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World Contest Show!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dakota's Jinx, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. Dakota smiled as she walked home with a new ribbon from a contest she just recently won. On the way home she stopped and checked her mail, seeing a magazine that she subscribed to. It talks about all the exciting contest news and such. She grabbed it and finally went inside. Dakota set her things down and let out her Glaceon and Leafeon. Her two eeveelutions. The red head plopped down on the couch, her two pokemon sat down next to her, flipping through the magazine she noticed something that sparked her attention. There's a World Contest Show? Dakota silently questioned. The trainer narrowed her green eyes as she read more into it. She then looked at her two eeveelutions who nodded. "All right, it's decided. Tomorrow morning we'll head out."

    Like Dakota said, she arrived in Verdanturf Town where the contest is being held, which was in the Contest Hall. The red head yawned as she walked around the town curiously, Glaceon at her side. Finally she wandered into the Pokemon Center, she made her way to the P.C. her green eyes glued to the screen as she switched two of her pokemon out. The World Contest allows you to use any pokemon from any region, so Dakota found herself saying why not make her team a mixture. So far her team made up of one Kanto pokemon, two Sinnoh pokemon, one Hoenn pokemon, one Johto pokemon, and one Unova pokemon. Satisfied with her team, she made her way to a snack machine and got a small trail mix. Glaceon padded alongside her as Dakota found a place to sit and relax.
  2. (I'm new and don't know how things work here so please don't be mad that I didn't ask this in a message But- can I join this role play it sounds amazing! If I can then this is my part, if I can't ignore it or something!)

    Katana swiped her black, and multi streaked hair out of her face as she jogged through the park in Verdanturt Town. Sighing in relief the young pokemon trainer found a scared looking Vulpix curled up into a ball.

    "Vulpix! I found you!" Katana cheered swooping the fox pokemon up into her arms and snuggling it to her chest. "Lets go we have to find the pokemon center so we can get Venomoth and Luxray switched for the contest." Katana, like most trainers in town, was here for The World Contest Show, and had already picked her team. She was going to use five Kanto pokemon, and one Sinnoh pokemon, mostly considering that she has only Sinnoh and Kanto pokemon to use.
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