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Year of the Rocket

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by BeginwiththeEnd, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. Ah, did this little bugger take me a while to find. If you remember a certain story seen through the eyes of a team rocket member, this is it. Just a few edits. :D I've decided to edit some parts that just seems wierd and unnessacary, so it isn't EXACTLY the same, but close. I'd appreciate any sort of opinions, as long as it isn't flaming me. Well, may as well begin.

    My eyes were burning. Stinging like a swarm of bees had attacked me. The sensation was numbing my mind. I couldn't think straight! All I could see was a black mist in front of me. It was thick and choking my lungs. I heard screams in the distance, but not knowing what direction they came from. I tried to scream back for help, but the words froze in my throat. The mist was keeping me from saying anything. Then i saw it, a bright flash of red and orange burst through the doors of my room. I felt goosebumps go down my spine as the flames ingulfed my room. I thought I was done for. I closed my eyes, waiting for either the flames, smoke, or God knows what to end my misery...

    Luke?! Luke, are you in here?!

    I eyes flew open at the sound of her voice. My mother's. Her voice sounded frantic, almost crazed.

    Please, PLEASE answer me!!

    I use all my strength to pull out a few words; "Mama! Mama, I'm right here!!"
    I saw her eyes lock onto mine, seeing her franticness fade away.

    "Oh thank God! Quick, we need to leave!!" I heard her say over the roaring fire.

    I left my corner to follower her to the window, where the escape ladder was. Sadly, my mother never made it that far.
    Her silk-dress she was wearing for her dance tonight got cuaght on the side of the bed. No matter how hard she pulled, it couldn't come free. I saw the tears forming in her eyes as she tugged. She turned toward me and yelled something. I never heard what she said however, becuase another burst of flames caught the bed, with her stuck to it. My brain lost it at that point, trying to compute what I saw. I tried helping her with the dress, but it was no use. The flames ingulfed her entire body in no time, burning my hands as I pulled away. All I could do was watch in horror as she cried a blood-curdling scream...

    "Lucas? Lucas, wake up!"

    "H-huh?..." I responded groggily, notcing my heart was beating a thousand times a minute. "Commander, we're almost at the destination." The man beside me said. He wore a compltely black jumpsuit, only broken my a huge blood-red "R" on his shirt. He also wore a black paper boy's hat, which also had the "R". He handed me my lucky Magnum .45, along with three Pokeballs, which i quickly attached to my brown leather belt. "I don't get it, why are WE stuck with this sorry excuse for a Commander?" another man wearing the same uniform asked. I recognized him by his deep voice and pesimistic attitude as Frank, a long time Team Rocket member. I was wearing the same uniform, as well as everyone else in the back of the van. The member next to me eyed me with a worried look. "You okay? You look alittle...jumped." He asked.

    "N-no, I'm fine, honest..." I stated, regaining my posture. I has dark blue eyes, and spiky dark chocolate-brown hair. Probably why most of the Commanders called me "spikey-ass" for a few years. Not anymore though. Today's my first mission as a Commander. And I'll prove I'm worth it. "Okay men, all we gotta do is go in, grab the shiny pokemon the boss needs, and get the hell out without f-ing things up. Understand?" They all nawded there heads in agreement, except for Frank of course. Obnoxious bastard...

    So, that's the end of the Prologue/Chapter 1! I'll have part 2 up either later today or tommorow. I ment to put this back up for a while, but it took forever to find. (possibly wouldv'e have taken less time to rewrite the whole damn thing...) But anyways, I want to see your thoughts.
  2. Re: The Man in Black

    Chapter 2: The First Mission is the Most Important

    Viridian City, 11:30 AM

    The van stopped abruptly, signaling for us to get off. My and my squad got our weapons and Pokemon and casually walked into the Pokemon Center. We went through the sliding glass doors and did a quick run-down of the place. 2 floors, both filled with trainers or people taking a break. We saw several hallways in each direction. I'd have to split my squad into four groups to check them all. The shiny Charizard, as Giovanni described, was said to be somewhere in one of the first floor storage rooms. The dealer who wanted said Charizard promised big moola for the thing. If we fail this...best not think about that. I gave them a hand signal to follow me to the register. The Nurse Joy at the front immediatly turned pale when she noticed us.

    "U-um...M-may I help y-you?..." she asked with fear in her eyes.
    And she had a really good reason to be scared.

    My squad and I raised our guns into the air, shooting warning shots at the ceiling. Of course, screams started to echo across the room, people running in panic. Frank fired more warning shots while saying "OK PEOPLE!!! NOBODY MOVES A MUSCLE OR WE BLAST YOUR FUCKING FACES OFF!!!"

    I really never got that guy. I mean, I know he's just naturally a prick, but one of these days his stupidity is gonna get him killed. We moved the bystanders off to the side while I sent groups of two into each of the four hallways. Leaving me with Frank in the main lobby. Lovely.

    "Hey lady, pipe down that brat of yours will ya?!" I heard Frank say to one of the civilians.

    It was some business woman holding on to her daughter, probably around 6-years-old. The little girl was crying into her mother's suit, leaving tear stains all over it. "Will you leave her alone, you monster?! She's only a chi-" Frank fired his assualt rifle into the woman's face, never letting her finish the sentence. "MOM?? MOM!!!" the girl screamed, shaking the body, blood forming a puddle around the girl.

    I had with this guy, that wasn't nessacray, not to mention against protocal.I grabbed Frank by the collar of his shirt, stopping his hyena-like laugh. "You moron! Our priorities were to grab the pokemon and go, not kill bystanders!!" I yelled at him.
    "Lighten up Commander, can't I have alittle fun while were here?" He said back, showing me his yellow smile from all the cigarettes he's smoked.
    I was gonna probably socked him if I hadn't heard someone outside on a megaphone.

    This is the Viridian Police! We have you surrounded, so drop your weapons before we open fire!"

    "Awww shit..." I muttered under my breathe.
    Frank just laughed, swinging his rifle around while saying, "Oh come on, Lucas! We can take these son of-" BANG! The bullet went right through side of his face, going through his cheeck as well. He has a second of air time before he fell back to the ground with a large thump.

    Oh the irony.

    I quickly hid behind the front desk, poking my head out for a few seconds to aim and shoot. I felt a bullet graze my right arm, forcing me to hid behind the desk again. I felt my cell-phone violently shake in my pocket, (scaring me half to death by the way) to see one of the guys from the group that headed into the west wing called me. "What's happened?" I asked in a worried tone.

    "W-we've been compromised sir!!" I heard on the other line, also hearing bullets and Growlithe barking in the background. Damn it!! "Get your ass over to the main lobby ASAP! Notify the other groups as well." I heard silence for a while, worried something might have got him. "On it sir!" I finally heard him say. I put the phone back and picked out one of my pokeballs. It's been a while since they've got any real action but...better late then never I suppose.

    I threw the white-and-red orb towards the front, popping it open to form a blinding light then...nothining. The police stopped firing out of confusion, wondering why I threw an empty pokeball. Or so they thought. They quickly found there answer when a whrlwind came out of nowhere and engulfed several officers, who came crashing down seconds later. As if from thin air, my Pokemon appeared. It had a white bushy mane, with big blue eyes and its most recognizable (and my favorite) feature was the giant scythe attached to it's head. "Now Absol! Extremespeed!" Absol silently obeyed, disappearing as fast as it came.

    Unfortunatly, the officers were prepared this time, as one of them threw a pokeball. Out of it came a Warturtle. Fortunatly, Absol knocked out the remaining policemen by slashing them with his scythe. The Warturtle used what I guessed was Hydro Pump. The huge jet of pressured water came homing in on Absol. Absol instintivly dodged the jet, creating whirlwinds from it's scythe. The winds got Wartutle leaving cuts and bruises all over the creatures body. It wasn't done yet however, as it blew rings of water toward Absol. Absol was hit by several of them shortly after cuasing him to twitch uncontrolably.

    I took me a second to realize what happened. He was hit by Water Pulse! It must have confused Absol. Cursing under my breathe, I returned Absol. I reaching for my phone while finding refuge behind the desk. "What in God's name is taking you guys so long?!" I yelled into the speaker. I waited impatenitly for a responce until I heard, "We're here Commander!" About time.

    2...4...6..8 all acounted for. Including me and what used to be Frank , that's all 10 members that we had from the start. I checked my watch for the time. 12:30. They should have been here by now...

    As if by a miracle, I heard the fimiliar rotor of a helicopter right outside the lobby's front doors. I peeked over the havon of a desk to see a ladder rolling out in plain sight. Our ticket out. However, our ticket was being guarded by now-consience officers and pissed off Pokemon. I told the remaining men to follow my lead, and never stop running. They looked at each other in doubt for a second before nodding back to me in agreement. "Okay...GO!!" I roared, running in a crouched position to get behind debris on the way to the front door. The rest of the group followed quickly behind. We took the little opening we had through the officer's defenses and rushed toward the ladder. One after another, we grabbed on to the ladder for dear life. I felt bullets graze over my arms and legs, but thankfully nothing severe enough to have me let go.

    Until we were out of harm's way, neither did I or my men even once loosen our grips on the ladder. Could you blame us? I swear I left imprints where my hands were. Once we were high enough, we climbed into the heli single file.Coming In I was greeted by a pale soft hand. I held on to it for support as the owner pulled me up. In her thick British accent, Elizabeth asked me with a sly grin, "So your first mission fun?"

    So that's the second Chapter. Should have #3 up by the end of the weekend if not, hopefully Monday. Kinda have a busy weekend, so probably Monday :p Feel free to comment and review.

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