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Writing Challenges

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Yoshimitsu, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    (feel free to try these out. i'll update with more challenges as i find/finish them)

    1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
    2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
    3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays.
    You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble
    You start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
    4. Do ten of these, then post them.

    Pairing: Yoshimitsu/Vincent (OCs)

    Number 1 - Tinchy Stryder

    Vincent pondered the fact while sitting opposite Yoshimitsu. It was oddly informal as far as 'formal dinners' went, but whatever. He couldn't stand formal dos. But there was something different about Yoshimitsu tonight.

    Yoshimitsu had been a bit secretive about what had happened while the dark haired had been gone. Something the blue haired boy hadn't been telling him. There was something hidden under the slightly awkward conversations they sometimes had. He just couldn't figure out what.

    But Yoshimitsu was sat uncharacteristically still.

    "Are you okay?" Vincent mouthed.

    "Yeah, just thinking," Yoshimitsu replied, equally silent.

    Vincent sipped his drink, wondering just what was going on in the blue haired boy's mind. Yeah. Definitely something not right about the scene.

    But then Sebastian stood up and announced that he was not drunk enough, and Yoshimitsu pushed it from his mind.

    Face Down - RJA

    Yoshimitsu found himself in the dirt again, that infuriating man's superior attitude sneering down from above. The blue haired boy dragged himself to his feet again, sword in hand, and lunged once more. And again, he was in the dirt as Alex nimbly dodged to the side. A swift kick to the ribs had Yoshimitsu gasping for air.

    "You're not strong enough yet," Alex said softly. "He'll tear your apart."

    Yoshimitsu grunted. That was a low blow. Alex would have to learn the hard way that the blue haired boy was not to be underestimated. With a swift movement, Yoshimitsu sliced open Alex's leg and rolled back to his feet, a satisfied expression on his face.

    "Not bad."

    Vincent would lose next time.

    One Last Kiss - Madina Lake

    Vincent watched from a distance. This was the secret that Yoshimitsu had held. He listened in.

    "I'm sorry, Seb," the blue haired boy said.

    "It's Vincent, isn't it?" Sebastian replied.


    "Then... it's okay. You love him."

    How sad. Vincent's heart hurt. Sebastian, the boy who had kept Yoshimitsu sane. Hurt beyond repair. Vincent watched as Yoshimitsu moved in and cupped Sebastian's face, pulling him in for one last kiss.

    A tear fell from Yoshimitsu's eye.

    It was almost too cruel.

    Just a little girl - Amy Studt

    Yoshimitsu rapped on Vincent's head with his knuckles. It was just rude to ignore him. Sure, the blue haired boy didn't know huge amounts about swords or monsters or whatever, but he knew enough to join the conversation. Vincent shot him a smile, and Yoshimitsu felt a little better but still excluded. And why was Fratley the one talking to Vincent about swords and monsters and whatever?

    Yoshimitsu huffed and threw himself into the nearby chair, not even listening any more. Swords weren't that interesting anyway. Vincent was the one being rude. The blue haired boy folded his arms and crossed his legs, shooting glares at the pair of them.

    When Fratley had gone, Vincent stood behind the chair.

    "Was someone a bit bored?" He asked, leaning over. Yoshimitsu turned his head pointedly in the other direction.

    "I'll make it up to you," he added, turning Yoshimitsu's head and catching his mouth in a kiss.

    Maybe it was a little bit worth it.

    I'd Do Anything - Simple Plan

    It had been nearly a year since they had spoken. Vincent and Yoshimitsu had gone their seperate ways, Vincent had returned to the seclusion of Mist while Yoshimitsu had focused on his own life. But it was painful. Yoshimitsu wanted nothing more than to hold Vincent close, and tell them that the past wasn't important any more.

    He made his decision. He didn't care what they'd decided. He had to go. To see Vincent. He had no plan, no idea what to say. He just had to do it.

    Without any hesitation Yoshimitsu ran from the house, the jet boots forming around his feet as he ran, as he kicked off the cliff and shot into the sky. The wind rippled his clothes as he blasted towards Mist and threw himself into a dive. Vincent looked up and froze, completely stunned until Yoshimitsu fell into his arms and knocked them bother over.

    "I missed you..." He mumbled.

    "Me too..." Vincent replied.

    Parachute - Cheryl Cole

    Yoshimitsu was falling. Completely broken. There was no way he could live through this. He didn't even have the energy to slow his descent. Completely and utterly powerless, all of his energy spent in closing the break again. The wind roared in his ears as he fell, rippling his clothes and ruffling his hair.

    "I had a good run..." He thought to himself, closing his eyes and waiting for impact. He wondered if anyone would realise, or notice the smear on the ground where he landed. Whether anyone would even care. Probably not. He didn't like enough people, or think they liked him. Oh well. Still, he'd done enough, he thought.

    But then he realised. He wasn't falling any more. The wind was there, but he was no longer descending. He opened his eyes, and saw Vincent. Vincent. Carrying him through the sky.

    "You came..."

    "I couldn't let you die."

    Yoshimitsu closed his eyes and buried his face in Vincent's shoulder.

    Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

    Pounding music, smokey air, flashing lights, reeking alcohol. A perfect rave. Yoshimitsu was dancing, two bodies on either side of him, moving much too close, far too warm. The blue haired boy closed his eyes and let the music take over, feeling the way their bodies slid together.

    But when he opened his eyes, he saw something that made him freeze up. Sebastian was stood there. A drink in his hand, watching Yoshimitsu. Extracting himself from the tangled bodies, he made his way over to the boy. He didn't know what he could say. He hadn't come here for a confrontation. He had come with Vincent just to have some fun.

    "Sebastian..." He started, but then he saw something else. Vincent, his eyes suddenly confused as he saw Yoshimitsu talking to Sebastian. The blue haired boy had to get out. He needed time to think.

    "I'm sorry, I've gotta go," he muttered quickly, pushing past the boy and outside into the cold air. And he ran.

    Symptoms - Dykeenies

    "You figure it out, but then you fall again," Sebastian snapped. Yoshimitsu said nothing. He deserved this. He deserved to be ruined, verbally, physically, emotionally. He should never have gone for Sebastian. Why? Why did he have to go and hurt someone else? Why did he not just have faith that he'd be able to save Vincent?

    "You didn't love me."

    "That's not true!" Yoshimitsu protested.

    "It is true, don't lie to me," Sebastian snapped.

    "Don't try to tell me how I feel!" Yoshimitsu replied, his voice suddenly cold. Sebastian knew nothing about how the blue haired boy felt.

    "You need someone to tell you how you feel!" Sebastian scoffed.

    "You don't know anything."

    Anything But Ordinary - Avril Lavigne

    "Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!" Yoshimitsu complained, marching around the kitchen, opening cupboards and drawers and jars as though something fascinating might jump out and entertain him. Vincent watched with amused eyes as he ate his dinner.

    "C'mon, there must be something to do," the black haired boy stated.

    "Well yeah, but I want something exciting! Like a dragon or a monster or an invasion or something! I'm so bored right now!" Yoshimitsu complained, throwing himself into one of the chairs. Vincent smiled and poured Yoshimitsu a cup of coffee.

    "Who knows, maybe something will happen?"

    "I just feel so ordinary right now!"

    "Yosh, you're anything but ordinary," Vincent replied, smiling still.

    Suddenly, an explosion shook the house. Yoshimitsu jumped to his feet, sword already in hand.

    "Told you," Vincent said, following Yoshimitsu out of the door.

    Telephone - Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce

    Yoshimitsu was dancing, in the dark room with flashing lights, a drink in his hand. It was the kind of place where you danced up close and personal whether you liked it or not, but he loved it. The feel of body on body, skin on skin, moving together to the beat of the music. It was what he loved. More than alcohol or fighting or drinking or anything. Dancing. And he was good at it.

    Drinks kept on making their way into his hand and he didn't care who they were from or what the intention behind them was, he just wanted to dance in this place and not stop. He drank them and danced and drank more and dance more.

    So he didn't notice when his phone kept on vibrating, and he didn't realise that it was Vincent on his way.

    And he was definitely surprised when Vincent's arms snaked around his body, the boy moving with Yoshimitsu perfectly, like they were two parts of an engine, perfectly suited.

    Writing Challenge 2:
    Pick 26 words, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order.
    Pick a character, pairing or fandom you like.
    Write up to three sentences for each word.
    Sentences do not have to contain the word, but must link to them somehow.
    They do not have to follow chronological order, they can be really random.

    Pairing: Yoshi/Vincent

    They were very similar in age, but Yoshimitsu always thought Vincent was much more mature than he was.

    Vincent never talked about his birth, or even his childhood. Yoshimitsu was going slightly insane with curiosity.

    "That top looks really good... but it clashes with your hair."
    "You clash with my hair."

    Bleeding profusely from his arm while Vincent tried to defend him, Yoshimitsu realised that they'd been a bit reckless with this endeavour.

    Yoshimitsu threw the spare pillow on the bed in the vague direction of the window, wondering why Vincent was always up so goddamn early.

    Vincent didn't smell like anyone else in the world. It was nice to be with someone so unique.

    Vincent rubbed his temples as Yoshimitsu bounced around the room. Sometimes, the blue-haired boy didn't grasp how serious some situations were.

    Yoshimitsu promised he wasn't hurting, but Vincent could see the pain in those sapphire eyes.

    No one else had noticed anything, but Vincent could tell that there was something really bugging Yoshimitsu. On a whim, he kissed the blue haired boy. It worked.

    Yoshimitsu liked that he didn't get any of the old clichés like weak knees and butterflies in his stomach. He never mentioned that to Vincent though.

    Vincent never understood why Yoshimitsu was so averse to taking a life if his own depended on it. That said, there were a lot of things about Yoshimitsu that Vincent didn't understand.

    "Are you gonna get dressed today?"

    Sometimes Yoshimitsu wished for a regular life. Then he remembered that regular lives were boring and he'd have to get a job and not hit people when they annoyed him.

    Even when the moon was in the sky, and they'd spent all day together just doing nothing, Yoshimitsu never got bored of being with Vincent. He knew the feeling was mutual.

    Yoshimitsu couldn't bring himself to get rid of anything of Vincent's from the house. Doing that would make it final, absolute, irretrievable, and he wasn't ready to face that yet.

    In his arms, folded into his chest, Yoshimitsu felt like everything was right in the world.

    "It's a bit quirky!"
    "It's a hideous hat."
    "You're a hideous hat."

    When Vincent turned up at the house with a bouquet, Yoshimitsu nearly melted.

    "Life's but a walking-" "If you finish that quote, I'm poisoning your coffee." "-unfinished sentence."

    They'd spent all day alone, in the house, and even now the conversation hadn't got stale. Yoshimitsu smiled.

    In the dark, under the covers, was the one time Vincent didn't seem completely confident. Yoshimitsu grinned, and pulled the black haired boy down for a deeper kiss.

    Vincent pulled the blue haired boy closer and inhaled his scent, closing his eyes. He couldn't want anything more.

    "You want a what?" "A xylosma, it's like a small tree that-" "Okay sure."

    It was once a year that Vincent cried, stood before that one grave. Yoshimitsu placed his hand on Vincent's arm, letting him know that he was there to share the pain.

    "I can't go out in public like this!"
    "It's just a spot."
    "You're just a spot!"
  2. Writing Challenge #1:- Roxas

    The Overachievers // Liars
    "We could just get out of here. Leave the Organisation, leave everything behind, follow that sunset and run. We'd spend every day together, having fun, doing what we want and every evening we'd sit and eat ice cream. Together, the three of us, best friends. Forever. No Heartless, no missions, no black cloaks. It'd be our lives, no one elses. What do you say? Because I'm ready to go. Right. Now."

    Axel sighed.

    "But, Roxas... They'll destroy you."

    A gleam of light and Roxas summoned the Keyblade to his outstreched hand.

    "Let them try it. I'm SICK of this."

    Telephone // Lady Gaga and Beyoncé
    I'm having dreams again. They're becoming more and more real. When I was fighting that huge Heartless today, I saw him again. Who is this boy in red, why is he in my head and why won't he leave me alone? I can't fight the Heartless when these images keep on calling me.

    New Theory // Washed Out
    I've only got a few days left until summer vacation is over, so we need to make the most of it! I really want to go to the beach before summer ends, but we need Munny, which means we have to find work. I don't care, as long as I'm spending these last days with my friends. I could be anywhere with them and I'd be happy.

    Twilight Town is so beautiful this time of year, it's a great view from the Clocktower when the sun starts going down. The sunset really is beautiful. I wonder why it sets red?

    Fight For This Love // Cheryl Cole
    Everything is so confusing. Did Axel know this all along? Do I even believe him? How could Xion be... No, he's talking nonsense.

    I want to eat ice cream again, with my two best friends. I want to go back to the start, before all of this drama. I want it to last forever. Me, Axel, Xion. I want everything back to the way it was. I will fight anyone who tries to take this away from me, even the Organization if I have to.

    Turn The Lights Out // Hadouken!
    Saix, you shouldn't have come here. This is ending NOW and not you, nor Xemnas or any of the Organisation are getting in my way. You heard it, move out of my way. I'm not afraid to start a riot, I'm not afraid to be violent, so this is your last chance.

    ...So be it.


    Okay I'm tired and can't be bothered writing more. It's all a bit sketchy, given that I'm tired and Roxas is hard to write for IMO.

    The rest of my songs are:

    Now I'm Everyone // Biffy Clyro
    The Only One I Know // Mark Ronson
    In Media Res // Los Campesinos!
    Our Bovine Republic // The Cribs
    Running To The Edge Of The World // Marilyn Manson

    I'll probably fill these out later.
  3. Linkachu

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    This is one of the best memes I've ever seen. I highly approve. 8D

    And dammit all. At work. I'm already slacking off enough, so really can't do this now. Might definitely consider giving it a go later, tho. This is a really fun idea. Thanks for sharing it, El. XD
  4. Pairing: Rein and Flyn

    “Come on, Rein, why won’t you talk to me?”
    “Because I’m trying to ignore you.”
    “How was I supposed to know that woman wasn’t pregnant?”

    The waitress stared at Flyn devour his food.
    “Was it too much to act like a human for once?”
    “Oh, sorry, did you want something?”

    “You know, you could have won if you just-“
    “… No, I was going to say had some skill, but that works too.”


    “Do you know where you’re going?”
    “To the next gym!”
    “Which is in the other direction…”

    “Sometimes, when you aren’t infuriating, you’re actually a pretty cool kid.”
    “I’m sorry, what was that?”
    “I said you’re infuriating.”

    Flyn watched the other kids with their parents, and tears rolled down his face. “It’s not fair.” He muttered as he clung to Rein.

    “What did your parents do that was so bad?”
    “They murdered PokeMon in the name of science.”
    “…Oh… you’re right, what skanks.”

    Lunara stared at the duo before finally walking over to Rein.
    “Told you I was better looking.”
    “That’s not fair, she’s biased!”

    Rein sat with his head resting on his palm.
    “What’s wrong?”
    “I just realized that I’m stuck with you forever.”

    Rein and Flyn were handcuffed in the back of Officer Jenny’s police car. “So, I guess those weren’t free samples.” Flyn said as Rein banged his head against the window.

    The woman took one look at Flyn and said, “Sorry, we’re closed for the night.”
    “But we’re hungry!”
    “Looks like your reputation precedes us.”

    Rein greeted Flyn at the dock as the ship pulled into port. “Where’s your luggage?”
    “Floating in the ocean somewhere, I lost my grip.”

    “Oh, she probably thought I meant-“
    “That’s exactly what she thought, right before she punched me.”
    “Don’t worry, the black eye makes you look tough.”

    Rein was staring out at the sea, over the cliff that his sister had disappeared over so many years ago. “This is where my life was completely destroyed.”
    “If it’s any consolation, you’ve been like a brother to me, and I’ll help you find Alice.”

    “Flyn, you actually managed to win a battle against me.”
    “I know… I’m scared too.”

    “You mean you’re actually advancing to the next round?”
    “You didn’t even watch?”
    “I figured if I’ve seen you lose once, it’d be the same this time.”

    “I did a good job, right, Rein?”
    “Oh yeah, mhm.”
    “You could at least try to make me believe it.”

    Rein handed over the money to the shop owner. “Hopefully this will cover the damages, and the hospital bill.”
    “I’m sorry about your head!”

    “Flyn, are you all right?”
    “Yes, why?”
    “You haven’t done anything ridiculous for hours.”

    “You up for a game of tiddlywinks?”
    “… How do you play?”
    “I’ve got no clue, it’s just fun to say.”

    “I don’t think I’ve ever told you how important you are, Flyn.”
    “This is weird; shouldn’t you be angry with me?”
    “I am, but before I end you, I wanted you to know you’re like my little brother.”

    “Don’t you wanna go to the tournament?”
    “No, the second I do something terrible will happen.”
    “You’re just saying that because it always does.”

    “You made one mistake, you Team Rocket scum.”
    Rein stared into the eyes of the murderous grunt before he brought his fist down.
    “You hurt my friend.”

    “Help wanted, please help my friend get a life—Hey!”
    “I’m just doing my part to help, Rein.”

    Rein stared as if to put a hole in the vibrant t-shirt laying in front of him. “I’m not wearing that.”
    “But you always look so dreary.”

    “What are the chances that I’ll beat this guy?”
    “Do you want the truth or optimism?”
  5. Sem

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    I admit, I had to cheat, but I made sure to pick some challenging songs.

    Lysis – OC
    Broken Heels – Alexandra Burke
    “She thinks she’s all that,” the man said as the beat of music pounded the ears of everyone in the club. “I say she’s all talk – let’s see you dance.”

    “You sure, boy? I might be too much for you,” said Lysis with a smile. She rose up out of her plush seat, shaking out her hair. She slinked towards him, hooking his arm into hers and dragged him out to the dance floor.

    “All right,” he said after watching her, his eyes devouring her body. “You do all right, but I still say that you can’t beat my car in a race. I’m just better than you.”

    “Is that a challenge, dear?” she asked, pressing her body against his and whispering in his ear, “You’ll be sorry.”

    Disturbia – Rihanna
    “Oh god,” the man panted, sliding down to the floor after shutting and locking the door. He could hear gunfire and the yells of his bodyguards as their lives were taken from them. “Oh, god…” he struggled to his feet and rushed to the phone.

    Picking it up, he heard the sound of a dead line. “No…” He thought in a panic. The room got darker as the faces in the portraits on the walls started speaking.

    “No!” he cried, feeling himself slip into madness.

    It was then that it all went away and he was hoisted up into the air and pressed against the wall.

    “I told you not to run,” he heard her say with a purr.

    Lose Control - Evanescence
    Lysis danced in the center of the mob, moving in perfect unison with the music. She wasn’t sure who else was pressed against her, she really didn’t care. This was her world, her mind was drunk on the rhythm of the music as multicolored lights flashed in her eyes.

    “Come, dance we me,” she said, beckoning to one of the young men that nearly always had their eyes on her. He eagerly did so, hoping that this was his chance to take the exotic and passionate girl home.

    She had no interest though, and was merely using him for the here and now.

    Everybody’s Fool - Evanescence
    “Look at her,” a voice said with disgust. “She’s so full of herself, she thinks she’s so perfect.”

    “It’s like she wants the world to worship her,” another said, glaring at the young woman who sat at a table surrounded by those who considered themselves her friends, as well as those who simply adored her.

    “It’ll all come crashing down…” the first voice stated before fading away, noticing that the woman was looking straight towards both of them with a smile.

    I Walk Alone - Tarja
    “L-Lysis,” a voice stammered. “How? When?-”

    “Shh,” she said, putting a finger to his lips. “I’m back. It takes more than that to take me down…” Lysis told him with a slight snarl to her voice.

    “B-but, your unit!”

    “They’re gone, for good, unless one of them learned the same trick I did,” she explained a bit sorrowfully as she relaxed into a chair. She cracked her neck and rolled her shoulders.

    “So, you’re all on your own?” Fabian asked.

    Lysis nodded simply. “For now.”

    “What happened?”

    Sweet Dreams – Eurhythmics
    “Oh, I know of all sorts of people,” he said as he sat next to Lysis. “What kind of person are you?”

    Lysis smiled, not looking him in the eye as she swished her drink around in the champagne flute before taking a sip. “You really don’t want to ask me that, love.”

    “Love?” he asked, surprised. “That must mean you like me already,” he said cockily, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

    She inhaled before turning her head to face his. “You tell yourself that,” she said tenderly.

    Ice Queen – Within Temptation
    “What the hell did you do?” he asked furiously as they ran.

    “I kept the money of course!” the other defended himself as he avoiding tripping over a bin. “There’s no way I was going to let her have it, especially after she pretended to be interested in me.”

    “Do you know who she is?” the first asked, peering around a corner before continuing down the alley. “I’ve heard all sorts of things about her from my guy in Team Rocket. Everything from her coming back from the dead to taking out an entire squad of highly trained Rockets.”

    “What?” he asked, shaking his head. “That’s insane, just stories. No one comes back from the dead.”

    “You have to keep moving, don’t stop,” the first man said, pushing the other forward. “I mean it,” he said, deadly serious.

    “R-right…” the second said, clutching the case to his chest even tighter as he continued running. It was only seconds later that her heard the yells of his companion and gunfire.

    Just then a hand reached out for him. “Miss me, darling?” he heard her voice in his ear.

    One Song Glory - Rent
    “I don’t want this to ever end…” he said, holding her close as they stood in the center of the ballroom.

    “Neither do I,” Lysis said softly, moving gracefully in unison with her partner as they waltz through and in-between the other dancers. “It’ll have to end sometime though – time doesn’t stand still.”

    “It doesn’t have to end for a long time though,” he whispered, trying to soothe her. “Not while I can do something about it.”

    Lysis could only nod, not able to tell him the truth behind everything, of the poison.

    Invidia - Delain
    “Just admit it, Tara,” Lysis said with a wry grin. “You want this, you want to be like me. You always wanted to be like me, ever since we were little.”

    Tara’s eyes were toxic as she stared back at the young woman. “What on earth would make you think I want to be anything close to you?” Crossing her arms she continued. “Just because next to everyone else you’re oh-so amazing. You’re so special, you shine so bright. Everyone loves you, and those who don’t meet an untimely end,” she snorted. “Oh, yes, I envy you so.”

    “Careful, love, you sound jealous.”

    Miss Valens shook her head. “You’re so arrogant. Not everything you touch turns to diamonds and wine. Get out.”

    Mechanical Love – In This Moment
    “You really don’t understand it, do you?” Lysis asked, crossing her legs. “I did everything for you.”

    “No, don’t start that lie again!” Tara yelled back in response. “Stop pretending that you care for me outside your need for me. Without me, you’re nothing,” she shook her head. “That isn’t love, that’s instinct, that’s your own selfishness. It’s what Team Rocket programmed into your head all those years ago: self-preservation.”

    “You’ll never understand me, dear,” Lysis said sadly.

    “No, I won’t, and it seems as if you’ll never get me either.”
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  6. Yoshimitsu

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    Writing Challenge 3:
    Pick 50 words (use a random word generator :D)
    Pick your favorite character, pairing, fandom, etc etc
    You can write either one sentence or two lines of dialogue, but it must relate to the word.

    Character: Yoshimitsu

    No matter what, Yoshimitsu would never cause a death for personal gain.

    And the electricity flowed through his body, a river of destruction as Yoshimitsu cried out in pain.

    The group gathered and thought, but none of them could figure out just what the real aim was.

    With his power depleted, all he could do was wait for death to come.

    Yoshimitsu stood there, his hand on Vincent's shoulder as the dark haired boy soundlessly sobbed.

    "You have to promise not to tell anyone-" "-that you're a massive queer?" "-that I love sugar-free jelly."

    And as the rain poured down, the boy found himself at peace once more.

    He was an open minded individual, but Yoshimitsu decided that he'd never stare down a God again.

    Even when his life could be forfeit, Yoshimitsu would never abandon his principles.

    "If the heat doesn't let up, I'm gonna sue the weather man."

    "Even with my friends gone, no power and a broken arm, I wont give up! I wont lose!"

    Every month, Yoshimitsu went with Vincent to the only place the dark haired boy felt vulnerable.

    "I can't believe you've never had any professional gymnastic training, you move really well!"

    He didn't believe in Heaven or Hell, but he felt like he was suffering eternal damnation right now.

    "No wonder you're so strong, your power level fluctates from nothing to above mine."

    The air was tense, like a solid block of pressure as they stared at each other.

    "Live life to the full, have no regrets."

    Yoshimitsu could never hate someone, no matter what they did to him.

    As the maniacal laughter left Vincent's mouth, Yoshimitsu knew that he had no choice any more.

    "There aren't many people who'd take a bullet for me, but even less that'll stand in the way and cut the damn thing in two!"

    The onward trudge forward was dampening their spirits, but march on they must.

    And on the waves, Yoshimitsu let himself be carried wherever the sea wanted to take him.

    "Vincent, if you don't take that thing out back and shoot it, I will."

    Through the mind-shattering pain, Yoshimitsu clung on to one thought.

    Coasting down the road was one of the simplest joys.

    He felt his pulse racing through his veins and that was what told him, he was alive.

    "I know you wanted to live somewhere calm, but even this is a bit far from other human life."

    "I can't go out like this, my hair's still too flat!"

    He didn't want to wake up, not when he was seeing simpler times.

    "For God's sake Yoshimitsu, show a little spine!"

    "I was thinking about-" "No."

    The way he moved told everyone around that Yoshimitsu was no angel.

    Even in defeat, Yoshimitsu would not lower himself.

    The time raced towards them, moving too quickly, before the final call.

    Yoshimitsu never asked for leadership to be thrust upon him, but he wore the mantle well.

    No matter who, no matter what they had done to him, Yoshimitsu had no hatred in his heart.

    "So we could go watch Eclipse, or we could actually do something productive with our lives."

    Eternity was a lot shorter than it used to be.

    Yoshimitsu let himself fall, feeling the wind on his face as he picked up momentum.

    “You’re like a drug to me. You’re like my own personal-” “Stop that. Right now.” “-quote disrupter.”

    "Dude that card is insane."

    "I'm going to find Rubik and smack him about a bit."

    People couldn't help but notice a theme when they looked at Yoshimitsu.

    "So that makes an arm and a leg broken, but you still think I'll give up?!"

    Yoshimitsu felt another rock slice straight through his skin, but the peak was getting close.

    As the rain poured down and the thunder boomed, Yoshimitsu realised he loved this season.

    "You never blamed me, what right do I have to be annoyed?"

    Of all the things Yoshimitsu couldn't get used to, having a tail was one of them.

    Yoshimitsu looked up, the diamonds in the sky twinkling back at him.

    "How the hell did I get sand in my underwear?!"
  7. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Character: Sorena (OC)
    1. Cliff
    The book she had sought after for so long had just been carelessly tossed over the side of the cliff -of course she jumped after it.

    2. Journal
    "Where is my diary?" "... Didn't you recently use it as an ingredient for one of your potions?" "...Oh, right. ...Don't give me that look! The recipe called for paper!"

    3. Reflex
    "You zapped the man who was going to try to sell you a ticket?" "It was an involuntary reaction, I don't like shady salesmen."

    4. Antique
    "Careful, this thing is antique!" "Much like yourself?"

    5. Shock
    "You did what?!" "Well, the song said the party wouldn't start till I walked in."

    6. West
    "Who took it? Which way did he go?" "He went west! ... Or was that his name?"

    7. Awareness
    The man spoke, telling Sorena the important details of her mission, but she was currently more focused on the tiny beetle that looked like it was dancing on the roof.

    8. Cathedral
    "Sorena! You've just barged in during mass!" "What? Oh... Erm, ...Hallelujah amen!"

    9. Activating
    "What's this?" "Self-destruct sequence activated."

    10. Finance
    And it was with her more than generous donation that the orphanage became a mansion... on a tropical island.

    11. Dying
    "Sorena, we could die." "That's poppycock, off we go!"

    12. Extinction
    "What did you want to ask, small one?" "Why didn't you save any of the dinosaurs?!"

    13. Chancellor
    "Are you upset because I turned down that man's offer and called him a tasteless swine?" "Do you even know who that man was?"

    15. Control
    "Sem, control yourself!" "You're the one paying more attention to the window displays than the situation at hand!"

    16. Commandment
    "Ten? No, there were actually eleven of them." "You're not that old."

    17. Staff
    "You got a job at the burger joint down the road?" "They were shorthanded!"

    18. Pen
    "Where's my pen?" "You threw that in too; the recipe asked for ink."

    19. Embedding
    "What are you doing?" "Putting a tracker on you - lot's of people do it to their pets."

    20. Building
    And just because someone said that she couldn't, Sorena tried to jump over the building.

    21. Scenario
    There they were: Sem, Sorena, a little girl, and the galactic drug lord.

    22. Cracking
    "You look ridiculous! Stop avoiding cracks in the sidewalk!" "I don't want to break my mother's back!" "You don't have a mother!" "That's probably why!"

    23. Controller
    "No, Sorena! You just wave the controller around." "Oh my gods... it's like magic!"

    24. Stone
    "And then they tried to stone me! Stone. They should've at least had the decency to burn me at the stake like a proper witch."

    25. Thumb
    "Thumb? Why on earth does this recipe need a thumb? Sem! Give me you-" "I don't have thumbs." "Oh.. Well, would my thumb work?..."

    Stopping there since I have no more energy and my word generator has died.
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  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Character: Jennifer Hale aka "Galatea", from an RP called 'A Matter of Opinion' (which started on 'Charms, and is now Elsewhere).
    Completion Status: 25/50, because my energy levels dropped to zero.

    She felt the familiar tingle rushing through her body as she manipulated the server, the layers of passwords and defenses collapsing one by one. She closed her eyes, waiting for the influx of data she was attempting to obtain to wash over her, filling her consciousness. Bliss.

    By the time the Alliance officials realized something was amiss the mainframe was completely blank, save for a single holo-image of a finger flipping them off.

    The only way you would have caught Galatea without her Martian Camo jacket was if it was too impossibly hot to wear it - She may have been a flirt, but the only thing she'd get undressed for was one hell of a supercomputer.

    For a person of her stature and build, she certainly had a lot of storage space.

    This was probably the most surgical job she was ever comissioned to do - It was the backbone of the Alliance Security Server and, figuratively speaking, she just performed a spinal tap.

    She loved to tease her victims - Give them the impression that they're winning, that she was a helpless techie, maybe draw first blood if she felt like it - and then, just when the enemy thinks he's won, break them very, very thoroughly.

    Those who contracted her services always suspected she ran a background check on them, but had they known exactly how much she gleaned, they would probably never sleep peacefully again.

    That is one way of putting it, though she almost found it insulting - She was far more than that - she was the queen of the wired, supreme predator, and all that was digital was there for her pleasure and her pleasure alone... She just enjoyed mixing pleasure with business.

    She always thought it was awfully sweet of computer systems to just let her in if she asked nicely.

    Every new job she took on taught her that no matter how creative defense systems would get, there was always a flaw she could exploit.

    She has heard of 'If you've got it, flaunt it', but YOU try carrying so many data discs and tools in a skin-tight leotard.

    No prison could hold her - at least, not since she 'convinced' the Alliance's constitution that one hour of Wired connection per day is among the basic rights of prisoners.

    Every once in a while, when she was feeling particularily vengeful, she'd hack into guard rosters and inject silly names she made up on a whim into the coming shift. Hilarity ensued.

    "Give me a moment and a stable connection, darling, and zere's nothing I can't extract."

    The only reason she worried about jobs classified 'maximum risk' was the fact they were also maximum pleasure - and you wouldn't believe just how much personal discipline it took for her to stay stealthy in THAT state.

    "Oh, my, you hum so exqvisitely. Let me guess, Concerto #5 for coolant and lattice superconductor?"

    There is nothing more pesky than an anti-virus program that does not take No for an answer.

    In retrospect, accellarating the torque on that mining rig's drill to cover for her escape from the facility was probably not the best idea - But then, how was she supposed to know that methane pocket was there?

    "Don't tell me, let me guess. You vant to know exactly how many zey are, vhat are zey armed vith and how can you land a small strike force on ze station, plunder it and get back to ze ship in time for lunch." "How did you-" "You look like the zort vho vouldn't miss lunch."

    Hell hath no fury like a hacker in search of thrills and a server that offers more than marginal resistance.

    If comissioned to have some information completely removed, she would take a great amount of time making sure she broke all possible mirrors of it.

    A status common to Vaticca Prime's theocratic leader and his treasury's security system's algorithms.

    The last person who called Galatea that ended up finding a holographic demon consuming his important business files while embarassing pictures of him wearing a funny hat and little else circulate virally throughout the Wired, complete with name, complete address and the words 'He's single, ladies!' in large, sparkly letters.

    "I thought I told you to go into evasive maneuvers!" "I would, but the nav system locked me out and is now displaying a list of my embarassing personal problems! You just HAD to piss that hacker broad off, didn't you?"

    "Awww, really? Zat's ze zingle most adorable zing a qvad-core terminal ever beeped at me!"
  9. Man, this was tough. Used a character I haven't taken a look at in a while. This is for my Halo OC, KI-12. She is of Forerunner origin. It's a long, long story, and I mostly did this as a character exercise. Some stuff is more general Halo fan knowledge, so I guess I'll post for the lulz.

    1.) Silent: Even in absolute silence, she can still hear their screams.

    2.) Substitution: They were supposed to reclaim all that was beautiful, all that was grand, about the universe- but it seems they also inherited the Adversary.

    3.) Risking: There's a chance it could have ended up as a Pyrrhic victory, as it had eons ago- but the final destruction of the Adversary was worth everything.

    4.) String: Secretly, KI-12 enjoyed the ties that bound her to the humans- it let her feel connected to their world.

    5.) Screaming: No matter how deep the slice, how rough the hit, how far she had to fall, she never once made a sound.

    6.) Yearly: There was always that trip, to the monument of the fallen- a grim reminder of how great a toll the Reclaimers had suffered at the hands of those who had worshipped her race.

    7.) Gateway: Although she could appreciate the determined attitude of the humans, KI-12 always did wonder why the Librarian had found them so worthy of saving.

    8.) Designer: Never one to stick to any particular fighting style, KI-12's moves were always somewhat original- often a shock to her opponents.

    9.) Twisting: She only went up against the armies of the Adversary once- the image of the twisted forms of her fallen brethren rising from the ground is still seared into her memory.

    10.) Electrolyte: KI-12 was never any expert on the chemicals that flowed through her biological systems- but she most definitely was not a fan of the human "sports drinks".

    11.) Million: Many Reclaimers made fun of her race for killing themselves off- what they didn't know is that 300 years of suffering, along with a rampant AI, had forced their hand.

    12.) Dissuade: When KI-12 decided on something, there was no convincing her otherwise.

    13.) Countless: Through much study, her race had decided that the stars themselves were countless- the same conclusion that they reached about the forces of the Adversary.

    14.) Stench: She came to find out that the unique scent that followed the newly-risen Combat forms was one that took months to scrub out, and eternity to forget.

    15.) Right: When the Adversary arrived, there was no longer a distinction between justice and injustice- there was only survival.

    16.) Scarves: There was most definitely no way that she would ever understand any facet of human fashion.

    17.) Bright: As the newly born Installation 04 was activated, a blast of light rammed forth from the control room into the sky- and, if the room hadn't started to dramatically fall apart, she would have stayed a while.

    18.) Stardom: She understood that at one time, humans used to idolize other humans that would act out parts on a screen- they had since evolved to place their hope in real heroes.

    19.) Recovery: They tried to put her in a hospital once- they came to find out rather quickly that she had already recovered quite enough.

    20.) Coalescence: There had been a time in which the Forerunner society was on the edge of an immense civil war- but when the Adversary came through, it was all pressed into one sickening, quivering mass of parasitized flesh.

    21.) Insist: As per her society's views, she hadn't let the humans decide whether or not to let her into their ranks- she just protected them.

    22.) Keystroke: The panel of commands flickered softly in the artificial light, her hands quickly traversing the myriad of symbols to find the one that would set the galaxy free, once and for all.

    23.) Tutorial: He taught her humility, and how to be more fluid with the movements on her left side- and for that, she had to hate him just a little bit.

    24.) Diving: As she stood on the precipice of the facility, looking out onto the massive falls that surrounded the Ark's monstrous Cartographer, she began to wonder if she would make it if she jumped.

    25.) Stopping: As a child, the first painful lesson KI-12 learned was that it was hard to stop when running at high speeds- and that walls would halt her progress quite thoroughly.

    26.) Shoulder: She never asked for support, partially because she knew it would never be there.

    27.) Approaching: To her, there was nothing like the adrenaline rush in the moments before the first blow of a sparring match.

    28.) Schedule: Unlike the staunch soldiers, KI-12 was never forced to any particular regiment- in a way, it almost made her stronger.

    29.) Superpower: It wasn't extraordinary to protect humanity- it was her duty, and she felt that being lauded for it was rather unnecessary.

    30.) Moon: Once on Earth, she gained new appreciation for celestial bodies bound to planets by gravity.

    31.) Open: KI-12's heart was worn not on her sleeve, but instead was shoved into a slipspace portal that led far from wherever she chose to be- emotions only get in the way.

    32.) Wait: The 100,000 years that KI-12 spent in cryo-slumber passed as if they were an instant.

    33.) Tread: There were still certain areas that she could not set foot on to- the most prominent of which was G 617 g, where the Adversary had first made its presence known.

    34.) Pause: Even when fighting a worthy foe, there's still that millisecond freeze that she always counted on to read the next move- shame that didn't work against him.

    35.) Possession: Her living quaters were staunch- she had no need for trinkets or metals.

    36.) Burying: There's no way to delete a memory, even one as terrible as the Adversary- but it can be buried.

    37.) Contradiction: Funny, how one of the more important members of society had knowingly sacrificed herself for this living paradox of a race.

    38.) Chocolate: She knew it supposedly released pleasure chemicals in the brain, but KI-12 still had no idea why this race found it so addictive.

    39.) Crime: What the Covenant did in her race's name was unforgivable- and if she could have gotten her hands on the San 'Shyuum who started this travesty, she would have ripped his flesh from his bone.

    40.) War: All 39 years of her life had been spent in some form of conflict- and now that peace was reigning, she wasn't quite sure how to live.

    41.) Sex:
    "So, let me get this straight... All he said was, 'Hey babe, want to fire my installation?'"
    "And then I kicked him into the wall. What is so hard to understand about that? It's a perfectly acceptable response."

    42.) Testing: She knew that the Monitor had run millions upon millions of simulations on Installation 04, excited for it to be his again- shame she'd have to blow it up.

    43.) Humanity: They were fragile, yet they also had an amazing tenacity to them that words failed to properly describe- maybe that is why they were saved.

    44.) Effect: She knew a possible side effect of firing the premature installation was the destruction of the Ark, and therefore the loss of what was left of Mendicant Bias- but good riddance to bad AIs.

    45.) Worse: The first thing KI-12 saw when her cryo chamber opened was a large, angry Jiralhanae- no matter, she'd seen worse.

    46.) Five: She always found it odd how two species that evolved completely separately from eachother could be so similar- even down to such simple details as hand structure.

    47.) Driving: After more than one completely obliterated human vehicle, KI-12 decided that walking was better for her health.

    48.) Naive: While experienced in matters of war and battle, KI-12 really had no idea what social situations called for.

    49.) Guilt: Although it wasn't directly her fault, she would always feel guilt for the carnage that the Covenant imposed on the humans in her name.

    50.) Key: She could hit all the fancy controls she wanted, but without the activation index held by the human's AI, the newly born Installation 04 would not fire.

    ...Yes, I do have free time. Sorry it's not very hilarious. Silly serious characters.
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  10. I love writing! I’ll give both challenges a try. I’ll use different pairings and OC’s for the songs, for some songs do not fit one thing. I will use the same pairing for the letters.
    Challenge 1.
    The first two, I wrote based off the lyrics straight. The other ones, I didn’t.
    1. Picture- Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow.
    Pairing: Zaron and Kaitlyn (OC’s)
    Zaron sat in the hotel room, brooding. He’d been with a girl every night, but never got far. He’d been high and drunk the whole time. The sun hadn’t shone on him for tree damn days. He wanted his girl. And worse, he found her picture.
    He put it away and cried. He couldn’t look at the picture and lie next to another woman.
    Kaitlyn called Zaron for the fifteenth time that night. All her friends’ smiles said something was wrong. Her cheap wine was almost gone, and it still hadn’t filled the void where Zaron had been. She hadn’t heard from him in three damn nights. And she found his picture.
    She put it away and wondered where he’d been. She couldn’t look at him while lying next to another man.
    They saw each other one day with an old friend. They said hello, and asked how they had been. Since the other had left, they were miserable.
    “You remind me of a brighter day.” Zaron said quietly.
    “I hoped you were coming home to stay.” Kaitlyn said softly.
    “I was headed to church...” Kaitlyn thought inside.
    “I was off to drink you away!” Zaron shouted inside.
    They had thought about each other for a while. They only thought of each other.
    They found each other’s pictures. They swear they’ve changed their ways. They called each other up to say they want each other to come back home.
    “I love you.” They both said together.
    2. Don’t Stop Believing - Journey.
    Same pairing. Adding one person for now: Lexus.
    Kaitlyn loved her hometown. But she was lonely in it. She hopped on the midnight going “Anywhere.”
    Zaron was bored in South Detroit. He was a city boy all his life. He got on the midnight train going “Anywhere.”
    Lexus, a washed up singer, sat in a smoky room, surrounded by the smell of wine and cheap perfume. Her friends came in and smiled at her. They shared the night, with a smile.
    Everyone was waiting for something good to happen. The stood in the shadows, up and down the boulevard. Some search for things in the night. The street lights gave off a eerie glow...
    3. Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield.
    OC- Drew.
    I sat at the table, holding the pen an inch away from the paper. I had no inspiration striking me. I had horrid writer’s block, and nothing would cure it. I tried music, soda, coffee, breaks, everything.
    I couldn’t think of anything. Then, I wondered, why am I wasting electricity? I turned off the lights and opened the shades. The sun streamed through, and I opened the window. Drops of rain fell into the room, and I had been inspired.
    I sat down at the table and wrote. But this is just the beginning...
    4. Bring me to Life- Evanescence.
    Pairing: Zaron and Kaitlyn.
    Zaron sat at Kaitlyn’s bedside in the hospital. She was in a coma. He wished he could go inside and get her... Wake her up, somehow...
    “I-I’m so c-cold... Where am I?” Kaitlyn wondered. It was dark and gray, and very cold. She shivered in her short, gray dress and tights. She looked around and saw images. Her sixth birthday, her first bike, the time she met Zaron.
    “WH-Where is this place?” She said aloud. Then she remembered. She was in a coma. This must be her sub-conscious. She looked up and saw Zaron’s face. She reached for him, but couldn’t contact him at all.
    She sat down on the cold ground and wept. Then she raised her head and screamed at the face in the sky, “BRING ME TO LIFE!!!! Please... I’m so... lonely...”
    Zaron heard a faint whisper, “Bring me to life...” It came from Kaitlyn. But not from her face. From her heart... He knew she was still there. And he would get her back. Bring her to life...
    5. Just Dance- Lady Gaga feat Colby O’Donis.
    OC: Shea.
    Maddie was perfectly happy. Dancing at her favorite club, surrounded by her friends. Admittedly, she was a bit tipsy, but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was just dance.
    She made her way to the center and was confronted by her boyfriend. A dance/salsa song had come on.
    “Hello Maddie. Would you care for a dance?” He said extending his hand.
    “Sure!” Maddie replied.
    They slid to the center of the club, and locked hands. They started in to a samba, but then her boyfriend tipped Maddie, and she extended her leg high in the air.
    He pulled her upright and twirled her to his left. She let go of his hand, and did a spin in mid-air, landing neatly in her high-tops.
    “Amazing...” Her boyfriend said in awe.
    6. A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton.
    Pairing: Drew and Shea.
    Drew and Shea were a thousand miles apart. They were in love, and they missed each other.
    They talked every day, texted, and wrote letters. Even though Shea was in North Carolina only for the summer, it felt like an eternity for them.
    One day, they were talking, and Shea broke down crying.
    “Shea?! What’s wrong? Did I say something?” Drew said, panicked.
    “No. *sniff.* I just miss you so much. I-I can’t do this. I can’t survive a long- distance relationship.” Shea bawled.
    “Shea, we can make it work. I promise. I love you.” Drew soothed.
    “I love you too. Always.” Shea whispered.
    They talked longer, and then hang up.
    7. Numb- Linkin Park.
    OC: Zaron.
    Zaron slammed the door of the store. He was so sick of his boss! Does he just think that Zaron will be what he wants, whenever he wants? Zaron drew his jacket tighter around him tighter and walked down the snowy street.
    His boss always hated him, from the moment they met. His boss tried everything to get him to straighten him out. Pay docks, late hours, early hours, cleaning the urinals. But nothing worked! Zaron stayed the same. Few times he had acted civil, but never stayed that way for long.
    He wanted to be more like himself, and less like his boss.
    8. Alejandro- Lady Gaga.
    OC: Shea.
    Three guys. Shea had to pick between three guys.
    Drew was sweetest. He was also the nicest. But, he was too nice.
    Mitchell was fun and loved singing. But he got annoying at times.
    Alex was the funniest. But, his jokes were really mean sometimes.
    She looked at the three pictures on her desk and the numbers beneath them; their cell numbers.
    She debated each one and then picked up the phone. She dialed the number on one of the pictures.
    “Alex, don’t call me anymore. Why? You aren’t for me. Sorry.” She picked up the next number and dialed it.
    “I’m sorry Mitchell, but I’m not the one for you. Sorry.” Shea picked up the last number. She faltered before dialing the number.
    “Drew? I love you. I choose you. You are the one for me. I have to go now. Bye.” She hang up the phone.
    Whew, she’s glad she got that off her chest.
    9. I Can Only Imagine- Mercy Me.
    OC: Drew.
    Morgan was a good friend of his. In 2006, she died of leukemia. He imagines her alive and well, with no cancer. He imagines playing with her, and her sister, and their friends in her backyard. Jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the swing, or just talking. Memories...
    But alas, that is the past. She’s gone from the earth, but not from the hearts of all who she has touched. No one will forget her. She was too good a friend to forget. It wouldn’t cross their mind. But Morgan, being alive...
    I can only imagine...
    10. Telephone- Lady Gaga.
    OC: Xandra.
    It was the perfect night. Xandra was out dancing at a wild club party. She had a few shots, and was ready to have fun. Suddenly, her phone vibrated in her pocket. She opened it and spoke into the mouthpiece. Her boyfriend was calling.
    “No, Jason, I can’t come over... I’m at a club! Well, I didn’t have any plans. You should have asked!.. Goodbye Jason.”
    Xandra returned to dancing. Ten minutes later, her phone rang again. “Hello? Jason! I told you, I’m not coming over! I’ll come over tomorrow, okay? Bye.” She hung up.
    Five minutes, it rang again. “Jason! Stop calling me! No, just stop!”
    Five minutes later: “Okay, if you don’t calling me, I’ll break up with you!”
    Five minutes later: “That’s it. I’m turning my phone off.” And she did.
    Two minutes later: We’re sorry, the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service at this time. Please hang up, or try you call again.”
    Xandra was tired and could barely move. She turned on her phone. Her auto mated voice said, “You have: 14 unheard messages.”
    Challenge 2. Pairing: Zaron and Kaitlyn.
    A: Amber. For their anniversary, Zaron got Kaitlyn a necklace of this gem.
    B: Books. Zaron loved them almost as much as he loved Kaitlyn.
    C: Candy. No amount could satisfy Kaitlyn’s sweet tooth.
    D: Death. Kaitlyn has almost caused this on several occasions while learning to drive.
    E: Eggs. Zaron cooks poached ones every morning for Kaitlyn.
    F: Fingers. Kaitlyn always threatens to cut these off if Zaron touches her candy stash.
    G: Games. They play these, regardless of what it is.
    H: Hell. This is what rises if you touch Kaitlyn’s candy stash.
    I: Infinity. How long Zaron and Kaitlyn say they will be together.
    J: January. This is the month that these two met.
    K: Karma. These two have a love/hate relationship with this.
    L: Love. These two always say that this will never run out.
    M: Money. These two always seem to have it, strangely.
    N: Nothing. This is what is kept from these two.
    O: Oranges. These are harvested every summer for free, as a date.
    P: Purple. This is the duo’s favorite color.
    Q: Quit. Neither of them would quit this relationship.
    R: Rain. The sound of this calms these two down.
    S: Stop. Kaitlyn rarely does this when driving.
    T: Talk. Kaitlyn wants to do this often, and Zaron will cooperate if he’s bored enough.
    U: Ugly. Zaron would never, ever, in all their lives, call Kaitlyn this.
    V: Vows. When they started dating, they took these to ensure that they won’t ever cheat.
    W: Water. Sometimes Kaitlyn puts this in cereal instead of milk.
    X: Xylophone. Kaitlyn wants one for her birthday, but Zaron thinks’ it’s weird.
    Y: Yale. These two are going to that college when they graduate high school.
    Z: Zodiac. Zaron is a Scorpio and Kaitlyn is a Cancer.
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