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Private/Closed WTP Johto vs Kalos

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mango137, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The crowd roared and cheered as they filled the stadium that was traditionally used to host the Lumiose Conference. Today the best and brightest trainers from Kalos would be hosting their counterparts from Johto in the first match of the World Team Pokémon Leage (WTP). An older man wearing a sparkling purple suit and sporting a magnificent large dark purple mustache appeared on a levitating platform, hovering above the center of the battle field. “Ladies and Gentlemen!” He announced in a booming and powerful voice. “Today marks the first ever match of the World Team Pokemon League, where the finest trainers from every region will come together to clash for a grand tournament in order to determine which region reigns supreme. This tournament is a round robin format, meaning every region will battle the others in a match. Then, the top 4 teams with the best record will proceed onto the final tournament bracket where the champion region will be determined!”

    The audience roared and the man continued his speech, “First and foremost the WTP would like to thank Kalos for hosting the first match in the magnificent city of Lumiose, it is always a pleasure to experience the fine culture of this region. Today the first match will be between the hosting team, the Kalos Royales, and their opponents who came a long ways, the Johto Towers!”

    Cheers could be heard as fans from both regions expressed their pride. “Each match will consist of 5 battles, whichever team wins the majority will be considered the winners! Please note, even if a team were to win the first three events, they would still play out the remaining two events. But enough about the rules, let’s hear about the trainer’s competing today!

    From the Johto Towers we have Ron Towers from Goldenrod, who’s last name shares that of his team. He appears to be from an elite battling family as multiple of his siblings are competing in this tournament as well. Ron will be representing his team in the first event of tonight, the 1v1 battle!

    His opponent from Kalos is the mysterious Ophiuchus, who’s battling abilities provide more trouble for his opponents than spelling his name.

    Without further ado, trainer take you positions. It’s time to BATTLE!!!” The older man floated on his platform over to the commentators box and soon after fireworks erupted around the stage as concert lights whirled around while energizing music played. The light focused in on opposite sides of the battlefield, revealing the trainer’s who had just emerged from below ground elevators. A ref stood to one side of the battle field. “Trainers, approach and shake hands!” He commanded.
  2. Ron took a deep breath. "I wanted to surprise my sisters and they just announced me in front of the world. So much for that..." He walked over to the center of the battlefield with Marley, his Raichu, following behind him. He looked around the crowd. "Man... What an experience." He stretched his hand out and waited for his opponent.

    Azumi and Maker watched the match on the TV screen in the trainers lounge.
    "I can't believe he finally showed himself." Azumi said, clearly upset.
    "I'm just glad he returned! I can't wait to go talk to him!" Maker wiggled excitedly.
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  3. The elevator rose to the stadium floor, revealing a purple haired man sitting on the floor of the elevator with his eyes closed. He seemed to be meditating, or praying. It was only after the ref commanded the trainers to approach one another that the caped man roused himself and stood up. Slowly, as if in a trance, the man known as Ophiuchus began to make his way towards his opponent. His opponent appeared to be a mohawked young man with worn clothes. He looked like nothing more than another one of your standard Punk Guys or Roughnecks, but if he was here representing Johto, that would mean he would have to be a skilled opponent. Accompanying that young man was a Raichu. If that was the opponent's Pokemon, then this would be a cinch. But Ophiuchus had a feeling that this would not be the Pokemon Ron would be using.

    Approaching Ron, Ophiuchus shook the hand of his opponent. He made sure to have a firm grip, but his eyes seemed to just look through his opponent.
    "Greetings, Ron Towers. It is an honor to be your opponent." Ophiuchus spoke in a calm and even voice. "May you fight well."
    With that, Ophiuchus turned and made his way back to where he needed to stand.
    It has been written in the stars. A great victory is assured. But whether it is for myself or for my team, that has yet to be seen. Tossing his cape over his shoulder, he turned to face Ron. The mysterious man unclipped a Pokeball from his belt and pointed it towards Ron. Libra... You are my first, most loyal and most powerful Zodiac. Let us show this Roughneck our true power. Pressing the button on the Pokeball, in a flash of red light there was a loud crash as a Metagross suddenly appeared, slamming into the ground in front of Ophiuchus. It glared at Ron, staring down the opponent and readying itself for whatever Pokemon he may send out.
  4. "Yeah, back at you." Ron said as he shook the hand of his opponent. He walked back to his spot and took out the Greatball that contained the Pokemon he had chosen. He watched as Metagross joined the match. "This will be a tough one... Then again, he wouldn't be here if he wasn't." He threw the Greatball in the air and out emerged a Scrafty, turned in the direction of Ron.
    Ron laughed, along with some people from the stadium. "Hey Xolo, I'm not your opponent." He pointed towards Metagross.

    The Scrafty held his skin with one hand and turned around, he looked the metallic psychic Pokemon and beat his chest with one fist, saying he was ready to battle.
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  5. Ophiuchus carefully surveyed the opponent's Pokemon. A Scrafty. A fitting Pokemon for an opponent that looked like Ron. Ophiuchus had seen that some trainers resembled the Pokemon they used, and it was obvious that Ron was one of those. The Scrafty looked ready to battle, and the refs signaled for the trainers to start.
    "Libra, Miracle Eye." Ophiuchus commanded. The Metagross' eyes glowed with a psychic energy for a moment, locking on to the Scrafty. In less than an instant, it had done a complete scan of the Hoodlum Pokemon and now had the ability to hit it with psychic-type attacks, even though the Scrafty was a dark-type.


    Sitting in the trainer's lounge, a blue-haired man with a scarred face kicked up his feet on a table and watched the screen as the battle began. A large backpack sat next to him, with a sword that was tied shut in it's sheath with him. He was wearing the jacket with the insignia for the Johto Towers, and grinned as the battle began to start. A Plusle wearing a bandana scampered across the floor of the lounge, hopping up the man's chair and onto his shoulder.
    "Alright. Let's see what our teammate, this Ron Towers guy's got." Robin said to his Plusle.
  6. Ron nodded. "Nice, this just got more interesting." He crossed his arms. "He wants to set up, let us set up then. Dragon dance!"

    Xolo nodded and began shaking his body. A red dragon shaped aurora appeared above him and dove into his body. Scrafty´s eyes glowed red for an instant.

    "Good! Let´s get things rolling yeah? Go for a crunch!" Ron pointed at his opponent.

    Xolo ran ahead, a big dark jaw appeared in front of him. He jumped in the air and prepared to use Crunch on the Metagross.
  7. The Scrafty's attack was successful, it managing to chomp on the Metagross pretty well. But it was just what Ophiuchus and Libra had been expecting.
    "Libra, Zen Headbutt followed up by Hammer Arm." Ophiuchus ordered, but the Metagross was already carrying it out. Right after the Scrafty had attacked with Crunch, Libra attempted to take advantage of the Scrafty's close proximity. It lunged towards the Hoodlum Pokemon with speed unusual for a Pokemon of that shape, size, and weight. The cross on it's face glowed with psychic energy as it attempted to headbutt the Scrafty into the ground. If that was successful, one of it's arms began to glow. It swung it down upon the Scrafty with a powerful rotation, attempting to slam the Scrafty further into the ground in a brutal fashion with a Hammer Arm technique.
  8. "Incoming! Get that sucker!" Ron called out.

    Scrafty shot a sucker punch at the incoming enemy. It was not enough to stop him, but at least he got some damage done before he took the hit.

    "Get some of that energy back!" Ron shouted.

    Xolo, while on the ground, prepared for incoming Hammer arm, he matched his punch, using Drain Punch himself, he still took plenty of damage, but managed to get enough hp to stay in the battle. Xolo jumped back to his starting point, looking worn out.

    "Take a break man!" Ron told his fighting Pokemon.

    The Scrafty nodded, took a deep breath and fell asleep, using rest. His entire HP recovered.
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  9. Ophiuchus was impressed. That Scrafty was very strong. It may have been a mistake to have let it used Dragon Dance at the start of the match. Libra looked like he was paying for it now. The Leftovers nestled in the Metagross caused it's body to glow slightly, and Libra regenerated a bit of health. However, the Metagross still looked like it was hurting quite a bit. The techniques of the Scrafty were hitting stronger than Ophiuchus was expecting them to. But now was their chance.
    "Libra, pound on that Scrafty with Zen Headbutt as many times as you can." Ophiuchus commanded calmly. The Metagross quickly flew over to the Scrafty's position as it's cross on it's face began to glow once again with Psychic energy. The Steel and Psychic type began to slam down on the sleeping Scrafty with it's Zen Headbutt attack.
  10. Xolo´s skin glowed and fell off, replaced quickly by a new one. He woke up and dodged the third incoming zen headbutt. He ran to the other side of the field, looking tired from the two consecutive attacks.

    "Darn! We woke up late on that one huh?" Ron said and then laughed. "But we love to gamble! Go for it again!"

    Xolo nodded and went to sleep again, this time the shed skin effect took effect immediately. He woke up, looking refreshed and began to beat his chest with his fists.

    "Okay Xolo, lets get serious! Substitute!"

    Scrafty concentrated and created a big copy of itself made of aura that surrounded.

    Ron smiled. "Focus Punch!"

    Scrafty closed it´s eyes as it began to concentrate. His right fist began to glow.
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  11. Ophiuchus' eyes widened as he watched the Scrafty slip out of his skin after using Rest. Of course. The Shed Skin ability. Ophiuchus should have expected that.
    "Libra, Laser Focus and Zen Headbutt." Ophiuchus commanded. The Metagross once again began to focus, but unlike before psychic energy did not leak from it's eyes. But before Libra could attack, the Scrafty seemed to disappear. In it's place stood a replica. A substitute. And from the sound of it, it seemed that the Scrafty was charging up a Focus Punch. That was a pretty good strategy. One that, as of now, Ophiuchus didn't have a way to counter. So he allowed Libra to use Zen Headbutt on the substitute, managing to hone in on it's weak point with Laser Focus. Hopefully, that would be enough to at least break the substitute.
  12. "He is all yours!" Ron shouted at his Pokemon.

    The substitute shattered upon impact, but Xolo had already finished charging his Focus Punch.

    "Punch away!" Ron yelled as he punch the air.

    The Scrafty roared as his fist glowed and he aimed the punch directly at the cross on Metagross head.
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  13. The Metagross attempted a desperate lunge forward as the substitute fell, but it was too late. The Scrafty suddenly appeared with a battle cry, striking Libra straight in the center of the cross with a glowing arm. The attack created a large shockwave, kicking up a large cloud of dirt. Ophiuchus shielded himself from the dust cloud with his cape, only lowering it once the shock cloud had passed. The cloud began to dissipate, to reveal... Libra the Metagross, still standing and glaring angrily at the Scrafty. But Ophiuchus frowned and shook his head. And after another moment, the Iron Leg Pokemon let out a low moan before collapsing. It was completely knocked out. Ophiuchus had lost.

    With a sigh, the purple-haired man recalled his Metagross. It looked like the stars were not in his favor for this battle.
    "A very fine battle. I can see why you were chosen for this event. You are quite strong." Ophiuchus called out to Ron. "It appears I still have much to learn. Good luck with the rest of your battles."
    With that, Ophiuchus turned and exited the arena.
  14. Ron covered his eyes with his arm until the dust settled. He and Xolo stood still waiting for the Metagross to react. When it collapsed, they both didn't move, unable to believe they had won.

    They snapped out of it when Ophiucus spoke to Ron. "Same to you!" He called out. Xolo began flexing his muscles for the public. Ron smacked his palm on his forehead and returned the Pokemon. "This is embarrassing."
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  15. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “What a terrific battle!” Announced a booming voice from the sidelines. “Johto now leads the series 1-0 with a spectacular victory from Ron and Scrafty. We will now proceed into the double battle. Please welcome Edward from Johto and Angel from Kalos!”
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  16. Ron offered a fist bump to Edward as he walked out of the battle arena. Now, he had to go look for his sisters and explain his five year absence.
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  17. Edward accepted Ron's fist bump and continued into the arena. Pulling out a notepad, he checked over his Plans A, B, and C one more time. This is it, he thought to himself, everything I've ever done has led up to this moment. He made sure his two chosen Pokemon were ready to be sent out. Dragon tamers of Blackthorn, I swear that I will honor your legacy. Edward stepped out into the daylight of the arena and walked to the center of the field, ready to greet his opponent.
  18. Ophiuchus returned to the trainer's lounge. Robin watched as the caped mystery man entered the room, only to head over to a corner of the room and sit crosslegged on the floor. He appeared to be doing a sort of meditating, at least as far as Robin could tell. Exchanging a glance with his Plusle, Robin and Cherry shrugged before turning their attention up to the match. Now was the match with Edward Thistle, going up against a lady called Angel. Or, at least, Robin assumed they were a lady. Robin hadn't actually seen what Angel looked like. But it didn't matter! Robin was more interested in Edward, anyway. There was something about this guy... He seemed kinda cool. Robin had wanted to talk to him before the tournament started, but he hadn't been able to. He hadn't really been able to talk to anyone on his team before the tournament. It would have been nice to know the people he was supposed to be competing with. With a huff, Robin ran a hand through his hair before he turned his attention back to the screen. This was going to be interesting.
  19. Angel had been doing her stretches before she went out in the battle. Taking her sweet time, she went through her pre-battle routine and had done something different for herself. Instead of switching out her apparel like she would usually, she thought about doing something different. Still wearing her black and white poofy dress, she just made sure her dress shoes, clad with metal cloppers on the bottoms, were on properly before heading out.

    Walking out to the stage filled with cheers, and the energizing feel of sweat and adrenaline filled the air and her as it got her feet twitching. Now, it was time. Looking ahead, she saw her opponent walking towards the center of the battlefield. Walking up to him, she smiled sweetly and held out her hand for a very firm handshake. She looked at him with very sweet, smiling eyes, but within her dark eyes held something else. Something in contrast to the sweetness she was showing. She then spoke, her voice sounding quite young for her age, yet it held wisdom.

    "Are you ready to have some fun?" the corner of her mouth rose a little as she asked with an interesting tone to her voice, one sweet and the other very different. Although, she masked it well.
  20. Something was off about this woman. Edward couldn't quite place it, but he had an odd feeling that she was more than she appeared to be. "I'm ready for anything," he replied, "fun or not." Once hands had been shaken, he headed back to his side of the field. Okay, he thought to himself, that was... interesting. He was tempted to ignore the nagging feeling in the back of his brain, but there was no way he could afford to ignore anything in a battle of this importance. He grabbed the Pokeballs with this match's Pokemon in them. "Kay! Shimmer! It's time to battle!" He threw out the balls, causing a Gallade and a Flygon to appear. The Gallade - Kay, it would appear - glanced back at Edward, while Shimmer, the Flygon, kept her eyes on the opponent.
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  21. Angel smiled sweetly before walking gracefully back to her trainer's box. Looking at the Pokemon that was sent out, she knew that they each had an advantage against the other. This was going to be interesting.

    Angel took out two PokeBalls and popped the containers open, revealing Togetoge the Togekiss and another Togekiss. They both waved to the people in the bleachers before getting ready to fight. One flew in the air, while the other stayed on the ground. Something was off about this particular Togekiss...

    Angel began to tap dance and twirl about as she gave her first commands, her Pokemon copying her twirling. "Flamethrower and Magical Leaf!"

    The Togekiss on the ground floated up a bit as it let loose a blast of fire from its mouth while the one currently flying let loose magical leaves that began to fly into the flames and then home in on both Gallade and Flygon. These can be dodged or deflected, but it may singe if they aren't deflected properly.
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  22. Edward was momentarily caught off guard by Angel's immediate offensive. Two Togekisses? Unless there's something I'm not seeing, this is not going to go well for me. "Shimmer! Counter their flames with your own! Heat Wave!" Shimmer's wings turned a faint red, and with one mighty flap, a blazing hot wind swept across the battlefield, incinerating the leaves. Now to create whatever advantage we can. "Kay! Use Telekinesis on the flying one to stop that twirling!" The Gallade's eyes glowed bright blue as he focused on immobilizing the flying Togekiss. Let's hope this all comes together... "Now! Grab it!" Shimmer darted towards the Togekiss like a desert wind, generating the sad musical sound that Flygon were known for.
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  23. The flying Togekiss was saddened that her leaves were destroyed. Her normally sweet demeanor became one of sadness and then rage as her face became almost unnaturally creepy. Using Extreme Speed, she attempted to get away from the Telekinesis and was going to attack the Flygon's wing by smashing into it with immense speed.

    While the other two were focused on the flying Togekiss, the other one closer to the ground sped up with amazing speed towards the Gallade, the tip of its wing glowing light blue and have grown sharp in an Aerial Ace attack, while the foot glowed a dark aura as it twirled to cut the Gallade as well as aim for the throat with its foot during the move Throat Chop. The entire body shimmered and red eyes seemed to glow from within the shimmering before turning back to normal.

    Meanwhile, the Pokemon and Angel seemed to be dancing in sync. When she twirls, they twirl. It's like they had music playing that only they could hear, and the way they move made it seem like the music was switched to the next song with a different beat. It was an odd way for communication. However, the way Angel kicked her foot in the air and twirled, and the other Togekiss seemed to react to it without looking back, made it seem like they were in complete mental sync. Angel seemed to switch between her two Pokemon, as she can only dance for one only at the moment.
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  24. What the...? Throat Chop? Edward's eyes widened. Kay took the Aerial Ace attack full on, and looked like he was about to be hit by the followup. "Moment Creation!" In desperation, Edward called out one of his team's preformulated defensive tactics. Using Teleport, Kay flickered out immediately before the Throat Chop landed, and in the brief time before he reappeared, Shimmer blasted out a Boomburst, aiming to give the Johto team some time to breathe. Kay then reappeared, somewhat shaken, a fair distance away from the central action. Edward grimaced. "You want to dance? Fine then! Kay, do your thing!" Kay's arm-blades began to glisten as he went through the elegant motions of a Swords Dance.
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  25. The flying Togekiss got hit with the Boomburst attack. She tried to swoop downwards, but was too late and was now careening towards the ground. She recovered thankfully and righted herself right before she hit the ground, jerking herself upright and flying back up to the Flygon with Extreme Speed from the bottom. She was also readying another attack as her wings glowed light blue. Suddenly, she flapped and a rush of cutting air streamed forth towards the Flygon, the Air Slash attack allowing the flying Togekiss to fly in another direction to cut the Flygon off.

    Meanwhile, the Togekiss battling Gallade looked about with surprise before finding him some ways away. A little pissed, the illusion began to fade. A Zoroark could be seen before the remnants of Boomburst hit him. Stunning him for a second due to stumbling about for a bit, Zorro the Zoroark rushed towards the Gallade, his attack Foul Play readying as he slowed down a bit before reaching Gallade, waiting for him to strike.
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  26. A Zoruark, eh? That explains a bit. Edward grinned. "Now's our chance!" he called out, "Kay, Blinkstrike Combination! Shimmer, keep dodging!" Kay nodded and disappeared with another Teleport, while Shimmer swerved out of the way of the Air Slash. Damn, Edward thought as he watched on, at this rate, Shimmer is going to collide with the Togekiss! Kay reappeared above and behind the Zoruark, delivering a devastating Close Combat attack with the aim of striking the first truly decisive blow in the battle. Kay can't keep teleporting forever, and Shimmer can't hold on for that much longer against Togekiss. We have to end this sooner rather than later.
  27. Having already tried to cut the Flygon's escape route, Togetoge followed closely behind while a light blue ball of aura energy formed on one wing, and then another ball formed under her other wing. The two Aura Spheres were then flung as she twirled about to fling them at the Flygon with precision accuracy.

    Meanwhile, Zorro was getting kind of irritated with all this Teleporting around. Hearing the Gallade appear behind him, he did a quick handstand to, hopefully, smash his legs into the Gallade's chest and then swing him around full circle as he smashes his chest into the ground. Of course, if this failed to hit, Zorro would just do an acrobatic maneuver to flip rightside up again and charge towards the Gallade with another Throat Chop from his claw.

    (TheWanderer chooses which one should happen).
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  28. Kay was caught off guard and hit by the Zoruark's kick, but narrowly managed to avoid being grabbed and thrown. Meanwhile, Shimmer was barely staying ahead of the Togekiss' Aura Spheres, which were spiraling in. That Zoruark is far too agile for Kay to keep up with normally, and Kay can probably only pull off one more Teleport. What's worse, I have no idea how Shimmer can dodge the Aura Spheres! Edward grimaced, then took a deep breath and stifled his panic. Wait. If I take it as a given that Shimmer will get hit... Got it! He smiled, calling out to his opponent. "I'll admit, your Pokemon are exceptionally well trained. However, a razor-sharp mind can defeat even the best training! Shimmer, double back!"

    The Flygon pulled a sharp about-face, hurtling back towards the Togekiss. The Aura Spheres turned about to follow her, striking her in the back and accelerating her towards her target. "Now!" called out Edward, "Grab it and hit it with a Hyper Beam!" If Shimmer successfully grabbed the Togekiss, Edward knew that he could have Kay use his last Teleport to warp up onto the Togekiss and deliver a brutal point-blank Psycho Cut attack.
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  29. Angel just smirked as she saw the strategy unfold before her. This was fun. Togetoge giggled before speeding up with Extreme Speed towards the Flygon, evading downwards to avoid being grappled while still being near enough to smash into its stomach.

    Zorro quickly flipped rightside up before running towards Kay, trying to keep the heat on him. He used Flamethrower, sending a blast of fire towards Kay before catching up with the flames and crawling underneath the fire ball he created with a sneaky Return coming from below. Hearts began to encircle Zorro and they seemed gigantic, due to his friendship with his trainer.
  30. The moment the Togekiss began to veer downwards, Edward's brain kicked into severe overdrive, sliding pieces of a plan together with blinding speed. Shimmer was likely to go down any second, but maybe he could help Kay. He saw the Gallade dodge the Flamethrower, on the back foot, and thought with all the clarity he could muster: NOW. Kay suddenly reversed stance, dropping low and meeting the Zoruark's Return head-on with a Close Combat attack, still powered up from the Swords Dance he had set early on in the battle. A perceptive viewer would be able to see the Gallade's eyes glowing a faint lilac before the blow was struck. It's been a while since we've been forced to use this trick up our sleeves. A memory ran through Edward's mind of a Pokedex describing Gallade - "Because it can sense what its foe is thinking, its attacks burst out first, fast, and fierce." Kay's telepathy may not function as well on a dark type, but it seems to work well enough in a pinch.

    In the sky above, Shimmer flipped over in the air, avoiding a collision with the Togekiss by a hair's width. Catching her breath for a moment, the Flygon was rapidly realizing that she was almost out of energy. Getting pummeled repeatedly, in combination with the Hyper Beam that had just missed, had been incredibly draining. However, if she had to go out, she would do it with honor. Shimmer whirled about to face her pursuer, already opening her mouth for one final Hyper Beam.
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  31. Togetoge, although feeling proud that she was putting the pressure on Shimmer, felt like she was getting quite exhausted herself. Banking sharply as she missed, she saw Shimmer charge up another Hyper Beam. If she charged with another Extreme Speed, she would likely get knocked out. If she did something else they'd both be knocked out since she didn't have a chance to move out of the way. She then decided to try out one of her techniques. A light blue ball of aura energy was created under one of her wings as she propelled herself quickly with Extreme Speed. As she got closer, she quickly twirled and flung the Aura Sphere underneath the beam of energy from Shimmer, barely missing the beam. However, her body wasn't so lucky. She got hit and she cried out in pain before softly floating down.

    Now, as Angel was done dancing for Togetoge, it was Zorro's turn. Her dancing became more sporadic, more chaotic, more frenzied. Zorro was caught off guard by the Close Combat and got sent backwards, his flame above had dissipated in the air. He got up quickly and roared aggressively, his eyes glowing red before his entire body became covered in a red aura. His arms became coated in a dark crimson glow as he raised them in the air and sent them downwards, expelling out a powerful Night Daze, a shadow of blinding darkness came rushing out towards Kay. Even though Kay may be a Psychic-Type and has special psychic abilities of foresight, a Dark-Type with illusion powers is practically immune to this foresight when psychic powers are used alone. Training and experience becomes the number one deciding factor in a battle between any two Pokemon.
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  32. Launching a final Hyper Beam had utterly exhausted Shimmer, and she could do nothing to avoid the Aura Sphere that inevitably hit her, knocking her out. As the Flygon fell out of the sky, Edward held out what appeared to be a Level Ball and returned her safely. "You did well, Shimmer. Thank you." Now that he was free to devote his full attention to the fast-paced battle on the ground, Edward began to feel rather more confident than he had since the beginning of the battle. However, his hopes immediately dried up the moment he saw the state of the Kalos representatives. Is she trying to swat a fly? What is... oh. He finally turned his attention to the Zoruark, with its new red aura and frenzied motions. I have no idea what that is - no frame of reference! How can I plan around it? While Edward was busy panicking, the speed of the Zoruark's Night Daze attack caught both him and Kay off guard, and the energy wave launched Kay several yards back. It appeared that several shadows attempted to cling around Kay's eyes, but he was able to shake them off as he stood, shakily, to his feet. That new form seems like it increases the power of Zoruark's attacks. That, combined with the decrease in defensive abilities from Close Combat, seems to have injured Kay quite a bit. However... Edward looked closer, seeing - as he expected - Kay's arm-blades looking sharper than ever before. I'd almost forgotten about Kay's ability. I suppose Justified can come through after all. Quickly analyzing the situation, he came to a conclusion. This could go either way. Kay can't take another hit like that last one, but there's no way that Zoruark can take another Close Combat - especially with how much Kay's offensive abilities have been increased and the Expert Belt he's using. It will come down to whoever hits first, but if the Pokemon who strikes first misses, they become an easy target for the other. "Kay! Read my mind!" he called out. He was no psychic, but hopefully, with the Gallade actively reading his mind, he could get a plan across. The plan involving teleporting up to the Togekiss didn't pan out, so you should still be able to Teleport once more. Wait for the Zoruark to start attacking, then Teleport up to it and hit it with a Close Combat. Teleport lower than you did last time, and hopefully it incorrectly predict where you are, giving you a clear shot. Kay nodded, and shifted to a more defensive stance, watching the Zoruark carefully.
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  33. As the Togekiss was floating down to the ground, a red beam short forth from Angel's hand as the PokeBall swallowed her friend to keep her safe. Now, it was one on one.

    It seemed that this Gallade got powered up from the attack, as Angel noticed his arms were glowing. Justified. Her one weakness. Zorro couldn't take another Close Combat, and she predicted that was what they were going to do, since it seemed to be the likeliest option. He may even Teleport again, but she had no idea if he was capable of doing that again or not. Despite this, she slowed down for a second, with Zorro slowing down as well. Then they both were at a stand still. They were waiting for the right time to strike. Since his comrade had fainted, he wasn't too happy about that. He took all of his anger and his it away for now. Knowing that the Gallade was likely going to Teleport, Angel finally said something in the entire fight: "Aerial Ace!"

    While Zorro was waiting for Retaliate to be of use before he lost his anger, his claws glowed a light blue as he sped towards Kay with speed that made him look like he was flying for a moment.
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  34. As the Zoruark hurtled towards Kay at a brutal pace, Edward realized that this - right here, right now - was the end of the battle. Teleporting behind, above, below, or to the side of the Zoruark was no longer an option - it was simply moving far too quickly - so there was only one option left. It was an immense risk, but... He bit his lower lip and, hoping that Kay was still listening, thought. I need you to Teleport directly in front of that Zoruark and hit it as hard and as quickly as possible. It's risky, but it's all we've got right now. With no time lost - for there was no time to lose - Kay Teleported for the third and final time, appearing in front of the Zoruark and striking out with a Close Combat. Edward held his breath and waited for the dust to settle, knowing that no matter what, Kay would be hit by the Aerial Ace. However, if the Close Combat connected, there was a chance that the Zoruark would go down first. Of course, there was always the chance of a draw, if both attacks connected simultaneously.
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  35. Of course, the attack that Zorro was saving up, which was Retaliate, activated with the Aerial Ace colliding with the Close Combat. There was no chance for Zorro to survive. He was swiftly hit backwards and he fell back a ways away. Angel looked on, her dance had stopped and she was panting and breathing heavily for a second before regaining her calm and happy composure. Her Zorro did her best. He fainted immediately.
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  36. As the Zoruark fainted, Kay stumbled back as well, having been struck by the Retaliate in addition to the Aerial Ace. He tried to get up one last time, but failed, passing out as well. It was a draw. Edward returned the Gallade to its Dusk Ball and breathed out. He had not won, but he had not lost either - against exceedingly skilled opposition to boot. He could live with that. "Good battle!" he called across the arena, "You and your Pokemon were the greatest challenge I have faced for a while!"
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  37. She returned her friend in a Luxury Ball before walking over to Edward. Smiling, she extended out a hand for a handshake. "You and your Pokemon were exceptionally trained. I thank you for this experience and this amazing battle we had. I hope to see you again soon." She bowed her head a little, sending him a sweet smile and eyes that didn't look like they were hiding anything sinister this time, but her genuine feelings about the battle.
  38. Back in the trainer's lounge, Robin leaned back in his seat and grinned.
    "Whoa. A draw. Haven't seen one of those in a while." The swordsman said. Squinting his eyes and counting on his fingers, Robin frowned. As interesting as a tie was, that meant that Kalos had a closer chance of either winning or forcing a tie. But hey, the Towers were still in the lead!
    "Looks like it's up to us to keep up the pressure, huh Cherry?" Robin asked his Plusle. The electric rabbit-like Pokemon let out a happy exclamation, jumping in place on the table before running back onto Robin's shoulder. In truth, Robin was quite excited for this. He had never really done much of Triple Battles, so it had been quite exciting to come up with new strategies for this specific battle style. He couldn't wait to show them off, and test how good his training and strategies were against another powerful opponent.

    And the battle before! What a battle! Robin had thought it strange that the lady, Angel, had chosen two of the same Pokemon. So it was an even bigger surprise that one of which was a Zoroark. And a tough on at that. And then there were the Pokemon Edward had chosen! A Gallade and a Flygon. It was a good thing that Q hadn't been watching, or he would have gotten very excited at the sight of Edward's Gallade. It had been a truely amazing fight. Maybe Edward would be down for a 1v1 later, Gallade vs Gallade? Robin would actually have the meet the guy first, it seemed.

    Finally getting up from where he had been sitting, Robin threw his sword over his back and began to make his way towards the arena entrance. Maybe he'd catch Edward or Angel on their way out.
    "Plu, plu!" Cherry said excitedly from her trainer's shoulder, ready to fight.
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  39. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    A voice boomed from the speakers, “What a spectacular conclusion to an amazing battle, it was truly evenly matched until the end! A great performance from both parties! Unfortunately, we are unable to allow ties due to the format of this tournament, so the victory goes to Edward as his gallade fell slightly after. Congratulations Edward, Johto now leads 2-0, another win would secure a victory.” The Johto fans roared and cheered while the Kalosians voiced their anger with boos and jeers. “Now now, please settle down.” The voice announced. “For now we have a spectacular triple battle brought to you by Mia from Kalos and Robin from Johto!”
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  40. ~~~Mia~~~
    Mia's pastel hair flittered about in the light breeze, her eyes glimmering. Her hands were at her sides, almost instinctively at her belt.
    I've been waiting my whole life for this.
    She had to restrain herself from squealing with joy, as her heart swelled at the cheers of the crowd. Taking a deep breath in, she took her spot on the field, waiting for her opponent.

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