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DPPt/HGSS XJirachiX Team. Need help!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by XJirachiX, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. Yeah hey. I'm back hopefully this time.

    Gentle Nature
    -Ice Beam
    -Signal Beam
    -Surf/Water Pulse
    -Shadow Ball

    Adamant Nature
    -Blaze kick/Firepunch
    -close Combat/Brick Break
    -Shadow Clas

    Adamant Nature
    -Leaf Blade
    -Aeriel Ace

    Jolly Nature
    -rock polish
    -Rock wrecker

    Adamant Nature
    -sky uppercut
    -fire punch
    -Thunder punch
    -Ice punch

    Docile nature
    -baton pass
    -shadow ball
    -trump card

    Thank you. Rate comment help please

    Also sorry for lame typing. On iPod touch.
  2. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    YOU'RE OPEN! You also may want to include your hold items.

    - Vaporeon's Nature, whilst not horrendous, isn't great since it eats into its Defense stat, a stat it'd much rather keep. Overall, the set looks like it's trying to be a Specs set or a sweeper set of some sort, in which case either Surf or Hydro Pump (if you feel lucky) is best for your Water STAB.

    - Infernape wants Flare Blitz over Blaze Kick and Fire Punch for physical Fire STAB - recoil is of no consequence on something as frail as Infernape, and the recoil can push you into Blaze for extra damage. Close Combat works best for Fighting STAB, and Stone Edge is generally preferable over ThunderPunch since it gets extra power against Flying-types, although ThunderPunch can still work if you want something for Water-types and dislike Stone Edge's accuracy.

    - Grasswhistle is garbage - 55% accuracy is not worth wasting your time with. Swords Dance is vastly superior for Leafeon so it can put its Attack stat to the best use, and tear through opponent's teams.

    - Rock Wrecker is trash since it leaves you wide open for a turn, which can backfire horribly if you aren't careful. Stone Edge is the better option there. Otherwise, Rhyperior is OK.

    - Lopunny's alright - I've not had much experience in movesets for it though, so it's probably best for someone else to go into more detail about it if they know what the thing is best at.

    - Espeon doesn't really want Trump Card since it's all gimmick and no real effectiveness, and Epseon can't afford to mess around for ages. Baton Pass is also wasting space there since Espeon isn't passing anything - Calm Mind can have the last slot so Espeon can pass Calm Minds to Vaporeon.

    The only real issue with your team, besides the lack of a true defender/supporter, is your Natures - Infernape is better off with Hasty/Naive to allow him the use of more mixed sets that let him fire off physical and special attacks in a manner that makes him very tough to wall, Vaporeon I've already mentioned, and Espeon can do better than Docile as well - Timid or Modest will be best for him. Otherwise, it's pretty solid overall.
  3. Thank you. Vaporeon and Loppunny are pretty much ok.
    I'll be sure to use your suggestions. They are holding items , just didn't put them. I will be sure to though. Thank you.
  4. Given the speedy/defensive stats of Lopunny I would rather go for a supporter/statuser with Baton Pass/Sub/Agility/T-Wave or something like that,
    and if you really want to go offensive, Life Orb or Choice Band might be an option.

    The Infernape really should go for at least a bit of mixed EVs, to fire off Overheats against Physical Walls or Grass Knot Waters/Grounds/Rocks.
    I usually prefer mixed infernape with grass knot over pure physical Infernape with Thunderpunch, but its up to you.

    Otherwise take Ganons advice. Its great like a lake.
  5. It's great like a lake. XD.

    I have a life orb. I've been thinking off grass knot. Just don' t know if I shoul Use it.

    Thank you.
  6. do you by any chance know your pokemons EVs? (or just show there stats)

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