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Your best Pokémon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Picnicker Virgil, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. What's your best Pokémon? Not your favorite, your best one in game. It can be from any game from Red all the way to D/P/P (Added in the extra P 'cause maybe this thread'll last that long.)

    Personally, I'd say my best Pokémon is my Tyranitar. I don't really like Tyranitars that much but it is no doubt the only thing that keeps me alive in battles. I got it from my friend, who got it on the gamespot forums I think. I'm pretty sure I just traded him some non-legit Arceus or something. It's EV/IV/whatever trained and has a good moveset (I'm not good at telling those things, but I checked up on it and found out the moveset was good). I didn't train it at all, though, so I'm not really proud of it.

    Runner ups are my Salamence and Sceptile. The only Pokémon I have that I've trained to level 100 and they're both girls. I always thought of them as boys, which dissapoints me. But yeah, they're not EV trained or anything so they'd get ripped apart in competetive battling.
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  2. My best Pokemon is in Crystal Version, and it's my Alakazam, Ambrosia. She just.. pwnz. The moveset I gave her is a complete knock-out: Psychic, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch. She gets me out of nearly any battle :p Gotta love a Pokemon like that.
  3. my current team is houndoom, garchomp, gallade, gyarados, skarmory, spiritomb. i'd say garchomp is my best. my gyarados has a higher attack stat, but garchomp gets the most kills. he's really fast and defenses aren't bad either. my best pokemon defensively thinking is spritomb. it once had focus sash and i loved using destiny bond right before it died.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I think my strongest Pokemon is probably a lv 100 EV Trained Regice which I have in my team. Its defensive stats are huge on both sides (especially in Sp.Defense) and it gets a ridiculous amount of hax - I had one 3 vs 3 battle where it haxed out and beat the whole opponent team by itself with a combination of well timed paralysis haxes and a haxy Ice Beam freeze.
  5. Probably my Untouched Shiny Latias. I've only used it once in a battle (Competitive) and it beat 3 pokemon in a double pokemon battle without partner. (last pokemon. >>)

    Moveset is Dragon Pulse, Mist Ball, Psychic, and some move I can't remember.

    Runner up is my Garchomp, who is pretty powerful and partially Eved in attack.
  6. Sapphire/Colosseum: Blaziken
    This was my starter in Sapphire and he got out of many jams, even though stat and nature wise he wasn't the best but he was the best to get the job done.

    LeafGreen: Blastoise
    Blastoise was given to by a friend who stop playing the pokemon games.

    Pearl: Salamence
    Salamence was the first pokemon I EV trained in Pearl and his stats were better than I had hoped.
  7. I'm really proud of my Porygon-Z (lol).

    Dark Pulse,
    Nasty Plot

  8. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    In the days of Red and Blue it was my Charizard. He was always a higher level than the rest of my team, and his flamethrower kicked butt.

    In Silver it was Miltank. She wasn't the best attacker, but Milk drink and Body slam usually finished off most opponents

    Ruby had the magic of Manectric, who Thunderbolted his way through everything! Flygon came a close second with this, his Earthquake was just awesome and to be fair Sceptile was very powerful... this gen was just full of awesome Pokemon!

    For Diamond I can't even remember my 'Before Pal Park' Team XD But now that it's open, my best Pokemon would have to be Salamence or Xatu. Salamence just kills things. Xatu is the best Baton-passer ever. He saves my team if they're in trouble.
  9. I adore my torterra in my Diamond game, he may not have the EVs for Wifi but man he kicked butt throughout the game. But top of my list would be my old swampert from my Emerald Emulator, he just owned everything in the game with a nice set of mixed attacks. :D
  10. My best pokemon was my Scizor in Leaf Green, I got it from my friend as a scyther at level 25 and raised it to level 100. I forgot what moves it had, but it sadly was erased with my game. That Scizor was pwnage. ;D
  11. My best Pokemon was probably my Swampert from Sapphire. He was my powerhouse and rarely let me down. When I ported him over to Pearl, I was pleased to see that he had an appropriate nature for his new moveset and apparently his EV spread was OK, so I was very happy!
  12. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I decided to play Fire Red again, this time with Pokemon I've never really bothered with before, to make it a bit different, and I must say that Tauros kicks butt XD

    His attack and speed is awesome, his Horn Attack takes everything out. I don't know why he seems down-graded in Diamond/Pearl, since he's no where near as awesome on those games.
  13. Feraligatr (Ace)
    lv.96 (trained, didnt use a candy once)
    sp ATT-231
    Sp Def-239

    moves- surf, hyrdo pump, bite, ice punch

    kills anything, best starter of all, hes god
  14. Mine woul have to be my current Dragonite. I caught him as a Shadow Pokemon in Gale of Darkness, purified him, and helped me catch all the other Shadow Pokemon in the game.

    Next, he was transfered to FireRed, where he wiped the floor with the Elite Four countless times.

    Then, he moved to Emerald, and started kicking butt in a few Battle Frontier areas, and once again showed the Elite Four whose boss.

    Which brings him to his current home in Pearl. He has upstaged the Elite Four once again, and now competes in WiFi, earning even more victories.

    It's great because not only is Dragonite my favorite Pokemon, he is also my best! Although, his journey is coming to an end, since he is level 98. :'(
  15. I'm going to go with my Infernape in my Diamond version.

    He's level 100, got a Attack increasing nature, got a great move set and plus, I heart monkey's.

    He's gotten me out of so many close calls in the game... During the Elite Four, Heatran(sp?), Diagla, Mespirt, Uxie, Azelf, and the rest of the Legendaries.

    I heart my Luffy the Infernape.
  16. My best Pokemon would have to be my Choice Band Empoleon, Poach the Empoleon. That's purely because he's my only level 100. The runner-up would then be my Giratina, Twispeast. It's nearly untouched, I just defeated a few Milotics with it, that's all.
  17. on ruby, i had a level 77 slamence and it kicked butt on the elite four, its quite a low level but really powerful
  18. My best Pokemon in FireRed would be my lv. 56 Scizor. I have a neat move set for it; swords dance, slash, double team and steel wing. Against tougher opponents I use the "slash dance", I use double team until it doesn't work anymore, then swords dance until it doesn't work anymore, then one slash. I'd like to see the pokemon who survives that. In the case of ghost types I use steel wing. Scizor is by the way ma favorite pokemon.

    Runnerup would be Venusaur. Same level as Scizor, it rocks.
  19. My very best pokemon in the Kanto region is Charizard, Butterfree, Sanslash, Poliwhirl, Jolteon, and Snorlax
    My Hoenn pkmn in Emerald are Blaziken, Swellow, Breloom, Azumarill, Medicham and Plusle!
    My Hoenn pkmn in Sapphire are Swampert, Vigoroth, Grumpig, Altaria, Kyogre, and Camerupt.
    My very last team in Pokemon Pearl are Empoleon, Pachirisu, Cherim, Lopunny, Sudowoodo, and Weavile!

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  20. My best Pokemon? Hnn...that's a hard one, I have so many favorites, but the 'Best' I have would be my Suicine in Crystal. Admittedly, he was only lvl 50 when I finished (although I'm thinking of doing Crystal again sometime in the future), but with Surf, Icy Wind, Aurora Beam and Gust, he pretty much pwned the 2nd, 3rd and the Champion of the Elite Four (note that he was only an in-game Pokemon, and not used for competitive battling).

    In my other games, in my LeafGreen, my Charizard would have to be the best, with my Blastoise a close second. In my Emerald, it would have to be my Blaziken, with my Flygon another close second. As I have yet to finish my Diamond game, I can't say that I have a 'best' Pokemon, however, as of just before the Hearthome Gym Battle, my Lucario would have to be the best, with my Infernape a close second.​
  21. Most definitely, my Feraligatr from Silver. I just love that guy, he beat the living tar out of the elite four. Lance gave me a little trouble with his Thunder-spamming Dragonites, but the 'gatr pulled through. As previously stated, Feraligatr is god.

    Hydro Pump
    Slash (Note, this move makes anything with a healthbar faint instantly
  22. well my best pokemon in FR, LG, R, Z, E, D, P and i guess that in Platinum too it's my EV'ed Pikachu that know's Volt Tacke, Surf, Thunder and Iron Tail... he has saved me from almost all the matchs and it has make me almost all the times the winner XD ;D
  23. hrrmmm...... I really have a fine collection of fighters in diamond, but I guess I should say Staraptor. Armed with Close Combat, it gives him a fighting chance when it comes to battles with rock or ice types. But my Infernape comes up close. But there was a short time when I cleared the game with a very powerful Vaporeon from when I had leaf green for a week. If I still had him, he'd be transfered to Diamond and be soaking the floor of the battle tower for everyone else to mop up! ;D
  24. My Best is my Level 100 Charizard. It is kicking butt at the battle tower and also at my Wi-Fi Battles.
  25. My Nidoking from my pokemon diamond it pwns in the battle tower and on wi-fi battles all the time...
  26. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I have always loved my Swellow before I accidentally deleted him in my Emerald game (messed up the cloning glitch when I was still a n00b at the games...). Even though he was never my highest level Pokemon, I still consider him my best. And also note that I didn't know anything about Pokemon until I started going into the chat a lot, and by then I already had a smashed DS and a lost GBA SP.

    Anyways, Nester, my level 51 Swellow, was one of the first Pokemon that I have ever caught. He was always the best; his attacks and stats were great in my oppinion, and he had the perfect nature (something that upped his attack or defence and lowered his Sp. Attack, I believe). I always used him last as my last resort. Of course, I wasn't that into competetive battling way back when, and I knew nothing about Pokemon. So his moves were... bad, I guess. Three Flying-type moves on him. ^^;

    But that's not the only reason. He was also my main cool contest Pokemon. On my first try, I didn't feed him any Pokeblocks, and he still got 1st place in the normal or whatever contest. His nature didn't make him hate or like any particular Pokeblock, though. He still got first in the master or whatever rank, though.

    So there you have it. My Swellow was my best Pokemon ever... until I deleted him. Ah well.
  27. I've got to say my Dragonite in Emerald. It Pwns in the Battle Frontier and it's moveset plus stats are Awesome.

    1) Dragon Claw
    2) Thunderbolt
    3) Flamethrower
    4) Ice Beam

    Hp= 358
    Attack= 291
    Defense= 285
    Sp. Attack= 243
    Sp. Defense= 236
    Speed= 301

    There you have it...my Uber Pwnage pokemon.

    P.S- It was bred with my other Dragonites in Red.
  28. My best pokemon was on my old file (deleted by no motive when i was a child) of Crystal:
    VENTO, my pidgeot i don't know how but even with an not-so-good moveset
    Wing atack
    Sky attack (i guess) and
    Quick attack
    it ever (i said EVUH) get an 1-hit K.O (even on a party of lv.100 with no itens)
    VENTO,bravery,speed,courage and a cheap 1-hit K.O
  29. Obviously in Diamond it's my Lucario, Pharaoh M

    Modest @Choice Specs
    Aura Sphere
    Flash Cannon
    Dark Pulse

    Combined with a Dragonite I team it with it OWNS pretty much anything in the Battle Tower (except the occasional Mach Punching Hitmonchan, Aargh! )
    Second is my Blaziken, Tori M whose Attack is 1 point from max and my Raquaza, Doragon who is just fun :)
    Suprisingly, no Milotics :D
  30. My best Pokemon is Flygon (Alex) in Pearl. Although, my Infernape's (Pyro) my highest-leveled Pokemon, I consider Flygon the best because of its moveset:
    ♦Dragon Claw
    ♦Dragon Pulse
    ♦Aerial Ace
    ♦Faint Attack
    And it's holding the Draco Plate, so the Dragon moves plus STAB plus Draco Plate just win every battle.

    Runner-up is my Lucario (Jii), who helps me in my Battle Tower challenges. He has Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse and ExtremeSpeed. I'm working on getting him to Level 100 with my Flygon Alex.
  31. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    hrm... I'd have to settle this on a tie between my Kangaskhan and Nidoking.

    Ability: Scrappy
    Nature: Jolly
    Sucker Punch
    Crush Claw
    Drain Punch

    One of only two pokemon that can hit Spiritomb/Sableye for super-effective damage without a setup move. Catches them Rather off-guard. Drain Punch over something else because of the defense based training; the heal is good to have. Sucker Punch just catches everyone off-guard it seems. Set up with a Crush Claw to lower the defenses first, and it has just that much more power behind it. Crush Claw gets STAB making for a power of higher than 100, doubled with a 50/50 shot of lowering defense. Counter is the set that really makes Kangaskhan useful... send it out against something I know is physical, or that has Brick Break, and murder them with the counter attack.

    Nidoking@Black Sludge
    Ability: Poison Point
    Nature: Relaxed
    Toxic Spikes
    Poison Jab
    Sucker Punch
    Earth Power

    meant to poison everything in existance XD
    also has defense based EVs, and the only reason I chose Nidoking over Nidoqueen for the EVs, was sucker punch. It's a great anti-psychic and anti-gengar.
    The idea is to lay toxic spikes, and then poison whatever is already out on the field between Poison Jab and them attacking me. Earth Power over Earthquake because most all rock/Steel types have much lower special defense than defense, and this Nidoking, having split defense training, didn't have a special attack much lower than its physical.
    Relaxed nature adds to the false sense of security with speed, setting up for sucker punch on other pokemon, while also not costing me special attack as an Impish nature would.
  32. Ruko - you have some really cool pkmn.

    Right now, either my Starmie or my Lucario is the best.
    Starmie is a ridiculous special sweeper, on top of having Rapid Spin.
    Lucario can kill almost anything One Vs. P=One, with a Focas Sash and Extreme Speed. It's even more ridiculous when it Dances.
  33. Pseudo255

    Pseudo255 Guest

    My best Pokemon was a Deoxys in my Emerald Version. He has the highest stat total I've EVER seen.
  34. my pelliper on my emerald its almost on lvl 100 and it was the first pokemon i ever caught and i raised it from lvl 3
  35. Mine has surely gotta be my Emerald's Rayquaza ... Level 100 with 6 clones xD No wonder my team was unbeatable. Now I lost my Emerald :( Any tips on finding it?
  36. My level 100 Alakazam in Crystal. Three Elemental Punches when they were still a special attack. PWND!
  37. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    My favorite is my Milotic in Emerald (Lv. 79). It won all the beauty pokemon contests and also is great at battles.
  38. I think my best would be my Charizard from FireRed. He's got some awesome attacks that could almost KO a strong water type.
  39. Pokepok

    Pokepok Guest

    I must say that Salamence is not any weakling, either.When i tried him, he beat the whole of Emerald's E4 even though he was at a mere Lv.55. His attack and Speed stats were also great.
    There was no stopping it!

    ( past tense has been used because I accidentally deleted the game >>)

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