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Your best IVs - no haxing allowed

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This is going to be a horribly braggy topic me thinks, but ... I'm honestly just amazed by some of the IVs I've been getting when breeding my Platinum team. So, figured I'd make a topic about it, lol.

    Obviously we're talking in-game here, and not hacked stats - and if you don't bother with IVs, don't reply just to say so XD. Otherwise, if you're someone who checks 'em, which of your Pokemon have notable IVs?

    I just checked my Grimer, Careful nature, "Likes to thrash about"... not sure on its IVs at level 100, but at level 50 it has this: HP 24-25, Attack 31, Defense 30-31, Sp. Attack 14-15, Sp. Def 30-31, and Speed 12-13. I'm starting to wonder if my Careful Ditto is the cause because the previous Pokemon I bred with it also had incredible IVs in the stats I needed.

    I might post more on this particular team later on (because it's turning out great), but I'll open the floor for discussion first. Also, if any of you are actively team building and checking IVs, feel free to post about 'em here.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    My best set of IVs are actually on a Pikachu. It has 31 IV in Sp.Attack, 29 IV in Speed, and somehow a 0 IV on Defense, which ironically combines with its Hasty Nature to make its Defense stat the absolute minimum possible. Not exactly a good thing, but this is Pikachu - it's not like a 31 IV in Defense on the thing would make a real difference in a competitive environment.

    Ranking up second is Flygon, who managed to get an IV over 20 in Attack, Speed and both defenses, and third is a Lucario that has 31 IV in HP, and well over 20 in both offensive stats.

    On the other side of the coin, I've received a surprising number of Pokemon with an abysmal 1 IV in Speed - so far, I've had a total of five Pokemon with a Speed IV of 1, one of which just so happens to be a Forretress. Just for more fun, I've had two Pokemon so far with a Speed IV of 31 - a Garchomp and a Skarmory.
  3. Some of my best IVs were on a Growlithe that El traded me. It has an Adamant nature and either a 31 or 30 attack IV, so it hits hard. Sure Anastasio's defense is a bit lacking but like in KoL's case, the defense won't really matter.

    Usually any wild Pokemon I capture I don't even bother to check EVs but there was a Sassy Bronzong sitting that sat in the PC for a year that I decided to use. It had a speed IV of 8 and a pretty good attack IV meaning it was a viable competitive battler.

    Then there's my Swampert who should not be able to survive in a competitive environment. First off it has a Bold nature which lowers it's attack, but it still manages to hit hard. And it's EVs are all over the place so it sometimes outspeeds things it normally shouldn't and it occasionally survives stuff it shouldn't. The only explanation I have is that its IV are good.
  4. Starmie hands down, 31 in both Defenses and 21 in Special Attack and Speed.

    As a note, it seems I get great IVs in that stats I never train.

    One Bold Eevee I have has an IV of 31, in Attack.

    My Salamence has a 28 in Defense.

    Glisocr has an awesome 29 in Speed, but a lowly 6 in Defense.

    Swellow has 29 in both Special Attack and Defense and sub par ones everywhere else.

    Infernape has a 30 in Special Defense.

    Then I've tested two Sentrets for IVs, one has a 31 in Defense, the other a 29. The one with a perfect IV in Defense also has a 29 in Speed, but a horrible 1 for Special Attack.

    So, long story short, most of the Pokémon I have, have great IVs, just in the wrong places. And I get the best IVs in my Defenses somehow, not my offense.
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  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'm not sure about any of my Pokemon before Diamond, because since it was only really me that played Pokemon properly, I had no need to breed for IVs. However, coming here changed that ^^

    I'm currently breeding my Platinum Team, and so far I'm quite pleased with the result.

    Treecko has an IV of 31 in both Special Attack and Speed, with a Timid nature. I'm still not sure whether that nice bit of luck was down to Linkacu's Ditto (which I used to get a Timid nature on Treecko), or whether it came from the Mother, my current competitive team's Sceptile. Needless to say I was rather pleased with it, especially since this little guy was the first to hatch XD

    Murkrow took a fair bit of breeding, with the parents constantly changing to slowly push the IVs up. He has an IV above 25 in every stat except for defense, which is 2 XD
    His Attack and Special Attach are 28 and 30 respectively. I'm quite proud of this one, since I worked really hard to 'IV breed'.
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I looked into that actually, and it seems the 31 Speed probably was due to the Ditto. Timid Ditto with a 31 Speed IV... Pretty nice to have when breeding for IVs XD

    Which reminds me, I have a Heracross with Swarm and 31 IVs in both Attack and Speed but crap everything else (ie. 0-5 in all its other stats). The thing might not be the best all-around, but it would make an awesome endure/reversal battler.

    As for the Turtwig I recently bred for my new team, again I don't have its IVs at level 100 but at level 50: HP & Sp. Def. are 30, Attack is 28 - 29, and Def. is 24 - 25. Speed and Sp. Attack are between 14-17. A very nice spread overall for my needs since it's a Curser.

    I never did write down the IVs of my previous trained team, but I'm getting intrigued now to know what they actually had. Some were pretty nice overall.

    Sounds like something a certain person did once (he knows who he is XD). That's nice, Magpie. You deserve the results after that much work ^^

    Generally what I seem to do is pick the best parents before starting (minus my Dittos, because they're a bit rare in some cases), and breed about 15-30 eggs/Pokemon in one go. Then I check 'em for useful natures/abilities, mark down which had what, and boot up Pokemon Battle Revolution to check their stats at level 50. In the case of Pokemon I plan to keep as eggs for trading purposes, I'll save my game, hatch 'em all, check their abilities/natures, mark down which had what, soft reset - then trade them to another game (whichever I'm planning to play through next), hatch 'em on it for the OT, and PBR 'em. It might not be as great as level 100, but you can check 6 Pokemon at a time, and it saves needing a ton of rare candy or a secondary player to battle you at forced level 100.

    I think my methods are a bit excessive, but in the long run they work for me ^^;;
  7. My best IVs came out of the Eevee given to me by BeBe in Diamond.

    My level 51 Leafeon has all 31 IVs in everything but Sp. Def., in which it has 27. Not bad, eh? ;P

    However, it's EVs are completely messed up. On the bright side, all of my Eeveeloutions were bred off this one, so possibly my little Eevees got decent IVs, too.

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