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World of Warcraft: Horde or Allience?

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 5, 2010.


Witch do you prefer ,Hrode or Allience?

  1. ehh...I like them both

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  2. I can't decide!

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  3. Allience

    1 vote(s)
  4. Horde

    2 vote(s)
  5. ehh...I like them both

    1 vote(s)
  6. I can't decide!

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  7. Allience

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  8. Horde

    2 vote(s)
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ok ,I've been wondering ,out of all of the WoW players on 'Charms ,witch side do people prefer most?

    To answer my own question ,I prefer the Horde over the Allience ,mostly due to my mom being a Horde.
  2. Jeydis

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    I love the Horde, The races are interesting and I honestly prefer the horde side racials for the most part. Wish they hadnt nerfed the hell out of Will of the Forsaken though.

    Vol'jin for Warchief.
  3. Horde baby! I prefer the non-human races. The first time I heard my friends talking about WoW coming out, I looked it up and I saw an OMG TAUREN and I've been hooked ever since. I really want to play a worgen though, but now that you can mail heirlooms cross-faction (and maybe even cross-server eventually) I will probably take the plunge into Alliance.
  4. Ehh, I like them both. It's more of a pick and choose what race for me; I prefer Trolls and Forsaken from Horde (I've never gotten the other races past 20...) and Night Elves, Dreinei(SP) and Dwarves on Alliance (other races on Alli are just meh to me).

    Also, there's a lot of "I only play like 3 classes and I don't like to repeat" XD. I think I might roll a Worgen Warrior, they're fun if you do them right (or have a healer friend...).
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    I'd like to say I support both, and I do have Alliance characters, but my heart belongs to the Horde. I've fallen in love with the Tauren and am probably biased because of them, but the whole mentality of the horde fits my own quite well. There's a simple joy in running down players several levels weaker than you, or those who are AFK. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)

    What? You mean that's pathetic? Lies! I put them out of their misery for their own good. :O

    >> <<

    (P.S. - I loved the horde back in Warcraft II because of their dragons, and the manticores in WoW are cute. :3)
  6. Draenei.

    Which, incidently, are just about the only race I like. Even then it's only the e'er so yummy females. Yum. Yum yum yum. Yummy.

    Eh? Where was I? Oh yes. Lore-wise I find the concept of the Night Elves/Kaldorei amusing. I only a Druid though, as I personally hate the models (as I think I've mentioned before). Also the Sin'dorei/Blood Elves remind me of the Druchii, which is always a plus, even if they are less overtly violent and more toward politics.

    From a roleplay perspective I find the Undead to be full of possiblities, but I don't like the way armour behaves of them (or rather, doesn't). That is one of the things that turns me off the Horde: posture. They have none of it. Male Trolls, for instance, are one of the tallest things in the game, perhaps 11'; and yet, and YET, the bend themselves in half all the time! It removes any fearsome portion the Horde might have. Soldiers do not slouch*.

    That being said I'm not an awful big fan of Alliance either. For the most part I find them to be pretentious and arrogant. They should be played as the greater evil: an evil so deluded with itself to think it is good. But they are not; now they are being painted as the traditional good guys and it's really starting to get on my nerves. Real life has no good guys. Games are escapism, but I'd rather not be fed a childish, sanitized version of warfare and culture.

    The Kaldorei are ancient and arrogant. The Humans are young, foolhardy and arrogant. The Draenei are refugees. Gnomes for that part are refugees. And the Dwarfs are a race divided. The only good these races will do is the good that helps themselves.

    The Alliance-Horde arguement then, if rather pointless. Where one is bad, the other is worse.

    Yum yum Draenei.

    *I know they do but shush.
  7. The humans arent even that well portrayed in the game.
    They have a history of Slavery (orcs and all), have an angry and racist leader at the moment, are plagued by civil wars (Caverns of time showed that the portal opening had to happen, because otherwise the humans would get into a civil war and wouldnt be strong enough to face the scourge), and they are majorly based on the British with their colonies and all.
    And everyone who played the Humans knows that theres lotsa bad stuff happening in stormwind~

    Its funny how many paralells there are to the real world.

    Anyways. Right now , I prefer the horde. All my characters xept for one lonely 80 paladin are Horde.
    I kinda like both factions, I like alliance because SW and IF are really better organized than Orgrimmar, but I have Thunder Bluff at least, which has everything needed in a 10 meter distance.
    I like races on both sides, but because I really like huge armor and weapons, Orcs and Tauren just fit.

    But yeah, right now I go for horde, because I have so many high lvl chars there and I dont want to split stuff up anymore~

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