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Your catchphrase

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Blarg, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. What is your catchphrase? Be it something you say out of nowhere in conversation, or whatever, post 'em here! Some random things I say are "... and that is precisely why we don't get nice things." and "Nobody likes roasted nuts." The last one is an inside joke, so it is probably only funny to me and my group of friends, but whatever lol.
  2. Basically, my catchphrases are...
    "Just set the project down in front of me and say that I can't do it." Or "If you think I'm crazy, just wait until you meet my other personalities." Also, "If it moves, I can shoot it. Or probably miss." Including "You're just jealous because I'm the only one the voices talk to."
  3. I have four simple, easy words: "That's what she said!"
  4. I have quite a few myself - Some said in school alot and some said outside school
    One of them is "We had homework?" Said straight after someone asks me if we had homework
    "Guess what I just heard!" Just after I hear some juicy gossip :D
    "Oh you guys!" After laughing at a funny moment - I say this even if im with one person xD
    And weirdly I say "Thank-en you" instead of Thank You
    I also say "actually" and "f*ck my life" alot

    And i cant think of anymore, but ill modify when I do :D
  5. Here's another one of mine.
    (This one I stole from Axel) "Got it memorized?"
  6. Ever scince I heard the song Chemicals by Scars On Broadway, I've also been saying "Come eat some chemicals with me!" a lot for some reason.
  7. mine are "f***.", "DOCTOR OCTAGONAPUS!",and "OMG THERE'S A HOBO UNDER YOUR NOSE!!!" lol randomness.
  8. *laughter* Let the good times roll! *More laughter*
  9. 'Fair Play' and if something wierd happened, I just stand there and go 'And your sure your sane?'
  10. Eh, I guess mine would be "holy crap". I say that when Something bad is about to happen, or when something ausome just happened. I may say that when I'm in disbeleif.



    "Holy crap! I'm dead!"


    "Holy crap that was fun!"

    or embarrassing:

    "I couldn't say no... So now I'm dating Crazy Anne (a girl from our school who hates being told no and hates to be alone)."

    "Heheholy craap *laughs* You're dead dude."

    I know, not exactly healthy, but I can't help it. Better than my "enemy's" catch phrase, which just consist of the "F" word repeated consistently in his sentences.
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  11. Roasted Nuts. Lol. I love those Videos!

    My phrase is "AhhhhhhAhhhhhAhhhhhhhAhhhhhh! Blah." 'Nother Inside Joke.
  12. Nenelanaaaaa. (From scrubs.)

    I also make the victory sign a lot.
  13. Well, I have four. My first one is ''Llama Fruitcake!'' my second one is ''Gum!'' my third is ''Wario smells of trains'' and my fourth: ''A pink gummi-bear called drink!'' I love weirdness!

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