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XJX- Gumbay Region!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by XJirachiX, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Hi, I decided to make a region! It is called Gumbay. It was located Southeast of Sinnoh.
    It is really ugly I know.


    1.Start Point-Tangoy City
    1.Sunset City
    2.Sunrise City
    3.Palm Spring City[Gym]
    4.June Town
    5.Aquatic City[Gym]
    6.Mystika City
    7.Long Road Town[Gym]
    8.SikSik City[Gym]
    9.Tangoy Town
    10.Lala City
    11.Meteor Middle Town[Gym]
    12.Luna Town
    13.Sola Town
    14.Clay Town
    15.Olang City[Gym]
    16.Zama Town
    [Okay I was like.. idk here and just skipped to 21.]
    20.Cring City[Gym]
    21.Subic City
    22.Zang City
    23.Sevi Town
    24.Xang City
    25.Incarnacion Town
    26.Deminador City[Gym]
    27.Victory Road
    28.Pokemon League
    29.Battle Frontier entrance
    30.Battle Frontier
    31.Battle Shops
    32.Battle City!

    Thankkks I couldnt make up any good names :p. You will like the pokemon though.. They will come soon, with a different triangle though.
  2. I think that's a pretty decent map you got there :p But I think you should make a more 'bumpy outline'. I don't think there' many places that have their border a straight line :/ But otherwise it looks great
    And I like the names of your cities ^^
  3. Thanks, I was really tired so I did w/e. Didn't think it would be hard, it was 4th try though. The first started shows how bad my skills are. I was trying to splice but I was so dizzy. The other to will be better I hope. This is a fire Aron.

    The 2 other starters are not Water or Grass.
  4. Okay here are the first to starters, they are kind of ugly to me.

    The First one is a Snowball, Second is a Rock.

    494:Snowball-This snowball was thrown around so many times, it's smile turned into a frown.

    497:Rockem-This pokemon was once a rock, but then was written on. The writing gave eyes and a mouth.

    This shows I can't really scratch, or shade. Still working on fire starter. The triangle is ICE->GROUND->FIRE
  5. ICE->GROUND->FIRE sounds sweet :D
    I think you should add some markings to snowball and rock. That would add a little spice to 'em :p
  6. ...

    Ice-ground-fire? that's not a starter triangle.
    Did you mean Ice-Fire-Ground? =p
  7. Okay. I have to make it Ice Rock Grass now. Rockem looks like a Rock Pokemon thats why.
    Those are new starters. The last one is Isay, the grass starter.

    Isay-The one eyed Pokemon. This pokemon is just a leaf with one eye.
  8. Honestly those starters are pretty meh. I mean you couldnt come up with something better then a single blade of grass for the starter? Overall they are kinda cute but really I cant take them seriously. For the map well all I can suggest is to look into taking more time and redoing it with more natural round edges. Look at the current game maps for inspiration.
  9. [​IMG]

    Didn't really try on the map..

    And I didn't really try on starters either.

    First is a different.
    Yelo-The Snowman Pokemon. This pokemon lives in the coldest places where there is snow. It can rebuild itself if its broken with snow.

    And the Grass One is Still Isay.
  10. Try to get away from the 'inaniment object' area (even though I've made a Pokemon out of a campfire...). Interesting Pokemon, interested People.
  11. .... Where are the sprites? I can't see them....
  12. Sorry I'm fixing up my photobucket, I'll change it when I have time.
  13. Okay there Re Posted them all.
  14. You double posted thare, XJX.

    I Really like the fire aron =D
  15. Ewww. I sketched it and It was ugly!


    Its backwards :|

    Let's start with boxes. Right to left.

    Rockis-The Rock Box Pokemon. It fell from the sky, shaped into a box.
    Crackis-The Cracked Box Pokemon. It evolves from Rockis. It also fell, but made cracks in itself.

    Water now.Up->Down

    Sardiss-The Sardine Pokemon. This pokemon is a small fish that swims in the ocean.
    Lantor-The Light Sardine Pokemon. It evolves from Sardiss. It is a bigger Sardiss, but has electrical Powers.
    Lantiss-The Electric Fish Pokemon. It evolves from Lantor. It has a light from his head, that fish see. They go to the light, then Lantiss eats them.

    They'ree UGLEE! XD

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