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Worst Game EVER?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by fred7601, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Karate Champ for the NES.

    Back in the day when all you needed was a functioning title screen, and that game is being shipped off to make loads. I own a somewhat small collection of NES titles but they are usually the good ones such as: Super Mario Bros (Without Dunk Hunt), Blaster Master, and Batman (Sunsoft is freaking love with the music in their games).
    Two games stick out, but one sticks out more...Karate Champ! More like Karate Chance.

    Have you ever heard of a fighting game where you can face the opposite direction of your opponent? Well there is no benefit whatsoever of this, but what ever; as long as I can move back...good luck with that. This game has the hands down WORST CONTROLS EVER. They respond so randomly, it's unbelievable. The only thing more random is the hit detection. You can land many punches and kicks THROUGH YOUR OPPONENT, and they'll never "land". But at least it has unforgettable characters like: Man in Red Karate Uniform, Man in White Karate Uniform, Referee, and Master Chief.

    I give up.
  2. I'm gonna have to go with Big Rigs over the road Racing

    i have no words to describe it
  3. Superman 64, Aquaman and Batman Dark Tomorrow.
  4. OnePiecefan11

    Hard to say really. I don't have many experiences with bad games. The closest I can think of is those Zelda CDI games. I haven't played them, but I don't think I want to. Plus, the cutscenes are so much fun to make fun of. And another one I can think of (and I just remembered it) is The face of hope: Underground which is a game on Steam. Unquestionably, the worst game ever made. I can literally write an essay saying why, but I'm not gonna bother.
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  5. Palusokudo

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    There are a lot of bad games I have played. We all know that sonic 06 was just down right terrible but I haven't played it so that's good. I know some games that I have that were bad. V-Rally 3 was one of them. The game wasn't bad but you had to be fucking amazing at driving to beat it, and to make matters worse I was in kindergarten when playing it. The navigator would get angry at me if wasn't fast enough.(the game is a rallying simulator by the way and if you don't what that is, here's a link https://len.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Rally_Championship) There was this one time were he asked me if I knew how to drive. Anyway the game was hard to beat because it requires lots of skill and that's I think it's a bad game.
  6. I play bad games, I love them. Games that aren't disappointing like Super Mystery Dungeon or No Mans Sky, but...games that are poo poo.

    Space Chimps for the Nintendo DS is without a doubt the best bad game I have played. The story starts a few weeks ago: I went to Game Stop and bought it for $0.96. It's worth less than a dollar; gg. I play it for a few minutes and was almost impressed by it's sub par platformer play style...but then the game got boring. Honestly, it was more my fault than the game because I never gave it the chance after playing for less than 10 minutes...so there was only one solution to make the game fun.

    Destroying it.

    I got some surgical scissors and removed a small portion of corner, and ripped the front and back cover of the game, leaving the chip inside left. I cut a small piece of it off, and tried to play the game by putting it back together with some tape. The game was dead. I killed Space Chimps. Upon realizing this, I decided to turn it into "art" by folding the front cover and taping it in random angles with the other two pieces. So now every time I flick it, it makes the same noise a type writer does.

    In conclusion, the game wasn't complete trash (I was the one who turned it into trash), but when something is so bad, you break it, it's pretty bad. Space Chimps was bad.
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  7. I thing the worst games ever are:

    • Sonic The Hedgehog ´06: Just one word: GLITCHES
    • Bubsy 3D: Awful graphics, awful level design, awful bosses, awful voice acting and awful camera angle. EVERYTHING in this game is AWFUL.
    • Cheesy: At the beginning of the game there´s a cutscene that confuses you. Bad gameplay. When you want to stop moving, the character continues to walk, and then he stops moving like 3 or 4 seconds after you stopped to move the analog stick (or the Pad). The level design is awful, the enemies, everything.
    • Rayman Raving Rabbids: I hate this game because Ubisoft transformed Rayman to a party game. Seriously, wth is this?! I prefer the GBA Version of the game, at least it´s a platforms game.
    • Spelunker for the NES: It's not that bad, but it's a hard game. If you fall from a high place, you die. If you fall in an empty space, you die. If you don't have oxygen, you die (yeah, in this game, there are oxygen tanks distributed in the levels. You have to collect them, or you die)

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