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Yoshimitsu Vs!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Yoshimitsu, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    OOC- So! Making a somewhat return to PRP, I'm throwing out an open challenge to anyone, pretty much. All the story is covered below, and I don't really care about listing your pokemon before jumping in. Just looking to get a feel for PRP again, so feel free to go for it!

    "It really has been a while, hasn't it, Gardevoir?"

    Littleroot. Back where it had all begun for him. Back where he had started his first journey, but definitely not his last. The air was still just as sweet as the first time he had breathed it, the air warm and the slightest of breezes playing with his hair. Nothing had changed. Ten years, and he could still picture everything perfectly. The lab, the few houses, the Hoenn sun still shining down and the waves crashing into the small beach. He had first stepped foot in Littleroot, straight off the ferry, wide-eyed and optimistic. It had been some time since he'd come back. So much had changed.

    He'd like to say he hadn't, but that would have been a massive lie. So much had happened to him. He'd fought off Team Aqua, Team Magma, even Team Rocket and had his fair number of run-ins with their renegades. He'd seen pokemon that others would kill to even glimpse. Articuno, Lugia, Kyogre, Groudon, Latios... Even the ones that shouldn't have existed, like the cybernetic Mewtwo or the chimera dubbed 'Mewfour'. He'd travelled the continents more than once, met towns that had been shrouded in myth and people who were only talked about in legend. He'd seen so much in the past ten years.

    Yoshimitsu ran his fingers through his hair, an easy grin on his face. The one thing that had stayed constant with him, even through everything, was that there was no simpler joy than a friendly battle. He'd seen so much in his life. He'd seen the end of the world, he'd seen a town nearly destroyed, he'd seen his own best friend and his constant companion sacrifice himself to save everyone. It just spurred him on. Every bead of sweat, every aching muscle, every time he just wanted to step back and let the world turn without him, he didn't. He threw himself back into it, helped who he could help, fixed what he could fix and never stopped, never rested or tired. He did what he could and so much more.

    "It's been so long. Ten years, Gardie," he said. "You're so close to where you came from, as well. We can visit later, if you want?"

    His Gardevoir, a pale blue in colour, nodded at him appreciatively. He grinned back.

    For his grand return to Hoenn, he'd just sent out an open request. It wasn't flashy as such, but he expected a bit of a pull. Just a few comments here and there, indicating that he'd be back in the region where he'd made his name. A hint that he'd be spending a bit of time in Littleroot. Some mentions of the funding the stadium there had been in for refurbishment and how excited he was for it. He was still the only remaining trainer from the International Pokemon Tournament (he liked to think trademark at the end of that) after his friends Gary Oak and Arcinius had both disappeared. Some of his friends, he already knew, were in the audience. Alexxia, Leon, Kilik, they all knew exactly what he was up to. They sat together, a vivid trio of people who waved to him as he stood at one end of the stadium.

    "So, Gardie, reckon we're still up for this after so long?" He asked, and she just nodded in response. He laughed and shoved his hands into his pockets.
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  2. Grasping his belt and entering Route 103 from Oldale Town, Gene remembered the news report he'd seen mentioning a legendary Trainer returning to Hoenn, a man by the name of Yoshimitsu of whom he'd heard a lot about.

    Gene looked down to the white furred Absol at his side, the beast staring straight ahead in a fixed glare.

    "See something, Ina?", Gene asked the Disaster Pokemon. "Or are you just ready for a fight?"

    Absol replied in determination and glee at the second question, and they both stepped into Littleroot Town, seeing the frame of the fabled man.
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  3. OOC: Can I use Pokémon from later regions (Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos)?

    Aiden woke up one day, checked his PC, and looked up a news article about a legendary trainer named Yoshimitsu. It stated that he would be returning to the Hoenn region and the he is waiting at Littleroot town.

    "You know what? I want a battle from that trainer." he said to the brown-colored Cinccino (Nicknamed Cino) at his side, to which Cino responded with excitement to his statment. So then he; along with Cino, ran out of his house, got out his bike, and began riding to where Yoshimitsu would be waiting.
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  4. OOC- Sorry if I make some mistakes regarding the Hoenn region! I've never played the games so I'm getting all my information from Serebii!

    Skipping off the ferry that took him from his confined yet warm home back in Oblivia, Ross gazed at the lush display that Route 104 had to offer. The sandy shore and rocks on the tide all perfectly coordinate with the western Hoenn scenery. "So this is Hoenn huh," Ross thought. Large flourished trees swayed as a warm breeze swept through the seaside route. "Aren't you psyched Azure?! We're finally in Hoenn! Now we can meet up with dad and just maybe... Well you know... But seriously Zu!" Ross grinned and picked up his loyal companion Azure, a battle devoted Gloom. "Now how 'bout we find directions to Lilycove City," Ross explained to his blue partner.

    After a short walk, Ross and Azure found themselves in a medium sized town with two lakes and a large building with a red roof. Confused and a bit nervous, Ross hid himself behind a newspaper stand that was placed at the outside of the red-roofed faculty. "I know this is a small town...but it's so scary Zuuz," Ross whispered while he hugged Azure. A taller boy with jet black side-swept hair and smoking a cigarette leaned on the newspaper stand as he read a newspaper. The headline read: "IPT Champion Returns to Homeland". Ross squinted at the paper but he wasn't able to read the whole thing. What he got out was: "...International Pokemon Tournament Champion Yoshimitsu....back...after disappearance of other champions...awaiting to battle a strong trainer....his trademark shiny Gardevoir...."

    Thoughts rolled through Ross' mind as he thought of the idea of battling the very trainer. "Dad can wait, battlin' that trainer would be soooo awesome! Think 'bout that street cred Zuuz! Maybe dad won't be so mad 'bout findin' out he has a son if he knew he beat an IPT Champion!" Ross cheered, very loudly. The black haired boy glared at Ross, slapped his The Hoenn Herald newspaper shut and whisked closer (a bit too close) to Ross with a very furious expression on his face.
    "What the h*ll do you think you're doing?! Reading off others' shoulders is very rude little boy. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners," the furious male scolded while being in a very close position with the young Oblivian native.

    Angered, Ross stood up from his crouching stance and pushed the crazed brunette off of him. The topic of his late mother was too much of a touchy subject for Ross to handle. Azure stood beside Ross and frowned at the tobacco-consuming trainer. He let out a dark laugh. "You wanna battle brat!," the boy grinned and held out a white and red Pokeball. ",I'll give you a battle if that's what you want! My Masquerain will tear your team to pieces!" He said pretty confident.

    Ross held Azure close to his chest and straightened his back. "I don't have time for this! I have to find that Yoshimitsu guy and battle him!" Ross roared and then pushed the intimidating trainer out of his way. The trainer once laughed again but this time in a more crude tone, "Ha! You battle such a strong trainer like Yoshimitsu?! There's no way a little kid like you could ever beat him!" Ross but his lip, held onto Azure tightly, and kicked the trainer vigorously in the crouch. "You don't even know me so you can't say that I couldn't beat him!" Ross cried and ran back towards Route 104. Quickly, the injured trainer got back up from the ground, caught up with the young Oblivian and clasped onto his small shoulder tightly. This made Azure make some kind of growling sound. "Hold it hot stuff. Jeez! You sure do have some kick! D*mn that hurt!," he chuckled as he held his groin. ",Oooww... Ha ha. Sorry about saying all that rude jazz back there. You're right shorty, I don't really do know you so I didn't really have the right to say that BS. For all I know, you could be some kind of Elite 4 Member!" He explained.

    Ross nervously rubbed his shoulder intensively and stepped back a bit. "So, to show you my deep remorse, I shall escort you to the one and only Yoshimitsu himself!" The trainer continued. Ross' eyes dazzled in hope and excitement. "R-really?! You know WHERE HE IS!!!" Ross exclaimed. The black haired trainer put his hand on Ross' other shoulder and turned him around. "First of all, you're going in the wrong direction little dude! And and my name's Ryou. Heelloo," Ryou introduced. He flashed out his light red Trainer ID to Ross. Every Trainer is legally required to have a license. The ID shown before Ross stated many things like Region of Birth, Age, Full Name (Ryouya Choubi), and Profession (Trainer,Coordinator, etc.). "I-I'm Ross... And this is my buddy Azure," Ross mumbled. Ryou grinned and grabbed Ross' hand tightly, "To Yoshimitsu we go! Onwards!"
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  5. Winston sat quietly and patiently in his house, awaiting the return of the legendary trainer. He kept his glued to the window, waiting for... something. Perhaps a flying Pokemon to swoop down and drop the celebrity.

    "What if he got hurt?" Winston said worriedly.

    His Totodile, Chompy, responded with a high pitched yelp. Winston grew impatient. He backed away from the window, and began to make his way towards the door. Chompy followed the small child.

    When Winston walked outside the door, he felt a cool breeze that he only felt in Littleroot.

    Suddenly, in the distance, Winston noticed a tall man walking around in the town, with a Gardevoir that shone a light blue hue. Winston's eyes widened in amazement as he ran towards the shiny Psychic type.
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  6. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    Jack sat up, rubbing his eyes. There were loud noises coming from outside. He peered out and saw a group of people going towards the little road that led into the village
    That's right, he thought. Yoshimitsu's back.
    He grabbed his 6 pokeballs and jumped out of bed, getting dressed as fast as possible. Yoshimitsu owed him a battle. And this time, he was going to win.
  7. Alex arrived back in Littleroot. He was as happy as can be. The breeze flew past Alex's shaggy black hair, making it a mess again. He sighed, and just placed a white beanie on, only exposing the bottom half of the black mess that lies on his head.

    He pulls out something from his gym back pack - a case. He lifts the top half of the case, and his blue eyes shine as they look at the beautiful ribbon that lays in the case. He had just came in from Venderaturff, where he won his first contest.

    His little partner, a small blue mouse, Marill tugged at his legs. Marill had been the pokemon Alex used to win that ribbon.

    "What's wrong, Marill?" Alex asks his pokemon. Marill pointed to a crowd of people.

    Alex moves near the crowd, and they all speak of the legendary trainer that has returned to Littleroot. Alex was suprised, he had only heard of the name of Yoshimitsu, and that he was very strong.

    Alex couldn't believe he returned. He heard his partner was a Gardevoir, and Alex suddenly had the urge to show off his strongest pokemon, his Gallade. He wanted to battle with Yoshimitsu's Gardevior, but he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against him, if the stories he heard about him was true.

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