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Would there be interest in a Dishonored RP?

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Chadwyck, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I've been playing a lot of Dishonored over the past week, it's a fantastic game, but what really draws me in (even more than the fantastically versatile ways to kill enemies) is the story that they tell with the setting and backdrop into which the player is immersed.

    For those of you who haven't played it/heard anything about it, I'll briefly explain the game itself:

    The game takes place within the city of Dunwall, the capitol city of a Steampunk Victorian empire. The player is cast in the role of Corvo Attano, the Lord Protector, who is the personal bodyguard of the Empress. Long story short, she ends up being killed, and Corvo is framed for it, landing him in the middle of a fight for his life and the truth.

    Within Dunwall there are two classes, the rich and elite who barely have to worry about a thing, and the poor, poverty stricken who are under constant threat of PLAGUE that is being carried by RATS that have essentially overtaken the city. Swarms of rats can attack and devour a person whole within minutes. Despite their status, even the ruling class is threatened by this and it leads to a sense of hopelessness within the entire city.

    There's also the entity known as "The Outsider", who is essentially a god. He's a supernatural being who can be anywhere and has the ability to bestow powers upon whoever he sees fit. People bearing his mark can perform magic, but the Overseers, the religious establishment that functions from the Abbey, sees this as heresy and will kill anyone suspected of worshipping the Outsider.

    Really that's all there is to it. It's much more involved than that, obviously, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers and the like. If I've forgotten anything, then feel free to add it in.

    Honestly, as far as an RP goes, I would like to steer clear of the canon all together. I think the story of Corvo Attano is better left to the game, and that Arkane has given us, as Roleplayers, a fantastic setting to play with and enjoy.

    The city is gripped with plague, there's civil unrest and Weepers (people with an advanced form of the plague who are little more than zombies) wander the streets. The City Watch is trying to keep an outbreak contained but have little hope to do so, and the city is gripped with fear.

    If there's any interest at all, I'd like this to happen. And I mean, ACTUALLY happen. So I'm not going to bother with character bios and plot discussions, they always kill these things before they even get started. As soon as I know that there's interest, I'd like to start posting, even though I'm not quite sure what the plot itself would be for the RP >>;
  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I've been watching someone do a play-through of this and I thought it would be great RP material too. Consider my interest peaked, I'd certainly like to hear more about what roles we can play in this universe.
  3. I was thinking that pretty much any role would be available to be, but with certain limitations. For the sake of convenience here's a list of what characters can be used:

    The Poor
    City Watch

    And if any of these people have been visited by the Outsider and received his mark, I'm limiting it to 1, or possibly 2 depending on the 2, supernatural abilities.
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I could feasibly see myself in any role, though I'm most interested in being an assassin. Being an assassin provides me the option of stealth and other trained skills. It also means I kill people for a living, so even though I may have a sense of the good side of things, I can also be a necessary evil if I so chose. Or I could be an official, someone with a little bit of power in the corrupt system of this government. Whether I used that power for good or bad would certainly depend on the situation at hand but ultimately I could be on the side of the people. It really depends on if there are going to be others in the RP.
  5. I could be interested in being apart of this. I think I would end up being a City Watch or an Assassin. I'd like to have the Overseer mark but I can run without it. It would make some cool twist to the character to be an City Watch suddenly hunted or even better an Official who suddenly gets the mark.
  6. I was thinking about having an Overseer myself, but one with a heretics brand since he would have received the Outsider's Mark. I'm just having a bit of trouble thinking of a plot for the RP xD Sorry, guys, I just started work and I've been swamped.

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