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Work, Battles and Sunshine

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Flareon, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. (OOC: I would only like about one two maybe three more people to join if they would like. Anymore and it becomes a hassle. This first takes place on Alison Matthews' father's farm and then progresses to Mauville City.))

    It was a bright and sunny day as Alison Matthews awoke to the bright, May morning, sun rays broke through her window curtain and ran across her face until the light was too bright for her eyes to bare. Dragging herself out of bed to escape the sun, Alison grabbed a neat pile of clothes that had been folded with great care and set upon a black, computer chair near her bed. After reaching out and grabbing the pile of clothes, she made her way to her bathroom where, after changing out of her silk pajamas she wore that night, she changed into a pair of faded jeans, a simple, white, longsleeve, football-like jersey with a pink band above her elbow on each side and the number 24 embroidered on the front. She then plugged in her straightener and, while waiting for it to heat up, she took the top off of her toothpaste and, after putting a small strip on her toothbrush, took a little over a minute to brush her teeth and tounge. 'My straightener's finally done...' She thought to herself as she ran the straightener through her hair and carefully made sure every strand of hair was as straight as she could before she finally unplugged it and left it on the bathroom counter to cool down. After applying eyeliner to the bottom of her eyelid, she made her way down to the kitchen and sat down to a breakfast of toast and orange juice. Soon a small, fire fox pokemon made her way down the stairs and stretched as she reached Alison. "Good morning Vulpix." She said with a soft smile as she stood and filled the pokemon's dish with pokefood. "Eat up, we've got a lot of work to do today."

    Soon after finishing her food, she walked out into the May morning to be met with a cool breeze coming from the east. With Vulpix at her side, she made her way to a corral filled with three Ponyta and four Rapidash. "Hey there." She said as she approached the gate and each pokemon walked toward her. She smiled as she filled their outside dishes with food after walking into the corral and stroking each one of the pokemon's firey manes. "Eat up, I'll be back." She said as she left the fire horses, Vulpix at her side, and made her way to the Mareep and Flaafy pen. "Hello all!" She said as she walked into their pen and filled their dishes. Just then a small Mareep was seen wandering. "Vulpix, bring it back." She called as the fox pokemon ran at the Mareep and herded it back to the flock. "Good job!" Alison said as she stroked her loyal Vulpix. "Good morning!" Called a deep voice from near the Tauros pen. "Good morning Daddy." She said with a smile as she approached and hugged him. "Good morning to you too Vulpix." The man, named Mike, said to the small pokemon after being headbutted for being ignored. "I need you to run to Mauville today and pick up some potions, k?" He said. "Sure." She said as she walked to the house. About ten minutes later, Alison emerged from the house with her pokebelt and Vulpix. "I'll be back soon." She said to her father after waving goodbye to him and walking down the road toward Mauville City...
  2. Rino looked around the mountains. "Go, Thunderbird!" she called as she let out her only pokemon with a nickname, her Shiny Fearow. "Alright, Thunderbird. Use Drill Peck then Volt Tackle!" she yelled. Her Fearow did a nose dive with volts flying off its wings and feathers.
    "That's it!" Rino called. Fearow landed at the end of its practice. "Okay, time for..." Rino stopped. "Oh man!" she cried as she ran towards Mauville City.
  3. There was a soft breeze as Vulpix and Alison finally arrived at the bussaling, but not as usual, city. "Remember, we're hear for pokefood and that's it." Alison said with a smile to her small pokemon who was looking around. As they rounded a corner, they ran into a girl who had been running. "I'm very sorry!" She said as they both fell and Alison scrambled to her feet. She then helped the girl to her feet as Vulpix tilted her head to the side in curiousity. The soft breeze had died for the time being and the fresh sent of ripening berries filled the air as Alison apologized again to the girl.
  4. "It's fine!" Rino said hurriedly. "I'm sorry, but I've got to get to the day-care!" she said quickly. She petted Vulpix on the head before racing off again. "Thanks!" she yelled over her shoulder.

    After a few minutes of running, Rino skidded to a halt in front of the DayCare. "I'm sorry, Gramps!" she yelled.

    An old man walked out. "There you are, Rino!" the man said. "No please, go play with the day care pokemon. Rino nodded.
  5. "Okay, good bye" The slightly confused Alison said as she saw the girl run off in the other direction. "Okay, pokemon food." She said to herself as she walked toward the pokemart. As they neared the the small-ish blue building, movement out of the corner of her eyes caught her attention. It was a little boy and girl chasing after a small Nuzleaf playfully. She laughed softly as they ran by and the boy finally caught the Nuzleaf. The boy, who had dark brown hair, and the girl, with soft blonde hair, both hugged the pokemon before the three wondered off toward the pokemon center. She then shook her head to get back on track. "Pokefood!" She said as she finally made her way into the pokemart. After picking out the bag that her father usually buys, she let Blaziken out to help carry the bag. She finally paid. "Okay, now to make it home." She said as her small, fox pokemon jumped into her arms and Blaziken carried the bag as he walked next to her.
  6. Rino quickly feed the pokemon. After about 15 minutes, she was done. She looked around to find Thunderbird racing someone's Flygon. "Thunderbird!" she called. The fearow loked up and flew towards his master. "I'm done so... I know!" Rino explaimed "Let's go find that girl from earlier!" she said. She and Thunderbird then raced towards Mauville City.
  7. Blaziken let out a soft sigh as he carried the heavy bag. "I'm sorry, its just a little farther and then you can ran rest as long as you'd like." Alison said with sympathy to her fire pokemon. She had Vulpix at her side as they walked along the dirt road toward her family farm. After half-an-hour of walking, they reached a fence line that led to a barn and a house. "I'm back!" Alison called as her father looked up from the Tauros pen. "Just set the bag down somewhere. I'll move it when I'm done." He called after tagging the last Tauros. Blaziken sat the bag down and waited. Soon a red beam appeared and Blaziken dissappeared into his pokeball.
  8. Rino looked around Mauville City, then sighed heavily. "Man... I must have missed her!" she shouted. "Come on, Thunderbird," she said, ticked off. Her shiny Fearrow looked at his trainer, wings spread out. "Let's go find her!" Rino shouted as she jumped on Thunderbird's back. Thunderbird then took off into the sky.
  9. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Wow, this has gone on long enough. There really is no plot here. >> Somehow, you both are related to the day care people yet you don't know each other, short posts, nothing happening... yeah.

    Locking this topic. I suggest read some other RPs to see how its done.

    Also: Tsuki, the Fearow species can't learn Volt Tackle >>; Your's is no exception.
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