XD)
  32. I like Hoenn best... Because;
    ~It introduced contests which I think are infuriatingly fun and awesome.
    ~It has the overall best set of starters [Infernape may pwn all the other starters but Swampert and Sceptile are the best water & grass starters]
    ~RS's Battle Tower seemed more organized to me than Crystal's for some reason and had better prizes.
    ~Emerald imploded the Tower into the Battle Frontier.
    ~Battle Frontier has Tucker.
  33. To Tell you the truth i couldnt choose between Sinnoh and Johto but i chose Sinnoh because of all the technology
  34. My fave region is (always) Jhoto, why?

    Errm. dunno 16 gym badges, 251 pokemon, eggs, day+night, put pokemon on the map, funny name and the way u can catch both of the pokemon pictured. :)

    *takes deep breath*

    Second is Sinnoh, third, Hoenn and last Kanto. (sorry, but its just too I dunno, I just DON'T like it.)

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  35. Johto. It has my favorite Pokemon in it. QUILAVA. ESPEON. UMBREON. (I like Flareon the best, Glaceon second) THE CHIKORITA EVOLUTIONS. KINGDRA. LANTURN. ETC.
  36. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Third Warning for POSTING IN ALL CAPS. You are now banned.
  37. I liked Johto's layout the most. Johto not only brought the games into a whole new meaning with it's clock and day and night stuff, but also it was a great land to go through. The fact it was next to Kanto made it so much funner. I wish they'd remake it already...I want to go back to the land of the greatest Pokemon releases.
  38. Johto. It has my fave Pokes in it, Night and Day were coolness, and it has awesome music! Route 3-something (The one with Miltank and Tauros on it) has my favorite music in all the games, and gosh I would love to hear it revamped! I loved LG because all the music was revamped (and some Johto was too). They really need a remake...
  39. My personal favorite is Johto, based on the fact that you can go to Kanto. You also have to give props to the phone and radio in G/S/C.
  40. I voted for Kanto hands down.. without it, i cant imagine pokemon even existing. I started out with a red version, and although I do enjoy all of the games, particularly g/s/c, I love R/B/Y the best.
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