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Write a short paragraph about you and your favorite pokemon and you!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by xnicktheGamerx, May 21, 2015.

  1. There we were, me..Articuno..and Uxie. I had wrapped my arms around Uxie's skinny body. We lay on Articuno's vanilla like fur. I asked in a weak voice," Arti, do you think we might find Seth? " Articuno replied with a pitty yell. Articuno's fur slowly warmed my body. Minutes later, i drifted off to sleep in Articuno's fluffy fur.
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  2. I had a wonderful uplifting feeling stuck in my chest all morning. My fifteen years of existence had led up to this point after all. Finally, I had become a Gym Leader, carrying my family's legacy on my shoulders. I'm only the first and easiest badge to obtain in the region, but I'll fly up the ranks faster than... something. A train, maybe.
    I scratched my ace and partner Doviculus behind the ears; or rather behind where ears would go if he had any. A Seviper having ears isn't particularly common. He emitted a soft, pleasured hiss as I stared at the purple stained glass windows of my own design. Dad really pulled out all the stops in making this gym something special.
    At that moment, the door flung open for the first time. A young redheaded kid no older than ten said nothing, but his eyes locked on mine relayed everything I needed to know. A battle, my first battle as a Gym Leader, is about to begin.
    "Ready, Doviculus?" I asked, the Seviper nodding in reply, a confident fire in his eyes. "Okay then," I shouted, turning to face the trainer. "Let's throw down!"
  3. Dusk , a Umbreon lay curled up beside me, and and Aura, my Lucario to my right, on the queen sized bed as All of us huddled Underneath the heavy quilt as the rain poured outside.

    Lucario rolled over and hugged me in my her sleep.

    I blushed a little at first, then it quickly turned into a gasp as she shoved her chest spike in my rib cage by mistake.

    I grimaced a little, and sighed in relief when she rolled over.

    Umbreon quickly snuggled a bit closer too his friend, a female Eevee, who had hatched yesterday, and becuase of that she didn't quite have a name yet.

    Dusk licked the little Eevee's ear fondly, before falling back asleep.

    Dusk sighed a bit.

    This is the life he thought to himself, as the rain danced from the heavens to the earth.

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