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DPPt/HGSS Yoshimitsu's Final Team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Yoshimitsu, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Ok, so I'm actually sticking with the game long enough to train a competitive WiFi team. I only have 4 of 6 pokemon decided, so any input there would also be appreciated.

    Well, here we go:

    Gallade@ _____
    128 EVs in Attack, Defense, Special Defense and Speed.
    128 in Attack, 252 in Defense, the rest in Speed

    Brick Break
    Psycho Cut
    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance

    First turn, Swords Dance, then just start attacking. Brick Break and Psycho Cut for STAB, Leaf Blade because I don't have any grass pokemon on my team.

    128 EVs in Attack, Defense, Special Defense, Speed
    128 in Attack, Defense and 252 in either Special Defense or Speed

    Iron Head
    Night Slash
    Swords Dance

    Similar move set to Gallade, but iirc, Scizor is slower but has more attack power. Different type moves again. Enough variation, methinks.

    Pretty much any nature is fine. Mine has Relaxed
    252 EVs in HP, 128 in both Defense and Sp Defense

    Double Team

    Annoyer. 'Nuff said.

    Either Modest or Bold
    Flame Body
    252 EVs in Sp. Attack, 128 in Defense and Sp. Defense

    Sunny Day
    Solar Beam

    Special moves. Solar Beam gets rid of all three of its major weaknesses, and it has a good enough Special Attack to be able to abuse Thunderbolt/Psychic.

    As for other pokemon, I don't know. Any input on held items, EVs and the other two pokemon would be appreciated.
  2. Im just gonna throw my input on Scizor out, since I've used one a few times, Just have 252 Attack and Defense, And 4 speed if you want, and replace Swords dance with agility, to make up for its speed. On Magmortar, you can have it hold a power herb, so it doesnt need to charge Solar Beam on the first use, just in case you need it. Also... Just one Response to Shuckle.... Gengar, Gengar is resistant to wrap and toxic, Sandstorm will still do damage, though. And Gallade, Well, You could use Close Combat over Brick Break, but I see you are trying to add to its defenses, so yeah... thats all.

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