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Private/Closed WTP Johto vs Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mango137, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. "Alright, let's do this!" Robin said to Cherry, making a fist as he walked towards the entrance to the stadium.
    "Plu, plu!" Cherry agreed, pumping her small arm in a similar fashion. Robin looked around as he walked, but wasn't able to catch any sight of Angel or Edward. That was slightly disappointing... Hopefully they'd retire to the trainer's lounge, and Robin would be able to meet them there after his battle. Taking a deep breath, the scarred man entered the arena to a roaring and cheering crowd. With his sword on his back, he almost felt like a gladiator in the arenas of old. Looking across the arena, Robin took in his first opponent of the competition. A girl, young, with pink hair and dressed in white. Not much he could tell about her battle style by looking at her.

    Robin made his way across the arena to the girl, and extended a hand. From his shoulder, Cherry watched Mia with a cheerful smile.
    "I guess we're supposed to shake hands before the battle starts." Robin said to the teenager, offering her a smile.
    "I'll cut a deal with you. You battle as hard as you can, and I'll battle as hard as I can. Then we'll see who wins." Robin said, making a small joke. "Good luck."
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  2. Mia returned the handshake, eyes bright and filled with joy. "You got a deal. Nothing held back."
    She returned to her spot on the battlefield, and her smile only grew larger. "Sprite! Titan! Courage! You're up!"
    The Sylveon, Golurk, and Gallade respectively emerged from their Pokeballs (all with their own Pokeball Seals), taking battle stances. Mia patiently waited for her opponent to release his Pokemon.
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  3. Oh boy. Another Gallade. Robin grinned at the Pokemon his opponent sent out. This would be interesting. A Sylveon, a Golurk, and a Gallade. Nothing really super fast. Let's see how this goes...
    "Come on out, guys! Let's show them what we've been training for." Robin said, tossing up two Pokeballs. A Gallade and heavily scarred Blastoise appeared respectively, and Cherry jumped off Robin's shoulder and into the middle.
    "Plu, plu!" The Plusle exclaimed waving to the crowd in a cutesy fashion. Once that was done, she turned to the Blastoise.
    "Pluuu, plusle!" Cherry exclaimed, throwing up her arms. A small burst of confetti burst out of her arms, slowly coming down around her. Above the Blastoise, a small burst of confetti appeared and landed on his head. The large blue turtle looked down at the small Plusle, giving a low chuckle before turning his attention back to the trio of Pokemon they were about to face. A yellow aura appeared momentarily around the Blastoise before fading.

    Q, the Gallade, scanned his opponents before noticing Mia's Gallade. On it's head, it wore an unusual scanner looking device that was over it's right eye. A custom-fitted Scope Lens It's already excited smirk grew to an even wider grin, and it turned back to Robin.
    "Lade, lade?!" Q said back to Robin.
    "Just focus on the battle at hand, dude. Remember the strat." Robin said. "If there's an opening, sure you can go toe to toe."
    Q smirked and turned his attention back to the other Pokemon. His elbow blade began to extend and retract, an signal that usually meant Q was excited and ready for battle. Seeing as his team looked ready now, Robin turned to Mia and spread his arms.
    "Alright! I'd like you all to meet Q, Cherry, and Turk!" Robin called over to Mia. "Let's get this show on the road, huh?!"

    With that Cherry quickly leapt onto the Blastoise and slid herself into his shell, just behind his neck.
    "Turk, Hydro Pump that Golurk! Q, Double Team!" Robin commanded. The Gallade quickly dashed in front of the Blastoise, and where there were once only a single Gallade, there were now three. Turk let out a roar as it leveled it's cannons at the Golurk, firing two powerful, pressurized streams of water directly at the giant ghost and ground Pokemon.
  4. Mia did not speak, neither did she even react. However, if you looked closely, you could see her hand moving subtly. She gave a swift up-and-down movement of two fingers.
    Immediately, Titan pointed his arm forward and a blue energy formed. It turned into Ice Beam and launched forward, freezing the Hydro Pump and making it fall to the ground and shatter.
    She raised her hand towards her Sylveon, making a small burst gesture with her hand. She then raised it towards Courage, making a slashing movement with her two fingers.
    Instantly, Sprite launched into a Hyper Voice and Courage slashed at the air, creating long Psycho Cut slashes. Both attacks were targeted at all three Pokémon, spread around the arena. Additionally, Sprite’s Hyper Voice has a pink tint to it - signifying the effect of her ability, Pixilate.
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  5. Seeing the Hyper Voice and Psycho Cut, Q instantly vanished from where he stood. Turk, on the other hand, crossed his arms in front of him and took the combo move. The attack pushed him back, but since Cherry was safe inside Turk's shell, she managed to avoid the attack completely. Right when he teleported away, Q suddenly reappeared in the air behind Courage. His two other afterimages with him, the Focus Lens identified the weak point on the opposing Gallade. Not hesitating, Q's elbow blades glowed with a purple psychic energy and he slashed down on Courage with a Psycho Cut of his own.

    Electricity crackled in the air, and somehow a light electric aura seemed to appear around Turk. But instead of taking damage or being hurt by said light electric aura, the Blastoise seemed to be completely unaffected by it. No, it seemed to be powered up by it!
    "Turk, Surf!" Robin commanded. Noting the position of it's allies, Turk let out a roar as a large wave of water swept through the arena. The Blastoise rode the wave as it crashed towards only the positions of the Golurk and Sylveon.
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  6. (i swear I hit the post button on this... oh well)

    Mia remained unflinching, her expression remaining the same. It was almost strange how completely calm she was.
    Courage needed no command to retaliate. Without even looking back, a Protect shield appeared behind the Psychic type, with the Psycho Cuts clashing onto it with a resounding noise. It was difficult for Courage to keep the Protect up, considering the amount of raw energy that was hitting it. It was clearly damaging the Gallade anyway.

    On Titan and Sprite's side of things, Mia was quick to command her Pokemon non-verbally, as usual. She drew a zigzag in the air while looking at Titan, and gently waved one finger from side to side while looking at Sprite.
    Both Pokemon were quick to act. Sprite put her ribbons together, and cast a sparkling wind towards the rushing wave of water. It held the attack back, although it was clearly a strain to keep up that much wind. Some of the wind could easily hit the Blastoise if it was not careful.
    Meanwhile, Titan used the water to his advantage. While Sprite bought him time, he aimed his arm skyward. Suddenly, a Thunderbolt came crashing down - not hitting the Blastoise, but hitting the water instead. Instantly, the water was electrified - since water conducts electricity - and would harm the Blastoise if it remained on the wave.

    Meanwhile, Courage was quite angered. He disliked the ol' teleport behind trick, due to having it used against him by his former "allies" so many times. It would take an absolute idiot to not realize that he was not pleased.
    Titan noticed Courage's situation, and raised an arm. Instantly, Courage and Titan switched places - with the Automaton Pokemon towering over Q. Wasting no time and hoping to catch the Gallade off guard, Titan cloaked his fist in Ghost-type energy and aimed it directly at the Psychic and Fighting-type.
  7. Robin grinned as he watched what Mia and her Pokemon were doing. It looks like they were about to be in for a bit of a surprise... Turk surfed up and down the wave he had created, dodging the fairy-wind attack. There was a blast of electricity from the heavens, but it didn't hit the wave like the Golurk had been aiming for. No, instead it appeared to curve at the last moment, striking Turk instead. While a normal Blastoise way have let out a cry in pain or something from being hit by the electric attack, Turk merely grinned as a light yellow glow surrounded him. The Blastoise appeared to be completely unaffected by the electric attack! The glow faded slightly after the attack, only to happen again when from inside his shell Cherry the Plusle shocked Turk with an electric attack. The light yellow glow reappeared, this time being more concrete and there. The Surf died away, not being able to reach the Sylveon and Golurk. But that was okay.

    "Turk, use Surf again!" Robin commanded, a confident smile on his face as the Golurk and Gallade switched places. A huge wave, now twice the size and power of the first Surf attack, appeared and roared towards where the Sylveon and Gallade were. Once again, Turk rode the wave towards the duo.

    Q jumped back, preparing to attack with another Psycho Cut, when Mia's Gallade vanished. In it's place stood the imposing figure of Mia's Golurk. The Shadow Punch caught Q off guard, smashing the Gallade across the face. Q staggered back, stumbling in a bit of a circle.
    "Q, Leaf Blade!" Robin commanded. Using the momentum from being struck by Mia's Golurk, Q spun and slashed at the slow, giant Pokemon. His elbow blades were covered with nature energy.
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  8. Acting quickly, Titan disappeared into the ground, using Phantom Force to get away quickly. It was nowhere to be found in the arena.
    Meanwhile, Courage crossed his arms in an X in front of him. Immediately, a powerful barrier formed in front of both himself and Sprite as he used Wide Guard. Unfortunately, he didn't have time to block himself, so he put up a hasty Protect in hopes of negating some of the water. He took a good amount of the powerful wave, but not nearly as much as it could have been.
    He narrowed his eyes, suddenly remembering the Plusle that had been in the Blastoise's shell. He mentally cursed himself for being so stupid.
    Meanwhile, Mia made a series of complex gestures, so quick that they were barely discernable. The two Pokemon seemed to acknowledge this, readying themselves once again.
    Sprite released another Hyper Voice, spreading across the entire arena, aimed at both the Blastoise and the Gallade. While the pair were distracted, Courage used the opportunity to discreetly use Psychic in an attempt to bring the Plusle outside of the Blastoise's shell, where the Hyper Voice blasted powerfully.
    Finally, the third Pokemon came into play. Soundlessly, cloaked in shadowy aura, Titan emerged from the ground behind the Blastoise, launching a Shadow Punch at point blank range.
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  9. Q became even more angered when the Golurk simply seemed to fade away instead of staying and fighting him. Why was nobody staying to fight him, goshdarnit!
    "Q, Wide Guard!" Robin commanded confidently. Still upset that no one seemed to want to fight him, Q brought his right arm in front of him like he was holding a shield. A light, nearly transparent wall of brown energy suddenly appeared between Robin's Pokemon and Mia's Sylveon and Gallade. It blocked the attack, protecting the three Pokemon from the Hyper Voice.

    Throwing himself recklessly into the brawl, Q teleported between Courage and Sprite. Q appeared with his left fist encased in a purple, poisonous energy and his right elbow blade encased in a lighter purple, psychic energy. The moment Q appeared, he quickly aimed a Poison Jab at Sprite and a Psycho Cut at Courage, attempting to take advantage of the fact that the two were focused on Turk and Cherry.

    "Plu...? Plu?!" Cherry was utterly caught off guard by the Psychic lifting her out of the shell. She struggled in midair only for a moment, before simply deciding to roll with it.
    "Plusle!" Cherry cried out. There was a boom of thunder, and a Thunderbolt rained down from the sky and struck Turk. But instead of hurting the Blastoise, once again Turk seemed to be powered up by the electric attack. The Golurk's Shadow Punch hit Turk right in the shell, knocking the Blastoise forward. The ghostly energies of the punch made the Blastoise shiver, but Turk quickly turned and attempted a point-blank, super-powered up Hydro Pump on the Golurk.
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  10. Titan quickly responded with a Thunderbolt of his own. It may not have injured the Blastoise - he'd figured that out by that point - but it destroyed enough of the Hydro Pump to negate most of the damage. It was still damaged though.
    Courage quickly moved the Sylveon away with Psychic, but was not so lucky himself. The Psycho Cut was slightly weakened due to his Psychic type, so what would normally be a weakness wasn't as strong. He took the attack, wincing.
    Taking advantage of the chaos, Sprite grabbed onto the restrained Plusle with her ribbons. She raised her other two ribbons, summoning a moon-like orb in the sky. A beam suddenly fired from it, ready to hit the Plusle.
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  11. The Thunderbolt traveled up the Hydro Pump, striking the Blastoise. The yellow aura around the Blastoise grew even brighter, and by now sparks of electricity were beginning to course around and jump off the large turtle-like Pokemon. Not letting up, Turk grinned at the Golurk before attacking once again with a Hydro Pump. Two powerful streams of water burst from the cannons on the Blastoise's back, heading straight towards the Golurk. This one was even larger and more powerful than the last one. Thanks to the power up from Golurk's Thunderbolt, this Hydro Pump was now three times more powerful than the first Hydro Pump Turk had used at the start of the match.

    Cherry struggled only for a moment when the Sylveon grabbed it with it's ribbons before looking down at the fairy type and smiling at it. The Plusle rubbed her cheek against the Sylveon's ribbon letting out a cute squeak as it did so. Opponent or not, this Sylveon's ribbons were very soft and comfortable! But the moment the Plusle began to nuzzle the Sylveon's ribbons that were wrapped around it, it used it's attack of the same name. Cherry released a small electric charge down into the ribbon, attempting to deal some damage. If the attacked worked, it would also probably shock the Sylveon quite a bit and paralyze it. Cherry's nuzzle session, however, was interrupted when the Moonblast attack struck her head-on. The Plusle let out small cry as the fairy beam slammed into her, knocking her out of the grip of the Sylveon. Cherry struggled back to her feet, glaring at the Sylveon before dashing back towards Turk.

    Finally! It seemed like this darn Gallade wasn't running away or hiding! Q attempted to press his advantage on the Mia's Gallade, pushing fowards and attacking with two more Psycho Cuts. The first slash attack was just aimed at the Gallade in general, but for the second one Q decided to follow the Scope Lens on that one. Q aimed the second Psycho Cut at Courage's legs, hoping to knock the Gallade off balance with it.
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