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Xenomorph-Open Signups :D

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by FantasmicDragon, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. The players are crewmen of a small trading vessel, traveling from planet to planet trying to make a living, until an alien lifeform infected two of the crewmen.
    This gave the infected individuals incredible powers, but with the cost of an insaciable bloodlust which forces them to kill 1 crewmen per day each.

    The players must put the name of the person they voted for in BOLD.

    In this round, and each following round, there are 2 XenoMorphs.

    They know each other and can communicate via PMs. They can also vote for each other if they want, though that is not recommended. Of course, neither one is allowed to reveal who the other XenoMorph is.

    If a XenoMorph gets killed he/she is still allowed to vote.

    If a Xeno does not PM the host within one week, the host will choose who is killed via random.org.

    Although players can change votes as much times as they want, they should try to either vote before a new day starts or don't change votes at all. This is too prevent confusion and wrong vote counting.

    Although the XenoMorphs each kill 1 player each day, the rest of the crew gets a chance of killing one of the infected by voting on who to kill, if they do not kill the right person, not only did they kill an innocent, but the XenoMorphs still kill someone.

    With the recent event, the crew decided to halt the ship until they have found and disposed of the XenoMorphs.
    This gave the science team time to devise a way of discovering the infected individual. But it's a lenghty process and takes a whole day for the results to show whether the scanned player is or isn't one of the XenoMorphs.
    Also, the Security Officer may decide to guard 1 crewman during the night. This prevents the guarded person from dying to the hands of the XenoMorphs. This doesn't prevent being killed by the crew though!

    Dead players come back as ghosts and may assume any form they want and are still able to vote, but cannot be voted on, since they are innocent. This is what makes them more dangerous to the XenoMorph.

    The XenoMorphs, Scientist and Security Officer will be chosen by random (i.e. random.org)
    The XenoMorphs, Scientist and Security officer must PM or lament with their decision on who to kill, who to scan or who to protect.
    The chosen players will be PM'ed by if they are chosen to play as the Alien, Scientist or S. Officer.

    The Scientist cannot and must not say: "Vote for this guy because I'm the scientist and I know He's the alien because I scanned him." This cannot happen. The scientist must convince the rest of the crew using their persuasion skills. And the XenoMorph must try to convince the other players he is not the alien for X reasons. The Xenos can accuse other players for being the alien and if successful, the accused will end up being killed by the crew.

    Also, if the Scientist or Security Officer is killed, by the Xenos or the crew, he loses the ability of PM'ing the host to try to discover the Xeno or protect one of the crewmen.

    The first person to sign up is my co-host. That means she/he along with me are the ultra super people.

    I wish you fun in not dieing. Also when joining post a job on the ship you would like to take.

    I am also wanting death scene writers. So ask me in a post on the topic if you would like to do it. Don't go into details about the death in this game.


  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This sounds like fun! Count me in.
    Oh, and also, I'd like to be the ships cook, if it's not too much trouble :)
    #2 Anonymous, Nov 5, 2010
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