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World of Warcraft: Who else plays it?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, May 2, 2009.

  1. Linkachu

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    Well... a long time ago someone made a topic about WoW, but it's long dead. So, since I'm actually playing it now, making a new one :D

    I know a few of you that play, but probably not everyone. Tell us about your various characters, the realms you play on, your favourite/least favourite aspects about WoW, etc. Anything you feel like discussing.

    I've been actively playing it since about... March I think. Before that I'd been on two separate trial accounts. Most of my WoW playing has been done alongside one of my best friends (she knows who she is ;)), and I rarely play it on my own. It's just lots more fun, for me, with another person to yell random things at. That said... I've made two solo characters, and I'm loving the latest one xD

    I've only dipped into two different realms, both inspired by my sister and her friends (the folks responsible for me getting into it, lol): Gorefiend, and Kirin Tor. Anyone else play on them?

    My characters are actually pretty pathetic overall - the highest being my female Tauren Hunter, Tormia, who just reached level 17. I really like the Hunter class, so... I made another. Dormorc the Dwarf Hunter. He's my new solo character because I wanted to have an Alliance-based hunter, and I rather like the Gnome/Dwarf starting area. It has creatures the Tauren area doesn't - like bears! ^__^ Dormorc is based out of Gorefiend, and Tormia is from Kirin Tor. My other Gorefiend character is a blood elf female Druid named Dwyn. I had a Gnome Warlock on Kirin Tor (Talmer), but me thinks I might abandon him for now and just play Dormorc instead... even if Gnomes are really cute D:

    So, yeah. Anyone else feel like sharing? ^^
  2. Rai


    I play Wow, but sadly I'm not that experienced with it yet...

    Lets see, my characters I currently have are my lvl45 Draenei Paladin and my lvl13 Night Elf both on the Sister of Elune server; mostly because of my IRL friend being on there.
    Then I have a lvl5 Human Paladin on Darrowmere because my sister is on there; that's about it otherwise.

    I've been playing WoW since I got my own account which was, either February or March I believe... I've always wanted to play as mages and the sort, but I seemed to get tired of them easily. :'/
    So I chose a Paladin because according to my sister and her boyfriend, they are pretty easy to level up and they're strong; as well as I like some magic with fighting skills.
  3. Just to clear something up, Katie, your Druid Dwyn is a NIGHT elf, not blood elf. Very different. ;P

    Anywho, I also play on the Gorefiend and Kirin Tor servers.

    Gorefiend holds my Alliance characters:

    Keatri - lvl 42 - Night Elf Hunter --> Guild: Dippers Unite (don't ask)
    Tariadra - lvl 9 - Draenei Mage
    Gwaleron - lvl 15 - Human Paladin
    Gadan - lvl 12? - Night Elf Druid

    Kirin Tor holds my Horde characters:

    Minositraus - lvl 17 - Tauran Warrior
    Kheldannon - lvl 17 - Blood Elf Warlock

    I can't say which side I like better, but my favourite class would probably have to be Hunter. The only downside is they're not too good at PVP (player vs player). Anyhow, I plan to know every race's story (that is, start at least one character in each) and try out all the classes. I seem to prefer the hands on physical (prefer Hunter to Warlock's magic) and so I'm TRYING the mage thing. I have to start a priest still, however I'm struggling since they're not too good at soloing.

    Yes, I love World of Warcraft! ^___^

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