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Your cell phones!

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Carmen Lopez, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. While there are a fair few people here who think that cell phones are a waste of time and think people who love theirs are silly well, this thread probably isn't for you XD

    So what kind of cell phone do you have and how much do you use it? Maybe you love the phone you have, or maybe you think it's a piece of crap. You can even talk about your dream phone, your first cell phone or just phones you used to have.

    This one is mine! :D The HTC Hero.


    I don't actually call people much, so I only have 450 minutes per month...and I don't even need that many because of perks of my plan. Texting and the internet are my thing. For some reason I fail at checking my email and Facebook messages on my computer on a regular basis so I usually check them on my phone. Sad to say I'm lost whenever I'm without it. I researched it before I bought it, but I absolutely fell in love with the Android OS (and the apps) when I started playing with it. Going back to the past, I got my first cell phone (it was a cute, simple Motorola phone), but it was stolen my first year of high school. Yes, I cried.

    And I have give an honorable mention to my last phone:


    It was a solid phone, but it just won worlds because it was purple XD
  2. Doctor Oak

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  3. Mine's just a Verizon flip phone. Nothing too special. I have unlimited text(which I use most), and free calls to ten certain people. Also with free calls to ANYONE else who has Verizon.

    Can you hear me now?
  4. [​IMG]

    Had it since Christmas ^^
  5. The phone i currently have now is a Pantech Impact
    (Camera on the back)
    I find the phone easy to use, consisting the use of AIM and Windows live messenger.

    I don't really call people to much but then again i usually use it for alarms/messenger/texting.

    For my plan it actually has free calling to AT&T members, free texting and internet. Free calls after 9pm. Along with Free weekend calls. Though seems to be a useless feature since i rarley call anyone. : P I happened to pass a store one day noticed it, since my grandmother was to looking for a phone then i told her about it, 2 days later i have the phone. I adore my phone now, i'll probably be keeping for it a long extended ammount of time. I've had it for a a few months as well and i still would choose it over the iphone and its useless apps, seriously the iphones useless. I remember kids playing gun shot noises and ect in class its distracting in studys and so forth.
  6. I have a blackberry pearl. I use it mainly for sending texts cuz I hate making phone calls.
  7. That's the exact same phone I have! I use it for texting and surfing the Net when I'm away from home.
  8. Isn't it simply wonderful? im not to fond of using the net but even so its useful and simply easy to navigate along with operating. : D
    Loving the vibrating button touch when closed.~ i casually find myself touching them without even dialing i find it joyfully amusing. I recently called some random number by mistake it was pretty humorous considering i didn't even understand what the person was saying.
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  9. [​IMG]

    This is my phone the Samsung Solstice and I love it. I have unlimited texting and internet and that is mainly all I do on it. ;D
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  10. Nim



    I'm afraid nothing can beat a jailbroken Iphone. All apps for free, customisible icons, backgrounds, lockscreens and dialers. I usually just use it for surfing the web, social networks, apps and texting.
  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    An unmodified Android phone can. Quite easily, too.

    All of this can be done on an Android phone without voiding your waranty. :) Ahh, Steve Jobs, you've conned yet another one.
  12. Nim


    How can you get all apps for free without modifying?
  13. [​IMG]

    And that is my amazing cellular device! It's the LG Shine from AT&T. It gets service just about everywhere, and I've dropped it down more flights of stairs than I can even count, it's been dropped in pools, on the ground, onto asphault while riding my bike, and the little zombie phone still lives!
  14. [​IMG]

    I just use it to listen to music instead, I don't get any calls or texts. Occasionally I call my mom to pick m up from school on it or whatever.

    I only have it because my mom insisted anyway.

    Edit: My cell phone is the oldest cell phone in th house. My parents even have newer cell phones than me ;p
  15. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Aside from the fact the vast majority of the apps available on the android market are already free (a lot of the paid ones that are actually worth downloading are normally just ad-free versions of existing free ones), you can choose to install non-Market apps - ie: anything you can download off the internet yourself. It doesn't take a genius to add 2 and 2 together there and get D'Aarrr.

    The only thing the iPhone has superiority with over Android phones at the moment is the apps available. Android apps just aren't 'there' yet - especially when it comes to the games. Functional stuff, that's all great, plenty of that - but there's really no gaming to be had.

    'Course, if you seriously want portable games, you'd have a PSP or a (3)DS, not a phone, for that - so it's not really a huge deal.
  16. Nim


    Yeah, I usually get the apps that are actually helpful for things, not specifically games, that's why I have a DS and Xbox. The only games I have is Pac-Man Tetris and Super-Turbo-Action Pig. I also have a program that let's me download anything from the net and place it in the files within the Phone. Seems like your phones are far superior, you used me Apple! Why?! :-[
  17. LG KP500 I use it for music really and i have better things to buy than credit so its pretty much just used for showing off at school
  18. Nim


  19. I just bought this one online ^^ '


    I haven't got it yet, so I can't say much on it, but I've played around with a friend's and it seems like a great phone :D
  20. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... haha, I love how almost everyone else has a newer phone than what I have. XD

    To be honest, I change between two phones (switch the SIM cards around), because I have these pictures and games and numbers on one that I'm too lazy to switch to the newer one. If that makes sense.


    I typically use this one, which I have waaaay back from 2006, and it still works fairly well. Yes, it's a Motorola Razr V3. I've kinda lost it, so don't expect me to call any of ya'll any time soon...


    This is my other phone, my newer one, which I rarely use. Why? Simply because I'm not used to it yet.
  21. I only recently got a phone for myself. Its a Samsung tocco lite, and im with a pay as you go deal with free texts, suits me perfect ♥! I really love the touch screen controls, and have no problemo gettin´ mah grubby little fingers on it.
  22. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    I own an HTC Hero, like Carmen - except I have the European version, with a chin:

    It's absolutely fantastic. I mostly use it for... well, tinkering. The internet is too expensive to use very often, and I don't really call or text much, but I love it anyway. Android ftw.
  23. [​IMG] This is mine, an LG CF360. It's pretty basic, really, but I don't need to use it for much so I don't mind.
  24. [​IMG]
    A Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic. Eh.. It's not PREPAID! I got unlim txt, but I don't use it, since my friends don't text me. -.-
  25. Everyone has really cool phones and I have some kind of piece of shit from Motorolla. It's black, it's kind of bulky, and it can text/call. That's about all it does. But it does have a fun Tetris game..
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  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Nokia 6230i here. Had it for quite a while. It's a solid brick, tough, resilient, can survive falls relatively unscathed and enough for what I need it.

    Which is... well... the occasional text/call once in a blue moon... and a hell of a lot of phoneternets.
  27. [​IMG]

    Yep. I really like it. It's been dropped in the potty, and it still works.
    Please don't ask.
  28. I've got a Tilt. It works pretty well, freezes up now and again, but makes up for that by having an awesome bubble game. The keyboard is incredibly convenient, seeing that I'm constantly texting for planning purposes/ whatnot- I have friends who like to literally text me at 4 pm asking if I want to see a movie at 6.

    Here is a picture of it. Mine's like this one, but scratched up from being dropped on its arse over nine thousand times >_>;; It's a real trooper.
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  29. Anonymous

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