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Ask to Join Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Pokemon Crossover Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Økama, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. (Discussion and Sign Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/xeno...ossover-discussion-signups.18639/#post-571225)

    Welcome to Alrest, the world of clouds. Alrest is a barren wasteland covered by the cloud sea (a sea of clouds) and it's only inhabitants are the titans and the people who live on them. Your adventure will start off in the Argentum Trade Guild, a place for to sell what you've salvaged from the bottom of the cloud sea, to sell your goods as a merchant, to dock a ship heading to other titans, and a place for Drivers to rest. What will your intentions be? Will you help save Alrest, or will you help in its destruction? The choice is yours.

    A titan ship from Uraya had recently ported in Argentum. Robin walks off the ship with her blade, Gallade. "Aahh, it's could to finally be off of that rust bucket." She spoke with a heavy Scottish accent, like most people do. "Yes m'lady, shall I go get us a room at the inn?" Gallade ask. "Sure! I'm gonna go by some new stuff. Here's how much the Inn should cost." She hands Gallade a bag of coins and they go their separate ways.

  2. Sue entered the Argentum Trade Guild, holding a bag full of monkfishes. Her recent salvage wasn't really good. She tried salvaging in a random spot because she thought she might be lucky today. But instead she got a shrimp monster that was snacking some monkfish. So she blasted it with her cannon and took the monkfishes. Well, at least she got something.

    She approached the counter and sold the monkfishes for a small amount of money.

    "Hey, why you don''t gave one to me?!" complained Clawitzer, or Zerry as he likes to be called.

    "Please. You already ate plenty this morning. Let's just rest for now."
  3. Robin walked up to a Nopon merchant and tried negotiating a price on core chips. SheHe was right next to the booth Sue was in. "Well you could easily end up making more money if you lowered the price just by a thousand gold because much more people would buy it." She told the Nopon. "I do not change price of core chip, Would friend like to speak with store manager?" She sighed. "Nah, it's fine, I'll take your newest one you got." She said while she put 5000 gold on the table. The Nopon reached for the core chip with its ear and handed it to Robin. "Thank friend for money!" The Nopon says while Robin walked away.

    Gallade had gotten into an argument with the reception lady at the inn. "I'm sorry sir but we don't allow blades without drivers to order rooms." Gallade sighed. "But why is that? Is it because I'm a blade so I don't have the right to?" The receptionist began to sweat. "N-NO OF COURSE NOT SIR!"
  4. Alica sat on a cushioned seat next to a marble desk while noticing a woman nearby paying up some fine gold for some sort of chip a Nopon gave her. Alica noticed a younger Nopon toddling up to her, as his attention seemed to be focused on leathery hood having the shade of lightly tan sand. Alica got off her seat while the young Nopon asked, "H- how much for b- be- beast hoodie?"

    "Two grand sharp, or up to one more for overpaying with any article," Alica calmly replied. The little Nopon reached into his tiny satchel and slowly placed twenty gold coins onto the table. Each coin had the number of one hundred etched on top of both sides, as one side had a sword parrying a fist of sovereignty etched on it while the other side had a crystal with a heart surrounding it etched on that area.

    The beast hood was promptly handed over to the Nopon of junior age, as the Nopon happily waved before making his way around to show off his newly bought article. Alica carefully placed the coins into her rugsack while placing her other articles yet to be sold into inner most section separated from the others.

    Meanwhile, a Cyndaquil floated above some wooden chairs while clutching his ether cannon. He watched the dispute happening between a Gallade and the receptionist while giving the cannon a brief examination to make sure it was in full working order. He winced when the Gallade challenged the inn's policy, as he kept his ether cannon on the mode of being fully automatic if the worst was to come. Not wanting to get involved in any sort of way between the two, he floated down to one of the chairs closest to the inn's entryway and kept to himself after curling in a ball. It was probably going to be at least ten minutes of perdition before he would be reunited with his Driver once again.

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