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Private/Closed You Are Still Beautiful To Me

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mich_010, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. ⠀⠀⠀There was an awkward silence between Kaiyo and Evangeline. They both didn't do anything for a while. They just sat across each other outside the café in Hearthome City. The doll stared at her fruit pastry that only had a couple bites. Kaiyo didn't touch his food at all. He didn't really feel hungry.
    ⠀⠀⠀Finally, the lolita sighed, "I've lost my appetite." she got out of her seat and without looking back at her butler she told him, "We're going to go gather everyone up."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh... What about the food?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Give it to Uji, or Kyoryu. They'll probably eat it."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Okay." Kaiyo stood up and grabbed both plates and went behind his trainer. Once she felt that her companion was behind her, she began to walk towards the shopping district with Kaiyo following the girl closely. With a high degree of confidence, Evangeline walks into a clothing store, knowing that Hyoga was in here. And he was, the male with Glaceon ears was looking though a rack of clothing. In the corner of his eye he can see the black shapes of his trainer's parasol and his teammate's suit.
    ⠀⠀⠀He turned to them once they got up to him. Kaiyo was the first to say something, "Hello, Hyoga."
    ⠀⠀⠀The icy male smiled back at his teammate, "Hello Kaiyo, Evangeline."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Did Hearthome City bring back some good memories?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Fuck you."
    ⠀⠀⠀The butler laughed a bit under his breath. It was like he was never upset.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Did you two just come here to make fun of me?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"No, but that was funny." Evangeline says with her bored tone and expression still apparent.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh my Arceus; Evangeline I thought you were supposed to be the nice one!"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Kaiyo makes fun of you all the time?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Hey, don't pretend that you're a saint." Kaiyo began to banter with Hyoga.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Don't listen to him, Evangeline. What does he know? He's got a bird brain."
    ⠀⠀⠀"I didn't know you two were this close. Are you two going to kiss later?" the lolita joined in on the teasing.
    ⠀⠀⠀"I dunno, it's always risky with bisexuals." the butler made a smug face towards Hyoga.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Wow, you're just gonna yank me out the closet like that?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh please, name one Eeveelution that was as straight as an arrow."
    ⠀⠀⠀"... Damn, I hate it when you're right."
    ⠀⠀⠀"C'mon, ladies. We need to get going." Evangeline was done with shenanigans.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh? Where are we going?" Hyoga asked.
    ⠀⠀⠀"I have to do something and I want you guys to be with me as I do it."
    ⠀⠀⠀"I see... Shame; I didn't have time to figure out what my taste of fashion was now that I have this body."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Why do you have to say it like that? You make it sound weird." Kaiyo pointed out.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh, you don't think a human body is better than your Empoleon body?"
    ⠀⠀⠀"Well, things are more easier to do with hands..."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Not only that, but now you can have more than one look. I've always find that about humans so cool. Since they lack fur, they can get creative with their clothing and look however they please."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Hm, I personally don't really care about that stuff."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Let's go." Evangeline began to walk away from the two males, but they both quickly caught up with her.
  2. Walking the streets, Alex Cromwell was on his eevee phone. His voice sounded like he was not having a pleasant conversation to the other party. "Gavin listen. I will not be doing anymore gigs at the moment. I am extremely exhausted." There was a pause in the monologue of the 23 year old singer as he walked. The white hair man was headed to a nearby clothing store as he lost most of his luggage on the flight.

    "No I will not lip sync to my own songs. There is integrity in that. If I put on a show, I am going to do it my way. I will not have you telling me how to run my own career." Beside the man was a tall model like figure. She had multi colored hair and a white lace dress. She was taller then the male even without the white heels. In her arms was an Alolan Vulpix who had a collar that seemed to be made of ice as the lighg hit the material of the collar.

    Another pause occurred before the pair entered the shop just as a doll like girl and two males were leaving. Alex did not really pay attention and Aura was taking in the buildings and talking with Frost. "You know what I am done talking about this. When I am ready to start taking on more work I will let you know. Until then do not call me for anything."

    Alex was upset and you could see that in the way he spoke and the way he moved into the store. He hoped that the place had some clothes that would fit in with his style as it was pretty different for most. Alex hung up his phone and slide into his shoulder bag. The one that is normally not seen on stage.
  3. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    Roy had mostly been sitting down at the same bench for about an hour. He was reading a small book about the history of the Pokemon World. It wasn't his forte, but it was enough for him to be interesting. "Arceus made the universe... I know I know. Should have gotten that other book about that pokemon. Was it Palkia?" he thought. His Tangrowth, Terry, was also resting, his Marill resting on top of Terry. He wasn't paying attention to much, still trying to hide himself a bit.

    He got bored of the book after reading a few more things that he already knew form basic knowledge. He looked up, and saw some other people. It seemed to be a man and woman holding an Alolan Vulpix, and not too far off was a girl and what seemed to be some sort of Empoleon-esque butler, with two men following them. He was not too interested, but he had only recently come to Hearthome City. He had always been disappointed with clothes, nothing wanting him to change his wool sweater. But maybe this time they would have some sort of clothing that would interest him.

    Grabbing his book on pokemon, he put it neatly in his bag. "Terry, i'm gonna check out the clothes store. I'll let you stay outside, just make sure Carbon is safe." he said to Terry. Terry nodded, and walked with Roy with Carbon on his head. When they reached the store, Terry rested back down, looking like a blue bush, Carbon still resting. He fed a berry to Terry and left one for Carbon, and went inside the store to look around for a bit.
  4. Ethan walked out of the Pokémon Center with Clark being held around the knapsack's sling. The Cubchoo loosely held onto his tablet, as his other items were inside the clear pocket pouch of his snow white jumpsuit. He shook his head, and attempted to ignore an area that was bandaged with a light amount of gauze and dressing. The little bear carefully unfolded the tablet with some assistance from his trainer, booted on the tablet after, and noticed a bunch of notifications on an application titled: Ordichat.

    The Cubchoo gulped, and hesitantly pressed on the application's icon with his right paw. The picture of a radio with several green waves radiating from its antenna soon loaded up. The black screen read in light green text:


    "Winter one-one, you are tasked with finding and defusing several IEDs near a dense neighborhood in Driftveil. Caution if there are any civilians. You have permission to engage any hostile targets, over." - Yesterday 00:05

    "Willco." - Yesterday 00:05

    "Polar zero, this is Winter one-one reporting in. I've located the bomb site, but the explosives are duds, over." - Yesterday 00:17

    "Copy that Winter one-one. Extract a sample, then head to coordinates Alpha, Charlie, one, zero, three, two, over." - Yesterday 00:18

    "Willco." - Yesterday 00:18

    "Ahh! I've been hit! I'm compro- [Unintelligible]" - Yesterday 00:19

    "Winter one-one, do you copy? Please respond Winter one-one!" - Yesterday 00:20

    "Break, break, this is Polar zero, do you read Winter one-one? Winter one-one, respond now!" - Yesterday 00:20

    Clark gave a heavy sigh after he read the first page of the audio transcript. Ethan glanced at the little Pokémon, and gently patted him on his back. The Cubchoo lightly groaned, and dubiously tapped the picture with a video camera on it. The little bear almost dropped the tablet, so his trainer decided to place his left hand underneath to assist with the Cubchoo's loose grip.

    "Umm... you alright there buddy? I get that you didn't exactly like that nurse, but..." Ethan asked, before he noticed a tall, slender man in military clothing appearing on the tablet's screen.

    "Hello, who is this? I'm on break at the moment," The man asked, while he sipped on a tall mug of espresso.

    Clark gave a timid cry in response, and reached into the center pocket of his onesie. The Cubchoo carefully pulled out a silver badge, which was composed of a wreath, a bomb, several lightning bolts next to the explosive atomic weapon, along with a star in the center of the ordnance.

    "Hmm... I get that Pokémon like to show off their soldier's accomplishments, but I'm on break. I have to get to a meeting a bit later yeah?" The man responded, while he took a brief gulp of the warm, creamy beverage.

    Clark slowly rolled his eyes at the man, and decided to pull out an identification card after he placed the badge back in the pocket. The little Pokémon dropped the card on the tablet, and emitted a light cry. Ethan picked up the card with his right hand, and decided to show it to the screen after he noticed the Cubchoo pointing towards it. The Chill Pokémon slowly nodded at his trainer, and turned back to the man.

    "Oh... Umm... Please excuse me for one moment," The man slowly instructed, while he gently placed down the mug.

    "Yes sir, we just confirmed that there was an incident near Driftveil. Says here on Pokédaily that there was a man from the army gone missing. I think that could be one of our men here," A woman stated, before she went near the man's desk, and placed down some newspapers near a pile of other papers.

    "Thank you ma'am, but I will politely request that the room be left here," The man replied, while he almost spilled the mug over.

    "Certainly sir, I will leave you and the white and blue bear thing to it," The woman promptly responded, before she exited the screen. The footsteps grew fainter with each one that came every second.

    "Winter one-one, does that ring a bell Clark?" The man asked, while a light smile formed on his face.

    The Cubchoo slowly nodded, as he slowly processed the man's question. It was difficult to recall the person's appearance, though the baby Pokémon managed to remember the first word that came through his ears. He resisted the urge to place his left paw near his mouth in front of a superior figure.

    "I'm sorry if you were the really the one in that incident. My men tried to search for you for all day and night, but it seems that Officer Jenny had beaten us to it," The man stated, while he took a rather light sip of the espresso.

    Clark gazed at the man, and discreetly placed his left paw in his mouth when the man looked away. It was almost as if the person was not there at first, though the Cubchoo quickly became shocked when the man's face suddenly reappeared to his worried eyes.

    "So, judging from your behavior and everything, I'm assuming that now might be that time huh?" The man politely inquired, while he quietly giggled at the Cubchoo sucking on the mitten of his left paw.

    "Well... I guess. I mean, he can't walk, talk, and he drinks out of a bottle. Plus, he really hates it when I cover my face or turn away for a second," Ethan remarked, as Clark quickly rolled his eyes in response, and swiftly took the somewhat damp paw out of his dry mouth.

    "Hey, what's your name pal? I'm Commander Samuel, and that right there is... or I guess... was one of my men, Senior Swair. I'll let ya in on that we used to have a bit of fun with telephone and icebreakers with the trainees," The Commander stated, before he gave a brief salute to the man in the red hoodie.

    "I'm Ethan... Ethan Sandlers. I'm just well, your everyday student in college... also, major's Pokémon Biology. I just happened to find this little guy alone in the Pokémon Center over there, and I didn't realize that well... yeah all of that stuff that you just said. I've heard some stories about this, but I didn't think this could be real," Ethan promptly responded with a lengthy introduction. He lightly patted the Cubchoo's back after he carefully placed the card back in the onesie's pocket. The man started to stroke the infant's back in a gentle manner.

    "Ethan huh? Well, after putting the pieces together, it seems like you're quite a big one for taking care of someone from the Zephyr Armed Forces. I guess now might be time for the Senior to step down eh?" Samuel responded, while he looked right at the Cubchoo's concerned, lightly pooled eyes.

    "You're at Hearthome right? I need to get someone to file him for an honorable discharge along with several others, so I just used the IP he had," Samuel asked, while he noticed the baby Pokémon tearing up. Ethan slowly nodded at the man, and kept a modest grip on the young bear.

    Clark quietly bleated a series of feeble, infantile sounds at the Commander. The Cubchoo tried everything he could to reason with the man, though Samuel just maintained a straight look back.

    "I'm sorry if I have to release you, but you are by no means capable of serving at the moment. The certificate will arrive in the Pokémon Center in Hearthome in about a day or two. It's been a fine five years Winter one-one, but I think it's time you've had a break. Polar zero... out," The Commander stated, before he slowly waved to Clark, and gave one last salute. The Cubchoo quietly cried in front of his trainer, before the video transmission ended.

    "Well, you heard the man. You could really use a long break Clark. I think first, you might need to work on those little steps and all that," Ethan said to the baby Pokémon, before the Cubchoo heavily moaned and booted off the tablet.

    "Maybe it might be better to do something other than being on that tablet?" Ethan asked, before he grabbed the mobile device. The Cubchoo gave a weak whimper, as he could not easily tug on the smart computer from his trainer's strong grip. The man deposited the device in his bag, and took out a cold bottle of milk.

    Clark carefully wiped his watering eyes, and slowly accepted the bottle from his trainer. It was a bit difficult to easily get a grip on the tall, cylindrical container with his paws, so Ethan decided to place his left hand below it for assistance.

    The Cubchoo slowly suckled on the silicone spout, as he attempted to focus more on his current surroundings. The infant noticed his trainer walking towards a clothing store.

    Ethan decided to enter the building, as Clark continued to discreetly drink the milk. The Cubchoo turned away from the colorful clothing, and other odd articles featured inside the store. Ethan noticed another person inside that wore a wool sweater, which could prove a braving shield against the elements. The baby Pokémon continued to suckle his cold, plain beverage, as his trainer approached the man almost being five feet tall.

    "Ah, hello there. I guess I'm not the only one looking for a change. I'm just here looking for anything new for me and the baby bear. I think he could use a new color or two," Ethan said to the man, while Clark swiftly shook his head in response. His moderate noises of effortful suctions came to a brief halt, as the Cubchoo gave a muffled cry through the spout.

    "Oh, right. I forgot that he gets a bit nervous sometimes. He's not really used to other people yet. I'm Ethan, and this is Clark, a Cubchoo I think from what that nurse said," Ethan briefly stated, before he took a short breath. Clark tentatively had a short glimpse at the man in the wool sweater, while the infant turned away soon after.

    "From what that guy said in his tablet, he used to work in the army and stuff, but now he's a Pokémon for some reason. I still can't piece it all together right now, so here I am as a college boy I guess. I don't got much going on right now, but as for him... well, yeah," Ethan added, while he scratched his chin for a split second. He continued to lightly stroke the Cubchoo, and noticed that the baby Pokémon suddenly kept the odd noises of his tortoise paced suckles to a minimum.
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  5. Ahh, the wonderful air of Hearthome City, where it felt like anyone could be as glamorous as the Gym Leader who governed the city. A young scientist with her Surfing orange-brown mouse were roaming around the city. Shade had an idea of taking part in the local contest, but she wanted to sightsee first. It was her summer break and she wanted to spend most of it relaxing and not working her and her Pokemon up for a contest.

    She saw several people walk into a clothing store, but what really caught her eye was a lolita girl walking out of the store with two guys: one a butler and the other a guy with Glaceon ears. The Glaceon ears seemed to move about, as if they were actually real... Were they?

    The scientist had heard something about PokeConverters from one of her classmates, but they couldn't be it. Walking up to them, she could see their faces this time. She adored the cute style the little lady had on and she loved the look the guys had on, as well. They all looked so enchanting to her. Her Alolan Raichu, Chu, smelled them and thought it strange that they smelled just like an Empoleon and a Glaceon, but they were human. Giving her trainer a picture of an Empoleon and a Glaceon with a question mark, the multi-colored lady looked at them with intrigue. She decided she was going to socialize.

    She caught up to the three and smiled sweetly at them, waving as she greeted them. "Hello, you three. My name is Shadara Darastrix, but you may call me Shade and this is my lifelong partner, Chu."

    Chu squeaked in greeting before letting Shade continue. "My companion was wondering why your two men smelled like an Empoleon and a Glaceon when they seem so human. And I absolutely adore all of your guys' look. Especially yours," she especially looked at Evangeline's dress. "Your gothic style is so adorable. I'm a fan of black and white myself. By the way, what's your name?"
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  6. ⠀⠀⠀Hyoga couldn't help but notice the girl with interesting multi-colored hair and a Vulpix? He's never seen a Vulpix that looked like an ice type. He could've sworn they were orange or something.
    ⠀⠀⠀He audibly gasped, "What a look! Who are they?" the Glaceon male wandered back into the clothing store.
    ⠀⠀⠀The lolita sighed, "I knew I should've put him in his Pokéball..."
    ⠀⠀⠀"I dunno, now that he can use words, he can actually argue with you." The butler mentioned.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Oh well, we'll get him later. Uji and Kyoryu are at an ice cream place, right?" Evangeline turned to go there, but was stopped by Shade. She was kind of annoyed that a stranger walked up to her and distracted her from gathering up her Pokémon, but tried to stay engaged with the conversation when Kaiyo and Hyoga were mentioned.
    ⠀⠀⠀The bluenette couldn't help but smile, "Oh, thank you—"
    ⠀⠀⠀"This is just my butler. He probably smells like an Empoleon because I have one and he helps me take of it." The doll cut her butler off before he can say anything. He was a bit surprised that Evangeline suddenly decided to keep the fact that he was a Pokémon a secret. Just earlier she didn't seem to care, but when this woman talked to her, she seemed to have changed her mind.
    ⠀⠀⠀He's been with Evangeline nearly all his life, but he still has no idea what she's thinking sometimes. His loyalty to his trainer was more stronger than his own personal thoughts, so he decided to play along with it.
    ⠀⠀⠀The lolita continued, "As for that other one; he actually is a Glaceon. He only looks like that because of this blue sticker on his Pokéball." the girl proceeded to reach for a Pokéball that was hanging on one of the many hooks inside her parasol. She took it off and showed the bottom part of the Pokéball to show off the blue sticker that was on it.
    ⠀⠀⠀Hyoga's Pokéball was the standard red and white one, but there was black lace on top of the sphere. Upon closer inspection; Evangeline's hands don't look human at all. They were ball jointed and appeared to be made out of wax.


    ⠀⠀⠀"Excuse me, miss. How did you get your hair to look like that?" Hyoga walked up to Aura. He didn't really pick up the angry vibes from Alex. He was way too focused on Aura in order to pick it up. Not only was he interested in how it's possible to have such fabulous hair a drag queen would kill to have, but he's never seen the Pokémon she holding in her arms. Hyoga's always been biased about ice types, so seeing new ones has always excited him.
  7. As soon as Alex ended the call, his mood shifted. It turned from being angry to one of peace. He was glad to have a least some peace. Though it was broken by the man that came up to him and Aura. He seemed to be intrigued by her hair.

    Aura smiled at the complement. Her smile showed off her purely white teeth. Looking towards Alex, she confirmed it would be ok to tell the man their secret. When she spoke her voice was very musical and lilting. "Well you see my hair is naturally like this. I am actually a Galarian Rapidash. My friend here bought me a poke converter to test out since his family wanted to see how they would effect pokemon, so they could recommend it to anyone who would want to purchase it. My name is Aura by the way. This is my life long friend Alex Cromwell."

    Alex smiled at the man. His exuberance was brighting to the mane who just had a tough conversation with his manger. "It is nice to meet you." The long hair man adjusted his blond hair and purple hair, to behind his ear.
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  8. Shade watched as the Glaceon human walked back into the store before moving her attention back to Evangeline. She had noticed the tone Evangeline was using and figured that she interrupted her from something and she wasn't at all pleased. Raising an eyebrow, she caught that she cut the man off. How weird. She must be hiding something, but was forthcoming about the Glaceon human's true identity. She looked towards her Alolan Raichu, who looked at her trainer before looking back at Evangeline. She then tried to make telepathic picture communications with Evangeline and Kaiyo, telling her herself what she smelled.

    The pictures used to describe what she was meaning had used Kaiyo, then an equal sign and an Empoleon. She then had Kaiyo again and then a crossed out equal sign to a human. Next to each figure there was a nose. This had meant that she could smell only Empoleon on Kaiyo and nothing that tells her he's human. There was no other human scent. Which struck Chu as odd and began smelling Evangeline. She didn't smell human, but more like a doll. She communicated to Shade on her own unshared link that Evangeline smelled like a doll or like a candle.

    Meanwhile, Shade knelt down to look at the blue sticker with awe. She found it amazing. "This little thing changes the molecular structure of a Pokemon into a human's? Incredible!" She noticed the ball joints on her hands and got the message from Chu. She looked at Evangeline with awe. "I promise not to bother you too much, but you aren't human, are you? That is magnificent! Well, you act very much like a human, but you have the physique of a doll. That is truly intriguing!"

    Shade got up smiled at Chu, who seemed to be giving Evangeline and Kaiyo another telepathic message. This time, Chu was expressing the bond between themselves, with Chu sharing a picture of when they were just born - a baby human and a Pichu snuggling together in black blanket. Then a few more snaps later of them playing together while Chu was still a Pichu, then several more pictures of them traveling through the seven regions, other than Galar, while she was a Pichu. Then, when Shade, who was wearing a lab coat in the picture, was in college, she turned into a Pikachu and then into an Alolan Raichu. All this, just to show a picture of the Alolan Raichu and Shade with a two-way arrow pointing at them both with a couple of the few words that Chu knew: Trust and Sister. The last picture was a picture of Shade next to a heart that had the other word Chu knew inside of it: Pokemon. Chu didn't exactly know why she did this, but she felt like the doll lady didn't trust her trainer, which felt like a sin. Why wouldn't the doll lady trust her lifelong partner? She loved Pokemon with all her heart, Chu had been with her through thick and thin, and Shade was extremely honest when she needed to be. Yea, she had a few screws loose, but that didn't mean she was anything like a normal human would be. She even showed Evangeline and Kaiyo a picture of Shade with a large aura cloud covering her entire body that had the same colors as the colors that were in her hair, showing that she held a deep understanding for Pokemon as she showed the silhouettes or pure-typed Pokemon she knew: a pink Alakazam for the pink Psychic aura, a pale purple Misdreavus for the pale purple Ghost aura, and a black Umbreon for the Dark aura. Feeling that this didn't justify her explanation enough, she then went on to show, in pictures, that when Pokemon get abused by trainers, she's there to take them away to a better place and help them cope with the new life change.

    Shade noticed Chu was trying super hard and can see the sweat buildup on her face. Kneeling down next to her Pokemon, she picked up her darling mouse gingerly by wrapping her arms around the mouse's chest and holding her tightly. "You okay, Chu? Please be careful before you start giving yourself a migraine. I don't want to see you in pain like the last time you did that."

    Chu nodded and smiled a little before licking her trainer's chin, to which Shade chuckled a little and shook her head.
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  9. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    As he walked into the small clothes store, he looked pretty excited. The air of fresh clothes and someone's dropped water outside the store filled his nose. He dug into his backpack and made sure he had the money, checking the prices. "Nice... still got money for other stuff if I want to buy anything. Looking at the store, he found it to be pretty cute stuff. Some wool sweaters, a t-shirt or two, and other stuff. A few children ran in the store, but nothing seemed to break.

    After a few minutes of looking around, nothing seemed to intrigue him in a sort of "I want this for myself" kind of way. He remembered his younger cousin LOVED stuff like sweaters and the sort, so he decided to buy a striped red sweater. Heading up to the counter, he got out the pokedollars for payment. Still, a bit anxious from the new town, but he could always trust shopkeepers.

    "Hello dearie! Would you like to buy anything today?" the shopkeeper asked.

    "Yes, this red striped sweater. How much will that cost?"

    "About 2500 pokedollars."

    "Here is the payment."

    "Thank you, honey! Enjoy your day!"

    "You too. Goodbye!"

    As he finished that exchange, noting down that he had reached his social interaction limit for the day, he quickly put the sweater in his bag, making sure to write a note later in the day before mailing it. He quickly did that, and woke up Terry. "Terry, im back. Want to explore more?" he asked, Terry making a small move to signal "yes". Marill also woke up and hopped off of Terry, beginning to walk towards Roy. About to move, he noticed the man with the Alolan Vulpix again, this time it seemed he had.... ears? Not regular ears, pokemon ears. Of course, he didn't want to be rude, and decided to head back to the bench to scope out his surroundings.
  10. After none of the clothing seemed to interest Ethan or Clark, Ethan decided to walk out of the store. The Cubchoo turned away from the shopkeeper, and quietly suckled on his bottle for the time being.

    Once Ethan arrived outside, Clark's small, round ears picked up on a rather lengthy conversation nearby. The Cubchoo briefly caught a sighting of a Glaceon human that went back in the store. The baby Pokémon gave a muzzled cry to a woman that held a Raichu that looked rather different from the standard species encountered a few weeks ago. The unfamiliar individual appeared to be over five times the Cubchoo's size, so the little bear started to sweat when his trainer had a hard gaze right down at his concerned eyes.

    Clark slowly turned towards his trainer, and kept the bottle hidden away from the Alolan Raichu to the best of his ability. Ethan slowly patted the Cubchoo's back, and glanced at the rodent-like creature that licked their trainer's chin. Clark carefully pulled the damp spout out of his mouth, and took a shallow breath. He lightly sniffed the upper tip of the hollow, silicone tube, and resumed with his discreet suckles soon after.

    The Cubchoo lightly tapped on top of the bottle's lower body with his right paw, almost as if he was attempting to text on a device of some sort. Ethan had a puzzled look at the infant, and asked, "Umm... you alright there Clark? Do you want me to help you more with that?"

    Clark glanced at the Alolan Raichu, and promptly shook his head. Part of his head turned pale red with clear embarrassment, as the Cubchoo almost lost his loose grip on the drinking container. A muffled squeal soon followed, along with another lengthy headshake. The young bear continued the awkward motion on the bottle, and kept the volume of his light slurps to a minimum.
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  11. Pant... pant... pant... pant...

    Kale tried to steady his breathing as he ran on the sidewalk. A small breeze, amplified by the running, whipped through his light brown hair as the teen adjusted his running shorts mid-jog. Alongside him glided one of his best friends, Shine. She was an Emolga, and Kale's first Pokemon.
    "Mole, mole! <You can do it!>" Shine encouraged her trainer, flapping her arms to gain a bit more altitude. From her neck hung a stopwatch that was ticking away. A quick glance at it made the teen smile. His time was actually looking pretty good. He just had to beat 7 minutes. He could do this!

    As he turned his attention back to the sidewalk, a rather unusual sight caught his eye. Some rather unusual people were standing in the clothing shop across the street. Such unusual hair! A girl with multi-colored hair... A guy with blond and purple hair... Wait, he looked kinda familiar... And then there was that guy with blue hair. Wait, were those... Glaceon ears, poking out of his head?


    The sound of a person slamming into a metal streetlight rang out loudly down the street, causing quite a few people to stop what they were doing and turn. For a moment, Kale saw stars. The teen had slammed lightpole, falling to the ground and hitting his head against the pavement as well. He laid on the ground for a moment, stunned. A trickle of blood began to leak out of his nose from where his face hit the streetlamp. Shine let out a small yelp and landed next to her trainer, grabbing his arm and shaking it.
    "Emogla! Emolga! <Ah! Kale! Oh my gosh! You're hurt!>" Shine exclaimed. Kale let out a small groan, slowly struggling to sit up.
    "Hey, hey... I'm... I'm okay, Shine." Kale said, waving of his electric companion and pulling himself up into a sitting position. So much for making 7 minutes... He really should have been more careful.
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  12. With each day that she spent here in Sinnoh, the more she began to understand why so many people lived here. Many of the cities were large, much like Goldenrod back home. That didn't make it any less beautiful, however, or any less bountiful with Pokémon. Kay had been in the region for just a couple weeks now, but today she awoke in the Pokémon hotel in Hearthome City.

    Kay woke from dreams of battle to overwhelming warmth provided by her entire team cuddled all around her, or just on the floor beside the bed. Natty to the left of her, snoring as always, and fuschia horn poking out over the pillow his face was tucked underneath. To the right of her, a ball of yellow fur with a few black stripes, better recognized by the bright crimson orbs that rest on her forehead and at the end of her tail. A soft, rhythmic wheeze emitted from the Ampharos as she rested with her trainer. Resting against the yellow poké was the youngest of the bunch, at first appearing like an icy ball of floof. The tiniest trill of a snore proves her to be in fact living, rather than a stuffed animal. At Kay's feet lay the magnificent Cassius, who standing on all fours reaches just over five feet tall. On each side of the bed on the floor rested her Girafarig and then her Tyranitar. Just a happy family, and every morning as she wakes, she finds herself struck with deep admiration, gratitude and love as she looks at her treasured friends.

    brrrrraaaaaarrrrrr..... A tummy growled, and as if the clock had struck twelve, the little bird's head popped up from the curled-up position. Piiiip! Enoshe cried softly as she yawned and stretched out. Her entire body was overcome by a shiver of energy as she came awake. Pip! she took an adamant tone as she looked at all her companions. Dead asleep. This was a problem. Not unlike many of their mornings, the water baby took it upon herself to wake the group up. Eno started with Marly, the most dramatic of the group. It started with a tiny flapping of her wings against her, Pip pip! Pip pip lup! but to no avail. It was time to bring out the big guns, she thought as she scowled and puffed up her chest. Eno released a very inappreciable burst of bubbles that softly bursted against the yellow fur. Though this wouldn't have awakened even Cassius or Ty due to its lack of power, Marlayna's hypersensitivity shook her awake. Amph!! she torted as she realized what had happened, and just as Enoshe had planned, the effect took like dominoes. Marlayna startled Kay awake, who shifted against Natzhe and poked at Cassius as a result. Paws and other appendages now shifting everywhere, indicating that the water baby's mission was accomplished.

    Back in the day, mornings were chaos as everyone got to know each other. The struggle returning every time they added a new poké to the group, but like most creatures the routine brought harmony to the group. That, and a good leader.

    "Good morning, everyone," and just like every morning, Kay woke up with a smile on her face. Piiip! Enoshe bounced up and down at the foot of the bed. Sounds of acknowledgement came from each of her friends as they greeted her back. "Eno, you're a troublemaker...on the bright side I got a free alarm clock," she mlem'ed playfully as she petted the Piplup's head. Of course, this incited the usual jealousy from Tyberius, whose head was now peering over the end of the bed. From the depths of his chest came a rumble, similar to a purr but easily confused with a growl. Kay is perfectly in sync with Ty however, and she knew exactly what he wanted. Scritches!

    After everyone had their morning pet, Kay quickly got her things together. "The weather outside looks amazing...let's go get some food, okay?" The Pokémon responded with approval in varying pitches and tones.

    The bustling plaza could be heard from inside of the lobby of the hotel. "Alright! Big guys gotta get in the balls until we get to the cafe. Ty, you know that means you first!" The six-foot-tall creature groaned sadly but nodded in understanding. A sudden beam of light emerged, and the big baby disappeared into his Luxury Ball. Bits of static electricity began to erupt as Marlayna anxiously begged for Kay's attention, mewing softly. "No, Marly, you just got to walk the day before yesterday. We take turns, okay? I'm sorry" The electricity died down, and although slightly disappointed, the Ampharos also nodded in understanding. "It will be just a few minutes anyway, until we get to the cafe." Another beam of light took the Ampharos in a pokéball. "Lorelei, isn't it your turn today?" The Girafarig whinnied in agreement and nodded her head excitedly.

    The Girafarig turned her head around discreetly, psst! Figgy! she whispered to her rear end. Today I get to accompany her, so you better not cause me any problems! On a telepathic level, her tail responded curtly, the only one messing anything up is you, sweet cheeks. Lorelei rolled her eyes away from her counterpart, not finding his term of endearment so endearing.

    Kay returned Cassius to his pokéball, then the four of them set out for the street. Kay with Enoshe in her arms, Natzhe on one side and Lorelei on the other. Kay really love to walk around with all of her Pokemon out at all times, but there turns to be too much traffic on the human streets of big cities like this. Especially with a Tyranitar!!

    They made it halfway down the block before Enoshe started to wriggle in her arms. "Eno? What's wrong?" Piiiiip! pip pip! Pip! Piiiiip! Kay couldn't quite understand her distress, and looking between Lorelei and Natty, they weren't sure either. The water baby struggled further, and surprisingly enough Kay lost grip of her. "Eno! Come back here!" Natzhe chased after her first out of instinct to protect, Kay and Lorelei followed.

    They passed a couple boutiques and Enoshe closed in on her target. A smell, an overwhelmingly familiar smell had tickled her nose. Her curiosity was impossible to resist. It was rare was Eno acted out in a way that could exhaust her, she was a baby Pokemon and very good at acting like it. She didn’t even know what she was chasing, just a smell. So immersed in her thoughts, she bumped into her target: the sharply dressed male human, or so it appeared. Eno bounced back like a rubber ball, and once she landed on her butt she looked up at the man. Piip? Who are you, really?

    Oh sir I am so sorry! Eno!!” Kay shouted, but Natzhe got there first. The poison point Pokémon stood warily, there were already three humans all standing around. He didn’t want to appear intrusive or aggressive. Niiido.. he called to the Piplup, asking her to come back. Kay stood next to Natty, and looked between the butler, the Lolita and the trainer with..a Raichu? Kay curiously turned her head; she had heard of these. Alolan? Right. "So precious..." she whispered in an almost creepy way, she knelt and started to admire the floating doll-like Pokemon. She was so deeply infatuated that she didn’t hear the crash from afar. So cute!
  13. Anomaletix

    Anomaletix Previously Keet

    As he was relaxing on the bench, Terry and Carbon relaxing on a small box he found, the lound noise of a streetlight, or SOMETHING falling seemed to wake him. "Wah? What? What the heck happened?" Roy said, quickly looking around. Carbon and Terry also woke up with a fright, Marill jumping off and running around scared, and Terry looking terrified. Eventually they noticed a dented streetlight, and a teenager with some pokemon around him, along with terrified people looking at it.

    "Christ... guess i'll break my rule on social interaction. He looks hurt." Roy said, stretching a bit and walking. Carbon hid in Roy's bag while Tangrowth walked beside him. Reaching the teen, he kneeled beside him, grabbing some tissues and cleaning some of the dried blood. "Erm... hi there. I would ask how or why you would run, or something into a streetlamp, but I dont really think it would give me any answers. You feeling good? Need any water?" he asked, pulling out his water bottle out of his bag, almost grabbing Carbon, barely missing. He opened the bottle and had it ready. He only knew the basics, so he hoped that someone else with some sort of knowledge about first aid would come over.
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  14. ⠀⠀⠀Since Evangeline doesn't have a brain; so she didn't receive any telekinetic messages. Kaiyo however, does have a brain. This was the first time a psychic type has tried to do something like this him. Sure, he's fought psychic types in the past, but they always give him headaches, not images mimicking a personal album. He was confused at first but after receiving several more slides from the mind power point; he began to understand what was happening. The strange looking Raichu somehow has psychic powers that allowed this form of communication.
    ⠀⠀⠀Kaiyo tried his best to decipher the meaning of the imagery. The first one was obvious; the mouse Pokémon was accusing him of not being human at all. She's right, but for some reason; Evangeline just said he was just his butler. Kaiyo didn't understand why this was either. She totally admitted that his teammate was a Glaceon. Why didn't she admit he was an Empoleon? He wanted to ask, but he knew full well if he asked in front of these two; his trainer would get really upset at him.
    ⠀⠀⠀The following images took a while for Kaiyo to gather his own tangible thoughts on. He picked up that this woman here and the Alolan Raichu are very close. They seemed to have known each other for their entire life and are probably the same age. The thought made Kaiyo feel like he can relate to the Raichu. He's also known his trainer for nearly all his life. He knew they haven't been together for their entire life, but he's known her for a very long time. He's been through everything with her. He was her first Pokémon, the first one to love her, the first to see her smile.
    ⠀⠀⠀Kaiyo remembered when Evangeline would actually smile. Actually laugh when she thought something was funny. She used to shy around humans and not straight up hate them at first. He really misses that Evangeline, but that Evangeline... can't come back and he knows why.
    ⠀⠀⠀The butler totally got distracted. His smile slowly faded away after the Alolan Raichu's telekinetic slideshow. The thoughts he gathered up made him spiral into a mini depression. Thankfully, he got distracted again when he felt something bumping into him. His attention shifted to what crashed into him and his serotonin level spiked up when he saw which little Pokémon ran into him.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Aw~♥ a Piplup!" He didn't hear what the girl said despite her shouting. His internal squealing was too loud.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Kaiyo..." Evangeline's tone sounded more annoyed than usual.
    ⠀⠀⠀The butler turned back to the women and his smile returned, "I'm sorry, I totally lost my composure. You asked for our names, right? My master's name is Evangeline while mine is Kaiyo, as my master so kindly said earlier."
    ⠀⠀⠀"As you can see; I pay him a lot."
    ⠀⠀⠀Kaiyo couldn't help but laugh a bit. It was clearly a joke.
    ⠀⠀⠀The lolita commented on the PokéConverters, "I'm not too sure how it works. I don't have control over it. The Pokémon seem to be completely in control this device."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Ah yes, it's pretty unpredictable when my master throws her Pokéballs. It could be a human or a Pokémon." Kaiyo added.
    ⠀⠀⠀Evangeline didn't seem bothered when Shade asked if she wasn't human. That was another thing that the lolita didn't put an effort into hiding.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Yeah, I'm not human. Don't ask me how I work, because I have no idea either."
    ⠀⠀⠀"Ha ha, I don't either. I just know she only eats sweets and doesn't like lights."


    ⠀⠀⠀"You use a PokéConverter too? Oh my goodness! Me too." Hyoga seemed to have connected with the unique horn PokéHuman very quickly once he found that she was a Pokémon too.
    ⠀⠀⠀"Wow, a Rapidash, really? You look so fabulous compared to other Rapidashes I've seen. Not that normal Rapidashes aren't pretty. I just never really have fun experiences from them..."
    ⠀⠀⠀He turned to face Alex and smiled at him, "Hello, it's lovely meeting you. I'm Hyoga, a Glaceon." His tail slightly swayed and his ears twitched a bit to emphasize that he was indeed that Eeveelution. after taking a good look at Alex, Hyoga was really starting to dig his look as well. He found his earring interesting and also liked his hair. He's never really seen a dress like that before. He's seen lace on his trainer's clothes, but not in a way like in both Alex's and Aura's dresses.
    ⠀⠀⠀"I really like your entire look. I wish I can pull something off like that."
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  15. "Thank you, Hyoga. Well you are safe from be burning you to bits as I am not the Kantonian Rapidash, I was born in Galar on Alex's grandmother's ranch. It is nice to have the poke converter now. The gem version that I wear seems to give me a bit more control on when I transform back into my pokemon form. I tend to keep my tail and horn hidden when I am out and about. We are somewhat famous throughout the regions so we do what we can not to draw too much attention to ourselves." Aura smiled as she spoke to the ice type. She really enjoyed the poke human's excitement.

    "Thank you for the comment. We are actually wearing a stage outfit as our airline lost our luggage. Though how they lost all four bags I will never know. I am just glad my shoulder bag has all of the important things in it." Alex had to smile as well. The anger he had before disappeared completely and was replaced with peace. "I am sure you could pull off any look you want to. If your trainer or companion does not mind we would love the company while we shop. This is Frost, she is hates being in her pokeball." Alex reached over and plucked the ice type off Aura and lightly started to pet her.

    "If you have the time later, you could come over to our hotel and take a look at the other dresses we have. They are mainly the more showy ones as the casual looks that we had planned for Sinnoh were lost." Alex had a small frown on his face as he thought of his lost clothes.
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  16. It took Kay a few too many moments to realize her Piplup had brought her as an intrusion to an ongoing conversation. Something about changing the molecular structure of Pokemon. The timid butler closely backing his master. There was also the lolita, who admitted she wasn't human. Then what, if not Pokemon or human? Kay dismissed the thought just as the girl instructed her to. Back to what they were talking about though, Kay began to wonder. She had read something online about things called Pokeconverters, is that what they were talking about? Extremely expensive, she recalled. She analyzed the man first, the blue tinge to his hair and the very neat way he was dressed. Clearly a butler, but Enoshe was too interested for him to be simply that.

    "Hello, apologies for the interruption," the girl smiled and tried reaching down for the Piplup, but Enoshe got back up and slipped right past her fingers. "She gets so curious sometimes, please excuse her," Kay doesn't normally approach strangers on the street, and comes off rather awkward as a result. At this point she truly felt like she was just an intruder, but Enoshe wasn't giving her a lot of option in the matter.

    Eno now stood at Kaiyo's feet, looking directly up at him. She had noticed how he had lushed over her at first, but then directed his attention away to his master and the other trainer. She had this instinctual urge to play with him, that he was family of sorts, which confused her greatly. He appeared human, but smelled Pokemon. Unfortunately, Eno was disheartened that his attention had been so easily adverted away from her. She took a look around, and spotted the floating electric type next. Enoshe made a straight line towards Chu, and if she didn't move, she would walk right between Evangeline's legs. Piiiplup! <Hello!> she kindly greeted the stranger, and again plopped onto her bottom.

    "Well, that's Enoshe. I think she wants to play," She said bashfully, scratching the scalp at the back of head. "I'm Kay," the trainer looked down at her Nidorino, "that's Natzhe," and a whinny came from the Girafarig who was to be introduced next, "this is Lorelei," she put her hand on the Girafarig's next and gave her a pet as she spoke. At least I'm trying, she reassured herself.
  17. As Kale slowly sat up, he watched as a young man (teen?) with freckles and shaggy brown hair approached. Alongside him was a Tangrowth, a rather large Pokemon that looked like it was comprised of entirely vines. Kale recognized it from a few times he had been to the Safari Zone. The man looked rather concerned, and tried to clean off some of the blood.
    "Ah... No thanks, I'm fine." Kale said, waving away the guy's offer of a bottle of water. Shine looked up at the Tangrowth, which towered above the small electric type Pokemon. Kale slowly got to his feet, shaking his head. "I'm good, but I brought my own. Thanks for offering."
    Leaning against the very pole he ran into, Kale pulled a water bottle from the pack on the back of his belt and took a long drink.
    "I, uh... Guess I really should have been watching where I was going." Kale said to Terry with a smile.
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  18. Chu looked a tad frustrated that Evangeline seemed to not react to her message, but she noticed Kaiyo did. But she was quickly disappointed when she saw that he was quickly interrupted by a Piplup. Shade, on the other hand, was completely amazed at the PokeConverter and the doll's identity. "Amazing... I didn't think constructs were a thing outside of Dungeons and Dragonites, but here we are. I always knew items that turned Pokemon into humans and humans into Pokemon were a thing, but this was actually available to the public and not some crazy experiment some team made up. Amazing... But anyway, I don't want to keep any of you from what you are doing. I will most likely see you later. It was nice to meet you, Evangeline and Kaiyo. Bye," Shade and Chu waved goodbye before walking off towards the clothes store.

    It was there that she had seen two other strange looking humans. She quickly denoted that they must be Pokemon too. She also noticed that the Glaceon eared human was with Evangeline earlier. He must have been her Pokemon. She needed to get her hands on one of these devices... She quickly pulled up her phone and typed up PokeConverter. She found a site that sold some and clicked on it, but was flabbergasted at the price. She should have known it was going to be outrageously expensive, though. 3,000,000 PokeDollars. No wonder she hardly heard of it. Seeing that she had almost enough, she was going to save up as much as she could. She didn't want to bother her parents on helping her pay for it either, but it was amazing. She sat down at a bench and began to figure out how much money she was going to be save from each paycheck to get something like this.
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