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You know you've watched too much pokemon when...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Sarah888888, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. You're drinking milk and your brain pretends it's miltank milk(just happened to me a couple days ago, O_o)

    You carry a pikachu plush around everywhere with you, pretending it's real(guilty)

    You've made your own pokemon fansite(guilty as well)

    You design a trainer character for yourself(*sigh* guilty again)

    You actually manage to capture your pokemon dream team on Pokemoncrater.com(I was like OMG when it happened to me)

    Add more!
  2. -When you've made over a hundred Fake Pokemon with hopes that it will be discovered by Nintendo and added as the next generation- lol guilty ;D

    -When you have an insane urge to call out the name of whatever spherical projectile you're holding "Basketball, Go!!"-

    -When you tell your best friend to "Use your Tackle attack!!"- guilty

    -When you hear a PIkachu cry everytime your name is called- guilty

    -When you watch the entire series again in hopes of finding a mundane, useless fact, or screenshots taken out of context-
  3. -When you memorize the Pokerap.
    -Find random mistakes in "Whose that Pokemon?" and such.
    -Know what moves and tactical errors the trainers make.
  4. -You go out somewhere and pretend it's a pokemon journey(guilty)
    -You get a new pokemon toy and start acting like it's the newest pokemon you've "captured"(guilty)
    -You can name any pokemon just by seeing it's shadow or hearing its voice or seeing just a bit of it(like those quizzes in that Pokemon Channel game, guilty as well)
    -When you dedicate a page of your pokemon fansite as well as a profile layout with "Together Forever" playing in the background to a certain pokemon/many pokemon(guilty, dedicated those things to my pikachu plush, who means a lot to me)
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    It's surprisingly sad how many of these points out of all four of the above posts I'm guilty for as well ^^;

    - You stare at the ocean and expect to see hordes of Tentacool (because you hate those dang Tentacool)
    - You look at a pile of dirt, or an open ball field, and think "This would make an awesome Pokemon battle arena"
    - You throw random balls (if not toy PokeBalls) at your pets and yell at them for not getting inside
    - You refuse to go through a dark cave because of nightmares of Zubat
    - You hear random noises in the brush and wonder if it's a wild Pokemon
    - You hear random noises in the brush that sound like a Pokemon cry and make you want to search the bushes just in case it actually is (because it could happen, eh?)
    - You see a tall field of uncut wheat/grass and yell "Stay out of the tall grass!" ... or run into it in search of wild Pokemon
    - Any spherical object or design you see that even slightly resembles a PokeBall makes you say "PokeBall!"
  6. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    - When an unidentified buzzy insect invades your room, you run around screaming "BEEDRILL!"
    - When you see someone in a long ball gown, you automatically think of Gardevoir
    - In a blackout, you blame a lack of voltorb, magnemite etc.
    - You've tried to make your own pokerap/pokemon fansong
    - When at the ocean, you expect to see someone riding on a Lapras, Blastoise etc.
  7. -When someone says "blast off" or "prepare for trouble" you think they're Team Rocket
    -You set a toy pokemon on the ground and tell it to use an attack(lol guilty, me and my pikachu)
    -You have a toy version of a pokemon and one of its evolved form and pretend to have the pokemon evolve into the other pokemon(guilty, xD mini plush pikachu and raichu)
    -You find a mossy/icy rock and put a toy eevee next to it, trying to make eevee evolve into leafeon/glacion
    -You find small rocks and paint them to look like thunder/leaf/water/fire/moon/sun/light/dark/awakening/round stones.
    -You actually make a plush pokemon by hand, sewing, etc and make a plush pokeball to go with it(guilty, made a minun since I've got a plusle plush from the toy store)
  8. -when you have a fossil with shells and claim they are omanyte.(guilty)
    -when you drink an energy drink and claim too have recovered 30HP.(guilty)
    -when you order your dog to use bite or tackle.(guilty)
    -when you call your pets by pokemon names for example calling your dog growlith.(guilty)
    -when you claim you can catch wild pikachu in your house.(guilty)
    -when you spit out water from your mouth and say you just used watergun.(guilty)
    -when you are afraid to go into an old building because you think you will run into ghastly.(partly guilty)
    -when you claim you are catching pokemon when your playing dodgeball.(not guilty, just a thought)

    Wow Im guilty for alot more stuff than I thought.
  9. -When you find an old ribbon and claim it's a contest ribbon
    -When you find a pin/badge and claim it's a gym badge
    -You sleep with a toy pokemon right next to your face(lol guilty, xD I treasure my pikachu)
    -You see a police station and think of Officer Jenny
    -You see a hospital and call it a Pokemon center or call the nurse Nurse Joy
    -You run as fast as you can and call it your quick attack
    -You can play all 10 Pokemon main theme songs in your head completely or almost completely(guilty, just happened today xD)
    -When you draw pictures for or write a poem for one of your Pokemon toys(guilty, did both for my plush pikachu)
    -You plan on sneaking your plush pikachu to college with you(guilty -_-)
  10. -When you spell 'Seal' the real animal like 'Seel' the Pokemon.
    -When you mistakenly call a Chameleon a Charmeleon

    Yes both of these are from personal experience.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    My residence bedroom was covered in Pokemon stuff, lol.

    So, yeah. Sneaking a single Pikachu plushie isn't that bad ;)
  12. Here's some (that I'm partly guilty of):
    - Knowing every pokemon by cry and their movesets.
    - Citing obscure pokemon refrences if someone mentions something similar
    - Wondering what pokemon your friends are/what team they'd have.
    - Seeing a great open area (like a playing field) and thinking it would be a great place for a pokemon battle
    - Drawing pokemon during class when you're really bored
    - Owning various shirts/tops with pokemon motif's

    There are much more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. It's also pretty scary how many things in this thread I'm guilty for.
  13. ...you remark to your friends about the really fat pidgeon sitting over there on the corner and accidentally say pidgey (guilty)
    ...you've spent five hours in photoshop making your own custom trainer card, and then print it out, laminate it and carry it with you next to your id (hehe... guilty)
    ...you find yourself bored in class and decide to draw a comprehensive guide to "pokéballs throughout the ages" (also guilty)
    ...you make up your own pokémon anime that you play out in your head when you're lying in bed trying to fall asleep or when your really bored (totally guilty)
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  14. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    -When you start calling everyone you know a Pokemon- guilty
    -When you talk about someone, you accidentally use their "Pokemon nickname" instead- guilty (yes, I'm weird that way.)
    -When all you ever talk about is Pokemon (that's my friend, no, wait, my very annoying classmate)
    -When you want to use another person's account on Pokecharms because you don't want to be a guest (See above)

    Seriously, Kohl has mental problems....

    EDIT: I just came up with a new one, and since it's only one, I decided to just edit my old post.

    -When you have at least one of your usernames/virtual pets' name related to Pokemon. I'm guilty for that, as you guys can se here.... (Shiny_Eevee? Is Eevee a Pokemon?)

    EDIT BY KOHL: :(
  15. Lol I draw pokemon in class when I'm bored, xD(my geometry teacher saw some of my doodles when she checked my notebook)

    -When you're playing SSB and you play as pikachu, pichu or jigglypuff every time(gulity, pika's my character)
    -When you think of new ideas for your pokemon story during class(guilty, happens to me every day)
    -When you're in the stained glass class at summer camp and you draw pokemon/pokeballs on your glass(they use plastic at my summer camp, but still guilty)
    -When you're wathing one of those shopping networks like QVC or HSN and you pretend you're watching Shop N Squirtle(guilty. I played Pokemon Channel a LOT at summer camp, O_o)
    -You own 16 pokemon items(guilty. 7 mini plushes, pikachu, raichu, plusle, jigglypuff, meowth, squirte and psyduck, 2 electronic talking plushes, pikachu and togepi, a mew figure, a poliwhirl plush keychain thing(or it was until I cut the string holding the keychain part on), a throw pokeball buneary and 4 pokemon keychains, pikachu, bulbasaur, squirtle and snorlax. bulba, pika and snowlax are missing and squirtle's in its pokeball and attached to my backpack)
    -You own at least 1 pokemon item from each of the 4 generations(guilty, most of my pokemon are first generation, my electronic talking togepi plush is second generation, my mini plush plusle is third generation and my new throw pokeball buneary is fourth generation)
  16. ...You write Pokemon fanfiction for your Creative Writing class. (Guilty, and in college)
    ...The sci-fi invention you created as part of a project in said class involves PokeBalls. (Guilty, but actually for a class in high school)
    ...You try to figure out how to do a Pokemon Live Action Role Play. (Guilty)
  17. -You go mentally insane when someone says even 1 bad comment about Pokemon(lol guilty)
    -You're watching one of those exercise videos and you remember that Smoochum workout thing from Pokemon Channel(happened to me in gym today, my group was watching one of those videos and working out to it)
  18. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    - you try to use thunderbolt or some other attack on someone that's extremely annoying/ you just hate (heheh, guilty.)
    -you e-mail some sort of Pokemon battle to your friend as punishment because they gave you a chain mail (guilty, I do that all the time, but they never send me chains anymore)
    -you eat noodles and think that they're Tangela's hair/fur. (NOT guilty, but it just popped in my head.)
  19. -You paint Easter eggs to look like pokemon eggs and try to keep anyone from eating them(not guilty, just popped into my head)
    -You find a bird egg and think it will hatch into a baby pokemon(again not guilty, just popped into my head)
    -You own at least one Pokemon book(I have the "Pokemon the Movie 2000" book somewhere and I know I have another pokemon book somewhere)
    -You do your weekday morning routine as quickly as possible to try to catch the 6:30 am Pokemon episode(guilty, mom wakes my bro and me up at 6, because school starts at like 7:50, I'm aways dressed before 6:30 but the holdup is always because my mom is slow and I have to wait for her to do my hair, so I'm lucky if I catch the last 15 minutes)
  20. -When, on Saturdays, you set your alarm to 8:10 to catch up with D/P episodes. (Arceus Lord is... GUILTY!)
    -When you make teams on games for absolutely no reason. (Guilty!)
    -You check Pokemon, Serebii, and Pokecharms every day for new news. (Guilty as well!)

    Well, that was fun.

    Arceus Lord has Spoken! *poof!*
  21. -You check Toonami Jetstream every single weekend for new episodes of Pokemon the Johto Journeys and Pokemon Johto League Champions(guilty)
    -You will fight your little bro for the remote when you know Pokemon is on(guilty)
    -You go nuts trying to kill a horse fly that's buzzing around your room just because it landed on your favorite pikachu plush(guilty, the stupid fly landed right on poor Pika's tummy)
  22. -more than half of your DS games are pokemon related (guilty...)
    -your most used website is pokemon related (guilty, i go on pokecharms waaay too much...)
    -your rank says 'Get off the bloody computer & get a life' (i think we all know who this refers to)
  23. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    - you draw Pokemon in class and don't know what the teacher's saying but you don't care anyways (guilty, I draw too many Eevees, starters, Pikachus, and Mews for a lifetime...)
    - you try to make Pokemon food (like those Brock feeds to Pokemon) and feed it to your plush Pikachu that can talk (guilty, yes, I have a plush Pikachu like Sarah, but when I was little, I put glow-in-the-dark paint on its eyes and cheeks, and now it's hideous. I "fed" "Pokemon Food" to it when I was very young, about 6 or 7)
    - you see a squirel and think, "PACHIRISU!!!", or you see a cricket and say, "Look, a Kricketune!" (guilty.... happened to me a few days ago.)
  24. I'm guilty to far too many of these...

    ~You constantly make profiles for youself if you were in the Pokemon world, constantly because you can't stick with just 6 Pokemon. (Guilty)
    ~You bug your friends to make those profiles too, and demand a real-life role play revolving around them. (Guilty)
    ~You see a cute or cool Pokemon on the Anime, or even a card, and it's your favourite for awhile. Then you see another one, and... (VERY guilty)
    ~You order Pokemon games from Japan not only because you're impatient, but you need more of a challenge for a Pokemon game because you can't read Japanese. (Guilty, I even got MD2)
    ~The ONLY sites you visit are for Pokemon, or it has something Pokemon related. (Guilty)
    ~You find a Pokemon relation to almost every moment in time, real-life object, or anything else real. (Partially guilty)
    ~The entire day at school, you wait to get home and play Pokemon while checking Pokemon sites, or posting here. (Guilty)
    ~More than two thirds of your dreams are about Pokemon. (Guilty)
    ~You requested spriting to your art teacher so you could sneak a couple of looks at Pokemon sites while collecting the sprites. Plus you wanted to make more Fakemon or characters. And you're in high school.(Lol, guilty)
    ~You've gone through all of the Pokemon, and "filled" your computer with Paint files that had box backgrounds and the Pokemon you chose in those "boxes," and you actually followed the 30-per-box rule, and made each box it's own file. (Guilty, but my innocent computer doesn't like that too much)
    That's about all I can think of right now.
  25. Lol the white parts of my pikachu's eyes have worn off and the ears don't move and the cheeks barely light up anymore but he still talks and I still love him.

    -You see and kind of bug and instantly scream at the top of your lungs like Misty(not guilty, just popped into my head)
    -When someone announces a contest and you start thinking it's a Pokemon contest(just popped into my head, not guilty)
    -You go out for Halloween in regular clothes, a cap and carrying a plush Pokemon and claim you're dressed as a Pokemon trainer(not guilty, more randomness that popped into my head)
    -You say goodnight and good morning to your pikachu plush and you say goodbye to it when you have to leave for school(lol guilty, I actually kiss Pika goodnight and give him a little kiss before school, I'm weird that way xD)
  26. I honestly don't think its required to admit wether you're guilty or not to any of the submissions seeing as they're mostly just to be read in a humourous fashion.

    - Making an anime themed team on a videogame (e.g. for dp you'd have pikachu, turtwig, staravia, aipom)
    - Referring to your friends mum as "mrs ketchum"
    - Being annoyed that the farm with a windmill outside is not actually prof-oak's lab

    hmmm... I'll come up with more.
  27. It's absolutely not required to admit whether you're guilty or not to any of the submissions, I just don't mind admitting to what I'm guilty of.

    -When your English teacher allows you to decorate your writing folder and you draw a pokemon on your folder(lol guilty, I ♥ drawing pikachu)
    -Every time you think up a story, it has some Pokemon-related thing in it(guilty again)
    -One of your greatest fears is having one of your toy pokemon stolen by Team Rocket(not guilty, just popped out of my head)
  28. -You throw random balls (if not toy PokeBalls) at your friends and yell at them for not getting inside-guilty
    -You throw pokeballs at your enemies/friends and expect a pokemon to attack them.-guilty
    -You fight over who gets the pokeball in Melee
    -when you randomly burst into the original pokemon theme song and sing it all the way thru (guilty)
    -Quizing each other on the phone of your pokemon knowledge(also guilty)
    -when you introduce yourself as Ash from Pallet town(guiltyish)
    -when you and your friends watch pokemon and look for plot holes(guilty)
    -everytime you see something pokemon related, you have the overwhelming urge to buy it(guilty)
  29. -At least 1 of the items on your Christmas list is Pokemon-related(guilty, the newest Pokedex)
    -Not only is your school binder covered in Pokemon doodles, but your music folder is as well(-_- guilty, I ♥ drawing pikachu)
    -You're asked to do a freewriting about why it's ok to be different for English class and being a teenage Pokemon fan is at the top of your list(guilty)
  30. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Manapie, your signature offends me. Please reduce it's size, or a member of staff will for you. And I'm sure you don't want that.
  31. -you wonder why it is possible to eat karp (remember what happened to Meowth?) (not guilty)
    -you spell carp 'karp' (obviously guilty)
    -you have a horse poster, and you recolored it to look like a Ponyta (not guilty)
    -you go out with your family on a fossil-hunting trip, and you spend hours looking for a Togepi egg (not guilty)
    -you stare at the computer thinking 'How can I prove I'm addicted to Pokemon?' (obviously guilty)
  32. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    -you buy a Pokedex book thingy for reference on many things Pokemon-related (guilty)
    -you have a Pokemon-related poster (or something of that sort) in your room (guilty)
    -most things on your Christmas wish-list is Pokemon stuff (guilty, though my parents won't buy me any of that stuff. It's a wish list.)
    -all/most your videos or DVDs are Pokemon (guilty, though they're all in Chinese except for... five videos. I bought them when I was young.)
  33. ...When you got to a family reunion and you write "Ash Ketchum" on your name tag.
  34. -When ever you go out to eat, you imagine that a pokemon is eating with you(guilty)
    -When you try to fit Pokemon into every TV show and movie that you see(guilty, some of the time)
    -When you try to play with the Pokemon cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh card style(Not guilty)
    -When something bad happens to you and you don't now why, you blame a Misdreavus(not guilty)
    -When camping, you try to find a combee hive(not guilty)
    -You bring a Pokemon game everywhere you go(not guilty, some of the time)
    -When you expect to find Poliwags in a river(Not guilty)

    This is fun, I came up with a few of those off the top of my head.
  35. That sounds more like a consequence of playing/watching too much Yu-Gi-Oh to me. Now, if you tried to play Yu-Gi-Oh cards in the style of the Pokemon TCG... No, that still doesn't work...
  36. -you go to the ocean and look very closely at the water for wild Vaporeon(guilty)
    -you know every 'shipping' between the characters(guilty)
    -you dream about pokemon(guilty, Mudkip)
  37. Heres something Im very guilty about...

    Whenever you listen your favortie song on your opid, you daydream of you sitting by Lake Valor, with your pokemon team playing.

    For example:

    When I listen to' Im like a bird', this is what I do:

    I imagine myself sitting by lake Valor with my Leafeon in my Lap, absorbing the HP form the sun light. My Lucario sitting on a branch, relaxing. My Salamance flying from tree to tree, eating apples. Blissey playing tag with a oddish.

    ( heres my favorite ):

    My Milotic freezing the water, with my Weavile ice skating.

    I get up, and walk down the hill. My pokemon except Weavile and Milotic follow. While Im walking down, I see Weavile on a HUGE block of ice, sledding down the hill. I start running after her, and Milotic just watches.

    When I grab myWeavile, I cant stop it. Im holsing onto Weavile, but Im flying in the air XD. When I get to the bottom, its the end."

    It actually relaxes me. And I always imagined My Weavile beign A CRAZY nut in Anime XD.
  38. Oh, holy cow, Lightchaos, that happens to me, too!

    -when you are looking through this thread and you find 30+ things that you do(oi, TOO guilty)
  39. I think you'd have to watch to much of both. Anyways, here's some more:

    -When you eat food, you imagine what Pokemon it would have been from, like a stake coming from a Milktank(not guilty)
    -You think of what your pokemon could do around the house(guilty)
    -When you play Pokemon Battle Revolution, you throw down a toy Pokeball when ever you send out a Pokemon(guilty)
    -You look in a atlis to find towns named Pallet, Littleroot, Hearthome, ect(not guilty)
  40. I cried during all the movies I admit. :'(

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