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YOU BROK... OH, it's working again...

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Well, it's kinda. >> The forums are up and should be problem free. ('Cept for the chat - that wont be working till later on today). I'm working on putting up the rest of the site as we speak, but I'm being messed around by technology and it's slowing it down.

    Hosted sites should hopefully be up ASAP too, including the STCO Wiki, Sprites in Limbo and The Insane Asylum - but the priority is the main site.

    Sorry for the inconvenience of being down for so long, but it wound up being sadly unavoidable. Now that the costs etc have been more balanced out, there shouldn't be any reason for another transfer for some time - and this should at least give us a chance for a fresh kickstart to the year.

    So, again, apologies for anything that's broken today, will be working on getting everything up properly throughout the day.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Feb 11, 2009.

    1. Paul Darkdor
      Paul Darkdor
      What happened? Also, can you get the TC Maker up soon?
    2. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Server transfer that didn't go half as smoothly as it should have done for a number of reasons. Not the least of which being me falling ill on Sunday.

      The TC Maker will be up at some point this afternoon.
    3. Paul Darkdor
      Paul Darkdor
      Thanks, it's just that I use the trainer cards for another of my forums. Because we Roleplay Pokemon.

      Could you also add The Platunum sprites of trainers that aren't in Diamond and Pearl?
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      There are no plans to update the Trainer Card Maker for some time, I have too much work load with other stuff to spend the time required on it for such a large update as adding all the Platinum stuff.

      I may find time for it closer to the European release - and after that will hopefully find time over the summer to go through a massive to-do list for the site.
    5. Paul Darkdor
      Paul Darkdor
      Oh... The Platinum only TG Commander would have come in handy some time soon.
    6. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Well, I could see what I can do about a Trainer-only update at some point, but don't hold your breath.
    7. Celadon
      The site seems to be working fine...for me at least. It just does not show the 'new' button near the topics. Not that it matters as the message appears as text in any case. Other than that , it is good for Charms to be back.

      EDIT: the poke'balls are a bit far-placed, too.
    8. Magpie
      I hope you're feeling better, Alex. The forum looks fine to me, aside from the Pokeball spaces that Kazuma mentioned. The forum doesn't appear to like my Avatar, but I'm sure that'll be a problem with my link.

      'Tis good to have 'Charms back ^^

      Edit: The Avatar issue was just down to the fact my uploaded image was no longer linked. Easily fixed.
    9. Paul Darkdor
    10. Tatile
      It's good to see the forums back up and that hopefully you won't need to do another server move for a while (Murphy's law and all that). I second Magpie's 'get better' wishes.
    11. 112% Elusive
      112% Elusive
      Get well soon =D
      Also, I found out the default avatars (gamesprites, game images, etc)
      didn't work for me =\
      I see a new Spell check button =D Let's hoppe hope (XD) people have enough sense to use it XD
    12. Linkachu
      *The rabid forumbeast hugs the forums* It's good to have you back safe and sound :'D

      Them PokeBall images need a kick in the pants, eh? Otherwise, I haven't looked around for other bugs yet. Just wanted to read the update comments XD
    13. Teapot
      My avatar is broken. D: Ah well, I'll reupload it when I get home.

      However, everything else forum-wise seems to work here - excellent job, Alex. :D
    14. Paul Darkdor
      Paul Darkdor
      Database, the location of that avatar may no longer exist or might have been moved.
    15. 112% Elusive
      112% Elusive
      I doubt it, the forums probably removed all the avatars when the forums moved.
    16. Stark
      Woo! Nice to have Charms back, nice job Alex and the crew (if the rest of you helped :p).
    17. Linkachu
      Nah. It's all Alex, unless you count Rach having to deal with him when he was sick as helping out XD
    18. Teapot
      Yes, I do know. That's why I said I'm going to reupload it.
    19. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      All attachments were lost - sorry. That one's purely down to me falling ill on Sunday and not having any opportunity to download anything from the old server before it was wiped.

      In fact, had it not been for the fact that Rach and I sorted out the database backup and movement to the new server in the morning... well, let's just say I'd probably be currently in Katie's stomach.
    20. Paul Darkdor
      Paul Darkdor
      Sorry to be a pain, but the TC Maker? I don't care much for the Platinum sprites atm, just the TCs to sort out my RP board.
    21. Teapot
      He'll do it when he can. Be patient. Alex has already worked his arse off getting this site back up, even while he was ill - the last thing he needs is whiny morons demanding that he DOES IT NAO!!1eleventyone.
    22. Yoshimitsu
      Paul, seriously. It'll get done when it gets done. Stop bugging him about it, or I'll do something nasty to your profile or something. It's getting really annoying now.

      As much as I agree (lol) Data, play nice.
    23. Teapot
      Sorry El, I'll watch my tongue next time :)
    24. Prof. Cinders
      Prof. Cinders
      I'm the saviour of Pokecharms =D
    25. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      We'll nick a jingle off Radio 1 for you later. :p
    26. ditto
      why is the pokedex not working because i want a celibe for pokemon pearl
    27. Plapti
      It isn't working, since Doctor Oak has a massive update for it due and has to re-program / fix it.

      And it's Celebi.

      Also, great to see 'Charms back up.
    28. Emilin_Rose
      Here. This is how to catch Celebi without a gameshark in DP.

      Also, I missed this site so. I never registered before, but i lurked.
    29. Tak_mimi
      [glow=red,2,300][/glow] ;Thank god i thought my computer was messing :o up and wouldn't show the pages. ::)

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