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DPPt/HGSS Working on a new team, advise welcome

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by RLRL, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Over the past few weeks I've been trying out various teams and substituting pok
  2. I may not be much help, since your pokemon are fine but heres a few things...

    Starmie: You should give him the wise glasses, becuase (if i am correct) the expert belt raises the power of super effective moves by 10% and the wise glasses raise the power of special moves by 10%, so since your starmie has only special moves, his moves' power will be raised by 10% all the time, rather than just when thier super effective. You could also give him Surf as an alternate to recover.

    Meganium: It can learn grasswistle as an egg move, so ,although it has less accuracey than sleep powder, it could stop your problems with steel types.

    Absol: If your aiming to always get critical hits, you should give him the scope lens, and the super luck ability. Also drapion can work for always getting critical hits:

    Drapion @scope lens
    Night Slash
    Cross Poision
    Fire Fang/ Brick Break/Earthquake
    Swords Dance/ Rock Slide/ X-Scissor

    Night Slash and Cross Poision are for STABs, and becuase of thier high critical hit % paired with scope lens to make it higher and with sniper they will kill anything, even with a resistance (I think), apart from cross poision when against steel types (obviously). Fire Fang, Brick Break and Earthquake all have coverage agaist steel types. Swords Dance is to make your moves hit harder. Rock Slide and X-Scissor are good fillers.
  3. Expert Belt is 20% boost, not 10% Carlos.

    Ice Fang to hit Ground-types on Drapion.
    Sleep Powder is considerably better than Grasswhistle. Sleep Powder over Grasswhistle anyday.
    I'd invest towards more Special Defense rather than Speed. That way, it will be able to survive more hits from Special Attacks.

    Hope that helped.

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