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Writing Challenges

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 20, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

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    El (aka. Yoshimitsu) had a great idea last year when he posted his Writing Challenges topic. These were fun and interesting ways to get people writing, and I think it'd be cool to revive them. I'll start off with the same three challenges El originally posted, but each month or two it'd be fun if we updated this first post with new stuff for people to try.

    All replies to the current challenges will go in this thread. If you're a fellow staff member, feel free to update this post with new writing challenges - but give it a month before doing so. For everyone else, drop me a PM with your ideas. :)

    Enjoy! And thanks again for giving me the ok to post this, El. ^^

    Without further ado, here are El's original three challenges:

    Writing Challenge 1
    1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
    2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
    3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays.
    You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble
    You start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
    4. Do ten of these, then post them.

    Writing Challenge 2
    Pick 26 words, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order.
    Pick a character, pairing or fandom you like.
    Write up to three sentences for each word.
    Sentences do not have to contain the word, but must link to them somehow.
    They do not have to follow chronological order, they can be really random.

    Writing Challenge 3
    Pick 50 words (use a random word generator )
    Pick your favorite character, pairing, fandom, etc etc
    You can write either one sentence or two lines of dialogue, but it must relate to the word.

    When replying, state which challenge(s) you're doing, just for the sake of clarity.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Finally had the time to sit down and do one of these, and I really had fun getting a feel for two of my new characters with this. :)

    I might've done a few of these replies wrong though, because not all of them involve both characters together. At least most do!

    Writing Challenge #1 - Josh Travis/Cana

    Papermoon - Tommy heavenly6

    The balled fist connected with the intruder’s jaw, a distinct crack following in response. Josh’s face was expressionless, but his eyes burned with anger.

    “What are you doing here? You’re trespassing on private property, and I don’t take kindly to strangers setting foot on my property. “

    “Heh,” the rather large man chuckled and massaged his injured cheek. He proceeded to adjust his bowler hat and say, “You know exactly what I’m doing. Move aside.”

    Josh eyed the door behind him. It was Cana’s room. “Yeah, I’ve got a good idea…” He turned back to face the man with unwavering resolve. “I’d die before letting you touch her.”

    With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Anderson, Jim Sturgess & Dorm Buddies

    Josh strummed away on his guitar and began to sing quite noisily. He closed his eyes and swayed. “What would you think if I sang out of tune; would you stand up and walk out on me? Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song, and I'll try not to sing out of key.” The man cracked an eyelid and winked.

    Cana rolled her eyes. “I’m your employee, not your lover, old man.”

    The guitar strumming ceased.

    “You wound me, Cana.”

    Overture/Going Through the Motions - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling Soundtrack

    The young business man spun in his swivel chair several times. The amusement didn’t last long, and he found himself sighing of boredom as the chair creaked to a halt. Josh lay his chin against the palm of his hand, his elbow bent to rest on the desk. “What a boring day. So boring. Isn’t anything exciting going to happen?”

    Like an answer to his prayers, a blaring security alarm suddenly broke the silence. Josh immediately perked up, a twisted smile stretching across his face. It was music to his ears.

    Stand My Ground - Within Temptation

    Cana hid her eyes from the man. She couldn’t bear to see the concern on his face. “I’d rather not talk about it…”

    Josh frowned. “Cana, what am I thinking right now?”

    Cana still refused to look at him but replied, “That I’ll never defeat these nightmares if I don’t face them.” She sighed. “Can’t I just have a bit more time? I’ll face them tomorrow.”

    “Uh uh. None of that. I don’t employ cowards.” Josh rose from his chair and walked across the room to stand beside the bed. He crossed his arms and stood tall, staring straight down at the girl.

    “Please move,” she asked quietly.


    “I’ll make you move.”

    “Then I’ll just walk back over. Seriously, Cana, give it up already. I don’t have all day.”

    Cana grumbled, finally turning around to stare up at Josh. “You‘re very persuasive when you want to be.”

    He smiled smugly. “It‘s a gift.”

    Haunted - Evanescence

    The 8 year old boy looked away from the TV and listened intently to the distant voices. The show he’d been completely enthralled in moments before had become nothing more than white noise in the background.

    “If only you hadn’t bought that blasted minerals faculty, we still would’ve had the funds to afford the operation!” The shouts of Josh’s mother echoed through the hallway.

    “Just what the hell are you implying? I chose work over the life of my own child?” his father’s voice retorted. The boy had never before heard him sound this furious.

    “That’s exactly what you did! You always put your job first!”

    “Hah! You’re one to talk. Who took 10 extra hours a week just to bank a sliver more cash? You’re a fine piece of work. Some mother you are!”

    “How dare you…” the woman’s voice trembled. “My son is dead!”

    “So is mine!”

    Josh heard a door slam, followed by the coarse sobs of his mother. He brought his knees up against his body and hugged them tightly, turning his eyes back to the TV screen. Even though he desperately wanted to watch the show, anything to steal his mind away, all he could do was stare through it.

    Missing You - Yoko Shimomura (Composer)

    Josh stared at the picture frame sitting upon his desk. He didn’t usually let his mind wonder to days gone by, but today for some odd reason he found himself reflecting.

    How long had it been now? 20 years? He couldn’t believe Justin had been dead for that long. Sometimes it all came rushing back to him, like it’d only happened yesterday.

    Never Too Far From Home - Totally Pokemon Soundtrack

    Josh awoke that morning feeling a bit off. It felt like something was missing, but he couldn’t put his finger on what.

    As he went through the motions of getting dressed, brushing his teeth, and all of those other essentials, he pondered this feeling but still couldn’t figure it out. Soon after he left his house and headed for the office, but the thoughts still lingered in the back of his mind.

    Upon entering the building, he headed into the cafeteria for a coffee and noticed Cana sitting alone at one of the long tables. She looked up at him with a smile and called, “Good morning, boss!”

    Josh chuckled. So that had been it all along. Whoever would’ve thought this kid would’ve grown on him so quickly?

    With a wave, he yelled back at Cana, “I’m home!”

    Murder - Within Temptation

    Cana struggled to get out of the chair, but it was futile. They’d strapped her in too tightly, and whatever they’d injected her with had completely blocked her telekinesis.

    “Stop struggling, Cana. It’s just like old times,” one of the scientists scolded the teenager. “Now, let us see just how far your abilities have progressed.”

    “Stop it! I’m not your toy anymore. I have a life of my own now!” Cana cried.

    “Shut up!” the other man struck the girl across the face. “You’re our property. No one gave you the right to have a life!”

    His companion choked. “Bobby, you idiot! She was already injured. You just knocked her unconscious! I can’t do the test without her awake.”

    Bobby scoffed. “Not my fault she can’t take a hit. Her voice was irritating me.”

    Suddenly an insanely powerful force erupted in the center of the room, viciously rocketing the two men and their equipment against the far walls. It felt like a bombed had gone off, but it’d been nothing of the sort. A violent energy had completely enveloped Cana’s body. It ripped the thick leather straps of her chair to shreds as if they'd been made of paper. Her body rose out of the seat in an unnatural way and hung in the air.

    Bobby groaned in pain, but he managed to open his eyes and focus on the scene unfolding. Cana’s eyes were completely lifeless. Just what in God’s name had they awakened?

    A sinking dread dawned upon him then, and he knew. She was going to kill them all.

    Photograph - Nickelback

    “Do you remember the day we met?” Cana asked Josh. Beyond his head the city skyline was painted with gorgeous shades of red and orange.

    “Where did that come from?” Josh chuckled, gazing down at the city streets far below. “Of course I remember. You walked in on a business meeting out of nowhere. Can’t say that happens too often.”

    Cana mused at the memory. “I had nowhere to go back then, and your offer sounded too good to pass up.”

    “The offer you weren’t even privy to?”

    “Nothing in this city is secret when I‘m sleeping,” Cana replied.

    Josh cracked a grin. “Yeah, and I‘m glad for it. Mostly.”

    Ring a Bell - Bonnie Pink

    As the duo walked through the endless field of sand, Josh adjusted his goggles and eyed his companion. She seemed to be holding up alright. Hey, wait a second, he frowned. It didn’t look like the blowing sands were touching her at all.

    “Wait. You’re using your telekinesis to block the sand, and you didn’t even offer me the same treatment?” Josh asked. “I’m getting sand in my mouth here!”

    “Well, sorree! You know my powers are limited when I’m awake. This is the best I can do just for myself!”

    “Buh. What good is a psychic who can’t even help out her boss in times of need? My poor hair.”

    “Shush. Your hair is just as pretty as usual.”

    “You’re just saying that ’cause I pay you.”

    “Quite possibly. Only a psychic or God himself could know.”

    Josh threw a light punch at the girl’s arm but was immediately repelled by the energy wall. He laughed. Joking aside, he didn’t need to verbalize how much he appreciated her company. There was no better body guard, or friend, he could’ve asked for.
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  3. I remember seeing this some time ago, and thinking, 'oh yeah, I'll give that a shot!'. Well, I took my time about it, but I have one now and I think it would be a good tool for developing characters. Mine seems to have turned into a bit of a story towards the end.

    Writing Challenge One: Vanira and Markl

    This Is The Place – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    The bar was in full swing, people dancing and swaying to the catchy beat. The people who were here could easily be classified as the freaks of the city; people with strange hairstyles, strange eyes, and some who didn’t even seem human, like Markl. The strange dragon hybrid was sipping at some vodka, leaning against the leg of Vanira, a huge Salamence. She was eying a group of drunken women cautiously, hissing darkly. It seemed to scare them away slightly, but one of them got brave and staggered over to Markl.

    “Hey there.” She said, smiling flirtatiously. “You look so strange, so different… I love it.”

    The unknown woman threw her arms around the half human, before screaming as Vanira roared in her fury. She screamed in Pokemon at the human. Markl put one hand on her leg calmly.

    “Don’t worry about her. Vanira, you are perfect.”

    Wake Up Dead – Megadeth
    It was so dark, the moon hidden by clouds. Markl moved stealthily, so quietly that no one could hear him. Or so he hoped. He could see the camp that he’d made with Vanira, on the outskirts of town. The Salamence was asleep, her chest rising and falling as she breathed. A wave of guilt rippled through him. She was beautiful and strong, but here he was, having snuck back from going out with another woman. He couldn’t help it some times; after all, he was half Pokemon, half human. Sometimes he craved a human body, not a dragon’s.

    Shaking worriedly, he snuck towards Vanira. He was terrified that she would find out, because if she learnt what he’d done, he would not live to see the next day, he was sure of it. She stirred in her sleep, and he froze. Markl’s breathing seemed far too loud to him.

    The Beautiful People – Marilyn Manson
    “Oi you! You freaky looking dude!”

    Markl’s head snapped up, and he spun around on the spot, hissing quietly. The one who had called out to him was a teenage boy, who looked like the perfect guy, with two perfect girls fawning all of him. His followers were standing behind him, looking smug.

    The hybrid eyed him with distain. He really did hate society sometimes, showing what they thought the perfect body was, how people should look and how people shouldn’t. Couldn’t they be accepting of what had happened to him? But no, he though, looking the teenager in the eye, of course they can’t.

    “Mate, if I were you, I’d go throw myself off a bridge or something! How can you stand to look like a freak?” The teen taunted, flexing to the girls delight.

    Markl rolled his eyes.

    Skin O’ My Teeth – Megadeth

    It was beautiful up this high really, with the whole valley laid down in front of Markl like a map. He could see the city nearby, the river flowing to the north, and the huge forest. But most importantly, he could see the cliff face, and the huge drop right in front of him. It was a long way; long enough that it would probably kill him if he threw himself off it.

    What would it feel like? To fall down and die? He’d tried to kill himself before, with sleeping pills and knives, but this new hybrid body of his just seemed indestructible. Which was ironic really, considering over time the Rocket Scientists had said it would slowly weaken, until his heart gave away. But while wait for that? He’d rather die strong.

    His clawed feet hooked around the edge, and he told his body to just take one small step forwards… but he couldn’t do it.

    Steam Will Rise – Silverchair
    She was curled up in the high rocky wall, sighing slightly. Vanira looked around at where she’d grown up, Meteor Falls, and sighed again. How much had she changed from then? From being the weakest link, the tiny, weak little Bagon that couldn’t fight, couldn’t stand up for herself? She’d felt so bad about herself… so horrible. Her self esteem had died in those years.

    A movement on her right caught her eye as Markl drew himself out of the water. She couldn’t help but smile at seeing him, his beautiful red scales and how they caught the light. He’d helped her with her self esteem, although she’d never told him about it herself. From the day she’d met him when he was fully human, a scientist for Team Rocket, he’d made her accept who she was, and slowly, slowly she’d started to accept herself. It had been inevitable really. For that, and for the love he’d given her, she knew she’d be grateful to him for eternity. Or as long as he would live anyway… They had to try and find a cure for him. But even if they didn’t, she couldn’t thank him enough for what he’d given her.

    Pain – Three Days Grace
    “We need to go back.” Vanira said, her huge eyes concerned.

    Markl snarled, showing rows of pointed teeth. “No we don’t! I don’t want to go back there!”

    “But they can help you.”

    The hybrid started walking, his hands on his face. How could he go back to Team Rocket? He didn’t want to be their war machine. But what Vanira was saying was so true… it was very much possible that they could help him overcome this overwhelming pain that he felt everyday, knowing that he would die and that his body was slowly weakening. But… But he was so scared of going back to ask for help, so scared that in removing the virus in his veins, he would become numb, and never be able to feel anything ever again.

    Faint – Linkin Park
    Sometimes she just had a bit of a problem with Markl. It was an understandable problem, but sometimes, sometimes she just couldn’t handle it anymore. Everything they did, everything they lived for was to solve his problems. It was all about him, the fact that he was dying and trying to find a cure for him. Vanira had her own problems, she knew that. She’d been thrown out of her clan, and when Markl was gone, what would happen to her? She couldn’t return to her clan, she couldn’t just stay here…

    She turned her neck to look at him. “Markl?”

    He opened one eye lazily. “Mmmm?”

    “We need to talk about me. Not just about you for once.”

    “Well, what’s there to talk about?”

    Propane Nightmares – Pendulum

    The two of them were flying through the sky, each absorbed in their own thoughts. After such a huge fight, neither of them had any real desire to talk to each other. Vanira flicked her tongue out, tasting the air as she reflected on what they’d argued about.

    She’d finally summoned the courage to tell Markl that he was a self centred little bastard, only giving a damn about himself. She’d been fine with it for a while, but as time had passed by, she’d grown far less satisfied with the lack of attention he’d given her. She glared at him. How was it possible to be so concerned only with yourself?

    Down lower, Markl shook his mane of black hair with frustration. She had accused him of being selfish, when he was dying?! He’d like to see her have to live with the fact that she was slowly weakening…

    In My Time Of Need – Opeth
    His breathing was coming quickly, but it was shallow and irregular. Markl clutched at his wounded chest, gasping in pain as the Rocket Grunt stood above him, smiling, pointing the gun at his head.

    “See?” She mocked. “You’re not so invincible with a bullet in your chest are you now?”

    The hybrid didn’t respond at all, just stared up at her blankly, praying that she would come. The Rockets bound him quickly, before hauling him off into a van they had waiting. In his mind, Markl could see her, the huge Salamence, tearing apart the van like it was tissue paper. She would carry him off in her strong claws, and they would hide until he was healed again.

    Minutes passed, and he grew more worried and concerned. Where was she? She wasn’t here at all! Hadn’t they promised, to always be there for each other when each other needed it? She’d promised, that they would always be there for each other!

    “She’s… not watching over me anymore is she?” He asked himself, wincing in pain.

    Only silence answered, but that silence was answer enough. Vanira had abandoned him.

    The Ground Beneath Her Feet – U2
    Alone, all alone, the creature moved through the shadows, more beast than man. It saught the shadows for company, and shunned the company of others, for he was alone, so alone. In it’s mind, it clung to one thing, the memory of his one companion, his one love, the one who had seen him for an equal. She’d believed in him, cared for him and yet… and yet…

    And yet he’d been distracted, more worried about himself. And now all he wanted was her back, so he could worship her again, worship the ground he stood on. But where on earth could her find her? Vanira… that was her name.

    … What was his name again? Marricus? … March? … Mark? No, Markl, that was it. But the name Vanira seemed so much more important right now. He just wanted to see her again, to be brought out of this state of mind he was in. He wanted to let her know that he loved her.
  4. Alright, gonna try and pull a Frankenstein and bring some life back to this thread by posting a new challenge.

    Randomly select 10-15 words (noun, verbs and adjectives only)
    Choose a genre (Sci-fi, fantasy etc.) note: more fun when chosen randomly
    Write a story using all of these words. Each word must be used in a sentence in the story at least once.

    You may use any tense or form of the word(past tense/present tense, plural or singular). While a random word generator works fine, I find using vocabulary lists from tests and exams provide more varried and interesting results. http://www.vocabulary.com/lists/23400

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