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Ask to Join World of Wyserad (RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Grand Master Koop, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. (Discussion here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/world-of-wyserad.20612/)

    On a highway somewhere, Kenny sat with his sister Abigail near the back of a bus. They were on their way home when suddenly, the gas truck driving beside them lost control and began flailing around the road and eventually tipped over, crashing down on the road. The truck caused multiple other vehicles on the road to tip over as well from colliding with it, including the bus Kenny and Abigail were in, which fell on its roof. Before getting tipped over, Abigail threw herself over Kenny to protect him from the impact. Opening her eyes after the crash, Abigail was now lying on the roof of the overturned bus, visibly bleeding from her head. "Urgh, Kenny? Are you alright?" Abigail asked after the impact. Kenny, who was lying barely conscious beside his sister, looked towards her. "Not really." Kenny responded with a groan. Soon after, a sizzling sound appeared as Abigail looked back towards the truck and noticed the gas tank had sprung a leak. She would then noticed a lit cigarette near the leak. "Oh no..." She said quietly. A massive explosion followed soon after.
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    It was a normal day for Ivanax in the Great Forest. Waking up, getting ready, heading out, it was all the same tune, just waiting to be sung a little differently. As the elf left his humble abode, he noticed other residents near his establishment in the Great Forest doing the same. Ivanax ignored the other elves as they were engaging in conversation, due to his duty taking center stage in his mind. Once reaching the base of the Federation, he was assigned a job and a partner, as per usual of the Federation. Ivanax and his partner were assigned patrol jobs, nothing serious, although the former strived for more than patrol after patrol, minor problem after minor problem, Ivanax wanted to protect his homeland, but there just wasn't anything to protect it from.
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  3. The Mellow Springs Tavern was a main contender for "Most often crowded building 24/7" in any small towns or villages in the Great Forest. It's colorfully varied customers and, more often than not, elves from the Federation that are taking a break from patrolling, come here everyday to meet up, chat or to just have a drink. However, the chatty tavern experienced, at least for one day, one of the first silent moments in it's over 75 years in business. The sounds of chatting and laughter silenced as a man, clad in a dark, tattered robe, sluggishly wandered into the establishment. The tired appearance and rather rancid odor imitating off of him suggests that he'd been travelling for weeks without rest, possibly months. Resting his tired lump of a body on the counter, he placed a few rusted bronze coins in front of the bartender. As he slid the currency towards the man, his cloak pulled back a little, revealing an old, corroded white robe that looked like it belonged to a former high priest.

    "Just give me water..." He muttered weakly.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Despite how demeaning Ivanax thought patrolling was, he stuck to it to the bitter end, mainly was he was yearning for the ability to go to the Mellow Springs Tavern, his preferred place to allow himself to forget about his duties, and possibly his all-too-talkitive-partners. When the time finally came, Ivanax abandoned his partner callously, taking great pleasure in the act. His precesne was unnoticed by the other members of the Federation, as he wanted to be, but his attention was now towards the mysterious figure. Ivanax alwayd shared a fondness of the arrival of an unknown person, it was a welcome change from the safe but monotonous lives the Great Forest residents lived due to the Federation. He too took out a fee copper coins and tossed them to the bartender, allowing one word to escape his indifferent lips.

    "Beer..." His voice was deep and booming, befitting of a haughty warrior leading the final charge in a glorious war, and yet, he never spoke...
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  5. Peeking over his right, the wanderer noticed the arrival of the Elven warrior, unfazed by his imposing presence, which has the other customers and tavern dweller shaking in their boots. Giving a satisfied smiled, a turned towards the stranger, hoping to engage in something he hasn't done for decades: a conversation. Though his rare use of spoken words over an extended period of time took their toll on him, as all he was able to utter out was:

    "Nice boots." in an almost mocking tone.

    Realizing his mistakes, he quickly turned away, attempting to avoid eye contact, praying that he hadn't ticked off the elf. The last thing he wanted after such a long journey was to get into another brawl. This proved difficult however, seeing how just then, the bartender noticed the rusted coins that he paid with were stained in blood. and leaning in between the two to question the man, holding the blood stained coins in plain line of sight of both him and the elf.

  6. It was yet another peaceful day in the Great Forest, birds chirped and grasses danced, patrolling elvish soldiers manned their fortifications and idle citizens chittered away in lively streets. Today again, the Alfheim Federation ran like a well-oiled machine, its citizens occupying a state of blissful contentment. They didn't even know how good they had it. The Peace that hung over their realm was, however, soon to be shattered.

    Within another section of the Great Forest, one far from the bustle of civilization was the world's one and only corrupted Mana Spring. This section of forest was just like the rest, peaceful. The birds didn't chirp, they were dead, grasses didn't dance in the wind for no wind blew in these woods, nothing patrolled these woods save for the stiff zombified corpses of creatures that'd strayed into the darkness. This was true peace, deathly stillness and unerring order. Just the way the Queen liked it.

    Having soaked in the Mana Spring for decades, slowly nursing herself beyond her prime, Felicia Amoraphalia, pushed her stiff body from the wispy shallows of concentrated mana. She was as nude as the day she'd been born, any clothes she had worn twenty years ago would've long been reduced to ashes within the mystical waters.

    Bare feet dragged their owner to the spring's banks, pale skin prominent against the dark and corrupted grasses. Standing alone, in a forest of death, the dreary female stood out like a sore thumb. The dullness in her gaze slowly vanished, the world coming into focus. After decades of slumber, the Great Witch finally walked the earth once more. Lips curving upward in a menacing grin, Felicia laid her eyes on the forest around her. It all belonged to her. The World belonged to her. It just didn't know it yet.

    That would soon change.

    With but a snap, the baleful waters of the corrupted spring slithered towards the necromancer, fine streams weaving like strands as they enclothed the girl. Formed of blackened mana, an evening gown concealed her figure, its hue darker than the night sky.
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  7. Near the outskirts of the great forest, a young man laid unconscious on the green grass withing the woods. Tree around the boy fluttered in the wind while the animals around him carried on their normal routine, not paying attention to the new arrival in their environment. The boy bore short black hair with side swept bangs and an abnormal set of clothing consisting of a black jacket over a red T-shirt, grey pants but no shoes. This young man was none other than Kenny Coriander who was now reincarnated into this new world after dying in an accident in his previous world. Thought he was no longer human as shown by his now dark green skin, Kenny was now a revenant.

    Slowly, Kenny began to wake. He sat up and rubbed the back of his head with one hand before opening his eyes to witness an unfamiliar sight. Confusion and shock were now the emotions on the boy's face as he revived in the world he now has to call home.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    A small smirk began to form when Ivanax heard the cloaked man's snarky comment. Naturally, he would come up with his own, equally snarkish remark.

    "Nice cloak..." The elf however, had less fear than the mysterious figure about making such a remark. If the figure was offended and decided to attack Ivanax, fellow Alfheim agents would pin down and arrest the man for the assault of a member. With that said, he began to study the blood stained coins, allowing himself to turn to the man, only to revert back to staring at the bloody currency.

  9. Far beneath the clouds, a town was in full swing amongst the trees of the Great Forest. The civilians meandered in the streets, the shouts of the market rang out through the air and the guards kept to their usual routes. As usual, the Alfheim Federation was secure and peaceful. The people lived and worked unoppressed and free, and they were happy.

    Among the clouds and winds, far from the bustle of civilization, was a whole other world. Up there was the opposite of the quiet order of the forest. The songs of birds and wyverns alike rang through the air as larger predators swooped down from above, twisting and turning as they went after smaller prey. Wisps of mana swirled through the air with the wind and the occasional dragon or phoenix flew by, far above everything else. This was true freedom: complete chaos and movement all around. Just as Sky liked it

    Swooping down below the clouds, Sky gave a nod of greeting to a wild pegasus, halting his descent as he felt his toes brush the treetops. Today would be an interesting day, he could feel it. He just had to wait and see what happened.
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  10. The bartender was getting uneasy, demanding the cloaked man where he acquired the coins. He knew that if he told the truth, that elf warrior would attempt to arrest him. Then "that" incident would happen all over again. He needed to come up with a quick lie, one that would be enough to get that elven warrior off his back, at least for a little bit.

    "I was attacked by some bandits, killed them in self defense and ended up getting blood all over my pouch." Replied the cloaked figure.
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  11. Looking around at his lush green surroundings after standing up, Kenny was still trying to process what had supposedly just happened to him. "What just happened? The last thing I remembered was the bus I was on crashing and then a giant explosion. There's no way anyone could have survived that in close proximity." He thought to himself when suddenly, a voice appeared in his head. "Individual Kenny Coriander has been successfully Rebirthed into Wyserad." It said. The voice had a monotone sounding tone, as if its sole purpose was to spread information and nothing else. "Huh, wat was that voice? More importantly, Rebirthed? Is Wyserad the name of this place I'm in? Seriously, where am I." With the discovery of his new situation and many new question on his mind, Kenny attempted to see if the voice in his head had any other crucial information to share.
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  12. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Ivanax raised an eyebrow at the cloaked figure, the statement sounded plausible enough to just be left as is, but there was something sbout the way he said it that made the elf suspiscious. Due to his extensive experience in these kinds of situations, the elven warrior was skilled in probing for the truth.


    He only spoke a single word to see if he would crack and reveal the truth after facing doubt, as most petty criminals do, or if the cloaked man would keep his composure and stand by his statement.
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  13. “This is why I hate interacting with people.” Grumbled the cloaked man, “yes really. Their corpses are still out there, a few miles east from the forest. The wrecked caravan was mine, but all it’s contents are trashed and unsalvagable. Go see for yourself.”

    His intentions were to flee the city before the elf can return to the tavern. He already had his fill after all. All he needed now was a place to rest.
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    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Ivanax merely offered the cloaked man a small smile, as the elf now knew that whoever this man was, his words were true. He was never much for words, but he knew that for this man's benefit, he'd have to say more than he'd like.

    "There is no need," Ivanax's voice was strong yet reassuring as he finished his beer and left the bar to resume his duties, hoping the man that he met would gind success in his endeavors.
  15. Lukas sighed and walk out of a tavern and waved bye to the owner and hold a large smile on his face. As he was remembered that he hadn’t taken him in he would have died. As he turned away from the door his face want cold and almost emotionless, to some as they moved out his path as he walked afraid of causing problems.

    He walked towards the forest covers mountains sighing at the long day ahead of him. Lukas walked through the houses and the city gates and into the forest. He whistles and a giant pheniox like bird landed in front of him. “Lets go Phe “ likas hops on the birds back and heads towards the mountains.
  16. Skipping ahead a bit, Kenny was now face to face with a rabbit creature with huge front teeth. He dubbed the creature the 'Big Toothed Rabbit'. "According to that voice in my head, I've been reincarnated into another world after dying in my old one and that I was not reincarnated as a human." He thought as he stared down the rabbit. "As well as something else. Apparently, I got an ability called Devour when I came to this world." With that information in mind, Kenny decided to see what his ability was capable of, which is what brought him to confront the rabbit in front of him. When Kenny charged at it, the Big Toothed Rabbit turned around and ran away at an astonishing speed. "It's faster than I expected." Ken thought before picking up a rock. Waiting until the rabbit slowed down once it got further away, Kenny sent the rock flying at the rabbit with unexpected force and nailed the creature in the head, killing it. "Whoa, that throw was a lot stronger than I expected. Guess I still have a lot to learn about my new enviroment, including my new body." Kenny thought to himself as he walked over to his prey.

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