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Open Yokai Vacation Reboot

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ariados twice, Apr 21, 2017.


What is your favorite Yokai's Tribe?

  1. Charming

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  2. Mysterious

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  3. Eerie

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  4. Brave

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  5. Tough

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  6. Shady

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  7. Slippery

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  8. Heartful

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  9. Other

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  1. Even the Yokai, the invisible spirit like entities responsible for life’s daily annoyances that for the most part only seen if you have a Yokai Watch, need a break once in awhile. At Hotel Yokai, guests get the chance to relax and enjoy themselves in all sorts of activities. Among the places to go that are part of the whole Hotel Yokai experience are: a beach, a garden, a pool, a gift shop, a cafe, and a Game Room/Arcade as well as other things that are normally part of a normal Hotel or Resort. You are a yokai on vacation. Will you make new friends or new enemies? Or possibly both? The only way to find out is to participate.


    Kind of Yokai:
    Any other information about them:


    Kind of Yokai: Cat
    Appearance: Rosanyan has often been compared to Jibanyan when it comes to her appearance. She is similar in shape and size to Jibanyan. Rosanyan is a pink and white colored cat with a chip in her left ear. She has green eyes with large pupils, her nose and inner ears are a dull shade of pink. Attached to her collar is a light blue bell, matching the flames at the end of her two tails. Rosanyan also wears a light gray belt.
    Any other information about them:She initially shows a mischievous and carefree side. However, unlike Jibanyan, one of the things Rosanyan enjoys doing is writing fanfic.

    Gender: Male
    Kind of Yokai: Komainu
    Appearance: He is often compared to Komasan when it comes to his appearance. Komashi has long green fiery eyebrows that resemble Hitodama flames.He has light fawn colored fur with a light green stomach, tail, and inner ears. His eyes are a light yellow in color and he has brown swirls on his cheeks and hips.
    Any other information about them: Other than him being from the country and loving ice cream, not much is actually known about him.

    I'm adding a new character.

    Name: Okami
    Gender: Male
    Kind of Yokai: Okuri inu
    Appearance: Since Okuri inus usually look like dogs or wolves, only much fiercer and more dangerous, there is seemingly nothing that is abnormal about his appearance. Okami looks like a gray wolf with green eyes.
    Any other information about them:
  2. Name:Starnyan
    Kind of Yokai:Cat
    Appearance:Often Compared to Shogunyan, he wears the same armor style, and is a Legendary Yo-Kai. His fur coler is Black, but his armor is bright yellow with a Light blue trim instead of a gold one, and he has a Light blue Star on his helmet, unlike Shogunyan's Moon. He wields a sword with a yellow handle and a black blade.
    Other things Known:It is said that if you toutch the star on his head, you will be a legendary swordsman in the blink of an eye. However, nobody can test this theory because they get slashed anytime they try. Yes, this even happens when he's asleep.

    Another one:

    Type of Yokai:Noko
    Appearance:Often compared to Noko in terms of looks. He has the same body style. He has a bright blue flower on his head and blue skin with pink blotches. He has light blue eyes and on the end of his tail he has, instead of a heart, a light blue ice Crystal.
    Other things known: He claims to be the King of All Nokos, and he brings the best luck out of any Noko out there, except for Bloominoko, but he doesn't listen to anyone who says that.

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