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Private/Closed Worldwide, Infected! (A Gijinka-Pokémon RP - Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Keybored, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Hello! I'm Keybored, and while I usually only play along with the creative works of someone else, I've decided to try to create something of my own. So, with the help and support of @MegaAbsol, (Surprise~!) I have put together this story. I am personally stoked to get this show on the road, and I hope some people will share that feeling so we can create a great story together!

    The role-play thread will be located here once the minimum amount of people required have joined.
    (Reserved for magnificent link to role-play thread)

    Two years after the initial discovery of the extremely beneficial, mutualistic micro-organism known as Pokérus, that increased the growth and potential of Pokémon, a specialized research laboratory was founded within St. Beatrice Joy Hospital. Located deep within the basement of the before mentioned medical center a team of specialists and biomedical engineers was put together to recreate the beneficial effects of Pokérus in human hosts. The ultimate goal being the creation of a healthier, stronger and overall better ‘breed’ of humans.

    It took seven years to successfully complete a heavily modified variety of Pokérus that would replicated the beneficial properties of the original micro-organism in a human host. The micro-organism, dubbed ‘PKR-H-0193’, was tested on a small selection of human subjects. The results of which were beyond expectations! The micro-organism would replace parts of the host’s DNA with its own genomes, effectively removing all the quote-unquote defects.

    This resulted in the host becoming physically stronger, more enduring and resilient, their muscle growth increased and the regenerative properties of cells amplified. However, these results were mere ‘beneficial side-effects’ when compared to the most impressive, yet totally unexpected, development. After thorough testing the results showed that the infected host had become completely immune against any and all virus-based diseases and infections, making PKR-H-0193 an unintentional cure-all for a large variety of illnesses.

    PKR-H-0193 was distributed to hospitals and had already been applied to a large number of people when the first harmful side effects of the apparent cure-all surfaced. It turned out that the micro-organism would not only use its own genomes to alter the DNA of its host, but also any Pokémon genomes, when available. Any amount of the Pokémon genome would suffice as PKR-H-0193 would simply reproduce the acquired genome and use it to alter the host’s DNA. It took weeks for the first case of mutation to surface within St. Beatrice Joy Hospital. A man named Jeremy Sauer had come to the emergency services when patches of his skin had hardened into red and orange scales, much akin to those of a Dragon-Type Pokémon.

    There was an attempt at keeping the public in the dark about this undesirable development, as it was thought to be a singular case, but before long more and more victims of mutation came to the hospital for treatment. The micro-organism thought to be a cure-all had quickly turned into the key element of a nation-wide epidemic. With no other choice to protect the uninfected from the carriers of PKR-H-0193, the infected were rounded up, brought to hospitals across the nation and quarantined inside the medical centers until a cure would be found for the mutative side effects of PKR-H-0193.
    Eight months after the events of the "Introduction" most quarantined individuals have come to terms with their situation. The amount of incidents between the less cooperative virus carriers and the Quarantine Watch, the military personnel assigned to contain and secure the quarantined, have decreased significantly. Everything seemed to go as smooth as possible, considering the nature of the situation, until the Quarantine Watch starts to behave strangely, more secretive and far more on edge than usual. It goes by unnoticed at first, until some individuals start to pick up on the strange behavior and rumors start to spread. What are they hiding? And, more importantly, why is it causing them to act so on edge?

    Now it’s up to you. Do you believe the rumors? And if so, what will you do? Do you trust the situation to be taken care of? Whatever it may be. Or will you attempt to find out the truth? Risking being caught and possibly being ‘taken care of’ yourself.
    O First and foremost, follow the rules and guidelines provided by PokeCharms. I shouldn’t have to put this here, but I will as a reminder. I have no desire to have my first attempt at a role-play shut down.

    This is a role-play about a virus outbreak. Yes, it is Pokémon themed, but it is still a rather grim and dark setting. That being said, do not go too dark/gory/etc. There’s always a chance some players aren’t comfortable with that, and we will respect that!

    The same applies for swearing, don’t overdo it.

    O Romance is allowed, and encouraged when properly developed during the course of the story, but there’s no place here for anything that goes further than kissing. Please, again, don’t overdo it. (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.)

    O While you don’t necessarily start out as one, you will eventually turn into a gijinka. If you don’t know what this entails, then please look it up and educate yourself before joining. Much appreciated.

    O Now, as stated per PokeCharms’ RP Rules, one-liners are a negative. However, I would like to take that a step further and make one full paragraph (about 6 sentences) the minimum requirement for a post.

    If necessary, more rules might be added during the course of the role-play. If this is the case, I will inform the players about any changes made.
    Labeled by the Quarantine Watch as the ‘Infected’. These are the individuals who have developed, or started to develop, physiological changes caused by the mutative effects of PKR-H-0193.

    (The species of Pokémon the character resembles)
    (Has to include how the character became infected with the virus. Other than that you can be as descriptive as you want.
    Labeled by the Quarantine Watch as the ‘Latent’. These are the individuals who have yet to develop any physiological changes caused by PKR-H-0193, but have been infected by the micro-organism according to their medical history.

    (The species of Pokémon the character will come to resemble over the course of the role-play.)
    (Has to include how the character became infected with the virus. Other than that you can be as descriptive as you want.)
    If you would like to join this role-play there’s a few things you must do.

    O Check for availability; if the title of the thread says “Private/Closed”, or the list at the bottom of this spoiler has been completely filled out, then the capacity has been reached. I will not accept any more players at that point.

    O Create a character; just like in any role-play, you need a character to play and post their sheet in the thread below.

    O Confirm you have read the information provided; there’s a reason the character sheet contains an ‘Extra(s)’ line. On this line I want you to provide an answer to the following question: “How many years did it take to complete ‘PKR-H-0193’?”

    Accepted characters and their players.
    O @Pretty Pichu (Shadara Darastrix & Angelia Shayton)
    O @Nebula-Newt (Tyler Hale)
    O @Justalonelyaxew (Jonathan Williams)
    O @DragonFlye (Dante Ashlande)
    Minimum to start
    O @MegaAbsol (Lilith Collins)
    O @Cloudswift (Taiya Feli)
    O @BurbleBurble (Gene Joli)
    O @JohnsonAce (Angus Shrood)
    Maximum capacity

    As a final note I would like to thank you for showing interest in my role-play. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the thread below. I’ll answer them to the best of my ability!
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  2. Consider me interested. I'll get a character sheet up tomorrow.
  3. Sorry to double post but I have a few questions.

    1. What would we actually be doing in this rp? Sitting around in a hospital? Or are we planning some sort of escape?

    2. When you say the backstory of how our character became infected, what are our options here? As in what would have been treated with this modified Pokerus? And couldn't it just be they caught the virus by being near an infected host?
  4. Mainly planning your escape, unless you want to be brave and find out what's going on with the Watch.

    Both can be the case. If the first, then which disease were you treated for. If caught by infection, then by whom?
  5. This sounds interesting, so count me in.

    Name: Jonathan Williams
    Species: Decidueye
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25.
    Appearance: He is a thin and tall boy, more or less with a skeletal figure. He still doesn't show any symptoms, though he will eventually show them. Short dark hair. Actually wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans.
    Personality: Jonathan always has a pessimistic point of view. Due to his past, he will only see happiness outside the walls. He will not hide his normally bad temperament, except he is talking about his favourite hobby: Pokemon. Most of the time rude, cruel, he will completely ignore any other person that doesn't get on well with. If you are one of the few ones that he considers as a friend, you will have his total loyalty, and he will do anything to recompensate your reliability.
    Backstory: Jonathan was one of those "always-sick" children. Due to this fact, he used to spend most of his time bored, alone in his home. Due to this problem, he could never go outside in order to explore the world and see the Pokemon that lived out there. Despite this fact, he became almost an expert in Pokemon, knowing everything about all. He used to get even some samples of different Pokemon, like feathers or bones of Pokemon. When he heard about "a miracle cure", he was one of the last to have it. With the idea of finally going out of his house and study the different Pokemon, he finally ended trapped in a cell of a hospital, despite having no symptoms. He was taken out of his home while he studied one of the most exotic samples he could ask for: a feather of a Decidueye.
    Extra(s): Seven years.
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  6. Count me in!

    Name: Shadara "Shade" Darastrix
    Ethnicity: German/Scottish/Irish/British/Russian
    Species: Gengar
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30 years
    Appearance: She has a black T-shirt with pink on the collar and bottom edge and pale purple on the cuffs of the sleeves, pale purple booty shorts with a black and pink gradient on the edges, no shoes, and her complexion is extremely pale with a slight bit of pink and purple. She has dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping too well, and she is pretty skinny, but she's pretty muscular, especially in the legs. She's still a healthy weight, though, being 130 lbs (58.9 kg), and 5'11" (1.7 m). Her arms are long and her fingernails are pointy. Her mid-back length hair is pale purple with pink tips and black roots. Her eyes are pink with black and pale purple specks all over the iris. The only reason of the odd color choice is the aura that exudes from her body. Her aura are the colors pink, pale purple, and black after the types Psychic, Ghost, and Dark. Since she essentially embodies these types, her appearance reflects that. She has a hand-made choker made out of twine with charms, them being Black Glasses, Darkness Amulet, Dread Plate, Spell Tag, Ghostly Amulet, Spooky Plate, Twisted Spoon, Psychic Amulet, and the Mind Plate. She also has scars all over her body, which are accentuated by the paleness and fairness of her skin. It does give her odd looks from time to time. If she wants to hide her scars, she wears a white lab coat that drapes down to below her shins, and keeps it buttoned up. She also looks like a royal, if the name didn't give it away.

    After being infected, her hair became a darker purple and her skin began to sprout purple hairs all over her body. Her eyes became red with her pupils becoming slits, which glow in the dark, and her teeth became razor sharp, with her fingernails growing just a tad longer. She also has a bit of a stub where her tailbone is, where her tail will grow longer throughout the course of the adventure until it is as long as her forearm. There are longer tufts of fur ending in spikes on her back. When she is angry, her body glows in a menacing purple, ethereal aura.

    Because of her chaotic personality, she wears a straitjacket over a type of hospital gown seen in mental asylums. Her gown is uniform to all other gowns, being white with grey-ish spots. There are even some gowns with grey-ish stripes, instead of the spots. Most, if not all gowns, have strings to tie in the back, while some have buttons. The straitjacket is made out of an itchy, thick fiber that constantly scratches at the person's arms if they try to struggle within its confines. It's an off white with three brown belts on the back, insuring that it's kept on tight and they won't escape. Although, if someone's able to dislocate their shoulder, they'll be able to escape the confines. The straitjacket also has a band on the torso, pinning the arms to the body as they wrap around the figure's waist. This makes the dislocating shoulder escape nearly impossible. She also wears a muzzle with a wire frame. The belts go around her head to keep it steady, and the muzzle is jutted out a ways. This keeps her from biting anyone, but she may be able to spit on people. It also causes pressure on the bridge of her nose and on her brow, she may or may not have a headache from the mere pressure of the muzzle. The wires and belts are black.
    Personality: She is sweet and caring and would do anything to help a fellow trainer in need. The sweetness disappears if she ever finds out that the trainer is abusing their Pokemon. She becomes enraged and would even steal the Pokemon from them, making sure that the Pokemon is safe. She treats Pokemon as if they were humans, and she is more closely attuned with these Pokemon than others of her species. She is very cold and calculating when dealing with someone she doesn't like, and will often make witty comments against them. She, however, has some mental issues. She has some variation of Schizophrenia, which will activate when she doesn't get enough sleep and will only affect her vision, making her see shadows of people following her. If it gets worse, she will start to hear things. She also has Chronic Insomnia, Chronic Night Terrors, General Anxiety and Paranoia, along with being mentally insane. Since she has had experience controlling her insane self, she won't hurt others unless they get in her way. Whenever she does go insane, her voice transforms from being sweet or serious from that moment, to being shrilly and screechy. Her body even slouches than the usual upright-like-a-royal kind of position. It's best not to see her when she's angry... She acts like a royal sometimes, which would sometimes be seen as snobbish to someone else who doesn't know as much as she does and they're older. She is wise for her age, but doesn't exactly act like it, acting more like a child if anything else. She also hates putting her Pokemon in Poke Balls, so they are usually out and about. She also has perfect memory, but because of this she is prone to migraines, and will usually forget things because of those.

    After becoming infected, she will have the behavioral traits of a Gengar, but she won't have any of her mental illnesses, save for her insanity. She will become goofy and silly, but will stalk people she deems as either an enemy or her prey. Because of this, she is closely watched by the Watchers. Her insanity actually gets worse, and will even make her start doing things she doesn't normally do.
    Backstory: She was studying genetics of Pokemon and the Pokerus when the "cure-all" vaccine appeared on the news. Against her family's regards to her safety, she left to search for this cure. She just wanted to live a normal life, and finally found the hospital. She waited in line, being the second batch of people after the experimental ones to have the shot. Due to her aura, it quickly affected her body, leaving her sick in the hospital for a few days. After those few days, purple hairs began to sprout from her body and the people quickly threw her into quarantine. After this, she began to panic and every time a Watch member comes in to assess the group, she'd always be the one to try to hurt them. After a while of being in a strait-jacket, she finally is calmer now, but has to wear a muzzle at all times to stop her from biting others, since she already bit a chunk out of one of the members of the watch due to her rampant hunger.
    Extra(s): Seven years

    Name: Jasper Sigmund
    Ethnicity: German/Austrian
    Species: Aurorus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24 years
    Appearance: He has short russet hair with hazel eyes. He is 6'0" and weighs 200 lbs. He's quite muscular with a bit of a beer belly forming due to his lovely habit of going to the bar. Other than that, he has a permanent stubble, and his skin is quite tanned. He has a quite softer facial expression, one that would befit a female better, but his jawline is still quite angular. He also has quite the eyebrow game.

    After his transformation, his hair becomes yellow with a steely blue at the tips, and thin, yet large sails flow from the top of his head to the middle of his back. His body becomes patched with blue scales everywhere, with lighter blue scales on his stomach, throat, chest, and white scales in a V-shaped marking between his eyes. His eyes also become blue. Freezing ice crystals also protrude from the sides of his neck, his forehead, and along the sides of his back. His muscles become stockier and he becomes slower, but stronger and sturdier. His fingers will be tipped with claws and he'll be more flat-footed. He will also have a tail, which will be about half his size, and it will curl at the end with a bulb at the tip that curls inward. Three more ice crystals line each side of this tail. He'll also be slightly taller in the neck and a little more rotund in his belly.

    He wears a green t-shirt with slightly faded blue jeans. He also has a brown belt with a silver buckle to keep his pants up. He also wears black shiny shoes that look quite formal to wear casually. It's one of the reasons why his feet cramp up. He also has a brown, thick jacket that he uses to go hunting in.

    After he got captured, he still wears his regular clothes, as he did nothing to hurt the guards.
    Personality: He is very quiet and softspoken and tends to hang back and observe rather than interact with the action. He is quite literally a gentle giant and wouldn't want to harm anyone. Violence makes him flinch and he is quite literally scared of anybody tougher than him or even act so, making him a coward. Although, he will protect himself if necessary, but would do so only if he feels like he's going to die, since he can't stand hurting people. He is also quite selfless, but will only go so far as tanking hits for someone he's protecting and leading away the attacker and not actually hurt the opponent. He also takes people at face value and is quite gullible.
    Backstory: He grew up in a family of four. He had two sisters and a brother, and he was the oldest. He would be pestered to do Pokemon battles, but he never really felt like battling, nor did he like the concept of making his creature play in such a brutal game of war. He spent most of his time with his sisters, whom he liked more and actually played a mock contest from the Sinnoh region and a Performance from the Kalos region with them. Of course, he never really did pick favorites, as he was kind to his siblings regardless and helped them with many problems.

    While he was joining his family for Thanksgiving, (he was quite susceptible to many sicknesses) he went down with bronchitis and pneumonia. He was in critical condition and not even the most advanced medicinal solutions could help him, as he was losing consciousness fast. As he was being shipped off toward the St. Beatrice Joy Hospital for a cure-all that could supposedly work, and his family had no choice but to send him there, as they didn't want to lose their baby boy.

    When the young man's system was introduced with the PKR-H-0193, his body rapidly became better, and he was back up and enjoying Thanksgiving with his family in a matter of a couple of days. By the time the horrible side-effects appeared, he was spending time with his Aurorus, his signature Pokemon he'd use in Contests. He had heard from a nearby town that people were being taken by the same people who had given out the cure-all because something bad had happened, so he was spending his last moments with his Aurorus before he had to go. When the retrieval team appeared, he went toward them peacefully, leaving his Aurorus with his family... And the Pokerus with his Pokemon. Although, his Pokemon benefited from the virus better than the humans did, and his family wasn't affected.

    Because of his peaceful demeanor, he never really had any friends in that quarantine room. He was always quiet and kept to himself, thinking about what to do and how to get out of this hospital. He also picked up that the Watch was being suspicious, but he felt it was best that he would not intervene in their business and figure out a way to escape, as their continuing behavior made him feel uneasy. Of course, he had a few people here and there push him around, but they eventually never really paid him any mind after that, as he wasn't as fun to mess around with.
    Extra(s): Seven years

    Of course, both of my characters won't have the power founded in both Pokemon. They'll just have the strengths and weaknesses of those Pokemon. They'll develop their powers more heavily later, but it will take a lot longer for them to master them.

    For Shade, she will be wanting to know more about the Watch, but Jasper would rather plan for his escape, so he can live in peace.

    Also... How would Pokemon moves and abilities work?
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  7. Name: Tyler Hale (Prefers to go by Hale.)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Before infection-
    Tyler was originally a relatively short but sturdy looking man, standing at about 5ft 7 but with a decently muscular physique. His short dark hair hasn't had anything fancy done to it, he simply keeps it tidy by brushing it to one side or keeping it under a hat. His eyes were a grey/blue colour, almost like stainless steel. His face could be described as rugged, the details being quite sharp and his jawline darkened by a perma-stubble. His eyebrows are as defined as the rest of his face, dark and angular.
    After infection- Tyler's physique hasn't changed much since his infection, his musculature is the same and he maybe grew an inch in height. His hair has darkened to the point where it could be mistaken for black but in reality it is simply a very dark shade of brown. Kept in the same neat style of course. His eyes have shifted from grey to yellow and his iris have narrowed somewhat. Up his back and lower neck run a line of black scales with a few yellow ones thrown in there. The biggest change would be the long tail that now extends from the base of his spine, pure black and ending in that poisonous red blade. It took a while for him to get used to sitting down with it but he has finally got the hang of it. The second biggest change would be the vicious looking pair of fangs he grew. These bad boys fold up to the roof of his mouth when not in use and are hollow so that they can pump venom into anything he takes a bite of. A change that isn't visible is what has happened to the man's nervous system and muscle structure. He has essentially been rewired in such a way that he is programmed and built for lightening fast attacks, much like any real word snake.
    Clothing- A collared shirt of some description, normally quite light in colouration, a dark pair of jeans and combat boots are a must. The interchangeable bit of his outfit depends on if he is working or not. At work he wears the typical Pokémon ranger jacket and rimmed hat and whilst not working he may still wear the hat but is more likely to wear a dark green jacket.

    Tyler is gruff, normally in a bad mood and far too stubborn. He isn't exactly sociable or approachable when you see him sitting at the bar making his way through a bottle of whatever the bartender hands him. He has a heart however, he wouldn't be a Pokémon ranger if he didn't. His stubbornness translates to an iron will and bravery when things get tough, something that really comes in handy in dangerous situations. A sore subject for him would be that of his ex-wife and daughter who was tragically born not breathing. Since then relationships haven't been his top priority and he's struggled to connect to anybody other than his partner Pokémon, a male Salandit who goes by Salazar. Hale has a strong sense of right and wrong as well, not that he always does the right thing.
    It was through his work that Hale came into contact with the virus. He was called out to an incident in which a young couple had fallen down a ravine. By the time he got there it was already too late for the pair of them, a Seviper has got to them first. Whilst attempting to retrieve the bodies he was slashed with the snake's tail blade and had to be rushed to hospital for treatment. Some bright git decided to see if the modified Pokerus would have an effect on snake venom. In that doctors defence it did heal Hale but he became one of the first to begin showing signs of the infection soon after. He was apprehended whilst drinking at his favourite bar and came quietly thanks to the fact he was very drunk. Probably thought it was his uber ride.
    Extra(s): 7 years my dude.
  8. @Justalonelyaxew The character in itself is fine, there's just something missing in the 'Extra(s)'. I suggest you read the 'Introduction' and 'Sign-ups & Availability' more thoroughly.

    @Pretty Pichu Counted in! a.k.a. accepted.
    Moves work tend to 'develop' the further the mutation develops. For example, the Latent haven't developed anything yet, thus they cannot use moves. Where one of the Infected gets access to their entire move-set once their mutation is fully developed. (Though, it will still take practice to master all their moves.)

    @Nebula-Newt accepted my dude
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  9. Oh, yeah, sorry. I've just seen it. That's what happens when I read the information of the roleplay, and create a character hours later. Again, sorry.
  10. No problem, just making sure everybody's on the same page as far as background information goes. Consider yourself accepted~
  11. So when are we getting this show on the road? I'm terribly starved of roleplays right now :/
  12. I have a spot reserved for MegaAbsol. As soon as she submits her character we can get the show on the road. Until then people can still apply, up to four more.
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  13. If you could consider me~

    Name: Dante Ashlande
    Species: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: He stands fairly tall at around 6', with a fairly muscular figure that is partly natural, but partly due to his infection by the PKR-H-0193. He has relatively dark skin and dark brown, medium-length hair. His eyes are a deep crimson, and his teeth are sharp and fang-like, visible when he grins. A long, black tail with an arrowhead tip extends from his lower spine, and its movement makes his emotions easy to read, though it's not like he usually tries to hide them anyway. His nails are long and pointed, and the keratin is a dark color. Future: He eventually grows the three bone-like ridges on his back usually seen on Houndoom, as well as curved horns. These cause pain as they develop, especially the horns.
    Personality: Despite his rather intimidating appearance, he's ever the optimist, even though it's hard when you're stuck in a prison-like hospital with other gloomy mutants. It also doesn't help that hospitals give him anxiety, ever since he was hospitalized abroad and his life changed. He covers up this anxiety as best he can through humor. He's a social butterfly, talking to people regardless of whether they actually like him or even talk back. He's also quite oblivious, however, and might not realize when he crosses a line or pisses someone off. Even so, he's fiercely loyal and has an inquisitive mind with a craving for knowledge, his passion being Pokézoology, which he'd been studying at a local University. He gets headaches that progressively worsen over time; this is due to the rapid formation of bone in the top of his skull in preparation for curved horns to grow.
    Backstory: He's always had a curious and clever mind despite his rather unassuming demeanor, and was in the process of studying for a Pokézoology degree when the cure was in development. In his fourth year, he was finally accepted into a study abroad program in a foreign region, though this quickly took a turn for the worse. A few months into the program, Dante came down with a rare tropical virus and had a severe reaction to not only the illness, but most treatments provided by the local hospital. Before being transferred back to his home country, he was suffering a number of symptoms, from seizures and delirium to an extreme loss of weight. He finally fell into a coma and was expected to live less than a few weeks before word of a supposed "miracle cure" reached his doctors. Desperate and having nothing to lose, they used it, and were shocked to find their patient's health turning a complete one-eighty. The young man was awake and speaking within days. Not only did he gain his weight back at an almost alarming rate, but the muscle mass that he'd lost from being bedridden was also being recovered; in fact, his health was coming back better than it'd been before his trip abroad. Dante was thrilled and began making plans to return to university for the upcoming semester and even attend Grad School, but before he was able to accomplish anything, he was picked up and whisked away to be quarantined. He didn't understand why, as he appeared normal and was feeling better than ever, but began first developing his mutations mere weeks later; first his teeth and nails changed, and then his brown eyes turned red. Finally, his tail grew in and he began to resign himself to his situation. His dream of going back to his studies still sits with him, though, and he keeps up hope that he'll be let out into the world again someday.
    Extra(s): ~Seven years~
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  15. Hello there, I'd like to join, please.

    Name: Silas Mystic

    Species: Greninja

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Silas originally stood at a short height, only about 5'04", and was quite scrawny in terms of physique. He had long black hair that almost touched the middle of his back, and usually wore it down. His eyes were a blueish-red, almost purple, but not quite. His face was almost always locked into a state of nervousness and worry. He usually wore a dark blue hoodie, dark gray jeans, and a white visor. He wore knee boots and occasionally wore a dark red scarf.
    Silas's physique had changed dramatically after his infection. His eyes have changed color from purple to bright red. He has white bubbles on his elbows and knee caps, akin to his Pokemon counterpart. He has slightly pale skin, and also has an extremely long tongue that he wears like a scarf. He wears more flexible and comfortable garments to fit his abilities. His abilities are much more honed and focused, being very stealthy and alert. Silas moves with the speed and grace of a ninja, using swift movements to confuse his enemies.

    Personality: Shy and timid by nature, Silas is very polite to others but is prone to stuttering during conversations, a fact that becomes especially prominent when he is nervous. He tends to be very easily intimidated when confronted with unfamiliar situations existing outside his comfort zone. These traits of his particularly stand out when he is compared alongside her older siblings, all of whom are relatively more confident, self-assured and sanguine. Complementing his shy demeanor is a heart of compassion and kindness, a fact that has led to him devoting his life towards the cause of providing healing aid to others in order to alleviate their suffering. Hidden beneath the folds of Silas's meekness is a strong will, one that emerges when he is tried by situations that threaten to endanger the lives of his loved ones. He clearly possesses a disdain for violence and harbors no desire to attack his sister's assassins, he resolves to personally take up arms against them nevertheless for the sake of defending her family from their invasion.

    Backstory: Silas is the youngest child of four in a poor family. His parents were scholars at a Grad School, learning many details about the nature of the spreading of the dangerous virus. His family lived in fear of their knowledge escaping due to others being greedy about said information. Shortly after his birth, his parents named him after the God of trees and forests, derived from Latin, entrusting their knowledge to him after they died. Originally having another sibling in the form of his younger sister, age four at the time, Silas lost her when she was killed as a young child by a group of assassins. Ill rumors had spread throughout his town that Silas was supposedly the original target, since he held all the information about he virus, thus making others label him as a murderer. Still, this event had an effect on his personality, making him meek and timid. It was soon revealed that the assassins who killed his younger sister injected a syringe containing the virus into him when he attempted to fight back, failing miserably. The populous of his village alerted the authorities, forcing the assassins to escape. He was soon after whisked away to be quarantined, his older siblings using the last of their money on their younger brother to ensure his safety. He developed mutations almost instantly later.

    Extra(s): Seven years.
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  16. It's not a dig at anybody here but I love it in gijinka roleplays, everybody goes for dark/ghost types XD
    Or dragons, but hey they always get snatched up in any Pokémon roleplay.
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  17. One day a roleplayer will rise that will have a Weedle Gijinka, and make it the single most overpower Mary Sue you have ever laid your eyes on. XD
  18. @ShadowZoroark Hi there, so, I have a few issues with the backstory of your character. It doesn't quite fit the 'vibe' I'm going for? It's a bit too medieval-y. And it also doesn't really sit well with me that royalty would just be quarantined with possibly violent strangers instead of somewhere 'semi-private' at least? They're royalty after all.

    And to answer your age question; If you want to play a child that's a-okay, but did you have a specific age in mind?
  19. Not the hero we deserve but the one we need :')
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  20. The hero we neither wanted nor needed x')
  21. @Keybored Alright, I edited the backstory a bit.
    And, there was no certain age I was going for, but I usually go for characters under 20. I was just asking because most people did OCs above said age.
  22. @ShadowZoroark alright, look, I just don't think this character works in this story. Just a few points;
    - Why was the youngest son of a poor family the target of assassination?
    - Why wouldn't the assassin just kill him too if he put up a struggle?
    - Why let a witness live?
    - It's just too uncommon to happen in a modern setting as well.
  23. Hi~! Saw this and figured I'd throw a sheet in! :)

    Name: Taiya "Tai" Feli
    Species: (The species of Pokémon the character resembles) Typhlosion
    Gender: F
    Age: 16
    Appearance Before infection: Before coming in contact with the virus, Taiya had short brown hair and bright blue eyes and was actually pretty short for her age.
    Appearance After infection: After she was infected, Tai's hair started growing in red, orange, and yellow hues. Her eyes gradually went from blue to red, and strange, large red spots began showing up on her upper back. She also began rapidly growing. Taiya wears a green beanie with two spikes resembling feline ears, a flame-colored scarf, a pale yellow camisole, a green jacket, short pale yellow shorts, and knee-high green boots.
    Personality: Taiya can be a bit unpredictable, but her loyalty is not something to be tested ever.
    Backstory: Tai's mother worked in a hospital and accidentally brought the virus back home on her. After seeing the red spots and the reports of mutations, she was sent in and put into quarantine.
    Extra(s): SEVEN YEARS
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  24. @Cloudswift Hi there! So, I have a bit of an issue with the backstory. I don't quite get why the cousin died, since the virus increases human capabilities. So, even if he had a weakened immune system that would only mean the virus could act faster. Making him healthier faster, not sicker.
  25. He had a rare genetic disease that caused his system to react differently to the virus and attack it. I thought I'd heard of something similar where the body attacks its own cells, and thought it sounded plausible. I can change it if you need me to.
  26. I know what you mean, it's an auto-immune disease. The body attacks it's own cells, but after applying the virus to him his cell regeneration would've increased, effectively curing him of his disease, given the cells would regenerate faster than they would be destroyed. The virus just isn't lethal on it's own, that's my issue with the back story.

    Edit: Also, his system isn't really acting different? Attacking virusses and unwanted micro-organisms is what the immune system does naturally.
  27. Ahaha, I never noticed this, but you're so right XD
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  28. It's just a different reaction to the Pokerus. Like I said, I can edit it. No big deal.

    EDIT: I just changed it.
  29. @Keybored I edited it again a teensy bit, clarifying the points you made. If this doesn't work, I'll delete the post.
  30. This is amazingly late.... sorry for the wait! ><'

    Name: Lilith Collins
    Gender: Female
    Prior to infection, Lilith had charming brown eyes, short chocolate hair and a creamy complexion. With an average frame and thin lips, she could be described as attractive. After infection-induced transformation, she has gained an ethereal look, like a porcelain doll. Her eyes have misted into clear sky blue, with a hint of azure mixed in. Her lips have plumped up and her hair grew unnaturally fast to rest against her waist in six months. She’s gained a single streak of white in it, to match the notable wings on her back. Massive fluffy wings sprout from her back, supported internally by a many-boned, cartilaginous ‘arm’. The wings bend thrice, once downwards from the shoulder blades, upwards from the ‘elbow’ joint and finally sweeping downwards to her ankles, resulting in an impressive wingspan of about 19 feet. She has lost a lot of weight, despite her physical body not having changed (she didn’t know her bones were hollowing out) and has two flight stabilizers sprouting from the curve of her scalp. These are soft feathers that droop downwards, about two feet in length. She has developed glands in her mouth, embedded in her palate, that spew flammable liquids which she ignites with a piezoelectric crystal in her mouth. Lastly, she has a flowing tail for flight, stemming from the base of her spine, and about four feet in length, often pooling about her feet.
    Lilith can come off as blank at first, but with a little extra effort, you can break the teenager out of her thoughts and communicate with her. With a quiet demeanor and soft speech, she is unlike most other prisoners, appearing almost subdued and terrified. She is a sound minimalist - whether she dislikes loud sounds or is frightened of them, she tries to make the least noise she can while she moves. She doesn't care much for her fellow prisoners, preferring to stay alone, and tending to dream for hours together. She loves to read, and is fairly artistic as well. She doesn't initiate conversation often, but when she does, the fact that she is an incredibly intelligent individual is evident. Her humor is wry, or satirical, and usually mused to herself; for that matter, most of her words are.

    Lilith is rather modest, awkward at most times around others, and difficult to interact with, so she's never really had any friends, but anybody who knew her better than the average person would have experienced her kindness - despite all her attempts to isolate herself from people, Lilith can be fairly compassionate, thinking of others before herself, and treating all with an open hand and an open heart. She’s usually quite logical, and the type of person who needs to be prepared and study a situation, so sudden, unexpected or chaotic occurrences that catch her off guard make her fall back into a mental haze and regress into more irate and hostile tenancies. She's almost an open book through her expressions and this makes her a horrid liar. She's an escapist and when met with a situation she can't handle and the resulting frustration because of it, it's not uncommon for her to seclude herself to be alone for a while.

    Strongly introverted, it can be difficult to really get to know Lilith. She wouldn’t go as far as to actively avoid human contact, but if forced into social situations, she’d be a miserable person to associate with. Headstrong, bold, argumentative, once her outer shell is broken, she can be quite assertive, and likes to opine and have herself heard. She can be fiercely competitive at times, and combined with her intelligence, likes to debate or outmaneuver people.

    She tries her best to think logically at all times, and usually avoids confrontation, and isn’t afraid to back down when she’s wrong. Although she believes in picking your battles wisely, she will sometimes lose herself in the moment and fight to the bitter end over petty matters. She would throw herself in the middle of a street during rush-hour to save a defenseless critter. She finds it hard to open up to people, so has a hard time making good friends. She can't stand being around people who she believes are below her or believe they are above her. She can be quite humorless and inflexible, but reliable and efficient. She’s hardworking and serious, abrasive, but dedicated and loyal.

    A confusing person, a book difficult to read. When most people think they know her, it is often only the pieces she has allowed them to get to know. She puts on a facade for most of the world, and they see her as a smart, modest young woman. She often acts kind, and many have claimed she is a friend, though the reverse cannot be said. She's a good ear, and can give pretty sound advice, but any concern portrayed is more than likely an act.

    Backstory: Lilith was one of the last people to get the virus – through a shot for her flu. Her relatively weak immune system meant it was only a routine check and standard procedure of medicine for her. The prospects of instant health appealed to her – having often missed classes due to frequent, mild issues – and ignorant of the outbreak of effects to occur a scarce two weeks after, she received her first and last dose.

    The first symptom arrived a few days later, an unwelcome guest. Guised as a simple ache in her mouth, between the palate and her teeth, she paid no immediate attention to it. Soon the ache began spreading, as though her cells were tearing themselves apart and reforming. The pain rose to a crescendo, until finally she lay in bed the whole day, racked in pain and having no idea why it was happening. Her flu had dropped like the promised miracle, so the ‘vaccine’ didn’t come to mind immediately. Her alarm peaked when news wafted to her that people were beginning to be collected and quarantined. When the search for infected reached her district, she contemplated sneaking out that night and making a run for it, but reasoned that with her current pained state, she wouldn’t last two days on her own. Her address successfully traced from the patient’s list, when people came knocking, she still hadn’t developed any telling external characteristics – but her eyes spontaneously flared into her current crystal blue as they stood talking to her parents.

    Her features developed in quarantine – first her feathers, then her hair inexplicably lengthening, and finally her strange, cottony wings. The only positive she saw was that her unassuming, soft appearance often led to people – usually the Watch members – treating her gently or simply leaving her alone. She still longs for the day she can resume her ordinary life, and just go back home.
    Extra(s): Seven years, I think? :p
  31. Question: I forgot the clothes that my characters would be wearing when they are already in Quarantine. Would it be alright if Shade wore clothes fit for a mental asylum, or like a hospital gown that is open and tied in the back? Would the others be in this gown, too? Would it also be an occurrence if the diseased get taken away to be "experimented" upon, or at least try to figure out if they could reverse the symptoms or possibly make a super-human-Pokemon gijinka? Would they usually come back?
  32. First of all, excuse me for my absence the last couple of days. I've been busy keeping up with work, a social life (sort of), and writing out the opening for this role-play. It's not quite finished yet, but I am closing the sign-up, since we now have everyone we are going to need.

    I also see that @Pretty Pichu has a question, so let me answer that for you. Piece by piece.
    If you properly describe them, yes, I'm fine with either of those. Though, I'd prefer the 'mental asylum' outfit, just because I'm more curious about that. It's up to you however.

    I'd say yes. While most people will be wearing their own clothes, I could see some walk around in those gowns.

    Yes. I'm not going into detail on this subject though.

    No, they would not. Again, no details here either.

    And there you go, enjoy your two mentions and four quotes in your inbox @Pretty Pichu
  33. I will XD and thank you for answering my questions. :) I shall edit my character sheet then :)
  34. Alright, edited it all. :) Also, I might start making a short story as to how and why Shade and Angel made their decisions to go and do this.
  35. If you do I would love to read it. So, please, tag me or whatever you do to get me to notice it. Again, I'd love it.
  36. Alright :) I shall add you to my subscription XD (I felt like a Youtuber saying that XD)

    But yes, :) Anybody else who would like to see it, just say so and I'll @ your name :)
  37. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Hmm...Interesting. I think i'll want to join this. Of course, i'll put a form up. But I need more time to get everything ready. It took me a bunch of reads to find where you even mentioned the 'extra' line. Anyway, I would like a spot. I feel like more people will turn up so I am just saying this now.
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  38. I'll reserve a spot for you @JohnsonAce just post your sheet whenever you have it finished and I'll look it over.
  39. Hey, have you updated your characters and availability section?
  40. I was just about to do that, just now actually.

    EDIT: I updated it, also, I realized I never gave you a 'go' @Cloudswift my apologies. You're accepted.
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