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Xela's Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by xela.otoku, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Ok, I'm not the best with sprite work, but I'm getting there. I can do a lot of different things, such as Pokemon fusions, Pokemorphs (Not Pokemon Cosplayers!), recolors, revamps and devamps, Custom Trainer Sprites (Sort of. Depends on the difficulty.), Trainer's Cards (Doesn't matter which badgeset, as I've got files of them all), and avatars made from custom sprites, recolored sprites, etc. I only make 100x100 pixel avatars, though, so if you're looking for anything bigger or smaller, I could try, but it likely won't work too well. I'll post a few examples of my works up here. Also, on the subject of avatars, I have backgrounds for the four basic elements, and a dark background. I can find images for other backgrounds as well, but I will need basic information and a bit of leniance (I think that's the word I'm looking for...) on the background that's wanted. ^^

    Requests currently OPEN

    I will only do 15 requests at a time.
    [Current Requests]
    • Arceus Pokemorph for Dragonman

    Custom Trainer Sprites
    Best So Far


    Fused & Recolored Pokemon

    Custom Trainer Cards
    [This one is with Custom Coloring only. I will do custom backgrounds as well, if you give me a link to the background you want.]

    Recolored Pokemon
    [Basic Recoloration]
    [Light Pokemon Recoloration (Yellow Main Body, Black Detailing, Purple Eyes)]

    Pokemon Eggs
    [Absol Egg]
    [Houndour Egg]
    [Cubone Egg for Marvelman]

    [Absol Pokemorph (Yes, I realize that the tail is upside down... *shame*)
    [My first request here, for Xanthier. I made one WITH colored skin, and one without.]
    [Second request here, also for Xanthier.]
    [Alakazam Pokemorph for NKB]
    [Absol Pokemorph for PrinceRiolu]​

    I will likely update this post with my filled requests, as well as post the requests when I'm finished with them. Depending on the difficulty it won't take me too long to finish them, unless it's extremely late at night, or extremely early in the morning. I usually finish them within the day. When school starts back up, though, the request will typically be done by the next day, unless I've got a ton of stuff going on, in which case I likely won't be taking requests... That'll typically be during the Scholars' Bowl season. I only take 10 requests at a time, and it's first come first serve, so whoever posts first gets the first request slot. I'll try to get my stuff done as quickly as possible, and get more new stuff done to list it up there as examples. ^^

    -Xela Otoku
  2. Nice sprites indeed, your custom trainer is very nice.

    I notice you say pokemorphs, rather than cosplay, so that's rather nifty indeed. If possible, please could you make a female shiny Sneasel 'morph with skin colours matching the Pokémon and so forth? As for clothing, I'll leave that entirely up to you. If you accept, cheers in advance.
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  3. Alright. I'll try. I've never really changed the skin color before, but I'll try that. If I can't get it, then I'll leave the skin color be, and show you what I've got, K? ^^ Thanks for the request. I was getting bored. XD

    -Xela Otoku
  4. No worries, and cheers for accepting. To be honest I'll probably make a few requests if that's alright with you, depending on how busy this thread gets.
  5. It's fine with me. It likely won't get very busy at all. I'm not the best when it comes to spriting, but hey! Some people seem to like my art! Y'know, it's weird... No matter what type of art it is, if I think it's bad, I still get pretty positive feedback... Really weird... But whatever, I'm not complaining. XD

    -Xela Otoku

    EDIT: I've made the one with the skin color modified, and I'm finishing up the one with normal skin color, so that way you can decide which you like better. I like the one with normal skin color better so far, but that's just me. I don't really care much for pink. I tend to lean towards darker colors... Like black.
  6. Bwahahaha!!! I have finished teh sprites!!! I made one WITH colored skin, and one without. ^^

    [With colored skin. First attempt at coloring Pokemorph skin!]

    [Without colored skin. A bit easier to do than the first one.]​
  7. Very nice indeed! I especially like the one with the coloured skin as it fits more.

    For my next request (which'll be my last one for a while) please could you manage a shiny male Sableye?
  8. I'm sure I could. Do you want the skin colored? And I'm glad you like the Shiny Sneasel Pokemorph. ^^
  9. Yes please, I prefer normal skin on a cosplay and coloured in a 'morph. It helps with distinguishing the genres apart.
  10. Alright. Since it's so late here, I'll put it up tomorrow, unless I can stay up late and make it, but I'm basically babysitting a pair of kids, who also spend time on the computer, so I probably won't get it up until tomorrow. *mutters* I can't wait until I get to be paid for babysitting... Of course, by then I'll have a job at the bookstore, so whatever. XD

    -Xela Otoku
  11. Wow, your sprite is hawt....and really detailed! Did you use paint to shade the sprite because the shadows just blur into the lighter parts. Although I find the cosplaying sprites a little weird, you fused the lements well with each other...
  12. They're not cosplaying, as I said in my intro post, but Pokemorphs, and yeah, I use paint. I've been doing this for about a year, and I still think I'm not really that good. XD But, hey, it's not my opinion that really matters in requests. It's the requestee. And I'm going to provide a challenge for anybody willing to take it. What/who is the base sprite for my custom sprite? *pokes custom trainer sprite* I don't think it's that hard, but I'm the one who made it, so... I wanna see how hard it is for other people to figure out...

    -Xela Otoku
  13. Actually, it isn't that hard to figure out, you can tell already by the pose, hehe. How good are you at reposing btw, just curious...
  14. cynthia...you got rid of the earmuffs. and recolored it, essentially.
  15. I haven't tried reposing yet, and I guess it is pretty easy... I do need to try reposing sometime... Oh, and I couldn't work on the sprite at all yesterday, because my mother made me run around and do a ton of chores. When I finally got to relax, I decided I'd rather level up my Pokemon for the gym battle against Fantina instead of stare at a screen, recoloring a bunch of pixels... So yeah... I'll have the Shiny Sableye Sprite up by tomorrow night at the latest... I hope... (My mother's on a chore rampage!!!)
  16. I finished it... It's not the best, because the color of the Shiny Sableye doesn't really change that much from the color of the skin, but I edited the clothing color a bit, too... So, yeah... I'll stop babbling... Here...


    -Xela Otoku
  17. Cheers! I have to say though, it doesn't overly look like a Sableye, probably because of the bright yellow rather than murky gold clothing. At any rate it's still a nice sprite, so thank you. Here's hoping some other people post requests eh?
  18. Yeah, that one was pretty difficult to do... I certainly hope I get some more requests... The summer can get pretty boring with nothing to do... *yawn*

    -Xela Otoku
  19. Hello, those were all nice sprites but I have a request, do you thin you could do an absol pokemorph male? I don't know if that is possible but thanks if you can.
  20. I'm sure I could. Do you want me to recolor the skin, though? Or not?

    -Xela Otoku
  21. Nope no colored skin, but if you have to then go ahead but I would prefer un-colored skin, watever is easier.
  22. Nice stuff Xela!
    Uhm, I kinda wanted to request something...could you make a Cubone Egg?

    If you can't make the Cubone Egg, you think you could make a Cubone Mix with a 2-legged pokemon, you know, one of the human shape lookin' ones?
  23. Heh... Wasn't expectin' so many requests... I may not get them up very quickly, as my mother has started limiting my computer time. *eye-roll* But I'll get to work on 'em, and hopefully have 'em all done by tomorrow! ^^
  24. Nice sprites, but let's see if you're really all that.
    I want to see you pull off an Arceus morph, non-shiny. I wanna see hoe it turns out.

    NKB: Why did you post your trainer card for no reason?
  25. I'm sure that my friend Xela could do that and I don't think someone posted their trainer card it might have been in their sig.
  26. Hmmm... It'd take some hard work, and it may take me a while... But I'll get to work on it... I have no limits on my computer time today, as my mother's busy with a bunch of random errands, so I should have all requests done by tonight, the Arceus morph being the only exception...
  27. Ok... I've finished, the Absol Pokemorph, the Alakazam Pokemorph, and the Cubone Egg. All that's left is the Arceus Pokemorph, which may take a few days... Here's what I have finished.

    [The tail proved to be the most troublesom part... Again...]

    [Took me a while to scratch in the spoon... Bleh...]

    [And this one was easiest.]​

    -Xela Otoku
  28. Thank you Xela I really,Like the pokemorph absol. I dont really care about how the tail looks, it really looks perfect.
  29. Yup, no prob! If ya want, I could turn it into an actual avatar for ya. All I'd need is a link to the background, or a solid color choice for the background. ^^
  30. And here we have it, another request for Prince Riolu, a Riolu wearing a crown! (( took me a while to modify the King's Rock so that it would look proper on the Riolu's head... XD ))

  31. Aah...thank you. It looks very nice Xela. =D
  32. Mhmm. No problem. Now if I could just get this Arceus Pokemorph to work properly... *grumbles something*
  33. Hey Xela, would it be okay if I just took off the white background to the images? I won't change anything else exept that, if it's okay with you.
  34. Sure, go ahead! ^^

    -Xela Otoku
  35. I really like it Xela thanks, it fits my username completely now people now can actually bow down to me!! :) but yeah your an awesome spriter and just keep stickin' to it!! :D
  36. Requests currently open, eh? Goodie!

    I'd like a set of eight Gym Badges, please. The guidelines:

    - I'd like 'em big. 20x20 will work nicely.
    - I remember seeing someone...I think Spriteon was his name; it might have been Spiriteon, post a set of badges that had a cool silver lining on them. They're on page six of his topic. Could you try adding that?
    - Since I'm a particular lil' jerk (XP) we can make this an exchange and I'll try to sprite something for you.

    The badges themselves:

    Spiritbadge: Used by the Poison user, so use purpley colors. It should look like a shrunken version of the Ghosts from Lavender Town's Tower.

    Sproutbadge: Used by the Grass user, so use green and brown colors. It should look like a newly sprouted berry.

    Crushbadge: Used by the Rock user, so use grey colors. A fist coming down and making a large shockwave. This is why I'm asking for 20x20; that's complex for a lil' Gym Badge. I'm sure you can do it, though.

    Magmabadge: Used by the Fire user, so use red colors. It should look like a large flaming boulder. Might want to add brown for the boulder part.

    Martialbadge: Used by the Fighting user, so use skin colors. It should look like an open palm.

    Oceanbadge: Used by the Water user, so use blue colors. It should look like a circle with an ocean scene inside it. Confused? Use the Ocean Spray logo as a reference. That's basically what it should look like.

    Shieldbadge: Used by the Steel user, so use silvery colors. It should...well, be a big ol' shield. XD

    Zenithbadge: Used by the Dark user, so use black and grey colors. I'm actually not too sure what this one should look like - something impressive, like a vertical sword or a mountaintop or something...I guess I'm offering "creative liberties" on this one.


    Yikes. What a request...That's why I'm offering an exchange if you'd like. Is this too much to ask for? ^_^;
  37. Oh, yay! You gave me creative liberties on the Dark Gym's badge!!! Yay! *dances around* Alright, this is quite a big request, so it'll take me a few days. Also, my sister has started taking over the computer as well because of some stupid game that won't work when I try to play it... *grumbles something* So anyways! Yeah, a trade would probably be best... Lemme see, what do I want... Okay... I want an evolution set of three Dark Dragon Pokemon. That means a combo type of Dark and Dragon. Anywho. I'll give you creative liberties on the set, and I'd like to not be able to tell the bases to easily if that's alright. Anyways, that's all I want. ^^ It may just be me, but I don't think that's too hard... If it is, sorry... Eheh.. ^^;
  38. ...Dark and Dragon?


    I actually drew a picture of a Dark/Dragon set whose function would be the "super dragon", like Dragonite and Salamence 'n stuff. I can probably get it sprited by the end of the day!

    ...Dang, that "warning" thing is ugly. Make it go away! Dx
  39. Sorry for the double post, but I'm here to give part 1 of 3 of my end of the bargain. I'm assuming it's okay to post them as I make them.

    I'm terrible at names, so you can name him. 'Kay? XD



    Flame Body (30% chance of burning upon contact)
    Inner Focus (prevents flinching)

    Base stats:

    HP: 45
    Attack: 40
    Defense: 70
    Special Attack: 60
    Special Defense: 50
    Speed: 30

    Evolves into [Unnamed] at level 25.
    EXP growth: Medium Slow

    Dex Entry 1: It hasn't fully hatched yet and it's raring for a fight. It moves by hopping around.
    Dex Entry 2: The egg has turned orange from the dragonflames inside it. It's pleasantly warm.


    That's part one of three! ^_^ Expect the other two tonight! If they aren't here (which they might not be >_>) by tonight, feel free to PM me a harshly worded message telling me to put the guitar down, get off my lazy ass, and hold up my end of the bargain! ^_^

    Can't wait for the badges! :D
  40. Henh. That's alright. I haven't even gotten started on the badgeset yet, because my mother kicked me off of the computer before I got the chance to start. I mean it was 1 A.M., but still! I don't know what she doesn't get about the fact that I have no plans for the summer until my birthday, and that teens like staying up until dawn during the summer! *sigh* Plus I just hatched a Riolu on Pokemon Diamond and I've been levelling her up. Anyways, now that I have basically NO computer limitations (I'm at my grandparents' house.) I can work on the badges for a long time. ^^

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