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Open You wake up as an animal. What do you do?

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Hello everybody. So, I have a few questions to ask you. What if you woke up as an animal? How would you react to your new surroundings? Would you try to investigate this, or would you not even care? Take a moment to think about these questions, as they are what I am going to base the RP on. You have woken up as any animal (Excluding invertebrates, like starfish and jellyfish. All though, it would be easier if you could go on land.

    Please, please, please put your character bio over on the discussion thread, not here. If you post here, it will get really cluttered.

    Link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/new-life-ooc-discussion.18043/
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  2. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    {OOC: Please post OOC chat and Character Bios in discussion thread. Thanks!}
    {OOC2: Another Note: My character, 'James', hasn't just woken up as an animal. You guys will, though. I wanted to use James to put you all in the spot light. I made this to entertain you!}

    James sat down on a remote beach. It wasn't hard to get there, it was quite easy, but there were beaches more popular, and so this one never really had any animals here. That's how James liked it. Calm and peaceful, away from the main village. No-one to talk to. For some that could drive them insane, but for James, it is the opposite. He looses so much energy from conversing with others. The tip of his short tail touched the salty water, and the heat lulled James to sleep.
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  3. Cody was relaxing by a tree when he dosed off after daydream there for a while,later Cody was woken up by an apple hitting his him in the head,he saw that his surroundings were completely different from when he fell asleep,he also felt strange,he stared down at his hands which were replaced with wings""ahh!!!! What happened to me where am I what is going on!! And why am I a bird"he shreiked and flapped around aimlessly"wait,I'm a bird so I fly right...awsome!"he backed up and ran forward and flapped his small wings quickly until he lifted off the ground"woah!! This is amazing,but I really thought flying would be difficult"Cody began to do tricks in the air as he flew above the trees until he reached a beach"huh, a beach?,where am I exactly"Cody said confused,he wasn't paying attention and flew into a seagull"oh no! Ah how do I recover how do I recover!!"he couldn't regain his control and plummeted and knocked off an otter and smashed into the sand
  4. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Cody crashed onto James. The impact wasn't much, as both animals were fairly small in size, but it was enough to startle James, and give him a minor headache. He wasn't dozing off to sleep now. He looked over at the bird. "Watch where you are fly-" James stopped and calmed down. "Are you okay?"
  5. "sorry, I'm new to this being a bird thing,wait! How am I talking to you,your an otter"Cody said shocked as he rubbed his head and he climbed out of the sand,Cody looked at the otter confused"is it because we're both animals or is something else going on"
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  6. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    (Sorry to be a Grammer-Nazi, but can you fx your grammar? I'm just so nit-picky when it comes to that...)

    "This bird's hit his head way too hard..." James thought to himself. "Why would a bird crash down on top of him, and then be confused on why he can talk to me?" James looked at Coby. "Uhh... You don't look young, how can you be new to being a bird," James questioned. Confusion was the only thing in James' brain.
  7. Cody jerked back as he may have offended the otter"uh,I'm not a bird,I mean I am but I'm a human,or at least I was one"Cody said to the otter hesitantly"I know it may sound far-fetched but I am telling the truth"Cody said, he could have just flown away but he was intimidated by the otter
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    (Also, on computers you have to put a space after every punctuation. :) Also, how can you be intimidated by me, when I'm only like 2 inches taller than you...)
    In this world, there wasn't any humans, only animals. James did not know what a human was. "I think you've hit your head too hard. You should be fine." James laughed internally, because transforming into something sounded so silly.
  9. (( I mean he's intimidated because it's a talking otter))

    Cody knew he was a human but he decided roll with it instead of arguing about it with the otter"either way I am no to this place,could you show me around,wait what's your name"Cody said as he flew upward to get more used to flying and being a bird
  10. Xonak was tired. Well, he always was. "Time for a nap," He said to himself. "I'm a cat who loves to snooze." And quoted garmfielf. After having a snooze, he woke up. Duh. Anyway, he was on a flower. A large one. "What?" Xonak said to himself, rubbing his eyes. Or, at least, trying to. He couldn't quite reach his antennae. "What?" He asked, even more confused. He looked around, seeing that he was in a quaint beach town. "Oh cool." Xonak said, looking around for other people. He found an otter. It was pretty far away, at least for a butterfly, to walk. "How the heck to i fly?" Xonak said, flapping his wings. He took flight. "OH. I guess... like that." He fluttered over to the otter, who seemed to be chatting with a bird. In english. "Huh?" Xonak asked, trying to change it up. "Excuse me?" He asked the otter, "Do you... know where i am? I'm certainly not at school...".
  11. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James looked over at the butterfly. "I don't really know where this is, but the town is over that way." James pointed eastward. "And the school should be towards the center of town." James did not know that this butterfly was once a human. He just wanted to be kind, and give directions.
  12. "Oh, thanks. But, uhhhh... Where are the... humans?" Xonak asked. He realized he had to ask more questions. "I don't think there can be buildings without humans." Xonak joked, looking up. He saw the same bird overhead. "Anyway, what's your name?" Xonak asked. "I'm Xonak."
  13. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "James." James replied. He heard 'Human' again. Not this again. Maybe he was the one going crazy. "I have to ask, what is a human exactly?" James was confused. "Oh, we can make buildings just fine." Confused...
  14. Xonak inhaled. With a long breath, he said "Like monkeys, except smarter and less hairy. They also suck. Humans are terrible beings. Constantly killing each other." Xonak said, wings fluttering. "Can't agree on anything. Only think for themselves. They even know so much, it takes half their lifespan just to learn everything! And that's just the tip of the crappy iceberg!" Xonak yelled. He calmed down, folding his two sets of wings. "Sorry 'bout that. Humans are just... Terrible."
  15. Cody was surprised when the butterfly said he was a human,but even more surprised that James hasn't even heard of humans"well,humans aren't that bad,some more than others,but some humans are cool,like the person who invented video games"Cody laughed "Xonak was it,your a human too so I guess we've both became humans,could there be more than just us, honestly I'm getting confused with all this"cody said as he spun around in the air
  16. "Yeah, some humans are cool, i guess." Xonak sighed. He was confused too. "At least we make good music." Xonak said, trying to be positive.
    Xonak finally got a good look at the bird. They had a nice scarf, which was nice, and an X on their wing. "hopefully we'll get an explanation soon," Xonak said to himself. "Or i'm gonna... gonna... Be confused."
  17. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Humans don't exist, well I don't actually know. I've never seen one..." James was now even more confused. He secretly pinched himself, to make sure this wasn't a dream, but it was real. "I'm so confused..."
  18. "Must be another dimension then." Xonak replied, weighing the options. "Have you guys proved that yet? The Multiverse Theory?" He asked, curious to find what was different. Well, other than the animals. Talking. He fluttered his wings awkwardly. "Don't worry about it," Xonak replied to the fluttering. "We hopefully got it covered. just worry about the introducing those smelly humans to this world. This nice, quaint town." Xonak said, insulting humanity at every chance he could. He hated them. Humans. Not, whatever you might be thinking about.
  19. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Not yet, at least from what I know. No offense, but you guys seem just a little bit crazy." James didn't want to be mean, but he was starting to poke holes in what Xonak had been saying, but only in his mind. Maybe James was crazy. This whole thing sparked a fire of confusion...
  20. "Oh, I can assure you, I am crazy." Xonak replied. He guessed it was like living in a world without dogs. Or something. What's a dog? He'd say, and a random stranger would say "It's like a cat, but bigger and more friendly." And he'd say "You're crazy." And walk away.
  21. James was sleeping on the beach. He was feeling fine but after some minutes sleeping, he finally woke up. He was feeling kinda hot. At first, he just looked around: he was on a beach, with no one around, with the exception of some animals, that James completely obviated. He started to move towards the shore of the beach. His intentions were obvious: having a small bath in the sea. During the few seconds that lasted the way, he felt that his steps were heavy and a little bit errant, but James ignored it. When he put his first hand on the sea, he had to retreat immediately. "Brrrrr... Way too cold!" He shouted as he walked backwards. And then, he saw it: a big and large scaly tail right behind him.

    At first, James was confused. He touched it and he could feel it. Not only that, his hand was not a hand anymore: it was a smaller arm... Well... A paw that ended in five fingers that ended in five sharp claws, all covered in scales. James was about to look for a shade or something but he had to... No: he needed to look his reflection. He approached again to the shore, and making sure not to touch the water, he looked at his reflection. His doubts were confirmed when he saw the face of a Komodo Dragon instead of his normal human face. He stuck out his tongue; and effectively, he had the long forked tongue that Komodo Dragons have. In a couple of seconds, James had to put the tongue again in his mouth. "Oh, no! This is salty!" He said, walking away from the beach, quite fast. "How can be that salty? I didn't even taste the water with my tongue!"

    He didn't think too much when he saw a big palm tree that seems to be offering a nice shadow. He ran until he finally reached it. he was feeling too hot, and he didn't doubt crossing the small reunion that a butterfly, a small otter and a sparrow were having. He didn't mind bothering them: he only needed to reach that palm tree. When he finally reached it, he lay down and twisted a little. "Yeah, way much better." He said, closing his eyes.
  22. "Hey, that lizard over there seems to be confused." Xonak said. His eyes weren't that good, but he could hear the stomping of four feet. Xonak fluttered his wings. "Maybe a human?" He asked. "Maybe?" He asked again, regretting he even assumed that in the first place. "Seems pretty bamboozled."
  23. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James (This is going to be a bit confusing...) heard Konak. "this is tiring..." James sighed. "None of this is real..." Animals almost appearing out of thin air. He wanted to just leave, and think about something other than transformations. James started to think this was one huge prank.
  24. The Komodo Dragon was still laying down the shadow. James couldn't believe this situation. "Yeah, this has to be a dream". He had been a Komodo Dragon only a few minutes and he was already missing being a human. Yet still, deep inside him, he liked to be an animal. He did not have to worry about trivial things, such as house responsibilities or exams. So he finally decided to enjoy that experience as much as he could. But James is such a boring name for a Komodo Dragon... He thought. After some minutes, he found a cool name. Fafnir... I like it. it sounds powerful and cool! Especially for such a mighty reptile like me...

    From time to time, Fafnir opened his eyes. The other animals were still there. At first, he doubted if he should go with them, but after some hesitation and making sure that there was an acceptable temperature for him, he finally did it. He still was trying to get used to walking with his four new paws and his tail, yet still, he feigned naturality. First, he let his tongue out in order to smell them, he assumed like a normal Komodo Dragon would do. "Hello! What's up?" He said, appearing to be a much kinder person than his normal personality.
  25. The wind rushed through a young girl's auburn hair as she climbed up the rocks until she could see the shore and the treetops. She smiled as she smelled the salty scent of the sea bathing her atop the trees. She held out her arms out from her sides and let everything slowly spin around her, loving the feeling of the world rotating around her for a bit. Of course, she got tired, so she climbed down, making sure to put her feet on the footholds that she had stepped in before so she didn't fall. Once she made it down, the excitement and adventure she had made her feel tired, so she fell asleep at the base of a rocky spire.

    She could feel something had happened to her when she woke up, so she got up, but noticed she was smaller than before. She looked down, only to see her clothes have begun to slip off of her now quadrupedal body. She became confused and tried to gather her clothes on to her, when she realized she didn't have opposable thumbs. She looked down at her paws, and put them in front of her face, accidentally touching her sensitive nose. She pulled her paw away in shock and she looked cross-eyed at her snout, protruding out a bit like a dog's. She looked at her legs after climbing out of her clothes and saw that her legs looked quite strange. They reminded her of a rat, a dog, and a kangaroo. The back legs were springy, as she found out when she tried to walk around like a normal dog. The gait she had to make was kind of awkward, as her front limbs were shorter than her hind limbs. She then looked around at herself and saw a tail, and a strange looking pouch. She tried to get in the pouch with her paws, but there was no hole pointing toward her face. That's when she felt a bit of a breeze rush past her, stimulating the hairs at her rump, confirming her suspicion that it opened up in the back. She thought this was confusing and looked more at her appearance. Her hairs and fur were auburn like her hair color before transformation, and only her hindquarters were striped. She decided to head to the beach, as she wanted some fresh sea air and see what her head looked like.

    After walking along in a slow and extremely awkward gait, she finally made it to the beach. She hobbled on over to the waters as best she could, feeling the damp sand beneath her padded paws, and feeling the saltiness of the sea hit her mouth and nose. She finally found the water, and looked at her reflection from it, seeing that her eyes were now a dark abyss black, and that she had pointed ears, which were up. Did that mean she was alert? Regardless, she turned around to see an otter, a bird, a komodo dragon, and a butterfly... Conversing? She knew animals could talk to one another, but she didn't know it resembled English. She then noticed she still had her black bandanna on her. She then had an idea and rushed away to get her clothes.

    After getting her clothes, she rushed back, glad to see that they were still there. She hobbled on over, holding the rags she used to wear in her mouth. She dropped them in front of them, and then introduced herself: "Hi... Sorry, just a bit out of breath. New body and all. My name is Annabelle Lyxon, also known as Anna. These are my clothes when I was once human, but they don't fit me anymore. What even am I? I feel like I'm the only one alive of my species on this forsaken planet."

    Her ears were relaxed and had fallen down, pointing toward the sides. This resembled that she was tired and confused, with her tail swishing around since she was excited to meet new people.
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  26. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James face palmed. "NOT AGAIN." James thought. Why was everyone coming up to him, then saying that they were a different animal before. "I'm tired..." He mumbled. This was sort of getting to his head. "This is surely a prank..." He thought.
  27. The thylacine smelled the otter as he facepalmed himself. Surely, he must be one of them, right? Maybe not, as was apparent by his utter confusion. Maybe they were from a different dimension or something. She then talked with the otter, wanting to know more:

    "I was wondering if you were a human, but turns out you aren't, since you'd know what they are. Humans walk along on two legs, and they are the most intelligent creatures on the planet. How have you not heard of them? Are there not any here? I was just by the base of that rocky spire just moments ago, and I thought I saw a few people wandering around town before I got here... Maybe we are in a different place than we last were."
  28. Alice was outside, enjoying the sights nature had to offer. After a while, she grew tired, and stopped to rest under a large tree. She woke up some time later, and started to stretch. She noticed immediately something wasn’t right. Her senses felt much more powerful. When she looked down, she didn’t have hands instead, two rounds fuzzy paws.
    “ What?! How did this happen?! “ She exclaimed. She turned her head up to see she was several feet smaller. She also noticed she had a tail. She checked her new markings and figured she must be a snow tiger. “ This.....is actually pretty cool. “ Alice decided.
    Alice heard talking coming from just up ahead and saw an otter, a Komodo dragon, a butterfly, a bird, and a strange animal she’s never seen before conversing. She bounded up towards them to see if they knew what was going on. “ Excuse me? Do any of you know what’s happening? I’m not supposed to be a cat! “
  29. Xonak saw the two newcomers, and burst out in laughter. He bet James was done. "Seems like you two have the same problem. Me, this Komodo Dragon, and Bird, are, well, were humans too." He said, between chuckles. "My name is Xonak. What's yours?"
  30. Alice’s eyes lit up in curiosity. “ You were humans too? What happened to us? Do you know why we’re animals? “ She didn’t mean to have so many questions, but she was just dying to know! “ Oh, and I’m Alice! Nice to meet you! “
  31. Fafnir looked at the new animals. First, he studied them in order to smell them better, and then continued: "My name is James." He finally said after they revealed they were human too. "But you can call me Fafnir, I'd prefer it." Then, he laid on the sand, he was starting to get cold now. "And... I don't even have a close idea of how we managed to become animals, though I really prefer it if I am sincere."
  32. The thylacine nodded and yawned, his large canine teeth glinting in the light of the sun before she closed her mouth. She then walked in a tight circle before laying down, getting comfortable with her new body. Her body felt weird to lay down in, and she couldn't lay down properly because of the awkward kangaroo-like hind legs. She had to have them stick out from her side to even get comfortable. After resting her head on her paws, she let the sun's rays gloss over her fur and heat her up, as she relished in the feeling of the warm sand and sun surrounding her for the time being.
  33. Alice’s tail twitched in curiosity. “ Well, I like being a tiger too! But wouldn’t it be cool if we knew how this happened? Then we can maybe find out how to change back if we wanted to! “ She spotted a small rock in the sand and started to bat at it with her paws. Every time she didn’t catch it, she stretched out her paws, catching it the second time.

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