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X & Y Names

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Coreysawrus, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. This thread is all about names in the upcoming generation.

    What do you think of the names of the game? What about the Pokemon's names? What are the protagonists going to be called? What is the region going to be called?

    I'm not keen on the names of the game yet not until I know the plot line.

    As for the Pokemon names I really like the legendaries names I think they suit them very well as for the starters Froakie sounds kind of cute but could do with a little adjusting. Fennekin I like a lot and suits the Pokemon. Chespin while it sounds Pokemon-ey I think it should have a name that doesn't leave us confused at what it is, as Fennekin sounds like Fennec and Froakie sounds like a frog.

    If they have the naming pattern they had for the legendaries then Xavier/Xander and Yasmin/Yvonne sound like good names however we will probably get some ridiculous names like Ezekial and Skylin

    I was thinking Orelia or Eroba. Orelia sounded cool and Eroba is similar to Europa just remove the u and change the p to a b.
  2. Well, given that Unova is a pun on United States of America, and this game is clearly set in France (for those of you thinking that the Eiffel Tower was really the Tokyo Tower, look at the beginning of the trailer where Pikachu sets off the electric bomb. Just sayin' :p), I would bet that they might make a pun on some sort of combination of France, Eiffel, and Paris, somehow anyway. Freifelis? Peirance? Peiris? (shot)

    And protagonist names...obviously they have to have an X or a Y somewhere in there, if not then GF seriously missed an opportune moment (or the translators anyway) :p I'm willing to bet something simple like Max and Amy or something.

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