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World War 3

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Dragoon Flare JR, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. So i am planning to write a book on a possible ww3, but I want to hear other peoples views and ideas on it. One of my theories is China will try to expand it empire. The Islamic countries of the world unite. And Usa and Russia have to fight them with help from various other countries. So please share your thoughts.
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  2. If you're thinking about who caused the Third World War then I suggest either the USA or North Korea.

    USA for being well... Just go watch Team America and you'll see why I suggested USA

    and for North Korea? They have been pretty ballsy lately and I believe if war was going to happen, North Korea would start it. Even though the USA and Russia are friendly, I'm shockingly surprised you didn't include France and England with that team up :p
  3. Yeahhh. My bet's on North Korea, for sure. Maaaaybe Iran.

    If such a scenario were to unfold, N. Korea would probably do something wacky, and get backed by China which would lead to a giant glob of awful :3
  4. Well, I've been hearing rumors that the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks have been going downhill as of late, so we can expect something to come out of a sixty-year-old issue again. But yeah, right now, the likeliest cause of a World War in this time period would be North Korea dropping their nukes everywhere. America of course will intervene, overdo it, and never leave the country. I seriously think that there are certain parties in the government hoping to annex Iraq now.
  5. Linkachu

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    No room for an alien invasion? It'd be the first true "world war"! :X

    Considering China has been going out on a limb lately to improve its image - especially with North America - I don't see it waging war on anyone anytime soon. My votes would also go with either the USA or North Korea being instigators, and it'd be interesting to see who sided with who...

    Of course you could always base a story around this whole "war on terrorism" thing going out of control. Who doesn't see that one happening? XP
  6. Waging war on a fractured ideaology is somewhat impractical, given that groups like the IRA and Taliban are quite opposed to each other. It would be like trying to plug the holes in a collinder with your hands.

    World War 3 in all likelihood would be nuclear, but if for the small chance it's not, it would be cyber-based. Of course the more obvious bit is cyber-cum-nuclear.

    The actual entagonist/s of the conflict would be one based with the USA against one of the Arab nations, at this moment that would be Iran, given they that are building nuclear technology (which, though is being said to be for power reasons, has all the possibilites of being weapons-grade (IIRC)). There would be alliances, they are what make wars into "world wars". Europe would go with the US and the Middle East would likely band together (and nick Israel back). The African nations, no longer being colonies, would be roped in with the Middle East, in part of course, because of the old Islamic empire giving them strong ties (obviously this will involve bullying, you can't just go "Oi" anymore).

    Russia, China and Japan are pretty much wildcards. Smart bet is the US, though relations twixt them and Russia/China are a bit tenuous at the moment. I say Jappan is a wild card because it's relatively isolated and, as far as I'm aware, hasn't had many "problems" with supposed Islamic extremists (could be wrong, world news reporting is actually relatively shit).

    That's my take, but this is really quite morbid. Even for me.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Actually, I meant the USA and whoever's supporting them taking things too far. :3
  8. the reason i didnt was because im guessing that twice is enough for them. I doubt the will want go throuh another one
  9. We've been in plenty of wars since WW2. France makes weapons. I think we're good.
  10. You are probably right. But has europe had any real problems that could lead to a war?
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  11. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Japan has been demilitarized constitutionally since the end of WWII. It does have Self-Defense Forces that are occasionally deployed into other countries for peacekeeping efforts, but otherwise remain in Japan in the case of an attack. In the event of a war, Japan is probably most likely to side with the United States, the only foreign country to still have a military presence (By invitation and not occupation) in the country.

    Israel, in my opinion, has little chance of losing a war against the rest of the Middle East. They have successfully defeated all attempts to conquer them in the past, and have a well trained military ready to defend themselves. They also have the backing of the United Nations.

    The idea of the United States and Russia being the two opposing forces in a WWIII has existed since the Cold War. At that time, many were afraid that the Cold War "would run hot" and spark a third World War between the Allied Forces and the Soviet Union. This effected much of the media of the time, and while it seemed very likely back then, almost happening at one point when one country misinterpreted radar blips of high flying clouds as nuclear warheads, it is less likely nowadays, with both countries making an honest attempt at smoothing over relations.

    As of now, tensions run highest with Iran and North Korea. Iran is developing nuclear power, North Korea is testing weapons. One wrong move on either side and it might spark a war.
  12. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I've heard things at our school about a possible WWIII. There are several scenarios which can trigger a possible third world war, and the most conflict that's most likely to cause this war would probably be the North/South Korean thing. However, I don't believe that it'll become US vs NK, but rather US vs China. China has always been supportive of North Korea in some way or form, as seen in the Korean War (which is technically still going on as a treaty has never been signed to end it; it's just on a very long cease-fire on both sides). If the US were to release missiles or declare war on North Korea, it would be very likely for China to come in and assist North Korea. And then they get all their allies together, and voila... WWIII.

    You have to remember that the first two world wars were started as conflicts between two states, but because of complicated alliances made between countries to protect each other, we ended up with several countries on one side and many countries on the other. I believe that if it had not been for such a system of alliances, the war wouldn't have been as large or world-wide as it is now. Also, countries also had colonies which helped provide resources and people, which further made turned the wars from regular to "World War"s.

    The thing about Japan is that we, the US, is basically their military. As Rex said, after WWII they were demilitarized, and in the treaty it stated (in some way) that the US was to be their military. Granted, they do have a coast guard, but from what I remember in class that was pretty much it.

    The issue with Iran isn't as much of a concern as it is with the Koreas, since they're not as developed economically or politically, and even though Iran does have many allies on its side, they're similar to Iran in that they're not as economically or politically developed. That's not to say that the conflict there isn't possible to spark a new WW, but I'm just saying that it's not as possible as it is in Korea.

    The Israel/Palestinian peace talks are going relatively well as it is. The US is just worried about Hamas ruinning everything, which could also spark WWIII.

    I'm going to throw in the thing about India and Pakistan's claim to Kashmir in the hat as well, since they're both very hostile to each other. I don't know much about who's going to help who if a nuclear war breaks out between them, but it's still very possible that this region could also start a third World War.

    As for Europe's involvement, they'll probably get involved if someone drops the bomb on them (literally) for fear that they might join up with the other team, or if they're providing resources for the opposing group. And if one country of Europe comes in, then, thanks to the formation of the European Union, you can guess that most of the other states will join in.

    And so, in conclusion, since everyone's pointing nuclear missiles at each other, WWIII is inevitable, and it'll come sooner or later. I'm betting it'll start as several smaller wars, then merge thanks to alliances and whatnot.
  13. I wouldn't doubt the next world war to be a holy war but I personally think it's going to be another power struggle, each country not neutral will side with one of the super powers, Russia and China (they have the military contracts with each other again since the cold war, but I'm just assuming that can take place to spark something again).
    I don't keep up in politics because I find it just mostly slandering the opposite party, this political dispute and this debate, who's to blame and who's to take credit.
    But I would imagine all the countries who sided with each other before to save their own skin will happen again, I've heard assumptions of China and Russia teaming with Pakistan or someone and bombing Israel and India since they're allies of ours. Then alongside with North Korea dominating South Korea and branching out throughout the other Asian countries.

    Kind of like a chain or a wild fire.
  14. Here's my take on it

    Within 5 years of the current date China will start to have more internal problems than it has already to quiet down the populace China will invade North Korea. Putting the U.S.A and South Korea on High alert. The US will send more troops into S. Korea.

    2012: Three big things will happen Radical Islamists will seek a new base of Operations that No one will expect. In a already troubled North-Western China with a large Islamic population and already tense relations with their goverment they readily accept the Islamic Fighters. With their new base they launch there plans Operation haste and Operation Waqqas. In Operation Haste the Radicals launch attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Israel invades both countries to smash the Radicals. In their Haste however the weaken the defenses around Jordan and and Syria. Operation Waqqas is the Radicals attempt to get Shite Iran under Sunni Radical control. Though they fail the Radicals don't leave empty handed they get their hands on weapons grade nuclear fuel. .

    Thats all I'm posting rite now if you want more of my opinion reply or something
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  15. Hm, I can think of a couple of scenarios. America-Russia, America-China, China-Russia, something along those lines. Maybe even all three of them.

    Seeing the current tensions, a war between Europe & America and the Arabic Countries seems plausible too. But that'd be the most bullshit-based war ever, warring religions...
  16. I've thought about it before, and I believe that either China will get angry and USA due to their debt, Kim Jong Il will attempt to take over the world or that one of the Arab wars will get out of hand.
  17. My theory is North Korea will try and do something bad to America, starting WW3, N. Korea does have Nukes now so, If ww3 were to happen it could start VERY SOON.

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