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Open WWPL (World Wide Pokemon League)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by RSTG123, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Hello there Pokemon trainers! You have been invited to participate in the World Wide Pokemon League! (WWPL) unlike a normal Pokemon league, this tournament will have trainer from all around the world! To qualify, all you need is 8 badges from any region, or to have completed alola's island challenge. please make sure you have 5-6 Pokemon on your team, or you may not participate. The tournament will take place on an island not to far from unova. directions are provided on the back of this letter

    To sign up please give the following info on your character (as for age your character must be 12-16

    Team: (5-6 pokemon)

    Please follow the general pokecham rules and keep everything PG!

    Here's my character:

    Name: Dylan
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: blue eyes, blonde hair, red unzipped hoodie and I white shirt underneath, wears short and has red and blue running shoes
    Personality: Learn in RP
    Team: Lucario, Lycanrock, (Dusk form) Toucannon, Zorark, Pikachu and absol.
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  2. Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Personality: Jack is nice but competitive. He will do everything he can to win his battles, but he is not rude. He always sees Pokemon battles as a way to have fun and get stronger.
    Appearance: He has white skin and black hair. He usually wears dark colours on his clothes, and he has a blue cap on his head. He has earrings with small pokeballs on them and a necklace with a small diamond.
    Team: Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Gallade, Umbreon, Garchomp.
    Other: He traveled through both Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh and put together a team with the Pokemon that he has most friendship with. He started off his journey with Gible and after that went to Kanto where he befriended one of every Kanto starter.

    Should I also add appearance?
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  3. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Yes you should I forgot to put that in earlier
  4. Name: Sarah
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Sarah is a small and petite person. She stands at around 5'3". She has long dark purple hair and comes to middle of her back. It is very straight and has blunt bangs. She tends to wear a black dress. It has a black lace overlay and three quarter sleeves. She tends to wear tall purple heels. She also has a wear a bit of makeup. Her go to is a dark smoky eye and a dark red lip. She wears a black choker with a bright purple gem in the center of it.
    Personality: She is very kind. She tends to help pokemon. She is not a battle focused trainer. She is more of a coordinator who sometimes participates in battles. That being said does not mean she is not any good at them she is just someone who prefers to perform.
    Team: Umbreon, Lola (Lopunny, Shiny), Milotic, Tyrantrum, Amethyst (Grumpig), Litten, Togepi

    Togepi is not a fighter. She is a pokemon that Sarah just has with her all the time. It was the first pokemon egg she recived.
  5. Sounds fun!

    Name: Yania Corbin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Yania has dark skin, brown eyes, and curly dark hair, about shoulder length when not tied up. She is average in height, and pretty physically strong. She usually wears whatever is comfortable, back shorts and a dark red patterned shirt is what she is most comfortable in. She wears an Xtranciever too.
    Personality: She may seem stand-offish and unapproachable at first, but Yania is really a dependable and sociable person who always stands up for herself and her friends/loved ones. She can be blunt at times, especially to those she finds irritating or rude. Mostly, though, she’s just a somewhat quiet, down to earth trainer who loves her Pokémon and enjoys battles for the fun of it.
    Team: Houndoom (M), Arbok (M), Alolan Golem (M), Dragonite (F), Fearow (F)
    Other: Travelled through Kanto, and obtained all the badges. Houndour was her first Pokémon.
  6. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Indeed. I hope you enjoy the RP!
  7. Is the RP thread open yet? If so can you put the link to it here for everyone?
  8. Name: Pippa Newman
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Pippa Newman is a kind soul, always showing compassion and empathy for those around her. She has a soft voice, and a level of kinship with her Pokemon that some say they haven't seen before. Pippa, no less, has a heart that sometimes gets the best of her, as she can be naive when it comes to her compassion. Sympathy high and wits a bit low when it comes to Pippa's emotions.
    While she seems scared to fight, Pippa prefers strategy over just full-force attacking, she has her wits about her most times out of ten.
    Appearance: Pippa is a rather fragile, pale girl, standing at 4'7" as a rather mature young lady. Her pale skin has freckles that litter her cheeks, and up-turned, soft green eyes. She has rather long lashes, with mascara lightly coated on them to match her complexion. She has an Arbok bite (snake bite) birthmark on the left side of her neck, and a patch of skin on her nose is darker than her normal skin color.
    For clothing, Pippa is usually rather dressy-casual. She comes from Kalos, where the style is very popularized, so it only makes sense. She first wears a black long-sleeve, with a hole in the cuff that makes it like a sort of glove. She wears white jean-shorts, that are adorned with different pins, some of which are Pokemon, and others being berries and Pokeballs. She then wears a scarf, colored lily white. she then wears black stilettos, which even then don't seem to help with her failing height. Other than that, she carries a black backpack, with the same pin pattern as her shorts.
    Wynn | Noivern | Male | Wynn is the most anti-social of Pippa's team, the Noivern enjoying the company of Edith, Pippa's Furfrou, alone. He acts as a sort of bodyguard to Pippa, always following the girl around and sheltering her from danger.
    Edith | Furfrou (Shiny Kabuki Trim) | Female | Edith is a rather calm Poodle, liking the many compliments that Pippa receives for Edith's beautifully trimmed fur. She and Wynn are rather close, Pippa's first two Pokemon.
    Flipper | Lapras | Male | Flipper was picked up when Pippa was finishing Kalos's league, right before she was out to get her 4th badge. Flipper is a rather friendly Pokemon, with no need to be afraid of.
    Peaches | Audino | Female | Peaches is the 'Healer' of Pippa's little bandwagon, rather panicky over the well-being of everyone in the team. She proves to be a good Pokemon at heart, kind and gentle.
    Holly | Glaceon (Shiny) | Female | Holly is rather shy, with a skiddish-kitten personality when she isn't in battle. Holly is also the newest member to Pippa's team, received as an Eevee on her holiday to Sinnoh.
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  9. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    My problem here is the words "grown lady" implying that you character is an adult, even though characters must be 12-16. Please explain what you mean by this, (as in actual age, maturity, etc.)
  10. @RSTG123 . I meant as in maturity level, as Pippa comes from Kalos, most younger teenage gals are referred to as 'ladies' instead of 'women'.

    Probably should re-phrase that. Sorry.
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  11. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Dont worry about it. Thank you for the clarification. You character is accepted
  12. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Just a quick question to anyone who pays attention to this thread, who thinks i could wright a book based on this RP? Anything that happens in the RP will influence the book and possibly book series. maybe even a comic if i can get help with the drawing part.
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  13. I took the time to report them for doing this. I do not want to see this RP shut down. That is what would have happened if they continued to do that.
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  14. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    @EmoKitty21 i also reported them. hopefully the RP wont be shut down because 1 person decided not to read the rules
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  15. I'm sorry, but who have you reported and why? I were asleep.
  16. Just some random person who posted in the RP three times in a row. They did not post their character here just made posts without even getting permission at all.
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  17. Did they remove it?
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  18. Yeah they did. It is not up anymore or I would have gave you a name. I did look at their profile and they had join today.
  19. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    I think i remember the name, But does anyone not want to hear it?
  20. How will the tournament work? I mean like the people that is roleplaying can't be the only trainers in the tournament. Will we rp as the other trainers or what?
  21. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    We can just time skip over battles with NPC's or NPC Battles can just, fit into 1 post? i don't know... I haven't actually thought about that a whole lot
  22. I mean like when the trainers we RP as faces up against NPC's, how are we going to do that?
  23. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Like i said, i'm not sure. but battles between 2 NPCs will be time skipped
  24. Of course, maybe someone can RP as the NPC that battles one of the "main trainers."
  25. How will the first battle pairings be decided? And how will they be announced in the RP?
  26. I mean we should probably come up with it here, but I'm not the one to decide that.
  27. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    True... if someone can find some random generator that would help with this can you let me know?
  28. Just search up a name picker, type in the names and the two first that get picked will battle each other?
  29. If it's not too late I'd like to join.

    Name: Tim Opal
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall with broad shoulders that don't have the muscle to match. He has blond hair styled forward, and icy eyes. For clothing, he wears whatever is comfortable, ie shorts and a t-shirt.
    Personality/Backstory: Tim has a knack for battling, as he's been obsessed with it since he was a child. In fact, he raised a Treecko to a Sceptile without taking on the Gym Challenge- just by battling wild Pokemon. Then, when he came of age, he took on the Battle Frontier, and did decent for only having Sceptile. His parents took note and let him journey to Johto where he met several new friends (and lied about having conquered the Frontier) and beat the Gym Challenge. Then, while on vacation in Alola, he heard about the WWPL. With his can-do attitude and life experience (though he's only 16), he's confident that he can win this.
    Outside of battle, Tim is a friendly chap, thanks to his upbringing both by his parents, and his friends while travelling.
    Scepter - Sceptile (M): Raised from a Treecko back in Hoenn, these two share a close bond. Scepter will fight through anything for Tim, and is more of a friend than a fighter.
    Lono - Alolan Raichu (F): Caught in Johto, but evolved in Alola, this Pokemon has seen it all. This is reflected in her battle style, which takes some of the ancient methods of Johto, as well as the go-with-the-flow vibes of Alola. This allows an adaptive, yet also calculated, battle form. Her name means "New information".
    Joy - Grumpig (F): A very motherly Pokemon, often times nurturing her teammates back to health after a battle. Helps out at a daycare when not battling. Named after the Nurse, obviously.
    Carl - Arcanine (M): A fierce competitor, Arcanine is the Pokemon closest to Tim in terms of personality. Just has a good name for a dog.
    Ahe - Drampa (M): Caught while in Alola, Ahe is a calm Pokemon, who bonded with Joy immediately. The two are inseparable, so if you knock out one, the other is coming for you with a vengeance. When not protecting their kin, or helping Tim win a battle, both Ahe and Joy are fairly docile.

    Aipom (M): Just Aipom. Aipom is a bit of a wild card... a free spirit, if you will. He doesn't join in battles, but will sure as hell watch from the sidelines.
  30. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Don't worry, you not too late. your character is accepted.
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  31. Hoping this is still open

    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax for short)
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Home town: Canalave City, Sinnoh
    Looks: 5’7 tall with a slim-fit build, he has a pale complexion with short choppy auburn hair and piecing orange eyes which compliment the trainers inner fiery determination.
    Clothes: dark grey shirt, crimson red leather trench coat, dark grey jeans and tall combat boots the colour of Mudsdale’s mane
    Personality: Often reserved and keeping very much to himself Ajax can be extremely antisocial at times. He cares very little for trainers who he deems as undeserving of his time let alone his respect.

    Bastion - Metagross (Mega)
    Hot-Shot - Talonflame (Male)
    Navi - Sylveon (Female)
    Toph - Mudsdale (Female)
    Rose - Ferrothorn (Female)
    Genji - Greninja (Male)

    Edit: added detail to character description and fixed spelling errors
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  32. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Sorry I’m late
    Name: Topaz Song
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Topaz is just barley taller than average and has a slightly slimmer build. He has dark brown messy hair that hangs right above his eyes and golden eyes. He wears a brown button up t shirt that has a small embroidered pattern of the company’s logo (LV) in yellow. He also wears tan khaki shorts, a nice brown leather belt, a gunmetal gray watch, and white boat shoes.
    Personality: Topaz is calm and collected, never seeming to be fazed in battle, able to adapt a new plan in the heat of a battle. He can come off a little bit arrogant, which is especially annoying because for the most part he can back it up. He often gets bored with “low quality” opponents and will not spare feelings during or after a battle. However, he does have a redeeming quality in that he cares fiercely for his Pokémon and would do anything for them.
    Backstory: Topaz was sent to a prestigious Pokémon Boarding School for the majority of his upbringing. While he was there he did not make many friends, but was the top of his class in both academics and battling. He graduated early and decided to set out on a Pokémon journey, in which he traveled alone around Kalos and won all 8 badges in a swift time. After that he got bored and spent time at the Battle Chateau, earning the title of Grand Duke. When he heard of the WWPL he got excited and knew he had to sign up, hoping he could find a difficult opponent.
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  33. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    Your characters are accepted. No your not too late
  34. We have eight people now, I think. That’s the perfect number for a tournament.
  35. RSTG123

    RSTG123 Previously thunder gamer

    True... Should I make the rp thread private/closed then?
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  36. I think it might get too crowded if more join... so yes. But it’s really your call.
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