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Open WWPL (World Wide Pokemon League)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by RSTG123, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Sounds good, let's just hear with @Mockingchu if it works for him.
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  2. @Mango137
    That means we’re gonna start soon
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  3. I'm good with putting our battle on hold until we get back. We can knock out a few other battles then have us pick up where we left off.
  4. I'm not going to post until then, in that case. Don't want to reveal my ultra-awesome-top-secret strat. But also... I want to sort out exactly will interrupt our battle. If it's an attack it'll get everyone involved rather than just an everyday fire hazard.
  5. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Ready whenever
  6. Post whenever you’re ready to start
  7. Or we could just have two concurrent battles. Just act like they're occurring at the same time even though CrazyWolf is gonna be gone. I feel like starting and stopping kills battle momentum/intensity.

    edit: This is essentially happening now, I just wanted to state I wouldn't be averse to keeping it this way.

    DOUBLE EDIT: just remembered I'm out of town from tomorrow to the 5th. Just have your battle and we'll pretend no time has passed in our battle when crazywolf and I are both back
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  8. Is there still room for me to join
  9. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    i guess so, since nobody has taken one of the spots... character profile?
  10. Okay guys, I'm back now. Geez, this has been a tiring week for me.
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  11. Now I'm just waiting for @Mockingchu to respond so we can keep the battle going.
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  12. Sorry about the delay. There were some... lasting complications resulting from the trip. Back but responses will be tougher now. Will pump them out when able.
  13. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Hey, sorry, I’ve been busy so I’m withdrawing from this rp, you can consider my fight a forfeit
  14. So now that Ajax won against Topaz who do I verse next?
  15. I think you'll have to wait until everyone else has finished their first battle. But that's not my job to decide.
  16. I meant like will I verse the winner of @CrazyWolf and @Mockingchu or will I Battle the winner of one of the other pairs
  17. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    @TiredCorgi your character is better but, I would not have so many victories in three pokemon leagues and a world tournament (which is basically what this rp is about. A world tournament) I will accept the character if you tone down the amount of leagues your character has won in and remove the unova world tournament thing (you can have plenty of victories in smaller tournaments around the regions you went to if you want)
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  18. Just a note

    Frontier Brains are considered to be on Par with Elite Four. So saying that you “constantly went to other regions to win Battle Frontiers” is just as unrealistic as saying that you won championships at 12.

    Apologies @RSTG123 if I ‘stood on your toes’ but I wanted to make the point
  19. I keep meaning to post, so sorry about the wait. School just kicked off this week so I'm adjusting to actually having stuff I have to do. Weekend coming up- I'll fit a post in at LEAST by Sunday. If not please burn me at the stake.

    EDIT: Did it, gamers.
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  20. I'm interested in joining. Is there a spot open for me? If a spot isn't open, I could have my character be a person who just watches until a spot does open up. She'll be 30 years old and is a researcher who is a specialist of Psychic-, Ghost-, and Dark-Types, so she's got some experience. XD
  21. The rules said you have to be a teen btw.
  22. Well, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense... :/ Which is why I asked if I could include an older character. Realistically, a young child may not be able to get all 8 badges from a region, and it takes months to get through any one region because of how large they are, unless you are gungho about it (the games are a poor example, since they have the regions scaled down. The anime is a little more realistic as it takes a couple days time to get through a single route). Plus, it takes a longer period of time to train your Pokemon to be strong enough to even acquire 8 badges. The Island Challenge is no exception, but the islands are at least a little smaller than the average region.

    But if that's the case, then I might have to rescind my request, as I don't have any characters for this RP then, and I don't have the time to make anymore. :/ Sorry about that.
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  24. Yeah, now. Sorry, still adjusting to school and shizzle. I actually have homework this year so that's wack. I'll do my best to keep up!
  25. Did the whole Leaf Storm/Seed Bomb thing to make the battle a bit more dynamic. It was never fully established what the battlefield looked like so I assumed just a generic dirt platform. Figured I'd spice it up. The combo wasn't intended to do major damage, just up the intensity.

    (that said, this is probably the best RP battle i've ever had. thanks crazywolf)
  26. @Mockingchu Sorry for not responding for a while, but will you be able to post soon?
  27. Did it, sorry about the wait. I waited too long to check for a reply.
  28. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    just for fun, if you could decide a battle theme for your character, what would it be? it can be anything, though in my opinion it should be something that makes sense for your character's personality.
  29. You are literally stealing that idea from my rp
  30. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    wait, really? i actually thought of that on my own. sorry about that.
  31. this also sounds quite interesting and would be interested to join
  32. I too would be interested in joining
  33. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    wow, i haven't seen three people asking at once before... gotta check how many people we already have

    (edit): i'm pretty sure we have one slot open right now for actual tournament participants though the other two might be able to play as people who are not competing
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  34. is this still going or is it in sleep mode?

    just gonna drop this here

    Name: Ani Humeri
    Age: 16 - 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Ani has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanor; always smiling, and acting very friendly and even polite with everyone. Ani is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behavior and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way often puts her at odds with others. She easily becomes bored and will playfully look elsewhere for things to entertain her.
    Occupation: Trainer
    Looks: Ani is a very attractive young teenage girl of medium height. She has very long blonde hair styled into pigtails that hang almost to her knees, with smaller locks framing her face. Her eyes are a sapphire blue.
    Clothing: Ani wears a richly adorned backless white, violet, and purple Lolita-styled dress with matching boots, fingerless gloves, and a small sling purse. She accentuates with a large violet colored hair bow and a large violet bow at the small of her back on her dress, with the centers being Pokéballs, a collar, and earrings, all with Pokéball designs on them. She is also frequently seen with a matching violet and purple colored parasol.

    Gengar (M)
    Gyarados (M)
    Tyranitar (M)
    Metagross (NA)
    Chandelure (F)
    Weavile (F)
  35. Dangit I missed the updated comment XD Might still apply even if I can't participate
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  36. Name: Finion Charles
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Finion is a rather socially awkward individual. He tends to be nervous and ramble a far bit whilst also ironically being drawn into conversations and talking. Being polite is something he strives to do however due to second guessing himself he is often apologising for small and insignificant things. He's a kind and friendly person at heart however he tends to get jumpy and worried around new people or in new situations. In circumstances he's used too and people he's familiar with he calms down significantly and his more relaxed and cool side is revealed.
    Appearance: Finion is rather short considering his age, only standing at 5'4 feet tall. Despite his abnormal height he's quite healthy, not in the best of shape but not in the worst either. His complexion is pale and soft, his almost colourless face sharply contrasted by his his long orange hair and deep green eyes. He does not appear ghostly due to the gentleness of his features and the smile that is usually on his face. For clothing he often wears a blue shirt and an orange waist coat as well as dark blue jeans. He has a pair of goggles around his neck but he does not wear a hat anymore. (Essentially image the profile pic but older, with longer hair and without a hat)
    Sparky | Male Pachirisu
    Blitz | Male Infernape
    Raven | Female Zoroark
    Milly | Female Milotic
    Garfield | Male Garchomp
    Frilly | Female Aurorus
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  37. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    i'm not sure how to decide who will get the spot...

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